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Dahlia City to Worth Woodsea [Travel]

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Dahlia City to Worth Woodsea [Travel] Empty on Mon Mar 16, 2020 6:45 pm

It had been a long time since Kaiser took Nasa on a ride and the wyvern seemed to be really lonely and bored these days. Of course that was because Kaiser had been more focused on her guild responsibilities so she needed to give some attention to her beautiful mount as well. Within the guild compound, there was also a place where all the guildmates could keep their companions and mounts and this was where Kaiser was today. Nasa seemed really happy about going on a ride with Kaiser and this warmed the vampire’s heart. She was the only animal companion that she had ever had and so she was special in Kaiser’s heart. Since she was gigantic, she liked to go around to places like mountains and forests where there were not many people. People got really intimidated when they saw Nasa just because of how huge she was and the wyvern was not very fond of that. She liked to go to places where it was peaceful, escape from the noise of the city and all the annoying little humans. Kaiser never really knew that they bothered the poor wyvern so much, but apparently that was the case.

After freshening herself up and feeding the wyvern, she took her on a ride to the famous Worth Woodsea. The only really good spots to take Nasa out to were the Worth Woodsea and Sieghart Mountains. There were only trees and mountains in those locations, save for the small human settlements but those did not really bother Nasa as much as the cities did. Away from the polluted industrial location, Nasa could finally breathe fresh air again and she was really happy about that. The vampire chose a nice landing spot and allowed the wyvern to fly around to her heart’s content while she observed what had changed in the Worth Woodsea. The last time she was here...well damn she could not even remember the last time she was here. Had she even been here before? Was it just some weird kind of hallucination? Maybe she was mistaking it for a different area, but she definitely wanted to learn of the place and the new settlements that had established themselves in the heart of the Worth Woodsea. Once Nasa has had her fun, Kaiser commanded her to find her and pick her up so that they could return home.

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