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Farming Simulator x789: Duo Performance! {Quest: Odin & Lucian}

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#1Lucian V. Crimson 

Farming Simulator x789: Duo Performance! {Quest: Odin & Lucian} Empty on Sun May 03, 2020 12:42 pm

Lucian V. Crimson
Once again, another call to the theater, though this time, it was safe to say this was going to be unlike anything he had experienced before. This time he was actually tasked with the job of ruining the play, well not just him. Supposedly he was to meet with an individual and they would partner up to take on this request, though what play of such magnitude would require such a thing was hard to say, the request parameters had been a little vague, to say the least. But the instructions were easy enough, disrupt the play by all means. Ruin it and turn it into a disaster seemed simple.

He had it done it once before on his own but clearly this was bigger than that. Not one to get into the politics of things and just stay out of the way, the fact they actively sought him and another out for this job meant this was definitely a political move of some sort. All that matter at the end of the day was that he got paid, and he could go on about his business, not become a constant pawn in the games these people tried to play with one another.

Granted, Lucian was slightly wary that he was making his way into a trap or such as he made his way to the rendezvous, he had no idea about his mysterious benefactor or his supposed partner, this could all be a grand scheme to have him cause chaos and then throw him to the wolves as a scapegoat while they escape unscathed and rewarded. He didn't trust this, but fate had decreed it. And so he was at his due diligence to do so and should fate prove as everlasting as always then he just needed to be prepared.

Lucian landed on the roof of a nearby building, the evening sky was alive with cold blues and vibrant purples, the darkness of the night slowly crept up on the horizon eager to snatch the reigns of the sky from the hands of the day. He could feel the breeze coming in, he was told to me at the top of this building by sunset. The nearby stone gargoyles seemed to paint an eerie picture as their enormous shadows elongated over the roof, growing more and more menacing as time wore on.

As things started to go dark, the theater, in turn, began to come alive, various spotlights filled with giant lacrima crystals, flashed their beams into the sky. Humans scurried in and out of the building, fluttering to and from as they prepared for the evening's performance. He could see that there were plenty of carts, and trucks carrying the loads for the play had been shuffled towards the back. There was an anxious aura in the air and he could smell the sweat on their brows, the smell of fabric, and perfumes. Everyone from the stagehands to the actors, the director, the producer, and even security were on their highest alerts. This clearly wasn't going to be an easy job.



Farming Simulator x789: Duo Performance! {Quest: Odin & Lucian} Empty on Mon May 04, 2020 6:13 am

It always felt wrong for Odin to do requests when he was a Lich. Under the guise of Lucas: the kind, well meaning Fairy Tail mage, it made sense. He was a hard worker, and someone that wanted to improve his standing within the guild. That involved getting stronger and helping out the people of Magnolia, and occasionally maybe doing good in the wider world. That all made sense for Lucas, it did not make sense for Odin. Odin was a hardened criminal, a Lich who had committed countless atrocities over the past decade. He'd helped his guild depose the King of Fiore, attacked multiple guilds in his time, and even overcome death itself. This was not the kind of man to do an odd job here and there, not the kind of person to spread lies or pickpocket someone. And yet, he was poor.

It was always annoying, trying to spread his name and make money were difficult when the entire world was against him. Sure, he could make money as Lucas, but that was boring. Saving cats stuck up trees or delivering parcels, what was the point. Hell even the interesting ones, like stopping a bank heist or hunting down a criminal, he couldn't even kill anybody. What was the point if he couldn't kill anyone?

That's why he was here, in Marigold, this evening. Well, he was in Marigold for one really big purpose, but the fact that he could make some fun money here was also a good reason. After all, he needed some way to finance his exploits. Swineherd, the pub Odin owned in Oak City, wasn't making as much money these days, so the Lich had to find some other way.

He had been contacted while in Marigold, someone that knew what he could do and also knew he was poor. It was a relatively simple job, but definitely one that Odin could have a lot of fun with. There was a stage show going on in Marigold's Theatre tonight, and it was up to Odin to make sure it did not go to plan. Apparently he was also being joined by another who had already completed a similar mission before. A bit of experience in these matters would certainly be useful, but it perhaps wasn't entirely necessary. Either way, it wasn't Odin's place to complain, he needed the money, so why not let someone else jump in.

