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Spooky Encounters(Mary/Social)

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A rare chance in fate had revealed itself, Unknown to him the rarity of Waylon showing himself and coming out of wherever he was hiding, It was because he got a request to do a few things and devoted to work he was to pay the small amount of bill he has Waylon would be sure to do them.

He would start by leaving his home and looking around, paranoid some one was staring at him and he would end up too scared to continue on. So far no one would was looking at him. Internally thanking whatever being there was no one was staring at him or trying to talk to him.

Task one did not take long, It was merely dropping tea off to an old lady who generally Waylon sold tea too. Waylon often dropped off tea to her at least once every two weeks, She was a good customer since Waylon started collecting and selling tea.

The second out was a simple payment collection after dropping off an order of rare tea to shop, Even taking a moment to make sure it was the right amount he would slowly move on to the final part.

By that he would take his time after all it was, pick up a few kinds of tea from his parents house, Waylon did not enjoy that part, Because he his mother tried to get him generally back int of life that scared him, He had progressed well. However Waylon was a rarity some thought he might have quit Fairy Tail over all since he never showed up.

Nonethless the ice mage, would normally wear light coat and scarf, Would just simply were dark blue pants and a white T-shirt. On his way slowly towards his mother house or Fairy Tail guild hall, whichever had his mother there, not knowing his mother was not there at all.

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Mary Wraith
Paranoia was a strange thing... A small voice whispering endless lies into the ears of anxious souls. It feared everyone and everything. Why are people staring? What was that noise? Who is that standing in the shadows? Such thoughts seeped into the mind, bringing dreadful shivers with them. Soon every shadow seemed to have eyes. Something constantly lurked at the edge of the vision, but vanished as soon as one tried to look at it. Normal people were able to dismiss these whispers as simple anxiety. People were actually minding their own business. That noise was just a stray cat. The person in the shadows was only a figment of imagination. Everything had a sensible explanation. Nothing to worry about. But here’s the thing many tended to forget...

It’s not paranoia when someone really is after you.

While the anxious ice mage made his way through the streets, something stalked a good distance behind him. From alley to alley, shadow to shadow... This shady silhouette did indeed have eyes. Violet orbs decorated with swirls gleamed in the dark. The creature moved with unnatural speed, vanishing behind a convenient corner whenever someone drew too close. Its movements were utterly soundless, like it wasn’t even there. Bystanders who caught a glimpse of the grim figure gasped before rubbing their eyes. Most were quick to shake their eyes and chuckle at their overactive imagination. Because it had to be just their imagination. Ghosts weren’t real... Right?

Meanwhile, the aforementioned ghost was desperately trying to keep her frayed nerves from snapping. During her daily walk, she had come across someone... suspicious! She had seen a mysterious stranger sneaking around near the guild hall. Something about him felt... off. Perhaps it was the way he walked, or the way he glanced around, she wasn’t quite sure. However, he was clearly looking for something... or someone. Very few people came around the guild ever since... the dragon incident... Weirder yet, he was clearly making his way towards Judith’s house. What if he was someone dangerous? A thug? Or a foreign assassin? Oh dear, ohdearohdearohdear, this was not good.

Mary swallowed the clump of nervousness gathering in her throat. Judith’s home wasn’t far now. I-if she were to stop this man, it had to be n-now... or never. She rather liked the sound of that latter option. However, it was quickly shaken out of her mind. No, she owed a deep debt to the kind old woman. She would not let this criminal anywhere near her dear friend. With another soundless dash, the stalker self-proclaimed protector hurried ahead of the stranger. She stepped from hiding to block his path. The gleaming spiral eyes focused a piercing stare on him. Grim, raspy words crawled from her throat. St̗̞̞a͕͓y.̣̪.̬ͅ. ͔̱̮aw̯̹ay͕̬..͔̱. Aaaand then she completely forgot what else she was going to say.

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It was an interesting situation for both Mary and Waylon to be in. After all the nervous and paranoid mage getting scared by another nervous and paranoid mage could only lead to so many things. Mary would scare Waylon, He even fell to the ground on his butt."B-but I am just visiting my mother who lives not far away from here."The funny part of this situation, Waylon was not lying to Mary.

