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A Pragmatic Union [Guild Join Request | Masami ]

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A Pragmatic Union [Guild Join Request | Masami ] Empty on Sun Apr 26, 2020 6:55 pm


There were no guilds written in the legends. The first time Masami saw the guild, it was just a mirage that only appeared itself once, but that wasn't the issue when Masami is standing a few meters away from it. This time, he decided to be the guest of this enigmatic architecture that lay in the mountains. Even from afar, its jewelry glows and was not afraid to shine. This glimmer appealed to Masami, inspiring him to keep creating footsteps towards this building. He had almost forgotten that this was a guild – it was still completely obscured and unsung to him. The mystery was completely different from the general grounds of Marigold City; this one was a little bit more vintage and unusual, even covered more in nature the more Masami comes near it. He noticed how its bijouterie continued to coruscate even in the day. It was very beautiful.

There were even runes or hieroglyphics rooted in some of its stones, which Masami did not even try to read. His voice echoed when he spoke, "Hello?" and to his expectation, there was no reply at first, so he decided to uninvitedly venture. Then he wondered, 'What else do guilds even do?' as based on his conversation with Natsumi Duranndal, a member of supposedly this guild, she loves her guild because of the people. Back in Masami's hometown, unions were created not just because of communication, but mainly because of exchange and work. Always working; work, work, work. Having a high expectation towards guilds, Masami thought that it is impossible for guilds to exist just for the members in them. When Masami stood in front of the structure, he raised a hand up in the air. "I would like to gain more information upon this guild!" he asks, having faith that with magic, his voice will be heard. However, since there was no answer at first but only his own echo, he added another. "I would like to be a member of the Penumbral Guard."

#2Tomoe Tanaka 

A Pragmatic Union [Guild Join Request | Masami ] Empty on Fri May 01, 2020 9:08 pm

Tomoe Tanaka
Tomoe was in his personal master bedroom, a luxury suite for the guild master's pleasure, when he heard the call. From his window he could faintly hear somebody shouting about information, and then about joining. The Joyan's ears perked up at the latter half of the stranger's words, and made his way descending the stairs of the tower.

Fuck. So many stairs..., Tomoe thought as he finally made it to the ground floor, annoyed sometimes at how vertical their base of operations truly was.

Ensuring that he possessed everything on his person that he would need before venturing into the wild and dangerous outdoors of a few meters outside the guild hall, the 'guild master' of Penumbral Guard had left the building with nothing but his usual attire and a golden blade sheathed on his back - just for his own safety, of course. He hadn't thought that there would be such peril lurking right on his doorstep that he would need to arrive armed to the teeth, especially when they were saying they wanted to join, of all things! Regardless of what people say, such things are different from what they really mean, and Tomoe was a paranoid man indeed despite his actions often being found reckless.

As he stepped outside with his regular garb of altered Joyan attire, with the left half of his upper body being the torn remains of a red kimono and the right half a more western-looking black cloak pieced together by string and straps, his more traditional Joyan hakama dyed black staying untouched, he gazed upon the new arrival.

Tomoe would look the individual up and down as he approached, a smirk crossing his features as he stopped after closing in to a few meters.

"What's your name, bud? And what're you thinkin' you want to accomplish here? We're the type of guys that don't get many visitors, as you can see.", Tomoe spoke, breaking the silence by gesturing at the serene landmass around them and noting the lack of people standing around outside.

"You're speakin' to Tomoe, the guild master. You aware of the kind of things we do here?", the crimson cutthroat finished, raising an eyebrow curiously and leaning into the conversation somewhat, fully on guard in case this was an ambush or a bounty hunter finally showing up to take their shot; he was intrigued as to which direction this situation would go.


A Pragmatic Union [Guild Join Request | Masami ] Empty on Fri May 01, 2020 9:34 pm

Masami could almost hear music, seeing a lad descending from the stairs to meet this performer, even if they were still far away from each other. Knowing that this event is not something ordinary, Masami prepared himself. Even having those red strikes inked in his cheeks, fully clothed, formality accompanying etiquette. The person he saw was unfamiliar but familiar; he kept his eyes sharp, relaxing both of his arms.

