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Traditional Hobbyist [Q: Rania]

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Today was a rather exciting day for the young Paladin! Rania had grown tired of all the crime in Hosenka, and because of this she decided to take on a slightly different job. Hosenka was similar to Marigold to an extend – which meant to say: they were not similar at all, but both had a theatre that showed amazing plays. Those stage plays were a huge hit among the people, however in Marigold the theatre had recently been destroyed. Well, not actually recently but during the demonic incursion, which was over a year ago. The country was still recovering from it however and because of this, there was lots of work to do. Things were different in Hosenka though, the town hadn’t suffered as much and because of this, the plays were still going every single day. Every now and then, a lucky person was added to a play just for one performance and for one day and today that person was Rania.

The Paladin had enjoyed her work that went against the crime organizations of Hosenka City, but she felt a though she needed a creative break from time to time. The woman wasn’t used to so much violent and constantly being on the go and on the edge and because of this, she had decided that it was time to relax, lay back and insert herself into something more cultural, such as the Hinoki theatre. They had put up a request for an actor or an actress, who was meant to act as the main antagonist for one play. They were supposed to enter a magical battle against the protagonist Tomura, only to lose that battle and eventually yield to them. It was great dramatic, but sounded like a lot of fun and Rania was totally up for it. She had been preparing herself the past day and today was finally the day during which she would try on the costume and everything because the play was tonight.


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Honestly, Rania was told that her task was going to be simple. All she had to do was whirl a few spell sat her enemy, defend herself in between and make sure that no one was getting seriously injured. As a Paladin and talented healer, none of this would be a problem for her. She was going to represent an evil demon goddess, who wants to slay and destroy the protagonist so that she may take over the world…or something like that. Rania was excited when she got out of bed and she made sure to shower properly before heading down the streets and to the theatre. The preparations would take all day long, and manager Yua was already there, shouting at everyone to get in line and get into position. That manager was nice, but she was also known for not paying people and being very lenient when it came to business contracts. It’s a good thing that Rania was mostly here for the fun and not for the money, although she still wanted to get paid.

Apparently the reward was around 50,000 J which was far less than she earned during her other job with Mr. Takashi, but it was alright still – nothing she would openly complain about. What happened next was that Rania was led inside and put into a seat, where she was then transformed into the character she was supposed to represent. It was quite the long stage play and she was only showing up at the end of it anyways. Rania was put into a different gown: still traditionally joyan, but somehow it was merged with something else entirely. She was giving a mask, a different hairstyle and many accessories that changed up her entire appearance, making her seem like a true demon goddess. Rania really liked the outfit and she was very much enjoying herself at this point. She was even given a black scepter to represent her ‘evil’ weapon. And now it was time to wait until she was called out.


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Once the stage play was nearing the end, it was time for Rania to be called out. Her name in the stage play was ‘demon Musashi’ and she was going to fight against Tomura, who was a skilled mage and also someone who knew how to wield swords. He was the hero in this place, and Rania was supposed to lose to him. But that didn’t mean she couldn’t have her fun until then. The Paladin dramatically entered the stage, and lots of sound effects and other stage effects were played. The crowd was howling, as it was quite the spectacle. Immediately, Rania began casting spells and throwing them at Tomura. He seemed surprised at her magical ability, because she didn’t think he had been taking her serious the day before, but that didn’t matter to her. Rania was able to use all of her defensive spells to protect herself from him, and for a good amount of time it seemed that Musashi was going to win this fight for sure.

Rania howled all of her spells at him, making sure they were powerful to beat him but also throwing in a few random healing spells here and there in order not to injure him. She didn’t want anyone getting actually hurt after all. Towards the end of the mighty battle, Rania felt herself running out of spells and mana. Of course Rania was also given a few wicked lines, that were meant to emphasize her role as the villain. Towards the end of the battle, Rania let Tomura strike her down with his sword, making it seem as though the hero had won against the villain and defeated them in battle. The crowd seemed to love it as they were all clapping and calling in compliments and whatnot. Rania was on the ground when the curtains closed and everyone came in and when the curtains opened again they bowed to the audience to finish up the stage play. Then Rania was paid by Manager Yua and was allowed to leave, although she did stay a bit to enjoy the celebrations of the successful event.


Traditional Hobbyist [Q: Rania] BD5lNhI

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