Waylon was messing up his words because people scared him, Mary was new person and he did not know. Waylon was not kind of frozen in place in fear after this moment."P-please let me by, I just wa-ant to see my mother andp-p-pick up some tea she left for me." Waylon was also explaining what he was doing here too.

It did not seem out of place at all considering, either this man was super lucky and knew Judith tend to have tea and many plants or it was a really lucky gamble. That would be up to Mary to judge. For now Mary has a really scared blue haired man on his butt on the ground.

Quietly looking on in the back ground more wondering that the noise was, Judith's husband was watching the both of them after, He must have been waiting for Waylon, Then seeing the situation Anders would just leave his youngest son to deal with the situation for now, If he really needed. Anders wanted Waylon to learn how to deal with this situation so he was gonna have to deal with it alone for now. Anders would go back inside the house to deal with Kurisa's children and making sure they did not need anything, generally he was just quietly reading books with them.

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Mary Wraith
While the suspicious stranger was startled off-balance, the ghoulish woman was practically petrified. Unmoving, unblinking... Not even breathing. In true ghost fashion, she just loomed there menacingly. His wavering words received no response at first. ...They kind of drowned beneath all the internal screaming. Mary was scared witless, unable to form a single coherent thought. She had to desperately clench every muscle in her body to stop herself from trembling. Those piercing blue eyes felt like they were staring directly into her soul. Scary scary scary, strangers were scary!!!

However, when the oddly handsome thug continued pleading, the gloomy mage finally managed to catch some keywords. Mother...? Tea...? Naturally, the wave of anxiety hit her first. Her mind was screeching at her that she had made a terrible mistake. Yet paranoia still managed to weave past the bursts of panic... And whispered into her ear... What if he was lying? Her unblinking eyes widened. The swirly pupils shrank into scrutinizing pinpricks. Indeed. What if it was just a convenient lie? A cover story for exactly this kind of situation... Well, one might argue it was kind of a stretch, but since when had paranoia listened to logic?

Mary twitched. Slowly he raised a finger in an awkward, stiff point, like a corpse tugged by invisible strings. “P-prove... it...” In contrast to the raspy growl earlier, her words now came as a quiet hiss. (Un)fortunately for everyone involved, she had read some detective stories lately. From them came an idea... She needed to ask him something only Judith’s son would know. A detail that eluded strangers. Like... “What... is your mother’s name...?” Yes. Surely no random thug would know that. Her plan was flawless.

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Proof it? Waylon was just wondering what kind of people his mother knew now? Since his mother came to Fairy Tail and join the guild, Waylon never took into account just exactly how many new people did encounter? At least this one he was sure about."Judith."He mentioned less nervous when he did, Waiting to see if this situation would settle down, Waylon did seem still nervous, then again it showed he had not tried to get up and move yet.

Now, thinking about it where was his mother currently? normally she would try to get him out of his small living space, Judith's has not been around for a while. He would also mention this part."S-she normally would meet me, J-just outside of the house at the F-front door."That sounded like a situation Judith would do.

Continuing his cycle of thoughts it was followed with, Why has his mother not met him yet? Better yet, Why does his mother have scary people guarding her house, she had two other adults around her too to watch, Was his mother guarding that much important stuff that she had a third person watching over things?

Since they were both standing still and the moment seemed kind of quiet, Waylon would slowly attempt to get himself to stand up, most likely if Mary tried to scare him again it would work most likely, Then again Waylon seemed just as nervous as she was but he was already expressing it. So it would not be left to, What would happen next it seems. Did Mary stop Waylon from getting on his feet? Did she scare him again? Would Mary run away? There was many options now. But for now Waylon was getting back on his feet slowly.

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Mary Wraith
Upon hearing the name, Mary recoiled with a startled gasp. “...!” Her eyes went wide with sheer shock. I-it was... correct! And when her paranoia, fueled by too many detective stories, tried to protest... The stranger further enforced his position. That did indeed sound like Judith she knew. She looked him up and down, trying to absorb the revelation. After meeting the old woman’s other son, she had expected someone... taller? To be honest, now she wasn’t so sure what she had expected. So he wasn’t a thug or an assassin after all... B-but wait, then that meant... Her heart stopped. Icy shivers crawled down her back.