The Lich, clad in his soundless cloak, approached the required rooftop: one which gave a great vantage point of the theatre where the mission would take place. It seemed, along with the gargoyles, there was a figure there, waiting. It was entirely possible he was also a statue, and the movements were just a trick of the light but, as Odin approached, he realised that was not the case. Since he didn't know whether or not this man had ever seen a Lich, and if he would scream at their first meeting, Odin decided to make his arrival as obvious as possible, raising one skeletal arm to wave at the man as he spoke.

"Ah, good evening sir, what brings you to this particular rooftop at exactly sunset, if I may ask?"


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#3Lucian V. Crimson 

Farming Simulator x789: Duo Performance! {Quest: Odin & Lucian} Empty on Mon May 04, 2020 11:45 pm

Lucian V. Crimson
You know, the old tales where they said that should you disrespect the dead, their remains would arise used to seem like scary stories to tell children in order to frighten them into doing what was right but staring at the literal embodiment of the undeath, an actual walking, talking, and a seemingly sentient skeleton was something to genuinely make you give credit to a lot more legends.

It was difficult to place a finger on what was more surprising, the fact that the benefactor had gone through the trouble of setting him up with someone so dedicated to the mission at hand they would go this far into costume, or this, in fact, was a true Lich of legend, and they were intent on getting paid. What does the undead need with money? So many questions...but that wasn't the true matter at this point in time, the goal was to get a job done and move on with their business. Whatever kind of business a Lich may have...

"If you are here to make jokes, I'm sure you'll more than definitely give those folks beneath us the show of a lifetime, or two. But we both know why we are here on this rooftop. I am here to complete a request, nothing less and nothing more. By the way, you can call me Cerberus."

Lucian could see that things were starting to heat up, his eyes shifted to the various guards set up around the auditorium, they were moving into their positions, in no time at all that place is going to be covered in eyes and ears. If they were going to move, it had to be fast and quick. But how could they sneak a whole living skeleton pass the guards, this wasn't going to be easy.

Looking towards the back, Lucian noticed that there were actors and actresses coming out of the various trailers in elaborate costumes, and as fate would bless them, they were dressed like the dead. Like a contingent of the damned. Easy...that covered his bases, but what about me. Unless I just act as his personal bodyguard, and we get direct access to the backstage and then reck havoc. Of course, then in the ensuing chaos, we could easily disappear...  

"Tonight's play includes the dead and so we can use your form as the perfect way in through backstage as a member of the cast, your form would suggest the perfect costume, and once we are inside we can manipulate it from behind the scenes. Or..we cause as much blunt chaos as possible and create panic. Either way, we need to be swift. Too much hesitation and we fail."

Lucian sat on the stone edge and waited, staring into the empty sockets of the Lich, he could feel the cold soulless aura radiating from the entity before him. This was truly something to witness, granted luckily having dealt with actual deities made this a much easier pill to stomach than normal. Yet one thing was clear, this world was slowly becoming more and more strange and the creatures that abounded in it became increasingly stranger as well.



Farming Simulator x789: Duo Performance! {Quest: Odin & Lucian} Empty on Wed May 06, 2020 7:46 am

Keeping his eyes on the man before him, Odin appreciated that no time was wasted in detailing their reasons for being there. After all, it would be a very unlikely circumstance that would cause someone else, some random person, to be on that exact rooftop at that exact time. They were both here to complete a quest, Odin and this new man. He introduced himself, or rather gave Odin an order, as what he would be known as: Cerberus. Having been a member of Grimoire Heart so long, and having operated under the moniker of Lucifer for literal years, Odin knew a fake name when he heard one. Cerberus, if that's what he wanted to be known by, was clearly just here for one reason, and didn't much care about anything other than the completion of their request. Fair play to the guy.

"Cerberus eh? I'd be tempted to call myself Hades to subtly tell you that, as of now, you're my bitch, but that's hardly a great start, so what the hell. You will call me Odin."

