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Bye Magnolia xoxo (Magnolia to Oak)

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What's Eaten

(400+ words) Patting his hood, Vice is all set to leave Magnolia. A dark sheen accompanies his back, and the Eru pet bumbles along Vice's hood. There's not much light out at this time of day, and Vice is all partied out to celebrate his leaving. No more quests for now! Vice has had enough with quests. Grimacing, Vice can't stomach doing many more scripted encounters. The lonesome traveler stands outside the outskirts of Magnolia, and he won't miss this place at all. The brief hesitation only brings Vice time to fully arrange his thoughts, but he's already set on his future plans. Ample anticipation still bubbles up in the mage. There's a lot left not explored in the world. Not in any rush, Vice is now geared for casual encounters, and he feels overall comfortable in his skin. Darkness Magic and dark thoughts don't creep too much on Vice. Light is full on his face on this cloudy day, and he has a playful heroic spirit, without any boorish desires. Travel gear doesn't come heavy on Vice, as he's used to going to different places. Time hasn't brought the young man a home yet, and Vice feels little dissatisfaction with his progress forward. A bit spoiled with his circumstance, Vice has an assortment of items on his person, and an armor under his dark grey cloths.

Rags and riches don't interest Vice, but he could see himself changing his magic. Magnolia didn't have any offerings of treasure, and the unreliability of items doesn't draw Vice's interest. Even without the best of the best, Vice feels like he has found his niche. In the past, he'd forgotten his magic, but now his Berserker status has brought new ideas. Without having met anymore interesting people, Vice wonders if his guild will draw a performance soon. Associating himself with any random time or place like Hargeon could be unproductive. Stepping away from Magnolia, Vice travels with a relaxed mindset. All the corners of the world can hold all sorts of surprises. The traditional places in the land are worth a visit, for maybe Vice can find different races and magical traits. Looking for a new world won't test Vice's patience. The far away region is North, and it's scary, but Central is best for last. Settling on West, Vice feels like he'll get a little of everything, like a port town similar to Hargeon. Pleasantries aren't Vice's thing, so he'll keep the nice thoughts, but march toward a castle town. Feeling like a true wandering mage, Vice considers flying to reach his destination, but he doesn't insist on dealing and wasting his mana. Not comfortable with flying in the open, Vice hopes his new destination will bring a new range of perspectives regardless.

Vice Gamebell
Post End exit

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