As the mysterious son got back on his feet, the creepy woman suddenly dropped to her knees. She bowed her head so low that -bonk- she accidentally bashed it against the pavement. A trickle of blood painted the cobblestone. Yet not even a concussion could stop her groveling. “I’m so-sorry!” Her apology came out as a panicked shriek. “I saw you sneaking, Imean, walking around and I followed you because I thought you looked, erm, Imean, seemed unusual and I’ve never seen you before and Judith lives here so I thought...” The strange explanation quickly devolved into incomprehensible mumbling. Something about thugs and assassins and repaying eternal debt.

By now the eerie ghoul was quivering like a leaf in the wind. All those suppressed shivers were now dancing a jig along her spine. “I’m sorry, sorry, sorrysorrysorry...” She wasn’t sure if it was enough for the grave disrespect she had just directed at him. No, of course it wasn’t... However, she did know a way to fix this. “T-to regain your honor, p-please step on my head...” Okay, maybe she panicked and had nothing better to offer, but she dearly prayed it would be enough. Back home, certain families and figures would’ve jumped at the chance to humiliate a commoner who dared to disrespect them. Sometimes literally.

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It seemed this situation would slowly change around, From Waylon being scared to well, Now thinking Mary needed help after starting to bleed."H-hold on. It's okay stuff happens."Waylon was not exactly an easily offend guy, He was more easily scared but that was already known. Now Waylon had something else to deal with, At least Waylon was much like his mother a more empathic soul. Which would work in Mary's favor in one way, maybe not in another.

Waylon would look around nervously after all, Mary was bleed from the head and Waylon knew that was not good. So in a small way of protesting Mary's request Waylon would just way."N-n-no it is okay."Waylon was just looking around to see if he could use something to help even if Mary seemingly was kind of just also seemed to be dealing in her own problems as a result of a misunderstanding.

Waylon might look like his father a bit more, But part of him was more like his mother."R-r-really it is fine."Waylon and Mary being scared of social interaction was a interesting conversation to have happen, Two really socially awkward souls trying to interact.

Then it seemed, almost like fate had an interesting moment for both Mary and Waylon. Judith's husband and Waylon's father would finally walk over. kneel down in front of Mary, Gently got Mary to face him. Mary would see how much Regis or well Reggie as she called him, as well as Waylon looked much like this man. The lines of aging were there, his dark blue hair slightly graying, his blue eyes were much like his sons and aside from that lines of aging in his face, he had a beard."Your mother had me keep an eye out for this."Waylon's father, Judith's husband Anders would say.

Anders would make sure any hair was out of the way of his view of the wound."No wonder my wife is worried about you Mary, Even with honest intentions you end up in interesting situations."Anders himself sounded like he was concerned by the situation. Anders was not healing mage but he was good enough at first aid, He took time to check over Mary and started by taking a cloth and cleaning away the blood and placing a band-aid over were Mary had been bleeding.

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Mary Wraith
Despite the young man’s best attempts to defuse the situation, the gloomy woman was reading all wrong into it. His refusal rang through her ears as disdain. He didn’t want to dirty his shoes on a worthless peasant. His pride was worth more than a measly apology. That’s all it could mean, right? Right... She wasn’t even good enough to be stepped on... Glimmering pearls gathered in the corners of her eyes. “I... I understand...” She muttered meekly. “I’m sorry... f-for wasting your time...” Her weak voice wavered with each word. Desperately she raked her brain trying to figure out a suitable apology. What else could she offer? Did she even possess anything of value he might want?

Fortunately for both anxious wrecks, someone more sensible entered the scene. Mary flinched when another pair of feet stepped in front of her. W-who...? Her eyes widened when she saw an older man, a spitting image of the young stranger, before her. She was too scared to resist as he forced her to face him. Slowly the imaginary gears turned, until the realization hit her. He had to be... his father! To disrespect the son of her friend was one unforgivable... And to do so in front of his father was utterly foolish. Internal screaming drowned the rest of her thoughts.

