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Shopping Crisis II [NQ | Apollo]

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A walk in the streets of Magnolia was exactly what he needed to clear his mind from the mess he experienced in the morning while at the bakery, the staff was nowhere to be found and the poor baker had to manage his shop by himself, baking and attending to his customers, not to mention all the people waiting in line, maybe today was not a day for a treat, he thought. As he continued strolling and looking through the display windows of the shops something shiny caught his eye and made him enter the shop for a closer look. He went to the display and asked the owner to show him the trinket, he touched the necklace and a short vision of thunder and lightning came to his mind, this was no ordinary bauble it was something far more powerful that shouldn't be recklessly displayed for the commoners. He asked to take a look around and see if he fancies anything else, the  owner was more than happy to let him do that, according to him he didn't have many customers for some weeks now and the expenses were knocking on his door, quite literally as a man dressed conspicuously for this time of the day entered the shop which made the shopkeeper anxious as he started trembling lightly.

Apollo remembered the guy who had entered another trinket shop when he was present and he belonged to the group of people that harassed the shop owners for money. Like before he minded his own business and was taking a look at the shop as the two men went to the back of the store to have a chat, in the meantime he touched more trinkets to find out which of these items where actually dangerous and shouldn't be sold willy-nilly like this. He heard fighting and this time he heard the shopkeeper's cries, he rushed to the counter and hit the service bell, "Excuse me, I'm ready to make my purchase." he yelled. For a moment there was no response but shortly after the door opened and the man left the room first, angrily looked at Apollo and departed hastily, seconds later the shopkeeper appeared all shaken and Apollo asked if he was being harassed for money by the same people that had become a plague to Magnolia city. The shopkeeper nodded and asked him to help as he couldn't afford to pay anymore and outright refused to just moments ago with a threat at his life being made. Apollo agreed and the two devised a plan.



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Night came and the two of them were hidden, they had armed themselves with artifacts from the shop which the owner seemed to know exactly what each did but somehow allowed them to be sold to anyone. Maybe Apollo would need to have a word with him later, but in any case he was willing to help. This time the shop wasn't big enough for a fight to potentially happen inside so they hid at the side of the shop. Sooner or later a handful of men appeared in the dark, an amulet shone brightly as the lamp posts' light started flickering and some confused sounds could be heard, the trick was working. Now a ring glowed and a mist covered the area, it started thin and only caused minor alarm to the men but soon turned thick and green, more like a toxic cloud because in reality it was a creeping toxic cloud spell, coughing, vomiting and cursing could be heard as some of them managed to escape the cloud. The shopkeeper rubbed a bejeweled stone as strong winds took flight in the area throwing the men on top of each other, back to the cloud and even lifting them up and slamming them on the ground. It was quite a delightful spectacle, maybe after the second time they'd learn their lesson.

Suddenly, Apollo heard a cry from where the shopkeeper would be and rushed to his position finding him struggling with two men much larger than himself or the young man. Apollo didn't have the physical strength and was just discovering his magic so he couldn't take them alone in a fair fight, but then again why play fair he still had the relic from the shop on his neck and its spell hadn't been used yet, he'd have to focus not to strike the shopkeeper with it and so he locked his eyes on to the two bullies. He clasped it in his hands and spoke the word, no later than mere seconds lightning came from above and in such concentration charred both of them and left them unconscious, Apollo grabbed the man and pulled him back to safety as he yelled for help. The remaining members of the group heard his cry and run for the spot, him and the owner had already found another safe spot but that action allowed for the two knocked out members to be taken back for healing, after all he didn't really wanna kill them.

With the men departing the owner turned to Apollo thanking him for protecting his shop and his life and also approved of him sparing the two thugs, he gave him a reward and got all the artifacts back as both of them made their way back to their homes.

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