"Kita Masami." he replied to this person's question; calm and composed, just the way Masami wanted. It would be humiliating if this guild member was introduced to Masami's chaotic demeanor, people's opinions are still important to this performer, even if he was away from the theaters' stage. Thinking that this is what a member of Natsumi Duranndal's guild looks like, he slightly tilted his thoughts. Such odd comparison, but it was as if there was nothing comparable at all. Masami smiled as well, aligning himself to the guild member's impression, "Guess I'll be one of your regular visitors."

Realizing that this guild member wasn't a simple guild member, but the guild master, made Masami's heart throb. However, people are still people. No matter how strong this person was, and no matter how talented Masami is, both of them are still human. And so, he admitted words that may grant him tickets to the world below. "I don't," taking subtle deep breaths, he continued, "I don't know, neither am I fully aware. Which was why, I wanted to know the reasons why – putting yourselves into situations where you try so hard keeping peace and order. I want to know why, so why is that?"

Natsumi Duranndal, a member of this guild, had only mentioned joining such guild because of the people. However, Masami wanted to believe that there was more than that. More than simply "people," because people don't just simply become in need of maintaining peace and order. Masami stood straight and lowered himself, a ninety-degree bow to express his respect. He would stay like this until the noble tells him to stand back up. With his right hand on his left chest, he spoke: "It's a pleasure to meet you, Penumbral Guard's guild master."

#4Tomoe Tanaka 

A Pragmatic Union [Guild Join Request | Masami ] Empty on Fri May 01, 2020 11:30 pm

Tomoe Tanaka
Flowery words had entered Tomoe's ears, but he was no man of refined taste for arts and literature. He had only started to somewhat enjoy reading a little over a year ago, and thus couldn't claim any passion for it. It was obvious that the person standing before him was an eccentric - somebody who valued a particular aspect of life and made it a key part of their identity. That was the sort of energy that the boy before him - Masami - was giving off. Despite that, there was still something unnatural about his demeanor. Tomoe had been one who interacted with many rogues and criminals of varying personalities in the past, and while Masami didn't feel the same as them, there was a similar air of something being held back. The guild master would rationalize that as simple first impression jitters, as nobody revealed their true self on a first meeting, really.

Masami had taken a bow in the style of Joyan tradition, and Tomoe was immediately taken aback by it mentally. Physically this was only represented by a quick eye twitch, but he was nevertheless put off somewhat by it. Formalities like that weren't his style, and he didn't wish to endure this ego trip any longer than he needed to. He was no man of nobility or rank worth bowing to, but merely a man who did what he wanted when he felt like doing it.

"Alright, alright, that's enough. Raise your head. Ya don't need to do that kind of stuff around me, we're fine. Keep the bowing to a minimum, y'hear?", Tomoe spoke up a few seconds after Masami's bow, giving the boy time to feel like his gesture wasn't wasted but not enough so as to make either of them uncomfortable.

Tomoe scratched the back of his head, ruffling his windswept crimson hair before sighing and deciding to answer the boy's curiosity. The swordsman's expression grew serious as he spoke his next words, deciding to be honest if this truly was somebody interested in what the guild had to offer.

"We all have our reasons for wanting to protect, Masami. For a lot of people it's in the act of protecting itself that they find purpose. For others, money and power. For me, personally?", Tomoe explained and then questioned, pausing to tap at his own chest and without breaking eye contact.

"For me, it's about taking down every son of a bitch out there so that we can all live with a bit less burden in our lives 'n fear in our hearts. The world we live in needs fixin', and as long as I'm kickin', I'll keep fighting. Everyone in Penumbral Guard has their own desires, but we all want true and unchallenged peace at the end of the day - a world free from pain and suffering.", Tomoe finished, speaking his piece as to what the guild truly meant while obscuring some of the details of his own experiences still.

For a split second after he had ended his last sentence, the Joyan had a thousand yard stare as he thought back to the demonic invasion of Astera. It was a moment so brief that if one blinked they would miss it, because less than a second later he was once more looking at Masami as normal.

"If ya just like fighting and are cool with not hurting the innocent while doin' it, we take those too!", Tomoe blurted out after, a chuckle escaping, not wanting to have the conversation's mood be too serious for too long.

After that, he would await Masami's response, curious as to his own answer.