No matter how hard the ghastly mage prayed for swift, unceremonious death, the gods refused to grant her even a simple heart attack. She was doomed to sit here and suffer. Truly a fate worse than death. She trembled so much it was kind of starting to look like she was vibrating. Tremble, tremble, tremble... Without end in sight. Well, at least there was a silver lining to the situation. While Anders inspected the wound, he would find it minor. Miniscule even. Just a bleeding scrape caused by a forehead meeting a pointy rock. She wouldn’t die from it. ...Much to her silent dismay.

Once the trembling ghoul stopped screaming internally, she promptly prostrated herself again. Back down to the ground, a fitting place for a worthless worm, nay, lousy dirt rather. “I’m sorry, Mister Flanders...” Another family member encountered, another name mangled. She was terrible at this. It was a miracle she didn’t forget his name completely. Her explanations were getting shorter and quieter. “I just tried to help...” And exactly that was the problem. No one here had asked nor needed her ‘help’.

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It was not a situation Waylon expected, Even going as far as saying"D-dad, W-w-what does one do here?"Waylon seemed like he was confused while mixed in with his still light fear, If Waylon just felt this situation turned greater then he assumed it would.

Much like Judith being and understanding soul, So was the man she married."Mary, Your honest intentions of watching over my house, Have been very helpful, You by no means should be bowing to us."Anders would mention to Mary even, Sure she was not bleeding horribly and she was still scared and hiding so to say.

So following along with his wife's suggestion. Anders just quiet made picked up Mary."Come now, My wife wanted you to see something in the garden."Anders was far more direct and ensuring of his task. After all he was not carrying Mary to what he was told to show her."You as well son."With Waylon kind of agreeing to go quietly.

It would be a quiet walk since Anders would not say anything while the short walk to the house Mary knew, They would enter, Put Mary on her feet."Waylon your collection of tea to deliver, Are in were we normally keep it."Waylon seemed to be kind of settled now.

Anders then followed it up with."Mary, My wife had some flowers she wanted your opinion on, Come with me to back the please."Waylon seemed to be interested on what was going on. So much so the slightly nervous Waylon seemed settle, More curious and trying to seem friendly, Even if Waylon himself just as nervous being around new people as well.

So Waylon would say."Maybe I can accept your apology by you coming to see what my mother has  for you?"Waylon did not want to see like be was trying to manipulate the situation on Mary, If anything he assumed his mother had something nice for her.

Waylon would worry about his tea supply later, After all he had a list to go over as well, Anders was in the garden already, Waylon was waiting and trying to slowly arrive with Mary.

When or well if they did Mary would find Judith had set up a patch in her always lively flower bed, Much more grim flowers. Waylon would even ask."Dad what are these flowers?"Waylon knew his tea but now his plants.

To his father pulling out a small list."They are the following:  a single Corpse flower, Voodoo Lilies, Iris Plants and Hellebores."All of them were more dark and creepy flower compared to the normal Lilies and sun flowers. It showed now what Anders was suggest, Judith went out of her way to set up a second of her house full of creepy and darker flowers and a black bat wing chair as well by them. Judith set up a spot for Mary to sit in more fitting for her.

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Mary Wraith
Resembling a rag doll, the meek mage was picked up from the ground. Limp and lifeless... It was a small miracle she still managed to stay on her feet. The kind words were met with a solemn stare. An ominous mutter left her lips. The road to hell is paved with good intentions... They say...” While it was true her intentions had been pure, the end result still remained the same. She had horribly disrespected the family of the only person she dared to call a friend anymore... Unforgivable. The guilt on her shoulders felt nothing short of crushing.

...Soooo it was a good thing a distraction came along.

