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A Country at War - Solo [Quest]

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#1Kenzo Valens 

A Country at War - Solo [Quest] Empty Wed Mar 25, 2020 10:30 pm

Kenzo Valens
”Miss Vanessa! I’m really sorry for taking so long on coming. I assume you’re unharmed, yes?” Kenzo instantly turned at the big cloaked and masked figure that had collapsed in the ground. The person’s attire hid their appearance completely. From just the looks of it, one would be forgiven to think that the owner of the Majura Gallery was a tall mysterious man. The voice he used was metallic in tone, product of a lacrima enhanced magic object that managed to reconfigure the way that it sounded. Kenzo had also thought on the past that the now owner and manager of the Art house of Oak was a male. However, as in many things, “Main Man”, as he was known to most people in public was in fact not a Man, but a woman. Her real name was Vanessa Underwood. She was the descendant of the illustrious and infamous Underwood family. Kenzo had just heard rumors back when he met her for the first time, but word in the streets went that the underwood family were the owners of most of the money circulating in Fiore. Nobles would rise and fall depending on who obtained the Underwood Bank’s backing. It was no surprise to the Bellan mercenary that such an important figure would decide to hide their identity.

Nevertheless, the golden haired elf gasped for air as she tried to compose herself back up. ”Mr. Valens – Hufff… I- *gasp* I didn’t expect you.. to be - the one to come.” The Majura Gallery powered through the sentence as best as she could. She had almost depleted her whole mana reservoir trying to contain the beasts that had appeared in the gallery. Kenzo could feel anger building up on him as he saw her attendants frantically bring her mana vial after mana vial in order to help her.

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#2Kenzo Valens 

A Country at War - Solo [Quest] Empty Wed Mar 25, 2020 10:30 pm

Kenzo Valens
It was a miracle that he’d arrived at the perfect time. He didn’t want to imagine what would have happened if he had arrived even a couple of minutes later. Three colossal magical beasts had been summoned to attack the gallery. They were the work of a lich lord that had set his sights on attacking the city of Oak. Kenzo clenched his fist as he sheathed Masamune back to its golden scabbard. The skin on his knuckles started to become white as he held the hilt with his whole strength.

”Damn bastard. This is something I won’t fucking forgive.”

The swordsman turned his attention back at Vanessa once more as he tried to shake off his pent-up emotions. ”My apologize for the delay. I assure you that this attack shall not go unpunished.” He made a respectful bow as the elf finished drinking yet another mana vial. With his head lowered, Kenzo noticed Vanessa softly smile as she answered at his bow with a nod. ”Show them what happens to those that mess with Oak”

Kenzo simply nodded as he turned around once again with a face full of determination. The spokesperson of the Phantasm family stood with an open mouth of disbelief as he found the identity of the infamous Main Man of the Majura Gallery. The old man was frozen stiff, barely turning his head around as Kenzo brushed past him. However, he was soon brought out of his lethargy as the angry male dragged him by the shirt. ”Let’s go geezer. I’m ending this fuckers life today.”

”Ah..Ah.. Yes! Mr. Valens. W-wAAIT! Put me down! I’-I’m choking” His hand pat the tight grip the Advent World warrior held over him. Without stopping, Kenzo let go of him as he continued walking at a fast pace. ”So. Where now?”

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#3Kenzo Valens 

A Country at War - Solo [Quest] Empty Wed Mar 25, 2020 10:31 pm

Kenzo Valens
Almost as if timed to perfection, his question was left to the air for barely a single second before a new development of events would point him to the answer he was looking for.

”OOOOOOOOOOI!!!!!! OOOOOOOI!!!! OOOOOOOOOOII!” A young woman’s voice echoed through the empty night streets of Oak as both men made their way into the city center. She was dressed in a white shirt completely buttoned up and black pants. A pair of blue thick glasses rested on her face as she put them back in place with her left hand, waving her right at the two men to get their attention.