The theatre began to build with life and noise, as the actors began making their way into the building and the nightlife of Marigold started taking over. As the two watched, Odin saw men dressed as skeletons entering as actors, preparing for their rendition of a 'Day of the Dead' performance. It would be a performance they would never forget, the Lich would make sure of that.

Cerberus had the same idea, and even voiced his thoughts on the matter. Should they operate from the shadows, bringing the play to its knees as a failure, or should they just cause chaos throughout the entire show. The answer, in Odin's mind, was obvious.

"Well, we do both of course. I sneak in as a cast member, act out the show and ruin it for everyone involved. Meanwhile, you can pose as the crew, work some magic backstage and ruin it from a logistical standpoint. That way, we both get to have out fun in ruining the show. How does that sound?"

Odin honestly didn't care how Cerberus thought about the plan, as he would only wait a few moments for a reply before making his way off the building and down to ground level. It would less conspicuous if they arrived separately, especially with Odin's 'exceptional costume'. So the Lich walked over to the theatre's cast door, trying to simulate the really weird walk that the cast seemed to be doing, no doubt in an attempt to get into character. They really had no idea about how the undead moved and acted, but he wouldn't get in unless he played the part. Many years as a take over mage, criminal, and bartender had allowed Odin to play many parts, and it was that acting skill that was going to get him through those doors this evening.

"Eh, who are you? I don't recognise your costume."

Security guards were always difficult, especially since Odin couldn't kill them himself, not yet anyway. "My screen name is Hades. I am the Lord of the dead and I'm in charge of all the skeleton characters." Luckily for the Lich, it seemed the security guard couldn't care less about the show itself, or its plot, and just let him in. With enough conviction, it seemed that anything was possible, and now Odin had made his way into the theatre. All that remained was waiting for the show, and ruining it completely.


#5Lucian V. Crimson 

Farming Simulator x789: Duo Performance! {Quest: Odin & Lucian} Empty on Thu May 07, 2020 12:20 am

Lucian V. Crimson
"Another joke?"

Tch, still arrogant even in death, if fate allowed us to never interact again after this moment it would be too soon. Regardless, this bag of bones was at least dedicated to the completion of the mission, though this must have been a game of sorts, a chance for him to test his might.

But he did make a sound point if one of them caused damage in the spotlight, while the other created havoc in the background, the theater's security would be hard-pressed to actually pinpoint, the true cause of the disturbances and they could escape unnoticed.

It was a good plan and indeed spoke to a dastardly mind, I almost would give him a sense of credit but then it would get swallowed up in that perpetual state of elated ego he carries in his cloak. Because clearly, despite being hollow he didn't lack any hot air.

Odin...God of the icebergans pantheon. Even in his name choice, this man was prideful. Lucian looked towards the theater as his partner floated down, once he saw him engage with the security guard and disappear into the theater, the time to move was now.

Jumping down the alleyway, Lucian walked up to the entrance, the security guards were not the usual crew that was kept on the scene for these kinds of things.

They must have been hired or brought along by the outside company for tonight's festivities. They were not trying to lose out on anything this evening, it was truly a shame.


"I work for this theater."

"Doesn't look like it to me."

"How'd ya know, you're new around here."

"I could care less tick-"


Lucian could feel himself preparing to snap the man's head against the frame and just walk in when one of the passing stagehands had caught a glimpse of him at the door. Fate, you never fail me.

"Hey, Kelo. This guy won't let me in."

"Man come on, besides we might need some last-minute muscle for the play."

Bumping past the security guard, Lucian strolled into the theater walking right behind his fellow stagehand as they walked towards backstage, the security inside patrolled the various parts of the auditorium, they must have been expecting some high-profile quest to make appearances with the copious amount of bodies they had posted around the area.

I hope Odin can cause some actual disturbances because I'm going to need some genuine diversions in order to make through this place unseen. Settling into the background, Lucian could see the various bodies of the crew scurry about as they hurried to finish final preparations, eyeing the scaffolding, he noticed that there was going to be some elaborate scenery changes coming up.

Nodding at Kelo, he was sent up to the rafters above, to help out with lifting some of the heavy pieces into the sky, he could see all of the show where he was and most of the audience. The vantage point proving to be excellent. Preparing himself a soft whistle blew through the backstage, it was the sign for the show to start. It was showtime.