Mary snapped out of the spiral of dark thoughts when the garden was mentioned. She blinked at the comment. Once. Twice. Utterly baffled. “Flowers...? M-my opinion...?” She didn’t quite understand what was going on, but followed along regardless. Twiddling her fingers together, she stopped at the edge of the yard. It felt like a threshold she shouldn’t cross. However, with Waylon’s manipulation encouragement, she managed to gather enough courage to keep walking. She approached the garden, quite confused by all this. Strange were people who invited ghosts into their home...

Surprise silenced the sadness. Curiosity finally overpowered anxiety. Carefully the gloomy woman stepped around the flowerbeds, inspecting the wonders planted there. She knelt down to inspect the Hellebores, curious about their coloration. It was quite different from traditional red roses and white lilies. Then she studied the unusual shape of the Voodoo Lilies. So flowers could grow like this too...? The Iris Plant seemed more familiar, as far as flowers went. She had vague memories of seeing them in her aunt’s garden.

Last, but not least, there was the large, plumpy and oddly-shaped flower. It reminded Mary of a gaping maw. She leaned down and took a deep whiff. ...A terrible idea, really. As soon as the first wisps of scent reached her nose, she twitched and froze in place. Her pale features started turning... uh... kind of green. There was a reason why Corpse Flowers had such a gruesome nickname. Their strong scent, or stench rather, shared striking similarities with a rotting corpse... Staggering back, the woozy woman lifted her hand to her lips. “Urp...” Too late. A spray of... uh... ‘sparkles and rainbows’ followed, splattering the ground. “Bleeeeeergh...” It was a good thing she had only eaten a light breakfast.

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Waylon much like his mother, Seemed to have a lot better intention even if it went a path that seemed kind of wrong morally, If Judith did hear about this entire situation it might not end too well for Waylon. So far what happen had not caught up with to him, After all Waylon was make some tea inside of the house, He was unsure if anyone else would have wanted any tea, But it allowed him to keep control of his nervousness as well. He was taking his time to get his mind into place, Mostly because Waylon even if he knew Mary was friendlier now and harmless, strange to adjusting to how the his mother.

Slowly taking his time Waylon wonder what charm his mother saw in various strange people. It would not hit Waylon at all that he just met Mary and had no idea what Mary could be really like at all.

Eventually Waylon would walk out into the garden with tea. Curious how the situation was going too a horrible disastrous situation. It would show with how white his face had gotten.

In what twisted world did he just watch into? Mean while Anders knew he had to reaction fast. Since Mary sick and Anders well...seemed to have no sense of smell, Anders would run into the garden of grimmer sounding flowers pulled out the only Corpse flower. Since it was the one causing a horrible reaction. taking a bit of a fast walk into his shop in the back and throwing it into something he used in his blacksmith shop mostly because it would be something to burn it completely.

Anders would come back a bit quicker."I think I was suppose to be warned about that flower..."It was making Anders starting to seem like sometime he did not pay attention and his sense of smell of fading horribly. Then again Anders age showed, he was more shop worker and not a flower keeper. Waylon would slowly gathered what nervous he had left get into the house and get Mary a glass of water and would bring it to her."Dad....what happen?"Waylon said nervously, waiting to see if Mary would take the glass of water.

Anders would kind of sigh and say."I ahh...might have missed one of your mother's steps for her intention of this showing..."Anders sounded the closest thing to embarrassment a stubborn blacksmith could be.Waylon just said."H-how could you not smell that?"It seemed the smell was strong enough for Waylon to realize what it was, Seemed to plug his nose. Anders was being stubborn trying to hide his embarrassment. So Waylon said."Ahh...M-mary would you like something, I-I bought some water for you."Waylon was gonna try and turn this into a better situation for them both, While his father was trying to deal with his embarrassment. This was a stressful situation for everyone in it it seems.

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Mary Wraith
It was just one mess after another. Mary clutched her stomach, praying that the earth would open up and swallow her. Unfortunately, the gods didn’t hear her. Or simply didn’t care. She wiped away the gross residue from her lips with a feeble mutter. “I’m... sorry...” It still felt like her stomach had been turned upside down. Just staying on her feet took conscious effort. She glanced down... Aaaand immediately had to clamp her mouth shut. N-no, not again... Fortunately the older man had acted fast and taken the smelly culprit away. Then again, it wasn’t really fair to blame the flower. She was the one to blame for being so careless... Maybe some flowers just didn’t want to be smelled by humans.

