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Shopping Crisis (Quest)

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Getting used to Magnolia fast is a good thing for Vice. Homesickness or a feeling that he has to leave a place doesn't creep in. There's a peak of variety in Magnolia, and all it's missing is nature. The sights of nature tend not to change in a meaningful way to Vice. Magnolia has many pretty different shops, and unlike traders, they don't need to defend them theoretically. No monsters will come threaten shops at Magnolia. The history of some of these shops can have their own deep, interesting storylines. Maybe some of these shops are built off the corpses of many monsters. Romanticizing the buildings, Vice wanders around inquiring simplistically. Wanderers note down the tourist aura Vice has, but he doesn't mind.

Useless oddities are abundant, but there's also death-defying goodies in Vice's taste, here at the shopping districts. A lot more shops than one would think have evil items. Evil and good are subjective, but illegal isn't. Vice personally doesn't mind defending and helping illegal shops. The present direction for Vice is to defend whatever he can, to benefit himself. Illegal items can suddenly become not so when a country needs defending too. With such a precious face and body, Vice is a country that needs defending! Helping to get into the good graces of some hidden treasure of a shop is a good idea. Thanks to the grey area, the local guilds aren't pressuring the infinitely mixed shops too much. Keeping the local guild's eyes away is really just important so they don't hog everything!

Isn't Fairy Tail poor enough as is? Vice is carefully eyeing the shops, to make sure that these shops suck Fairy Tail dry even more, so Blue Pegasus reigns supreme. The mage is looking forward to a fairly unique quest compared to the past, where Vice had needed to cater to small requesters. Now that Vice can actually fight decently, he doesn't mind offending people.


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Aren't protagonist characters supposed to get their power quickly, anyway? The powerful men that plan to take money from a shop's hands are just two sides fighting in Magnolia. Scheduling for a nighttime special was done for Vice's quest. Later on in the day, Vice will be fully ready. Vice occasionally prefers that he gets to fight at nighttime, with a cute affinity toward his Darkness Magic. Hiding and waiting for prey is the favorable encounter for Vice, rather than acting chaotically like a Berserker. Vice isn't really looking for justice, and he's happy he has the blessing to take a neutral quest. Are the shop owners reneging on a legitimate debt?

It's not Vice who's losing money or support in his liquid funds! Bandits being sent is clearly an out-of-line solution even toward unpaid debts. Readying to defend the shop during daytime, Vice is not expecting any outrageous mages, since any normal C-rank can take this quest alone. All Vice needs to make sure of is NOTHING gets taken. Holding his thoughts, Vice pauses while wandering. If any items are stolen, Vice gets blamed and he gets a bounty? What pull does this shop have? It's interesting the shop is willing to pay Vice but not these other debtors. It could be by principle, but it's also by that Vice is cheap.

Somber that he's cheap, Vice pities the timelines where these requesters don't have further support against the evildoers. Vice is starting to get a bit lonely doing these quests with no support. Planning his whole day out is efficient, but where's the unpredictability to spice up the day? While yes, Vice not might need the support, it could make things easier too. Doesn't anyone want to play with poor Vice? Ricardo couldn't get solicited into Blue Pegasus, and was abandoned in Hargeon. On the bright side, the ugly side of Vice can be readily apparent when these quests concern his finances, and his readiness for certain matters coming on display is best avoided as a sexy Berserker.


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In a way, this quest is like babysitting with Ricardo. Securing the surroundings is amply important as usual, so Vice has spent most of the day getting an idea of the architectural design of the shops in the area. Vice wonders how much destruction he can allow to a shop, as long as the bandits don't profit. Since it's a night quest, Vice is given maximum preparation time anyway, so his worries being popped away only serve to enhance his cautious mindset. Too lazy to find out who the bandits are, it certainly should an option though for Vice to prematurely end the bandits before they reach the shop. As night approaches, Vice takes an opportunity to dive into a generic-looking shop.

Not minding the sleepy creep of danger, Vice can relax hiding in a shop. Hopefully it's one of those stories where the bandits are just pressuring the shop to sell their land. No reason to destroy potential land being seized. The opposing force should be a standard and consistent one. They've no reason to change up their group that performs the robberies, and overcomplicating their business can come with it's own problems. Rationalizing makes Vice more cozy when he's waiting.