A Pragmatic Union [Guild Join Request | Masami ] Empty on Sat May 02, 2020 12:09 am

He finally took a breath out, audibly, when he was told to stand back up. His mind was screaming, thanking God Almighty that the guild master loosened up a little based on Masami's perception. It was more casual now, because of the guild master. Even though they haven't exactly met before, Masami kept in mind that such person was worthy of respect. Not to mention how caring Masami is towards his mother (parents, if his father was still alive), the same way he adapted this sort of respect to non-blood related acquaintances. It's especially hard to become angry and lash out, sometimes.

Something about Tomoe's statement gave Masami goosebumps. As an actor, he is required to know himself. If you occupy yourself with identities that aren't your own, you'll lose yourself, and it's much more painful than losing others. Therefore, Masami's self-awareness knew well how ideals can shape people such as this. Tomoe's words entertained Masami, reminding him of the scripts he wrote for plays, about protecting people and all. People like that, hearing others talk about protection and love. Sometimes, the way they view all these sweet words blind them from the truth, which is much more darker and bitter-tasting. If only those bad memories never happened to Masami, he probably would not dare lay a hand upon someone and remain this good ol' pure Kita, the sinful Masami who blames himself because of his odd ideals.

In his mind, he only wanted his mother to heal. But that never really worked out.

He chuckled, "Yeah, fighting's cool." having his arms crossed, finally in a more comfortable stance. Before, he only wanted to perform but if he were to become more practical, Masami knew he needed to become stronger. He didn't want to share his beliefs – in fact, he believed that he didn't need to. Natsumi Duranndal could've at least added more to her words, but perhaps he just didn't really know her well. Just like in the theaters, guild also involved people and in the theaters, they worked hard for each other. 'A world free from pain and suffering...' Masami almost audibly muttered the thought to himself, being slightly moved. It's rare to meet advocates with a strong will, not to mention the existence of mages. He had almost forgotten, that his capability of using fire magic was one of the main reasons he is out of Joya now. Without magic, he'd probably be nothing more than someone who performs on stage, entertaining people without having the authority to speak. But all's different now.

He was brought to reality. "You guys like fighting that much?" he gave a smug look on his face, even covering his bottom lip with a hand. But nevertheless, this guild master has earned his respect. "Right! Where do I sign up?"

#6Tomoe Tanaka 

A Pragmatic Union [Guild Join Request | Masami ] Empty on Sat May 02, 2020 11:35 pm

Tomoe Tanaka
Tomoe's explanation of the guild seemed to have incited a positive reaction from Masami, but the warrior couldn't help but think that he had put too much emphasis on the combat. They were more protectors than anything else, with some bounty hunting sprinkled in; freedom fighters working towards a common cause, but not being so rigid and stiff as the Rune Knights in doing so. In a way, perhaps the explanation sufficed, as he merely hoped Aegis wouldn't yell at him later for describing their guild in a way that wasn't entirely accurate. Nevertheless, it was enough to where the boy was interested in joining, and that was sufficient for Tomoe as well assuming that the kid wasn't a hidden psychopath waiting to pounce.

"In that case, come with me.", Tomoe responded with a nod of affirmation before stepping back into the guild building behind him.

It was spacious on the ground floor, with a lounge for relaxing and a bar area to order food and drinks. Under normal circumstances the Joyan would immediately head for one of the two with zero priorities for anything else on his mind, but it was different this time. Instead, he simply walked towards what appeared to be a front desk - the kind a receptionist might normally sit behind - and retrieved some documents and a stamp from inside. He laid the documents down on the surface of the desk and held the stamp in his hand.

"Just gotta read and fill out these papers. Your last officially documented wizard rank, any ongoing bounties you may have on your head, that we can kick you out any time you go against the rules, so on 'n so forth.", Tomoe explained before taking a seat and leaning back in the receptionist chair.

"Has the rules in there too, of course. Which I think is important to get a grasp on before ya go messin' up.", the Joyan finished, giving Masami some room to breathe and apply at his own pace.

After filling out all the forms and assuming that they all checked out, Masami would be stamped on a location of his choice with the tattoo of Penumbral Guard, solidifying his loyalty to the guild.