With a trembling hand, the gloomy woman accepted the glass of water. Anything to get the lingering taste out of her mouth... A big gulp washed away the worst of it. Handing the empty glass back, she started twiddling her fingers together. Finding the right words was difficult, especially when she was on the verge of dying from sheer shame. “P-please... Don’t tell Judith about this...” After a brief pause, she hurried to clarify. “A-any of this...” She felt that she had already disappointed the kind, old woman several times. If these disasters were also added to the list, she wouldn’t be able to make things right... Not during her lifetime anyway.

While the members of the Wraith family did have all of eternity to fix their mistakes, Mary was painfully aware that most people did not have the lifespan nor the patience to wait that long. So she needed to get started right now. “M-may I please borrow a mop or a rag...?” She glanced down at the mess. “I... I’ll uh... clean it up...” Right. Because mopping grass would certainly help. Deep down, she realized that... But she was still desperate to do something, anything, to repay her second disrespectful gesture today.

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Thus the chaos of this situation would continue as it seemed to wrap up some what with in it's continue effect of the Karinlius family trying to just be the normal some what anyway family they were use to being. Waylon would be the first to say something in return to Mary."T-this is our fault m-m-more then yours."Waylon was just as nervous as Mary was it seemed. It had almost seemed like Waylon would get himself almost together."I am sorry this happen."Waylon collected his mind to not seem nervous for a moment, he had collected his mind well enough to go in for rag and well another glass of water.

Still left by Mary was Waylon's cup of tea, It smelled like the Jasmine tea Judith had given her before. It meant Judith had more jasmine tea. But that linger sense of shame was also lingering in Waylon as well."God mom is not gonna be happy with me...."Waylon mentioned to himself while he was slowly returning to Mary.

Anders would come back, letting out an worried sigh."My wife is not gonna be happy with me if she learns of this."It showed Anders was worried about it. Even going as far to mention when Mary said it."I know you wish to keep this to the three of us, But I know my wife...she will learn some way to learn of what happen..."It was something Anders would know well, Then again Judith was married to him. All three people here knew some how Judith had a way to learn what she needed too from them.

Nonetheless Anders would try. to figure out a plan. Not showing it right away, Anders was actually embarrassed himself just would not see it under the rough looking blacksmith he was."I might have an idea."Whatever Anders was going Waylon would return with at least another glass of water and a rag.

When Anders would come back with a garden shovel and a bucket, Because he had a different plan."Rather then cleaning it up with a rag..."Anders would dig around what they were cleaning up and showed that he was going shovel it into the bucket and get rid of it later. The three of them now had the same goal, Avoid the tiny of Judith for messing up a social situation.

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Mary Wraith
Much to the creepy ghoul’s immediate horror, the older man reminded her that Judith had a way of finding out. Panic traced its cold claws down her back. O-oh dear... He was right... She tried to think of a way to fix that. “Um... Uh... W-well, my father has told me that the only way two people can keep a secret is if one of them is dead...” Her expression brightened as she got an idea. “So we simply have to die. For dead people tell no tales.” Her hopeful tone was a poor fit for the grim suggestion.

When Anders returned with a shovel and a bucket, a sudden spark of understanding gleamed in Mary’s eyes. Rather than try to mop up what was already soaking into the soil, they could dig up the tainted dirt instead. “Ah, I see... Yes, I think that’s for the best...” This was something quite familiar to her. For obvious reasons. “Let us bury my earthly remains... So they may never rise again...” And so that Judith might never find out. Certain things were best left buried. ...Hm, maybe if she asked nicely, she might be allowed to borrow the shovel afterwards. She could dig her own grave while they were at it. Oh, n-not here though... Somewhere more private, perhaps.