"You know why we're here and you've had time. Pay up or lose." Listening to grumpy footsteps, Vice hides in a neat corner of the shop. What would be really disfavorable is if there's any sign of Vice. Meeting up with the requester or representatives is a sidetask Vice decided to avoid. While it might be nice to meet beforehand to assuage concerns, and prevent anxiety, Vice likes to see how things develop as they go. Establishing a bias for proceedings can be hard to discard. Sighing when the bandits go to attack a nighttime attendant, Vice considers them merchandise he's responsible for. A hostage situation that hasn't developed fully is at least best to water the opportunities of battle.


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Hostages don't take kindly to being uninformed bait, so Vice accepts a glance toward his direction, from the friendly attendant. Preparing to wind around a dark corner Vice hides in, the bandits become suddenly wary, as they also can evaluate the attendant isn't overtly frightened. Decisive bandits can be predictable bandits, as they lack a confusing ambition. Reviewing a plan of attack is how Vice likes to go about things. This battleground is most likely the cheapest for the merchants, as they expect there to be damage. Reasonable monetary repairs being traded is nice, and maybe their bandit problem can be permanently dealt with if there's a stronger magical push. As a crippled melee mageman, Vice isn't going to meet anyone's expectations. There's a nice quietness to the way Vice can just melee people to death, rather than blowing them up.

An Eru pet of Vice's pops out of his shadow and flies toward the bandits. Suicide mission doesn't bother Vice, as he finds this Eru is pretty hardy from earlier tests. Stifling a laugh, Vice doesn't want to share how he knows his Eru doesn't really feel pain anyway. Taking the final moments before true battle brings Vice to follow after his Eru, by sticking to a wall. Holding a staff, Vice pushes it out into a bandit's face around the corner with a magical and explosive glow. The battle begins, Eru explodes too in Vice's face, and he accepts that the bandits are experienced adventurers that blew up his pet somehow. Having a good idea of positions and a number of four bandits, Vice begins fighting in earnest after silently stabbing his staff a few times into a skull.

It's ideal their eyes gets the feeling Vice will kill them. Practice makes perfect! Monsters and caged legal experiments can only bring much-needed bloodthirst up so much. Many cultures, like perhaps Icebergian, have the tradition of killing a caged prisoner or animal, when younger. When alone, business is business, and fooling around isn't needed when Vice will never see a sight again.



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Tracking his mind positively, hopefully the first target's beatdown avenges Eru for Vice. It bothers Vice very little to the background of this banditry, so he doesn't mind if someone dies, as Vice is taking an inherent risk doing shop-guard work. Fighting can be dirty, but Vice pursues as much smoothness as possible. Even though the staff is uncomfortable to wield, it has allowed Vice to flow his mana more freely. Using magic as early as possible can bring intimidation to a non-mage, so Vice freely uses his Abyss Walk and One Inch spells. Closing the distance and then bursting with mana-draining force can be too surprising, to elicit a self-preservation instinct from the bandits. Regardless, it feels potently odd to lose what might be a 10th of one's mana as a normal C-rank.

Extracting the mana loss, Vice doesn't display joy, with a hidden forceful palm being retracted to himself. Even self-proclaimed non-mages can use magic items, so Vice's magic is like attacking one's own hidden livelihood. The bandits try to warn their comrades, but Vice just slaps with his staff more to get the business over with. Torture is the sport of animals and monsters. Once Vice reaches the final bandit, they're more on-guard. Element of surprise tends to run out. Too bothersome for Vice to use anything around him to end things quicker, he doesn't exactly mind exhausting himself personally. Approaching the final bandit, Vice backs off at the last moment, as they run away. Running away tends to happen when people have something to lose. Ending his day satisfied and fully safe, Vice goes to retrieve his payment, to not lose any time. The bandits ended up not dying, great for them. Shopping for joys is always fun, where you can find many uncertainties. Every purchase a potential regret and lesson why. Evaluating his fight, Vice doesn't feel quite right in present equipment.


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