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Hot Girl Summer [PSF - Phase 2]

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With the redecorations of the guild hall finalized, the members of Blue Pegasus were granted the opportunity to take the remainder of the day off and relax by the poolside. Rania had taken her work within the lounge area next to the main hall of the building quite seriously, and while there were still some finishing touches needed here and there, the raven-haired beauty decided to join everyone else and rest easy. The weather was beautiful and while the sun still stood in its apex, the burning heat of the late summer weeks was a welcomed addition to the festive and cozy atmosphere. The pool area of Blue Pegasus was quite lovely; richly decorated with comfortable lounge seats, a bar area and of course several pools for the members to enjoy themselves in, Rania (who was quite suspicious of deeper bodies of water, but fine with the local pools) decided to tan in the sun a little before doing anything else.

Earlier the Paladin was given a chance at meeting both the guild mistress herself and her lovely wife. Alisa and Sofia were endearing in their own regards and Rania found them to be odd, but quite charming and respectable. Initially, the healer had joined the mage’s guild in order to improve her skills and join comrades in battle, but after getting to know the atmosphere surrounding Blue Pegasus and Port Hargeon all together a little better, Rania had come to the conclusion that this would make as good of a permanent home as any place – and truth be told, she quite liked it here. Still, aside from her two friends and the guild’s leadership, Rania hadn’t had a chance to meet anyone else yet. Hopefully that would change in the coming hours.

The Paladin sat down in one of the lounge chairs by the pool, stretched out her pale, slender limbs and breathed a heavy sigh. Somehow decorating the guild had been more exhausting than she’d expected it to be, and she was grateful for some time away from the insides. Rania wore a black bikini with small, but graceful golden adornments alongside the rim and an emerald gemstone in the center, between her breasts. The colour matched her eyes and it was one of the few things she’d brought with her from Desierto. Her porcelain skin was shimmering in the sunlight, but her magic allowed her to enjoy the heat without having to worry about getting burned. If anything, Rania was happy to finally feel this way again. Way too comfortable in her position to move, the woman only turned her head upwards to peek at the bar that was only a few meters behind her. She could really use a drink right now, but there was no way she was getting up from her spot just yet.



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Noel Raion.

Animagus del Mago

Noel already felt quite at home within the halls of his guild. As a matter of fact, with just more than minimal effort he'd been aiding the restorations and improvements of the hall. The backyard pool, their latest addition, had been shining in the clear sun as the radiating summer sun remained a powerful motivator for one to take a bathing session. While some sat on a big yellow rubber ducky, enjoying the peace and tranquility - others enjoyed in breaking that peace and tranquility with a little bit of chaos. Such a person being Noel, he took an extended run and cannonballed into the water. Crashing it and causing ripples of water being torn left and right. Of course that meant that the young lady who sat near the pool was likely hit by the sudden infusion of chaos. And water drops of course.

While resurfacing, the 'damage' caused by his cannonball became apparent, he'd raise his hand and bow his head a little to the people he disturbed the most. Lastly came the young shoujo who most presumably was lounging up to this point. She sat a little further away, so Noel swam to the side of the pool. He'd smoothly leave the basin by raising himself up from the edge. Upon leaving the water, he'd pull off his fabulous Hawaiian shirt and wring it off. While wringing it, he'd bow his head to the young shojo and begin talking. "Sumimasen, I didn't mean to get you wet." He'd put his totally gorgeous Hawaiian tshirt back on, (covering his chiseled and well trained abs from the sight of such young damsel) - which by no doubt had impressions from the 60s - an older time. "It seems my abhorrent behavior has struck yet another. In due time, I will make it up to you. Hõntoni." Noel said, sounding disappointed in himself. She was someone he hadn't met before, so he was to introduce himself - given she hadn't walked away yet. "My name is Noel," Of course, he'd initiate standard greetings protocol. Extended hand, slight bow - and smile. Nothing sociopathic about that right? Right.

Noel took place on the chair near hers. He didn't feel like needing her permission. "Would you like to play a game? It's called the would-you-rather game. As you can guess by its title, you propose two different situations to each other." The scorching heat triggered Noel to deploy a folded umbrella near his seat. His pasty skin wasn't ready to be bothered by sunburns throughout the week. "Here, I'll start: would you rather only be able to use a fork (no spoon) or only be able to use a spoon (no fork)?" He was a god among men regarding this game, years of playing this game with strangers has given him the collection of the best type of questions to ask.