While cleaning up the mess, the gloomy woman feared the approaching awkward silence. She was desperate to keep it away, so she mumbled quietly and mostly to herself. “This reminds me of my time at the academy...” Her tone sounded almost wistful. Well, to be honest, she did miss the simpler times. “I took a course in digging graves once... Cemetery Upkeep 101, I think...” An important course for her family to be sure. Everyone took it, even those who didn’t specialize in the subject. “It was quite tough... But rather rewarding as well...” She stopped to wipe away beads of sweat. Physical labor didn’t really agree with her, but she would try her best.

Little by little, the stained dirt and grass was moved into the bucket. Anders did more work with the shovel than Mary managed to do with her hands though. Eventually the remains of the incident were all in the bucket, ready to be disposed of. The only evidence left was the patch of upturned dirt. Out of old habit, the eerie woman knelt down to brush and pat the dirt until it was starting to resemble a tiny grave. She even found a suitably flat rock for a miniature tombstone. It was a little early to decorate for All Hallow’s Eve though...

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This situation was not a bit more odd for Waylon and Anders. They both seemed unsure what exactly eithe of could be said in return to either of them. Then Waylon would speak up and say."I am sure, none of us really need to die...."To break the tension, Sadden for Mary that Waylon did not see that dying was needed, with a slight remark of."A-almost makes me want too however."That hint of nervousness in there.

Almost in a bit of a comical fashion Anders just said."If I don't tell her right away, I might be in the grave myself..."The cycle of possibly humour about death seemed to have risen. As it continued on Anders had to wonder how this woman was a mage when she seemed more fitting working in a graveyard, Keeping that to himself because Anders at least saw in his own way the most positive intentions of Mary and how she was still a pretty good, even if off looking woman, There was something now that Anders understood about Mary.

Anders could not help but remark."Your not so bad Spooky."Anders must have either forgot her name already, gave her a nickname or was just attempting to make a laugh with in the moment, There were a lot of options with in that situation.

Guess it was conversation time."Here, I learn black smithing with little to guide me...makes me wish I had lessons, Then again it was not my first line of work either."Well Mary was now in a conversation with Judith's husband, what would she do? learn more about Judith and her family? Ask personal questions? Ask Waylon some questions as well? She had a lot of things she could do."Glad it worked out for you."Waylon however seemed quit like he did not have much to highlight in this regard, But he was still there.

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Mary Wraith
Mary’s shoulders sagged when her suggestion got immediately shot down. “I see...” Why did no one ever like her ideas? A twinge of envy pierced her chest when the older man mentioned getting his very own grave. It was not polite to yearn for what other people got, but... This simply didn’t feel fair. Hm, maybe if she asked nicely, Judith would put her into a grave as well. It was worth a shot, she felt. Her other guildmates always got so oddly quiet and strange whenever she brought it up around them. At this point it felt like they weren’t even there anymore. But Judith would understand, right? Right...

Fitting today’s theme of good intentions gone wrong, Anders’ joking nickname was met with deathly silence. Slowly the grim woman lifted her gaze from the little grave she had fashioned. After a tense pause, she managed to get out a single word. “S-spooky...?” Quiet disbelief colored her pale features. She lowered her head and her bangs hid her eyes beneath a dark shadow. “I... don’t look that spooky...” The protest was given in the softest little mutter. Yet the doubt still gnawed at the back of her mind. “...Do I?” She had been called many impolite things over the years. Gloomy, creepy... But spooky? Did she truly look that sinister? Enough to inspire fear and unease? She didn’t want to believe it.

Still staring at the miniature grave, the eerie mage tried to silence the whispers swirling inside her head. A distraction... She needed something, anything else to think about... It was not in her heart to pry, however. The topic had to be something related that didn’t get too personal. “Um...” As usual, her mouth moved faster than her mind. “A-about Mister Regis...” Before she was quite finished with the thought, it already slipped past her lips. “D-did you craft his lovely armor as well...?” It never occurred to her that the particular armored son might be something of a sore subject in the family.

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What a way of life, Anders and Waylon might not understand the way Mary might be. Judith most likely understood but wanted Mary to see that life was equally as wonderful living as well. Judith's struggle was vastly different. Mary might have to eventually best Judith's view that life was wonderful alive. Until that time Judith would just continue to be horribly scary in that manner of being happy and trying to get Mary to live.

