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Leomord Faustus

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#1Leomord Faustus 

Leomord Faustus Empty on Tue May 05, 2020 3:01 pm

Leomord Faustus


Name: Leomord Alabaster Faustus

Age: December 20th, x770 (19)

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Demisexual

Ethnicity, Father: Boscosi

Ethnicity, Mother: Icebergian

Class: Hunter

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Sentinel Syndicate

Tattoo: Right hand

Face: Kadoc Zemlupus - Fate/Grand Order


Height: 5'10"

Weight: 190lbs

Hair: Gray

Eyes: Gold

Overall: Some might say that Leomords appearance is a bit unsettling if you stare for too long. Sure, he’s an attractive young male with mesmerizing golden eyes and locks of stormy gray hair. That doesn’t stop him from having an often eerie emotionless look in his eyes most times, dark rings surrounding them from lack of sleep and eye makeup.

Average in height and build, he hides his muscular build quite well; staying in physical shape like any other assassin. Skin mostly pasty with a hint of fairness smooth from imperfections save for a birthmark on his shoulder and a scar on his stomach.

It isn’t often you will see Leo’s body devoid of piercings and his signature silver ring worn on his right index finger. His parents silver bands melted down to a custom ring for their only surviving family.

Extra: Tongue ring, two left earlobe piercings, left upper cartilage, one right lobe, right upper cartilage. Snowflake tattoo behind his right ear, snowman silhouette on left butt cheek. Diagonal scar across his belly.


Intelligent: Leomord may be a pretty face, but he is far from an idiot. He received a standard education and exceeded in his studies due to hard work as he wasn't naturally talented with high intellect. Leo was more mature at a young age than he was intelligent, which is why some mistook his wisdom for intellect as they aren't the same thing; but he's worked hard to be a smarty pants.

Loyal: Leo, while he is a disgusting human to most and cares for nothing but himself and power, will remain loyal to someone he deems as strong or capable. He is far from a leader and subconsciously is looking for someone to be like a parent to him, possibly teaching him how to be the best. If you are able to prove yourself to him, or in front of him, he will go to hell and back for you.

Honest: Leomord may be a killer, a sociopath and sadist, but he is far from a liar. If anything he tells the truth too blunty, often in ridiculously heartless ways; no matter the topic. From telling you that you will never go anywhere in life to telling you that he enjoys killing people, the man simply isn't programmed to lie. Unless it's to manipulate of course but even then he can get caught up in his own web, so he tends to avoid lying in general.

Ruthless: An un-compassionate combatant, using whatever means he can to win a fight. Leo shows no mercy when doing so and has a history of using torture and other despicable behavior to get what he wants. This isn't only a battle trait however, as he is generally savage in everything he does; be it trash talking, telling the hard truth or even joking. He doesn't have an ounce of restraint in his being.

Obstinate: Stubborn is an understatement when talking about Leomord, as he will not change his opinion on something once he he's made up his mind. This means that when he sees you as an enemy, YOU ARE AN ENEMY, you are not to be redeemed until he sees you prove your worth; by his standards.

Sadomasochist: Leomord is a total fan of giving and receiving pain. He likes to be hurt, the sweet sensation of his nerves singing is like a beautiful melody and he has almost become addicted to the sensation. Which makes him even more deadly in a fight as he isn't afraid of pain, which makes delivering pain much easier.


  • Cage Fights: Contrary to being a “pretty boy”, Leomord is quite the roughhouse. He enjoys the entire atmosphere of cage fighting, letting rage fuel you to beat on another warrior with no holds barred. It’s exhilarating.
  • Summer: Despite his frigid magic, Leo is a fan of summer and all the things that come with it. Beach days, walks in the park, horse riding, it’s always a good time.


  • Tomatoes: They're disgusting! Hasn’t liked them since he was a kid and will continue to happily refuse them. If they do much as even get too close to his food he’s not interested anymore.
  • Weakness: If there’s one thing that infuriates him to no end, it is the threat of weakness. Whether it be facing an opponent and feeling outmatched, or someone expressing weakness in front of him; he detests it.


  • Legacy: Leo intends to be one of the greatest living mages during his time. He has no time for failure and it is imperative to him that he leave behind a legacy that will transcend his time on this world.


  • Failure: It’s not an option. He wasn’t raised to fail and so he will not stoop to such a level. Every loss for him is a personal hit to his pride and that’s not something he likes to feel.
  • Moths: Why do they exist? They’re just so... ugh! If there’s one thing that will make his spine tingle it’s the sight of a moth, the plumper the more frightening.


Magic Name: Winter's Effigy

Magic Element: Frost

Magic Description: Born cold to the touch, each breath birthing visible air, it was clear Leomord was a frost mage. A magic he’s dubbed ‘Winter’s Effigy’, the young man can create, and control the frigid elements of winter; ice and snow. Being a hunter has led him to develop his talents mainly in offense, and supplementary workings. Creating golems, firing off shards of ice and destructive snowballs, even torrents of the chilled element to damage foes.

Aside from this he can also manage to use defensive and self buffing magics. While it isn’t his speciality he is still capable of using his frozen magics to protect himself and allies, bolster himself and deal offense from afar.


History: Some children are born pure, innocent little balls of warmth and happiness... Leomord was not one of those children. The only baby of a middle class family, birthed with pale skin and cold to the touch; the doctors didn't think he'd survived labor. Until his little lungs gave way to a powerful cry, the day his parents lives would be cursed.

Leomord was always an odd child. Alone, without any friends to play with and no one to relate to because of his often icy disposition and picked on by the other kids. At least he had his parent so to look up to? That would be if his parents were any better than his bullies, always yelling at him or telling him that he should just be normal. The child with a cracked mind decided he didn't need anyone, and so he butchered his parents in their bed one night and ran away.

He would survive on his own, a runaway like in those cool stories he'd read about. Most assumed that someone had sneaked into the house to do the deed and kidnap the child, others weren't so naive and knew exactly what had happened. Not that they would ever get the chance to catch him.

It was just Leo now, with his magic to protect him and he jumped from shelter to shelter looking for purpose outside of running. That's when he thought back to the powerful mages in stories his mom would read him when she was tolerable, and it gave him clarity. He would become a one of the most powerful sorcerers alive and take what he wanted, all would fear him and those who didn't would perish.

Of course that meant that he would need a master to guide him until he could eventually surpass them. The process of finding that being much harder than he expected and so he went through the years working as a hunter to kill vampires, lycans, the works; even working as an assassin on the side. Using this time to train his body while searching for ways to bolster his magics, word of a new guild had arrived.

The guild master being none other than Konstantin Sokolov himself, a man with ice magics he could only dream of. It was then that Leo signed up for the guild and got in, eager to become Kon's apprentice and learn all he could from the man in order to continue his journey to becoming legend.

Reference: Myself!

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Venus Rosé

This character application has been approved.

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