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As time went by, more members of the guild populated the pool area and when the woman looked around, she found that many people had come to enjoy the outdoors and what was left of the sunny hours of the day. The healer stretched out in her lounge seat and yawned; the heat and the mimosas from earlier had made her sleepy, but it was in that moment when the raven haired was torn from her drowsiness by a cold splash of water. Rania’s eyes widened in surprise and a small yelp escaped her lips – she was caught off guard, but by no means startled, for this was to be expected at a pool side after all.

Wiping the water out of her face, the healer sat up in her chair and peeked over the edge of the bathing area to see who was responsible for her surprise shower. Rania didn’t have to look far, because the man she spotted was much larger than the average person and it really all came together when he emerged from the depths, rose himself up from the basin and offered both an apology and a quick bow. Much to her surprise, he spoke her native tongue: joyan. Much to her surprise, he spoke her native tongue: joyan. “Don’t worry, you didn’t,” the young damsel gave back with a snarky tone and offered a sly grin. Ever since spending so much time with Kenzo, the Paladin was feeling feistier than ever and in a way the crude mercenary’s behavior had begun rubbing off on her. Rania didn't think this was a bad thing though.

“Ah, it’s really okay. I was planning on going for a swim sooner or later anyways,” she waved her hand in a dismissive manner and this time around, the healer’s smile turned more gentle. He caught her interest the moment he introduced himself and once he did, Rania quickly waved the male over to take a seat next to her. “My pleasure, Noel. You must be Kenzo’s friend then – I have heard so much about you already,” she said earnestly and looked up to him. It was true that the mercenary had spoken about Noel before, mentioning him casually while he explained what had happened to their former guild Advent World. Noel was rumoured to be a capable fighter, very much like Kenzo, and his physique only confirmed this. But none of this really mattered much to Rania. If he was a friend of Kenzo’s, he was automatically one of hers (only if he wanted to be of course).

“My name is Rania. I’m a healer and only recently joined the guild.” Once Rania had given a quick introduction, her fellow guild member swiftly jumped into the conversation – and she was all up for it. “Gladly, have at it.” Unsure as to what to expect but eager to get to know the person Kenzo spent a lot of time with, Rania sat up, straightened out her back and directly faced the joyan wizard. “I would rather use the spoon, and never use a fork again. Anything I would need a fork for I could still eat using chopsticks, so I’m not too worried about it.” Rania didn’t have to think about that question too long, considering that chopsticks were pretty common in her culture. But either way, it was now her turn.

“Would you rather never be able to drink water again, or be limited to drinking only water for the rest of your life?”



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Noel Raion.

Animagus del Mago

How lucky Noel was, for the politeness in her tone; accepting his apology with dignity and eloquence. A smile on her face ultimately was another reason as to why his chaotic energy thrived so much; he always gets away with it. Her sarcasm struck a hole in his ever so perfect ship of charisma. Though her gentle smile at the end of her snide assured the safety of his Bismarck. With his ego and pride upheld, he accepted the offered seat. His name was already known to her. Kenzo, of course - he'd ought to have been making rounds within the sorority. Come to think of it, he couldn't think of any women his best friend was spending time with. Maybe he didn't swing that way? Noel wouldn't have noticed. But it did somewhat subconsciously trigger him to play as his wingman way in advance. He knew Kenzo would have done the same for him. "Oh, you've met Kenzo already? Did you know that he's a hero? Saved a cat out of a tree once --" Not spectacular enough Noel. "while riding a unicycle and uh.." Blow it up some more! "while going up the tree he held in one arm a golden vase ... and in his other hand he held a burning school." The adult male coughed into his hand and continued. "It's a complicated story." He said, as if to suggest his new friend shouldn't ask any questions about it and assume everything he said was the truth.