Her family did reflect that in some way, But Judith seemed to be the cement of this family she built. Judith also seemed to be trying to have family feel like she could be a part of this family too.

Anders might realize his comment was being taken the wrong way so he just kind of sounded slightly embarrassed himself and said."N-no Mary you are not that spooky."He tried to cover it up with a few fake coughs like people did every once and a while.

Waylon seemed to laugh because this was the first time he saw his own father just embarrassed in some manner. Waylon now could admit in general."Now that I am over the fear of how we met, You are very fairly pretty Mary."Waylon trying to save his father from wanting to bury himself in embarrassment, it seemed even if he looked like a man hard to get in embarrassed, There was now a way he could.

Good thing a break in the awkwardness is gone. Waylon might not know all of this part so it would be interesting to know but Waylon did speak first."He did, Last I recall."Anders however seemed to like he could deal with talking about it."Yes I did, I will have the sketch and list of materials for that armor when i was making it for him."It did not seem to sour the mood so much, It might be a bitter pill to him."It use to be a shining example of pride a father had in his son."So it showed, The armor use to be a lot more complete. bright and shiny, Then again maybe Anders had not seen his work since he had made it or how it was currently. Even Waylon would remark."You even put wolf inspired pieces of plate in it because that is his favourite animal."Oh boy the details of wolves for him as well, A sign of a determine and proud father.

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Mary Wraith
Over the years, the gloomy woman had gotten used to careless comments. Kind of. They only kept her up at night for a couple of hours as opposed to the whole night. However, the thing that really hurt was the hasty, little lies told right afterwards... People realized that they had said too much. Told her something they thought she knew too. And what had once been said could not be taken back... She cast a solemn look towards Anders and muttered something non-committal. “I... see...” It wouldn’t have been polite to push the matter. His words would haunt her regardless.

With the misunderstanding taking root in Mary’s mind, even kind words were starting to sound twisted. Waylon’s compliment was met with a quiet, creepy stare. Rather than hearing the word ‘pretty’, she instead clung onto the word before it... Fear... He had been afraid of her. In hindsight, it had been all her fault. She had done something horrible, blocking his path and pressing for answers like that. And since she looked... Spooky... Then of course he would be afraid of her. It all started making a terrible amount of sense. Guilt dug its cold claws deep into her soul.

While the two men recalled the tale of the armor, the eerie mage was barely listening anymore. Usually she would have been enamored by the story, perhaps even asked how much it would cost to craft a set for herself. As a decoration of course. But right now... The awkward air wouldn’t go away. After a moment of tense silence, she rose from the ground. “I... must go...” Step by step, she inched backwards. “I’m sorry... for everything...” Her steps quickened, until she practically dashed away. Her grim silhouette quickly vanished down the street. In the end, the anxiety proved too powerful.


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Waylon and Anders would not realize what exactly could have happen with Mary. Well Anders should have known better. Surely his wife will deal with this matter later when she talked to either of them about it when she was back.

Waylon would leave for a moment to get another glass of water and tea. Anders seemed to just let out a sigh."I am at least able to deal with what happen now."Anders express what he felt about the situation Mary did not seem like she was feeling too comfortable and picking up on that, Anders realized that not only was this not what he intended, But Judith herself would most likely have a lot longer of a talk with him about behaviours towards guest, Anders might have felt like he had not done anything too horrible...turns out it was not the case.

Waylon would not realize what he had done either.When Mary would say she needed to leave both of them would realize what would happen."Wait Mary you don't have too."Anders would say, He was just opening up to her. Waylon even would be realize what was going on as well."Ahhh..But I just got tea for you as well...But that is fine."Waylon did not want to hold anyone back from doing what they wanted too, however the emotions Mary seemed to be feeling he kind of knew what they where.

After Mary left Anders just said."Son,Your mother isn't not gonna be happy with either of us."Which was true after all Judith seemed to love Mary in some manner enough that Judith tried to make Mary well accepted."Oh-hh...Are we in trouble?"Waylon would say in return Anders would let out a sigh because they where and not much could be done about it anymore.


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