Her mannerisms worked like a charm. For a woman of such a tiny frame, she had a voice louder than most adult males Kenzo had met in his life. Her lung power was certainly impressive at the least. ”MISTER GEEEEEEN!!! I HAVE URGENT NEWS!” The girl trotted at Kenzo’s direction as she yelled at the spokesperson following him. ”Ah YES! Nina! NinnAA!!” The pair of screamers met when they cut the 10 meters between them short. ”Mr. Gen! It is urgent! You need to tell Advent World! A new monster has appeared in town. This one is different though! Lord Servas sent the elite guards of the castle to try to stop it, but they were all defeated in a flash!” Her face was full of worry. From what Kenzo could distinguish, she wouldn’t be older than 18 years at most. ”Ah yes! No!!! My goodness… What should we do??!” The goof of a grandpa placed both hands in his cheeks as he heard the news. Kenzo rolled his eyes for the thousandth time of the night as he hit the balding head of the man with his fist. ”AH, YES! Mr. Kenzo here is from Advent World!”

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#4Kenzo Valens 

A Country at War - Solo [Quest] Empty Wed Mar 25, 2020 10:32 pm

Kenzo Valens
The swordsman crossed both his hands in a confident manner as the Phantasm’s servant introduced him. He was proud of the fact that he was a member of the city’s guild, surely the girl had also heard of his exploits. He wouldn’t admit it, but Kenzo’s body unconsciously imprinted a smug look on his face as he waited the usual expression of awe that most of the villagers of Oak seemed to have when meeting him. However, he was in for quite a surprise this time.

”Ehh? Who?” The girl made a disgusted face as he saw Kenzo’s confident pose and sized him with her eyes. The effect of the huge bottle bottom glasses on her face made them seem way bigger than they truly were. ”Mr. Gen! This is no time to be joking! This is serious!!! We need help form Advent World urgently… Even the guild master might not be enough!!”

A vein in Kenzo’s forehead popped as he heard the guild’s retort. He could be quite short tempered sometimes. Nina had just managed to light up his short fuse. ”You Little-“ The old male stood between Kenzo’s rising fist and the obnoxious girl that still directed a disgusted face at the young male. ”Ah!!! NINA!! YES!! He-e heEe… Don’t listen to this blockhead Mr. Kenzo… She doesn’t know what she is doing” Gen nervously tried to shield Nina as he started pulling on her ear. ”Stupid girl!! This man here is the Titan of the Guild!”

”Ow.. owww… owwwww!! I’m sorry Mister Gen! But this is serious!!! He defeated all of the elite guards! We need the whole guild! Nay!! We need an army! Maybe two!!! Quickly!”

Kenzo simply laughed at the girl’s hysteria. ”I’ll be more than enough brat. No need to call the King himself” The mercenary’s announcement was met by two words. ”Eww.. gross.”

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#5Kenzo Valens 

A Country at War - Solo [Quest] Empty Wed Mar 25, 2020 10:32 pm

Kenzo Valens
After giving her a piece or two of his minds, Nina led Kenzo to the Swineherd Pub. It was still one of the famous places in the city that Kenzo had yet to visit. Knowing a monster was nearby fueled his motivation to destroy it as quick as possible even further. The skeleton Knight came into the merc’s sight soon enough as he wreaked havoc outside the pub. ”YO! Bones! Get the hell away from that national landmark! I’ll cut you up for the dogs!”

It seemed that the Advent World warrior’s threat fell into deaf ears. In an act of defiance, the skeleton knight took a swing of his sword and shattered the wooden entrance door of the bar. This was the drop that spilled the glass for Kenzo. He had started building up quite a fair bit of annoyance through the night. This final act blew the lid off.

”You’re done for!” Kenzo instantly lunged at the skeleton knight’s location with a powerful stride. Closing a 10 meters distance between them within a single second, the male unsheathed Masamune without stopping and slashed the fiend’s head with a single strike. Kenzo stomped on the skull falling from the monster’s shoulders shattering it in the process immediately after. He was done with this. At the same time, a young girl’s gasp could be heard in the corner of the street. ”Kyaaa~ <3” Nina passed out with a blushing face and a nosebleed. Kenzo wondered if she had been hit with a spell as he noticed the old Gen trying to bring her back.

However, he still needed to hunt the lich. This time, it was easy for him. A black soul sprung out of the knight’s body and lead Kenzo directly at the intellectual master of Oak’s attack.

The fight ended as quickly as it started. The lich’s head rolled on the ground as Kenzo puffed his chest. ”God damn it! Someone get me a beer!”


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