A Pragmatic Union [Guild Join Request | Masami ] Empty on Sun May 03, 2020 2:43 am

He followed right behind Tomoe, Penumbral Guard's guild master, as he enters the guild and Masami was left observing every corner of the guild's architecture. It seemed awfully airy, too open for Masami's habit of squeezing himself in the tight spaces of a packed room. It was very clean, too, giving Masami the guilt of stepping on the polished tiles of this guild's floor. His attention ignited when Tomoe asked him to fill a contract up – everything isn't as magical as he expected? Masami didn't expect having to write; a test battle to show his skills or something similar would be much more expected. Woefully, Masami is not good at writing. He picked up the pen and held it as if it were a brush, then stared at the not-so-familiar text written upon the paper. "Alright, please give me a moment." he took the papers then turned his back away from Tomoe, then took a seat, reading each line.

Not that he can't read foreign text, but it was a hassle. He was taught to speak the language everyone spoke of, but reading and writing. Masami can't even properly hold a pen; though he's good at using the brush and inking Joyan calligraphy, something as simple as writing these types of letters are too facile to even meddle with. "I'll just fill these up, right?" he lowered down, writing his name. He took his time writing each letter to the point where his texts appeared printed. His right hand left the wrist of his left as he make each stroke with precision, as if a perfectionist.

He looked at Tomoe with a slightly worried expression on his face, "I don't have to cut my hand and use blood, do I?" like the oaths of Joyan assassins of any aspects, blood oaths, etcetera. Masami didn't want to strike a blade unto his palm, that would be painful. Though he didn't mind if they required him to, Masami's lack of knowledge of the outside world allowed to assume things here and there. He turned his head back to the papers and read the regulations stated, which didn't take much time. He skimmed, although, rather than scanned. Most people would probably just skip through all these but it wasn't the same for Masami. 'Must not reveal sensitive information about the guild... must not harm others.' he quietly muttered, then proceeded to the next lines. These rules were pretty basic to him, the theater had full of sensitive secrets that were never revealed. That's a plus if it's related to the court officials or the leaders.

"Last officially documented wizard rank...?" he paused for a little, then carefully wrote 'D-Rank'. He was almost sweating because of the precision of his letters, the lines were too narrow unlike calligraphy. Twenty minutes, more or less, he finished and took a deep breath out, picking the papers then raising them up in the air. "Right, it's all done!" he said this in energy with the satisfaction of how his handwriting appeared. Assuming everyone had guild tattoos, wherever they are placed, Masami's would be on his left cheek, if his thoughts were correct and that all guild members are required to be stamped with the guild symbol. He made a last scan on his filled-in sheet before raising them up in the air again.

#8Tomoe Tanaka 

A Pragmatic Union [Guild Join Request | Masami ] Empty on Sun May 03, 2020 6:11 pm

Tomoe Tanaka
"Ehhh? Hell no, we ain't doin' that blood stuff here. This ain't no cult, we're held to a higher standard than that rabble.", Tomoe spoke with a dismissive wave, find the idea of signing their contract in blood to be utterly absurd.

Tomoe would retrieve the boy's papers and read them over to ensure that everything was correct. He realized that this was a mundane way of applying for a wizard guild of all things, but the simpler ways were often better, he found. He wasn't a traditionalist, often preferring new ways of doing things in fact; but it couldn't be denied that for many things, there was no better way to do it than the way it had always been done in the past. Here he was, sitting behind a receptionist's desk and filing paperwork. What kind of life was that for a warrior, and for a man of adventure?

Tomoe would sigh lowly at the thought after reading everything over, confirming that it all checked out.

"D-rank mage, eh? That's no problem, we'll train ya up and get you in fighting shape for whatever needs fighting.", Tomoe would blurt out reassuringly, turning to look at the boy after tucking the necessary documents away where they needed to be.

In the Joyan's short time as a recruiter for the guild, he had seen some that were discouraged of their status as 'weaker' mages, but he merely saw that as an opportunity to build them up through trial and error. At no point was he dispassionate about the pursuit of strength, and was always willing to lend a hand towards that goal as long as the receiver was accepting of it.

Standing up from his chair, Tomoe would leave the vicinity of the reception area to speak with Masami more openly. After stamping him, the process was officially complete. Tomoe gave a thumbs up of approval and a smirk across his face.