Rania introduced herself as a healer; someone who too newly joined the ranks of the Blue Pegasus. Healing was quite an interesting subject to Noel; as he took a role as a medical professional in his time prior to becoming a mage. His time as a physician in Orchidia has been long past though. In a way the two were like ying and yang, Noel caused destruction, and his new friend Rania was there to bring balance to that destruction by healing. As his philosophical take was taking more of his attention, he'd return his attention to the conversation by starting the game of would you rather. She seemed quite interested in the game. Her response was quite interesting, she'd rather use spoons and chopsticks. Her emerald hue gave him another first impression; but it may have appeared that her roots and his own laid more closely than he thought. "Interesting. It's rare for me to meet people that prefer hashi." Noel mentally made a note describing Rania as a spooner; interesting information he could feed Kenzo later on.

Her hypothetical was about solely drinking water, or no water at all. It was somewhat tricky from a biological standpoint to cease drinking water - assuming she counted water as any beverage which the majority of its mass consists out of water then there'd be no logical issues. "No water. A nice chianti after a long day of work, a pina colada on sunny beach days such as this?" He'd shake his coconut drink, the straw that laid in it rustled against the edges. "Can't give those up, I'd have to invite other demons into my lifestyle to rebalance it."

A waiter stopped by the duo, presenting a platter full of Tapas; a Stellan treat - Noels pearly blue eyes gazed over it, the waiter was keen on distributing food to those at the party. Noel took the entire platter instead of taking a piece of the platter, the waiter tried taking it back but Noel wasn't going to give him any room to do so. He power moved the plate and put it on top of a small table next to himself and Rania. The waiter awkwardly walked away.

When the waiter was out of eyeshot, the male pointed at a few guildies playing volleyball quite close to them. Trying to get Ranias attention to them. "Watch the ball" He'd say while moving his arms in a way best described as a man trying to catch a fish with an invisible fishing rod. As he casually swung forwards, he'd angle the ball and reel it in. Once it was close enough he'd undo his telekineses spell and hit the ball back to the volleybal field. "Gravity is my domain." He'd say towards Rania before turning his attention to the platter and taking a few pieces off of it.

It was his turn now. "Would you rather have a dog with a cats personality, or a cat with a dogs personality?"



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It seemed that there was no shortage of interesting people in Blue Pegasus. Rania had a feeling that it would still take her quite some time to get to know everyone in the guild better, and perhaps it was too much of an ambitious goal anyways. It’s not like the Paladin hoped to get along with everyone, she was simply curious about what sort of people she would meet once she started looking around. Up until now the woman’s experiences had been only positive and it was because of this that she felt confident in meeting the others. “Yes,” she nodded in response to Noel’s statement. He seemed surprised at the fact that Rania and Kenzo were already acquaintances and when he immediately began to speak highly of the warrior, the raven haired couldn’t help but smile at that little gesture.

It seemed that their relationship was built on mutual respect and Rania had a lot of appreciation for that. “We are quite close actually, after taking on a few missions in the north together. And that certainly sounds like something Kenzo would do.” She offered a sweet smile along the pass she was giving him for most likely making that up – in the end, the general idea he wanted to convey came across naturally, and Rania understood where he was going with this. One thing that Rania immediately felt while in Noel’s presence was the chaotic energy she sensed of him – it was something that very much reminded her of the blue haired mercenary. Perhaps this was the shared similarity that connected them to their former guild Advent World, although Rania didn’t know much about that and never thought about asking further questions.

It had always seemed like a sensitive topic to Kenzo.

With regards to her question Noel ended up choosing no water over only water for the rest of his life and while it wouldn’t have been her answer, the point he made about why he chose it struck home with the Paladin and she responded with a thoughtful nod. “Yes, I can see that.” When a waiter walked by, the man with the bright eyes boldly released them from their burden – an entire plate of Tapas – and placed it on a small table between the two of them. Rania hid her smirk and swiftly snatched a bit to snack on while Noel already pointed her into a different direction. “I’m watching the ball,” she said and began to nibble on her food. What followed was an impressive display of his skills. Telekinesis – or gravity as Noel described it – was a rare magical ability, even in the kind of world they lived in. Rania arched a brow and gave him a small round of applause.

“That’s fantastic,” she admitted and looked genuinely impressed. “With an ability like that you must be a respected and feared combatant,” she commented and finished her food. Rania tried imagining what a fight against someone like Noel would look like and how it would play out, and the thoughts that followed bothered her. How does one even defend against a man that can manipulate gravity like that? Anyhow, her thoughts were quickly pulled into yet another direction when he asked his next question. “Either way it’s the best of both worlds, isn’t it? I suppose I would rather go for a cat with a dog’s personality, just because I find their loyalty and silliness endearing. Besides, a dog acting catty could be dangerous depending on the size of the dog.” It was a very factual statement, but Rania decided to roll with it.

