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Partying (Quest)

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#1Vice Gamebell 

Partying (Quest) Empty on Sat Sep 26, 2020 11:02 am

Vice Gamebell

Packing things up has sorted out Vice for the day. Standing tall, he's compiled all his thoughts up neatly, and his rest last night was even at an orderly Magnolia hotel. Carrying a ball of black on his back, Vice doesn't have much burdens to carry out of this city. Anything Vice needs, he tends to pick up on the way. Adjusting his shoulders, a ball of black moves with Vice toward the outside of the Magnolia building. A long staff has a bumpy curve that dissuades people from approaching Vice too close. No, not in the hands actually, the staff is sticking to the body of Vice's black Eru. Not being a fan of chaotic freedom limits the pets of Vice, like the Eru. Both wings of the dark entity holds the unused and long weapon of Vice's. Being a stranger to the city, Vice feels most comfortable when he's gathered information. Not that Vice is carrying any notes, but he is carrying a backpack with his Eru.

The immediate surroundings to where he's slept, at least, Vice has got a general idea of how there's some party preparation going on. Preparations for others are what Vice would rather not partake in. People are running all around the street corners and some soft workout music plays. Foreign to the spirit brings Vice to only be uncomfortable here. The sun shines in Magnolia, but at least in Hargeon the summer is more constant. A dry taste lingers to Vice, and he feels like he has to remove gum from his shoes, or he'll stay stuck in this city. Comfort can get boring, which is why Vice likes to travel. Medias is a cool name, and a requester's last name is Syrases like serious. The client this time seems like a goody and reliable guy.

#2Vice Gamebell 

Partying (Quest) Empty on Sat Sep 26, 2020 11:04 am

Vice Gamebell
(304 again off my tool, interesting odds)

An easy task is a welcome task before Vice gets out of the area. A lord that is easygoing and has no hatred coming from his citizens, with Vice not needing to fear interference. Sudden encounters during a quest aren't fun to Vice. Smooth sailing is fun to Vice, like how Vice left Hargeon freely. Magnolia can be considered a safe party town thanks to Medias. What are the people celebrating? Distractions don't appeal to Vice, and his mindset begins to openly look down on everything in this city. Vice has no idea how Fairy Tail gets supported by the lord, with how it's current state is. Fairy Tail seems easy to mess with and has nothing worth celebrating. Looking to relax, Vice feels he just needs one final push to move on to greater things, and away from Magnolia. The only one that Vice has met in Magnolia is Masami, and Vice can only feel somewhat distant. It'd be nice if Vice could complete higher tasks by himself. Dangers remain dangers if they can't be faced alone. The current quest can be considered tame compared to the last one. Cultists and their faith are too unknown for Vice to face alone.

The so-called lord called Medias just needs extra help setting up a nice party, so Vice will be able to keep up his streak of getting help. While not interested in making the citizens happy, Vice is happy to make himself happy. Going around the streets can be a good farewell in Vice's self-centered mind. Decorating the streets will hopefully be done with Medias's own money, rather than the taxpayer's! It'd phase Vice only a little if the streets were swept clean of these lives. Having experienced babysitting in Hargeon, Vice has no issue with setting up a party for Medias's daughter.

#3Vice Gamebell 

Partying (Quest) Empty on Sat Sep 26, 2020 11:17 am

Vice Gamebell

Spoiling others can only tend to the positivity of Vice's mind and wealth. Distractions to avoid reality can be good too, and maybe that's the whole point of this matter. It makes Vice feel like this child is being sold off for entertainment, by having to incorporate her party throughout the whole town. Parenting for others isn't Vice's job, though! The biggest test of this quest is Vice's patience for fake fun for himself. While other quests have inordinate encounters, Vice has to blend here into the peak of ordinary. Writing himself into this scenario is painful for Vice. All the non-magical people partying, with all those scary monsters out in the world. The requester is at least hanging around for this quest and taking responsibility. Watching the herd, Vice eyes the accumulation of people toward Medias's location. An aura of pooled kindness feels like it's eating Vice's dark mana away.

Arriving at the block party's central spot, Vice is smiling, for some reason. By the power of quest, Vice can't stop smiling, and in slight anger. Others in the area smile because of Medias's grace, and their sweat toward decorating their community. Coming up to Medias, Vice is offered pay to help out with the block party. Like a drone, Vice accepts the quest, and proceeds toward colorful decorations. Hanging up the decorations, Vice is beginning to feel like he's in a horror movie, and the colorful decorations are controlling his mind. Everything starts to become orderly when Vice proceeds to the next task. All those decorations had weird symbols, and Vice could have sworn he saw them when he was handling that cult quest. Food from the shops, free advertising, is what Vice gets to work on next! Tables on the street get the food with their own stalls, and everybody begins to salivate in anticipation.

#4Vice Gamebell 

Partying (Quest) Empty on Sat Sep 26, 2020 11:18 am

Vice Gamebell
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Not a chef with a personal touch, Vice can only take what others give. Looking around, Vice doesn't emphasize with these community people, as he's wanting to leave Magnolia quite a bit still. Taste-testing can't change Vice's mind. Everybody has their own circumstances and needs, so Vice doesn't look down on these people too much. While disliking people without magic a bit, it doesn't stop Vice from understanding how they want to go about their days. Even if some people dislike Medias, there's no harm in providing food for the community, or even trying to get people to be a patron of a shop.

The local appetite overall can't satisfy Vice, and he can't submit to historic tastes. Nonetheless, some people have been dragged into the work like Vice, and he greets people kindly for lightening his workload for the immediate moment. Before the party begins, Vice is free to go, and collects his reward. There's no rush for Vice, it won't kill him to stay a bit. To contribute to the best of the party, Vice stays a little longer, and entertains the star. Medias's daughter is entertained by all sorts of mages that owe favors to her dad, but Vice has no greater auxiliary magic to show off. A lot of people are here as they enjoy Medias's governing, but Vice is just here to get in the last sights of Magnolia. Sending out the Eru to play with the birthday girl, Vice twists his back, and grabs hold of his staff. Swinging his staff around, Vice continues his fake smile, and moves around playfully. Most people here can't move as fast as Vice in bursts, he'd think.

Not trying to outshine any minor mages, Vice just puts forth some of the effort expected for a quest of this caliber. Getting close to Medias isn't in the expectations of Vice, and he beckons the Eru back eventually, so Vice may leave. It is possible that the lord could retract his reward as a test. Staying in the moment isn't total torture.

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