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North Rickley S1->S3

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Name: North Rickley

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Class: Spell Howler

Rank: B-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Left Abdomen

Face: Kyuuma Ginji-Imawa no Kuni no Alice


Height: 6’4”

Weight: 86 Kg.

Hair: Black

Eyes: Green

Overall: Piercing green eyes that gleam like the glistening morning dew on a blade of grass. Cascading, curly black locks that bounce upon his broad shoulders. A well toned musculature coupled with towering height. A smile that shines like a diamond, and sharp facial features that give off the impression of royalty. These are all features that North Rickley possesses, but none of them are what one would likely notice first about him. Truly, his most striking attribute is his complete and utter lack of clothing. As a nudist, North believes that the natural form is not something to be shamefully covered, but instead proudly shown off to the world. North stays completely nude whatever the time or weather, and he conducts himself in a manner that suggests he is not embarrassed in the slightest. That said, he still takes care for his appearance and his hair is always well kempt and the rest of his body clean shaven.

Extra: ???


Personality:  North Rickley is a thrill seeker. He lives for the rush of adrenaline pumping through his veins, and nothing makes him happier than to experience those moments of joyful bliss when monotony is broken down by something new and exciting. He loves to push himself until he is breathing haggardly in a cold sweat, letting all of his inhibitions flow away with each salty droplet. A hedonist to his core, North puts his all into everything he does, from the more extraneous activities to  making connections with people to eating a meal, and even relaxing. He laughs hard, plays hard, works hard, and parties harder. Everything he does is in pursuit of thrill and pleasure. Despite these extreme philosophies, he has an easy going demeanor and isn’t difficult to get along with in most circumstances. He will stand firm on what he believes in though, especially his life choice regarding nudism.

Despite his gregarious attitude, North is still a bit twisted in some ways. He has a subjectively skewed perception on the value of life that has impacted his values quite dramatically. His lust for thrill has a particular tendency towards the thrill of risking his own life and the lives of others in games or contests that allow him to experience pleasure beyond measure. These games can be as complex or as simple as he desires, and serve only to fuel his intense desire to push himself further than ever before no matter if they end in serious injury or even death.A normal battle just doesn’t seem interesting to him, he’d rather he and his opponent duke it out on a tightrope, or with both arms tied behind their backs. The thrill of these odd and unique challenges only serves to enhance a life and death struggle for North, and he’ll often do whatever it takes to get his opponent to agree to such a game rather than a “serious battle”.  He loves to challenge strong and weak opponents alike, putting his all into these challenges and going to great lengths to orchestrate them. Even when battling someone with his life on the line, it is incredibly rare for North to consider someone an enemy. Quite the opposite, he believes that people are truest to themselves when risking their lives, and it isn’t uncommon for him to strike up a friendship with his opponents after a match; provided both participants survive.


  • Games: North is an avid lover of games, and enjoys them in all forms. Board games, sports, marbles, whatever the rules as long as there are winners and losers.
  • Exhilaration: Climbing mountains, rafting the rapids, bungee jumping, spelunking, anything that can take one’s breath away with its sheer excitement is something that North is interested in.
  • Music Whether listening to it or playing it, North loves to express himself through music. He is an accomplished musician and singer himself, and hopes to someday start a band with other wizards like himself.


  • Cold Weather: North dislikes cold weather, not having anything to bundle up with to withstand the frigid temperature. He can usually be found indoors near a fire on such days. On the occasion that he might have to go out however, he will take great pains not to show any discomfort.
  • Mosquitoes: Mosquitoes love the taste of North’s blood, and are often drawn to him in their active seasons. This is especially annoying because the red protrusions are particularly noticeable against his pale skin. To avoid this, North consumes extraordinary amounts of garlic.


  • Live a life worth living: “A coward dies a thousand times, but the valiant taste of death but once.” North doesn’t want to leave this world regretting his decisions, or lack thereof. He wants to experience as much as he can, fill each day with as much fun and excitement as possible, and maybe try and share his viewpoint with a few others along the way. He doesn’t much care for the lasting impact his life might leave, he just wants to enjoy the ride.


