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Disenchanted Potion (Quest)

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The day was young as Mimir once again walked through the streets of Oak on yet another quest. However, this time it wasn't your average grab and beat. Apparently he was to meet with a scientist who had ingredients he needed for a potion of some sort. That was all that was on the paper he took from the Request Board. At the moment he was heading to the local general store where the man who went by Dr. Mabuz was located. Like always the streets of Oak City were busy, so he did his best to weave in and out of the traffic.

Within a few moments he would arrive at the general store where a man dressed in a doctor's coat was sitting outside on a bench waiting. "I assume you're the man who left up the request on the board? Dr. Mabuz right?" asked Mimir as he slowly approached the man. The doctor nodded his head ecstatically while he rose from his seat to greet Mimir with an outstretched hand. "Yes, that is me. Like I said... I have a very important request for you. Although as you probably saw its rather easy for one of such rank." said the man as they shook hands.

The doctor would turn away from Mimir and begin walking east. "You see... I need this reptile for one of my experiments. It is down in the forest and is a fast little creature. I would go out and catch it myself, but I'm neither fast enough to do it and there is a large fine out for anyone who should hunt them. The lizard is mostly orange with spots of purple here and there, but it is mostly known for the green spine which grows out of its back."

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Mimir and the Doctor had made it to the edge of the forest after the full details of the request had been given. The Doctor had also handed him a picture that showed what the lizard looked like. He was suppose to capture the lizard and retrieve its tail. Probably one of the easiest quests he has done since entering Oak City days ago. After parting ways from the doctor, Mimir made his way deep into the forest, keeping his eyes out for every small movement. Though, his eyesight wouldn't be the only thing he depended on as he hunted down the reptile.

You see, his senses had been getting stronger at an abnormal rate. He could smell things he usually couldn't smell, so his nose would play a huge part in finding the animal. Mimir couldn't pinpoint specifics, but he could tell if a smell was that of a mammal or a reptile. Both had very distinctives smells that he could not forget. As he wondered the forest, Mimir could see the light of the sun go stronger and slowly dim as it was completing its arc across the sky. He hadn't been in the forest for very long, but it had been nearing the end of noon when he had entered it.

"Hmm I think I smell something." muttered Mimir. He didn't know why, but some lizards emitted a scent that reminded him of rotten eggs. So, he did he best to follow it. As he followed the scent, Mimir would see that it lead him off the man made trail and deeper into the thick forest. In time he would begin to climb over falling tree branches, boulders, and even avoiding bear at one point (not that he couldn't handle it if it tried to attack).


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Mimir's nose lead him at least a mile away from Oak City and deeper into the forest, though he could tell that the source of the smell was only yards away. Climbing over yet another branch, Mimir would come into a clearing where dozen of flowers of all sorts were around. He could see roses, daffodils, and more types that he couldn't even name off the top of his head. As he admired the flowers, a movement in the corner of his eye would catch his attention. He turned towards the direction, but whatever it was quickly disappeared into the orange foliage.

"Damn thing found very good camouflage being orange and all." muttered Mimir as he stared at the orange flowers. He stood debating on what his next move would be. He could just try to stomp and see if whatever it was would come out, but what if it didn't scared? That would just be a waste of time. Raising his left hand, he would place it under his chin before smirking. "Yeah... I guess I could do that." Bringing his hand down from his chin, Mimir would aiming it at the flowers as he built up his mana.

A small burst of mana would erupt from his hand, travelling over the flowers, and destroying the very top of them blowing the petals into the wind. A single orange reptile was left standing at the ground and it stared at Mimir with wide eyes. He didn't even know animals as such could have such an expression on their face. Continuing to use his outstretched hand, Mimir would produce a magic seal in front of his palm. A blade of pure mana would erupt from the seal before shooting towards the reptile in a fast motion.

The poor little thing tried to avoid it, but it just wasn't fast enough. The blade sliced off its head quickly, leaving the rest of its body limp. Mimir went forward to receive the decapitated head and the body itself before beginning his journey back out of the woods. As he left the forest, he could see the sky change from the sunsetting orange to the darkness of night. He could feel the grass beneath his feet turn into cobblestone as he came out onto the streets of Oak City where the doctor stood waiting for him. Mimir would hand him his specimen, collect his loot, and be on his way to go to sleep.

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