"You're one of us now, then. Do good work, protect anyone who needs it, and don't kill anyone who didn't have it coming their way. Follow those an' you'll get along just fine, alright?", Tomoe stated, placing a congratulatory hand on his left shoulder.

Afterwards, he would give Masami a tour of the guild hall. Locations such as their training area underground, their library, storage areas, their quest and bounty boards, and the living quarters. Any guild member with no home to call their own in Marigold could choose a room to reside in. Each room was admittedly small, but very cost-efficient and required little maintenance. Cozy, in their own way.

"If you have any questions or if ya want a room, feel free. This is the part where you're pretty much free to do what you want, I ain't your dad.", Tomoe explained after finishing the tour, running a hand through his hair, always unsure of how to dismiss people at the end of his tours without sounding rude or unwelcoming.


A Pragmatic Union [Guild Join Request | Masami ] Empty on Mon May 04, 2020 3:07 am

It felt like he was patted in the head instead of the shoulder, which caused him to lean his head away a little due to shock. That was quick, they really had to simply sign papers? That was good enough, at least – Masami feared that there would be trials and found himself allergic to errors. That would be humiliating if he were to try again another time to apply in the same guild after failure. "Alright." he softly muttered out in response, and followed right behind Tomoe's back. Such words marked Masami's heart, mind and soul: 'One of us.' he though; come to think of it, Masami has only encountered Tomoe Tanaka in the guild. Perhaps the others were out travelling or even training. Masami remembered Natsumi Duranndal stating that she came back to Marigold City to visit the guild, emphasis on the "came back to" and "to visit". Busy lives.

Masami scratched his left cheek, where the new guild tattoo was. It felt light, but it was definitely there. He hasn't seen himself with the mark 'less he saw himself through a mirror; every now and then, he would poke himself. The ink was especially different from the ink they use for painting make-up and props. He has seen his own face through few reflections, but that's about it.

As mentioned before, Masami's perception found the guild uncomfortably airy, and it was the same for the other rooms. It's going to take some time for Masami to get used to this; is it really alright for him, a D-Rank mage, to stay in such quarters? 'And I thought there was an E-Rank.' he thought with a sigh, not so sure whether to feel bad about being such a low-ranked mage or feel great for being accepted this way and having people willing to train him. Nevertheless, he convinced himself to change his mind and like before, learn to become stronger and tougher. He had only owned the need to protect his family before, and just the blood-related ones. It would be a crime to not care about fellow guild members. The living quarters were smaller, but still very open. Masami couldn't stop himself from unconsciously tip toeing, assuming he was walking through tight spaces.

He thought out loud, "I must be travelling some time soon, I might not need to use a r—" then he paused to think silently this time, having his left thumb and index finger hold his chin. He raised his head up after gathering his thoughts, finally slightly pointing to the ceiling. "About that, I think I would... be picking up some items I left in the inn. Is there anything else I'm required to do? I haven't seen of the other members here, as well. What were they up to?" He had only left a wooden baggage, which wasn't so big, 'cept it had enough space to contain many items at once. He had to leave Joya in a hurry and didn't even prepare as much, not being used to travelling. "Everything here is so... different from my hometown in Joya." when he said this with ease, he even stretched out in ease. It would already be obvious that he was from Joya, though he won't really tell anyone 'less they asked. After all, the atmosphere in this city is completely different than the strictly-busy, packed streets of his hometown.

#10Tomoe Tanaka 

A Pragmatic Union [Guild Join Request | Masami ] Empty on Mon May 04, 2020 10:27 pm

Tomoe Tanaka
"Nothin' more required of ya than to get out there and do some good in Fiore. You ain't required to be a hero, but do more good than bad, anyway.", Tomoe replied with confidence to Masami's first question, knowing full well that the concept of being a 'hero' was not something that anyone should have any pressure forced upon them to be.

"You're not always gonna be seeing as many members here as you would in other guilds, to be honest. We're still a newer guild, and that combined with the rules and goals of the guild means we don't get a massive influx. Keeps it quieter and more personal, which I prefer, anyway.", Tomoe answered the other question that the new member before him had, figuring honesty was important and that he wasn't the type to speak a sales pitch and make their guild seem more important than it was.

