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Culturaly ReleSTEEL

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Culturaly ReleSTEEL Empty Sun Nov 15, 2020 4:34 pm


Steel was walking down one of the streets in Samhain. It was a rainy night in november and the only sources of light available were the streetlamps. Very Noir Steel thought to himself as he stopped by one of the buildings on the street. As he stood there under his umbrella wearing a long overcoat and suit with the appropriate shoes and obviously a fedora. He had to have a fedora because this was a Noir story.

He heard a scream from inside the house closest to him. It was a two and a half story brick house. The scream came from the second floor. One of the window lights flickered as the window slammed open. “The power of Illumin compels you! The power of Illumin compels you!” He heard loud chanting from inside. What was going on in there? It sounded like an exorcism. And Steel if anyone would know seeing as he had been a part of the Illumnan church for most of his life and still was.

He wanted to investigate and so he walked up to the front door of the building. He knocked on the door twice. No answer. Then he knocked some more. Still no answer. Well that was rude. Were all the people around this area so rude?

Knocking again Steel hoped the door would open but instead all that happened was that he heard obscene screams and foul words from the second floor of the building. Curses were flung left and right and amongst it all there was a continuation of the loud chants that had repeated earlier.

Steel got bored of it all. He was not going to stay around in a place like this where even the interesting stuff was behind locked doors. He wanted to investigate but he wasn’t going to go through the trouble of probably ruining his suit to get through a door or window so instead of staying around he just left.


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