“Would you rather own and use a dull weapon that never breaks, or a sharp weapon that breaks during every fight and has to be replaced afterwards?



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Noel Raion.

Animagus del Mago

They were close to each other, unexpectedly, Noel knew Kenzo was a socialite deep within. Rania didn't seem too opposed to the idea of Kenzo having accomplished a feat as outrageous as he described. Noel enjoyed bluffing his way up a skylark. Certainly if it was at the expense of someone else, like Kenzo. A devilish smile appeared on his face.

His neat little parlor trick managed to impress the young and impressionable Rania. Since he was a mage through and through, his mantra was more a conglomeration of chaos. While scarfing down some of the Tapas, he'd listen to Rania who questioned if he were a respected and feared combatant. Outside of Kenzo, his last conflict started with his opponent, a (child-like) mage un-robing herself to gain an edge over him. According to his own train of thought, respected wasn't the case - but feared... maybe. "I haven't shown the world the true efficacy of my powers, not yet." He'd say in reply to Rania's question. "How about you? Do you venture in the squabbles of power?"

Moving onto the would you rather game. Rania picked a cat with a dogs personality. Noel chuckled at her explanation. He'd frame a picture in his mind where a dog exhibited cat like behavior and couldn't stop smiling. It seemed too amusing to him. "I'd go for the dog. As benevolent as it may be, it could still be humble enough to not be an ass." Noel explained, taking more of the tapas and slamming it into his mouth as Rania continued the game. Her hypothetical was a very combat centric, a topic he easily could talk hours about. From one-versus-one, to grand strategies.

Noel put his hand on his chin and begun responding. "I'd go for the sharp weapon that always breaks; being prepared for a fight is one of the most important aspects. If this preparation could give me a weapon which is always sharp, I'd go always go for that." He said, removing his hand from his chin as he continued. "It's like playing a game of chess, but you start with a few more pieces." He liked this trend of combative questions so he continued with one of his own. "Would you rather fight with sagging pants(that you have to pull up occasionally) or while being drunk?" Noel rubbed his hands together, as this has happened to him once, with both conditions ringing true. His eyes went toward the horizon, as he begun remembering the event that transpired more than ten years ago. It was a fight with his ex-wife (not the blonde); he had taken off his belt and used it as a whip. It backfired horribly though, as his sagging pants made it so he couldn't run.

While Noel was somewhat fazed out and staring into the distance, not listening to Rania's reply to his hypothetical he snapped back out of what some would describe as Vietnam flashbacks to continue the game with Rania, despite it not being his turn nor did he hear her reply to his question. "Would you rather have two dads or two moms?" Breaking the topic of combat hypotheticals, Noel moved onto the 'weird' - zone instead. His attention started to drizzle, and he became hyper focused on a frisbee they were throwing around the pool - much like a dog watching a stick about to be thrown in a game of fetch. Noel excused himself from the game he was playing with Rania to move on to the next thing that caught his attention. "Sorry, I have to capture that frisbee. It was nice to meet you Rania, talk to you later." Noel threw a cool hand sign, the classic hang loose gesture. Next he dove into the water, submerging in deep before breaking the surface tension maybe ten meters further from where he dove into the water. He broke out elegantly and caught the frisbee with his teeth, intercepting it like it was a soccer ball. He dove into the water with the frisbee in his mouth as the previous friendly frisbee players somewhat got sad that the dog stole their frisbee and was playing catch with it now. Noel made retrieving the frisbee from his beak  tricky but still doable. He'd zig 'n zag to avoid the spells that were eventually flung towards him. To slow him down, or to cause him to jump into the fists of someone nearby. Eventually he let go and moved on to the next thing that would catch his attention. He'd go surfing in the evening, while slightly tipsy and holding a drink in one hand while trying to balance it with his surfboard crashing into the waves and all. If he was sure he couldn't complete the wave without it collapsing on him, he'd down his drink and dive in. That was the lifestyle of Noel at the moment.

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