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Beginning of the End [Yugo]

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#1Günter Von Wolf 

Beginning of the End [Yugo] Empty on Mon Sep 21, 2020 4:03 pm

Günter Von Wolf

Gunter and his companion Kratos were walking around the streets for the past 2 hours, getting a feel for the city and snacking at various food stalls. Kratos looked at Gunter and said "So boss, what's the plan?" Gunter replied by saying "Not sure to be honest we could sign up for a new Guild but we just got out of one so for now let's just enjoy our freedom and maybe find some entertainment." Gunter and Kratos decided to take the Backstreets and eventually found themselves in a small courtyard between alleys, a very private location.

Gunter cracked open a bottle of rum and chugged a quarter of it before handing it to Kratos. As Kratos drinks, Gunter noticed 3 men watching him from down an alley he whispered to Kratos "We got company.", letting him know the situation. Gunter and Kratos just sat there drinking and waiting to see what these three men were up to and whether they were going to start shit eventually the three men approached Gunter and Kratos and as they got close Gunter said "Anything I can do for you folks". The three men smiled and pulled out knives while the one closest said "Yeah, you can give us all you got or we'll gut you and your freak friend, cunt."

Kratos crushes the bottle he's drinking in his hand, in response to being called a freak by the thug. An obvious bulging vein can be seen above on his head. Kratos stands up with a sinister smile on his face and simply cracks his knuckles. He looks at the thug that called him a freak and says "When I'm done with you, they're gonna need a shovel to scrape your face off the pavement." The thug responds by saying "Gut 'em boys!" and that's the last thing he ever says, as Kratos dashes forward and grabs the thug's skull and smashes him into the pavement. He then runs, dragging the skull along the pavement with him, turning the thug's skull into paste. Gunter responds by attacking the second closest thug by hitting him with his sheathed sword, knocking him out in one hit with a clean strike to the temple. Meanwhile, Kratos grabs the skull-pavement corpse off the ground, spins, and throws the corpse at the remaining thug standing.

The thug is knocked over, and as he tries to get up, Kratos would run over and put his foot down on the thug, keeping him in place. Foot against neck, to be precise. "If you try anything I'll crush your neck right here."


Beginning of the End [Yugo] Empty on Mon Sep 21, 2020 7:09 pm

The alley Brawl went on, as a Figure made his way closer along the rooftop. He had heard the scuffle, and in his excitement to get involved, he Jumped off the roof, landind hard with his large body on the Dardiens shoulders. The impact would crush the man under the creature, but Yugo didnt care. The Wild man grabbed onto the beasts Horns and with a flip, and mighty throw he tossed the large creature further away from Gunter. As the beast would hopefully get sent flying, Yugo spoke to Gunter.

“Stay here little man! Ill kill you after I kill your pet!” he rushed forward and would unleash a flurry of punches against the dardian. Hw couldnt contain his excitement. He had heard of these creatures of earth ever sense his arrival in Fiore, but to think the young Demi-Human would have found one was amazing to the feral man. Each blow, while not enough to shatter its stone like skin, was wild and full of strength regardless. He wasnt giving it a chance to respond as if testing his fists own durability against the monster.

Yugo was Dressed in nothing but his tattered pants and loincloth like pelt around his waist. He had no shoes or shirt on. His back covered in deep and terrible whipping scars.

“Bu-HAHAHAHAHAHA! Dont give up on me yet Dardian! Ive bene looking forward to fighting one of you for a long time!” He smiled as he lashed out. “Dont hold back and fight me already!”

#3Günter Von Wolf 

Beginning of the End [Yugo] Empty on Mon Sep 21, 2020 8:53 pm

Günter Von Wolf

Gunter sees a man fall off a building like a chimpanzee and toss Kratos in the opposite direction. When the crazy man tells Gunter to wait for his turn and calls him a 'little man', Gunter responds with "Are you serious? You're shorter than me, Tiny." Kratos would be slightly surprised at the monkey man throwing him. He would also be slightly pissed at the fact that this lesser being thinks that it can 'kill' Kratos. Kratos lands on all fours after being thrown, 5 meters away.