The warrior would walk over to sit in a lounge chair; it was a lazy day for Tomoe, and he was blessed with less and less of those as more demand for a 'guild master' rose throughout the city. At times he felt more like a glorified guard dog, but it paid well and maybe saving lives was okay on his conscience now and again. Still, at the end of the day he was only one man, and right now that man was relaxing as he continued his conversation.

"Joya, huh? Same here actually. Used to live on the farm in Joya with my parents. Gorgeous countrysides in that place, y'know? Views to die for, I tell ya.", Tomoe responded, kicking his feet up on a nearby coffee table as he looked at the new member.

Thinking briefly on saying a bit more about his experience as a citizen of Joya, Tomoe quickly decided against it. Sharing details from his past so freely was not something he was about, and certainly not to somebody he had just met. Nevertheless he would wait and see how Masami responded, curious as to the boy's own time in that country.


A Pragmatic Union [Guild Join Request | Masami ] Empty on Wed May 06, 2020 11:32 pm

Masami had stared at the guild's entrance while listening to Tomoe's replies. It was such a good day; once again Masami scratched his left cheek, where the new guild tattoo is located, how did it suddenly end like this? Finally being committed to a guild, to certain people; "I see." Masami replied with a nod, walking pass Tomoe and peeking out of the guild's door. He was suddenly reminded of his family – he'd usually exaggerate a surprised reaction upon realizing that someone is in the same ethnicity as him: Joya, where everyone needed to be trained into willful soldiers but Masami was never really one of them.

He never really wanted to become a hero. For years acting like the main character for different plays, he had already become a hero in many ways. It's finally time to get out of the spotlight and have someone else taking care of him. Too much responsibilities, even if he just needed to act like a hero. He wouldn't want to become a villain in the future, either, even if had appealed more aesthetic than those noble heroes. He chose the theater over every other occupation, too young to be as had working; when he had everything, those everything weren't the things he wanted. He would like to, at least, become a hero for his mother. Masami could retire forever if she had been healed sooner.

With a more amplified voice, Masami replied to Tomoe's opinion regards Joya. "I know, right? Really busy country, though. I rarely had time to go out and look around; I'd either be working or studying." Come to think of it, the first time Masami ever actually saw how beautiful his hometown is at night was when he'd finally leave after that incident. Who knew one of the best performers would be the one assassinating the center of corruption? It wasn't such a clean move, it was either he'd die now or he'd live being forever guilty. It was as if he was given two choices: either to die a hero or to live and watch himself become a villain. "I should get going now."

Masami stretched before hopping down the stairs. Once he'd reached the ground, he looked back to wave at Tomoe. "Going to pack and stuff! Thanks very much, guild master!" as much as he'd like to be formal, appearing delicate and pure, he couldn't help but smile and energetically wave and jump around. He was still a teenage boy, after all, and he was all too young when he started losing his childhood. When he turned his back, he knew that he wouldn't regret the choices he had made.


#12Tomoe Tanaka 

A Pragmatic Union [Guild Join Request | Masami ] Empty on Thu May 07, 2020 4:13 pm

Tomoe Tanaka
Tomoe smiled as the boy went off on his way, leaving as the newest addition to the guild. Time would tell if he'd be a worthy recruit or one of the many who fell short of the demands of a wizard guild. Not many were made of the sterner stuff required to succeed as a wizard, and due to Tomoe's inability to cast magic naturally, he counted himself as one among those who failed as a wizard by default. That didn't mean he had given up on trying, but merely that he had always felt alienated from his more magical peers who it felt didn't require as much effort to succeed. That was the only way in which someone without magic could even hope to compete - pure effort, luck, and brains.

Time would tell for young Masami how much he possessed in each of those categories, and Tomoe would be around to see it for himself. He couldn't give any lessons on proper usage of magic, but he was more than confident in his ability to beat lessons into his students. As the Joyan sat there in the lounge of the guild hall, letting hours pass in relaxation and silence, he eventually rose and stretched his limbs.

Back to it, I guess., Tomoe thought, emerging from the tower and into the world outside.

It was time that Tomoe got back to work, knowing full well that he'd be slacking even less from now on with a new person joining. He couldn't allow himself to fall behind, after all.

- Exit -

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