  • Falling: North absolutely loves the exhilarating feeling and the shortness of breath he experiences when in high places. He is always fearful of falling from these extreme heights, but he tends to enjoy the fear he feels from the possibility of plummeting.
  • Wasps: Having more exposed skin than the average Fioran, North is extremely careful around wasps or other similar stinging insects. His trepidation becomes easily visible in his demeanor, and he’ll most often leave the immediate area as calmly as the situation allows.


Magic Name: Fungus Magic

Magic Element: Nature

Magic Description:  Fungus magic allows the user to control and create different types of spores, mushrooms, mold and other fungi. The properties, sizes, and growth rates of these fungi can be manipulated through the use of mana, and its main strength is in its versatility.


History: North Rickley was born in a small village some leagues away from Oak Town. His father was a farmer who produced edible mushrooms with the help of his magic that he would sell to their village and other neighboring towns to sustain him and his family. His mother was a simple housewife who would sew their clothes, cook their meals, and other such things one would expect from a stay at home parent. There, he grew up in a loving household as a single child, learning the family business from his father and the usage of fungus magic that came along with it. North was an adventurous child, and when not doing his chores or working with his father, he was out exploring or playing games with his friends around the village. He’d sometimes get into fights with the other children, and sometimes he’d stray a bit too far from home for his parent’s liking, but other than that he was a fairly well behaved child. It wasn’t until his teen years that he began to develop a bit of a wild streak.

As North grew older, his adventurous streak went unchecked and grew into a borderline addiction for thrill and adrenaline. The pressure he had been put under to take over the family business had pushed him in the other direction entirely. He completely rebelled against his parents and continued to get into more risky and more dangerous shenanigans as time went on . North would race Magical Vehicles, drink, gamble, steal. Anything that young people tend to do to get in trouble and feel a thrill. By the age of twenty North had left behind his family, deciding that he would make it big in Oak Town and get out of his podunk village once and for all. Once he was there, he’d moved in with some friends of his and continued his hedonistic lifestyle. It was not all fun and games however, as through his constant gambling and partying he had developed quite a debt with the local gang in town and things had begun to look grim for him. He had debt collectors looking for him, things falling onto him from high places, and all manner of threats reaching him through various ways. Eventually his luck ran out and he was caught by the gang, forced to find a way to pay up or pay the consequences. It was then that he was offered a strange deal by the boss of the outfit. He would play against him as the house in a game of blackjack. If he won, he would be free to go and all his debt would be cleared. If he lost however, he would be killed on the spot and all his organs would be sold off to compensate them for their losses. North readily accepted, an incorrigible gambling addict at this point, and always one to have baseless confidence in himself at all times. Through some miracle of luck or fate or what have you, the young man beat the house and claimed victory. The boss was a man of his word, apparently some strange eccentric who preferred amusement to money in the end anyway, and North went free. The experience changed him forever, it had been the greatest thrill of his life and nothing really felt as good after that. He began to crave similar experiences, wanting to reach the highs and lows of approaching death and narrowly escaping it. His world views began to change, and he started to become a bit eccentric himself. Somewhere along the way he became a nudist, liking the ideals behind it and its emphasis on the beauty of the human form. North loves humans, and he thinks that people are at their most human in the throes of death. He joined Phantom Lord as their ideals seemed closest to his own, and being in a guild seemed as if it would bring more fun and adventure to his life than not being in one and he found a happy home there. At least in Phantom Lord, North can let his more dangerous tendencies loose, as well as other things, freely.

During the five years since his last adventures, North continued doing missions and enjoying his life as a guild member of Phantom Lord. After the disbandment of the guild, however, he fell into a life of vagrancy and alcoholism. A shell of his former self he wanders the streets of Fiore, still in the nude but far less happy about it.

Reference: My Own Bad Self


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  • Magic: NA
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   Total Points: 37

  • Strength: 1
  • Speed: 33
  • Endurance: 1
  • Constitution: 1
  • Intelligence: 1

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