Farming Simulator x789: Duo Performance! {Quest: Odin & Lucian} Empty on Sun May 10, 2020 7:26 am

Right, Odin was in. As was Lucian, he presumed at least. The man seemed able to handle himself in a fight, and he didn't stand out too much that he was likely pretty adept at infiltration. Only one of them needed to be inside anyway, so Odin could complete the mission solo if he had to, more reward for him after all. Besides, it didn't seem like Lucian was particularly fond of Odin. The Lich couldn't care less, the qualms of the living no longer affected him. After all, he was dead, why should he care about those that weren't yet deceased.

The main concern with Odin, having declared himself the king of the dead in the production, was simply that he didn't know anything about what was going on for the show. He was going to have to make up a plot on the spot, and hope that the other actors would follow suit. Then again, Odin could certainly provide some persuasion if required. They would fear him, even if they didn't know who he was. It was going to be fun, and he honestly couldn't wait.

Hiding in the shadows came naturally to the Lich: a lot of people assumed he was just a costume when he stood at a railing lined with different outfits. The show was about to begin, and Odin wanted to wait for the right moment to enter the show himself.

The show seemed to be a completely unique story: one about a mage falling in love with a demon from the abyssal plane. It was set during the great war only a few years ago, when seraphim and demons broke through the veils that divided each world from the other. The demons entered through the rifts, laying waste to some of the towns and villages scattered around Fiore. Some greater demons even broke through, that the story was about a lone succubus, and a mage who had been separated from his group. They found each other, both having realised that they might die that day, and decided to run away from the battle.

Odin had no doubt that the story was going to end happily: they would run away together, find a nice place to live, separated from the world, only having limited interactions. Maybe they'd raise a family, showcasing that even demons, creatures that are the embodiment of evil, could change. It was adorable, but that was not the story Odin was telling today.

As they ran, the Lich's voice boomed. He'd always wanted to do this: "Where do you think you're going, my dear?" Everyone, actors included, turned around in confusion, as Odin stepped out, dressed in his finery and exuding an aura of menace. His fear activated then, slowly infecting the people on the stage, as the spotlight was moved to Odin. Behind the scenes, there was panic, as everyone tried to understand what was happening, and keep the show from falling apart. "You can't escape me... daughter. I am Lucifer, I am deceit, chaos, and destruction incarnate. No matter where you go, you would never be free." A dark mist rolled off of Odin's body, destroying his clothing and revealing the skeleton beneath. The audience, still thinking this was part of the show, began clapping at the 'effects', as the cast onstage began feeling slow and woozy. They had no idea what was happening, but happening it was. It was up to Lucian now. Odin had ruined the show for the cast and performers, but the audience weren't yet aware of the peril they were in.

They soon would.

Spell Used:

Name: Black Plague
Rank: B
Mana Cost: 100
Requirements: Black Death Magic
Type: Supplementary
Element: Darkness
Range: 15 Metres
Cooldown: 3 Posts
Duration: Sustain
Effect: Black Death Magic is a sinister type of Darkness Magic relying on the use of a single spell called the Black Plague. The user summons a dark purple magical circle beneath their feet and a foul thick black mist begins to roll off from their body moving outwards. The black mist will expand covering a wide radius and infect anyone it comes in contact with. Anyone the mist touches will be infected and gain the 'sickened' condition. While sickened the user suffers a harsh debuff to all attributes, mana drain and slowly loses health.

The Black Plague a disease most horrendous creating buboes on the body that ooze pus and bleed horribly. The disease infects the target giving them a high fever and makes them vomit up blood.

The amount of mana drained, health lost and attribute percentage decreases varies depending on the strength of the spell.

Mana Drain:
B-Rank: 2.5% Mana every post

Attribute Decrease:
B-Rank: 10% Decrease

Health Loss
B-Rank: 1 C-Rank every post


#7Lucian V. Crimson 

Farming Simulator x789: Duo Performance! {Quest: Odin & Lucian} Empty on Tue May 12, 2020 6:34 pm

Lucian V. Crimson
Lucian watched the play begin with anxious spirit, the play had all the right ingredients for a totally immersive experience on Odin's part. Watching slowly, he scanned the stage as the play began in earnest, the actors ran out and seemed to get set, as the show began Odin made his move, Lucian could see him slinking out from the black like an apparition of death.