As Kratos gets up, as the monkey man hits Kratos with a face and body shot, taking a D-rank damage from each punch, resulting in 1x C-rank damage. Kratos gets his feel for combat again and dodges the remaining punches while taking steps back. Kratos, upon getting some distance and the rhythm of the man's punches though sporadic, he'll wait until Yugo's about to throw his last punch in the flurry and take it, taking another D-rank damage. He'll counter the monkey man by punching him in the right of the gut, which if landed would deal A-rank damage. Kratos would then follow up with an immediate shot to the left side of the gut with his knee if he tried to block or grapple, which would deal A-rank if it hit home.

Following that, Kratos would lunge backwards 3 meters and dig. Gunter was 20 meters away now. Kratos would then move through the ground, pass by Yugo while underground, and pop up 5 meters in front of Gunter, facing towards Yugo should he still be standing and conscious.

Meanwhile, Gunter lights a cigar, take a long puff of it, and then immediately start opening the bottle on a new thing of rum, taking a swig. He'd then call out to Yugo, if he were still alive. "So Tiny. Are you just the gung ho fighting type, or did you come here for a reason?"


Beginning of the End [Yugo] Empty on Tue Sep 22, 2020 12:22 pm

The Blows his Yugos body with full force. He wasnt nearly fast enough to avoid it. The Demi human went flying into the building. The wall shattered and landed on him. After a moment, Yugo groaned and pushed the stones off himself as he stood up. He had blood knocked out of him by the blow, his chin covered in the glossy red substance. But he wasnt out for the count. Thankfully, He was some what durable. The Demi-Human wiped the blood from his face and smiled, before giving a nice hearty laugh. "Bu-HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Amazing! Simply amazing!" he spat out a glob of blood and got back into battle stance.

Yugo smiled wide baring his fangs. "Thats what ive been looking for, THATS THE STRENGTH IVE BEEN SEARCHING FOR!" The air around Yugo exploded with Mana, as he let go of any self imposed limits he may have put on his body. He wasnt going to hold anything back. "You had better prepare yourself Dardian! Because im going to take both you and your masters head for my trophy wall!" He took a step forward, the ground cracking under his weight as he let his mana flowed uncontroled. With as much potential as he had, Yugos magic control was terrible.

#5Günter Von Wolf 

Beginning of the End [Yugo] Empty on Tue Sep 22, 2020 4:31 pm

Günter Von Wolf

Gunter and Kratos readied for the raging bull of a man to attack. The only other time Gunter had seen magical aura destroy the ground like that was back when Tomo was pissed in a bar, there was tension in the air as the magic aura emanating from these two mages cause the air itself to crackle and just as the battle was about to begin a man appeared and interrupted both of the mages by saying " excuse me I'm here to deliver a message to a mister Gunter von wolf". He looks immediately at Gunter and says "I'm assuming that's you because I was given the description of your companion there" as he points to Kratos the man walks over to Gunter and hands him a sealed letter from Tomo. Gunter opens up the letter and reads it, His eyes widen at what it says he then looks at Yugo with a Sinister smile and says " let's postpone this fight I've got somewhere to be you're more than welcome to meet me there it seems I'm about to start a war I'll leave the note right here if you're interested you're more than welcome to run after me if you want to continue this fight right now otherwise I'll see you there" Gunter puts the note down where he was sitting and then walks away.

(Exit unless stopped)


Beginning of the End [Yugo] Empty on Tue Sep 22, 2020 5:44 pm

Yugo was fully ready to throw his life away for a proper fight, But as the messenger arrive, Yugo found himself ignored completely. It made him confused and annoyed. But as the man turned to look at him, he saw the sinister smile, as if he could read the mans thoughts he knew something bigger and better had just arrived then some measly fight. The mans words only confirmed what Yugos heart had sensed. This was exactly wqhat he had wanted, a war, a battle so massive that it couldnt help but draw the strong in.

When the man left, he grabbed the letter and read it. He got his own sickly sinister smile, a glow behind his eyes that shared the same energy as a child discovering something new and facinating. He crushed the letter in his hand and then ate it to get rid of any evidence before walking away from the messenger. He was hurt, But hed recover by the time hed arrive at the guild. His life was about to get much more interesting, If the man he was going to meet was even stronger then the man he just fought well… Yugo might just die of excitement.


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