Raising up his arms, he seemed to take upon his shoulder the call to the stage, releasing his voice in a booming echo, his words rolled across the stage as he began to call upon his mana, then he felt the tremor, panic, and fear ran through the surrounding area, the stagehands backstage ran into one another with fright, mumbles, and yelps of panic emerge from the midst.

Soon the clamoring of the people backstage became a stampede of movement as folks desperately tried to mobilize and escape whatever was beginning to befall the actors. Lucian could see that on the stage, Odin's magic had begun to attack the nearby actors, the spotlight all on him, he could smell the stench of dying flesh and rotten meat. His magic was going to eat them alive and quite possibly cause death.

Lucian leaned away from the scene, he knew that unfortunately that while he did not condone death, others did not have such qualms about life especially one who had already given himself to death. And to attack this Lich would kill the mission and possibly give him a fight that he may not win. Lucian gritted his teeth, his time to act was now, while the entire room was enthralled by the performance at hand. Pulling his hood over his head, he took off, running from the top beam of the theater Lucian jumped from the railing, the crowd watching in awe as he floated into the nearby walkway. In a surprise, the security guard seemed to stand still before he was met with a savage punch to the chest, grabbing the man he tossed him into the crowd, his body landing among the patrons below. Slowly, the panic began but it was too late.

Jumping again, Lucian landed near another pair of guards, this time they both reacted but were too slow, ducking under the punch from one, he lifted him up by his legs and threw him into the nearby spotlights. Knocking some of the auditoria into darkness, the people rushed to exit the room, but they were being stampeded by one another. Between the falling bodies and chaos, the people were caught up in a desperate attempt to escape. Jumping around again, Lucian landed in the light control room, growing at the stagehands as they ran out to escape.

Turning the spotlights onto the auditorium, he turned on them to their max intensity, flooding the room with heat and blinding light. Overloading the lacrima with his mana, he cracked the crystals to be destroyed.

Disappearing out of the room, he ducked into the darkness of the space as the security scrambled to try and make sense of the situation. Taking down some more of the guards, he looked over to the stage, Odin was still in the middle of his "performance", which would be the final cap to their mission, Odin was going to bring the house down.

Before walking away, Lucian grabbed at the nearby guard from earlier, he had remembered his scent. Holding his neck in his hands, Lucian dangled him over the ledge, the man's feeble attempts to escape were pathetic, looking him in the eyes, Lucian dropped him on top of the leaving crowd, further causing displacement among the people.

Lucian whistled through the auditorium, looking towards Odin to notify him that the end of the task was all in his hands, he had done his damage, it was time to make a disappearance.

"Heres to your grand finale Lich."

Lucian strolled out of the theater among the other patrons and disappeared into the evening night, glad to be rid of the job and the arrogant dead.




Farming Simulator x789: Duo Performance! {Quest: Odin & Lucian} Empty on Wed May 13, 2020 11:00 am

The mist rolled off of Odin's body, spreading out towards everyone hidden in the audience chamber. The cast had fainted, vomiting and sickly to the point where nothing could be done to save them. Some has collapsed, dead already, while others wished they were as they dealt with the sickness spreading through their bodies, brought upon by the Lich. The doors were locked, and nobody could escape, as the spotlight was focused entirely on Odin's malevolent form. Soon enough, the lights started exploding, no doubt Lucian's work as he gave Odin the go ahead to complete the mission however he saw fit.

Chuckling evilly, Odin began walking forwards, towards the audience, catching everyone out of his range in the mist. He would only hold it for a few moments before before letting it dissipate, watching the relief spread over the faces of those who had been spared. In the confusion, Odin would disappear into the wings of the stage, leaving out through the door he had entered through.

Walking through the streets of Marigold at night was refreshing, as Odin found the man who had given both he and Lucian the request that evening. It seemed that his partner had already been and gone, collecting his rewards and going on his merry way. It was a bit rude that he wouldn't even stay to say goodbye, but Odin didn't care all that much. He had money, and his name had returned.



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