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Blood On Stone [Kazimir]

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#26Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz looked a bit shocked at how easily she accepted what he said, and even took his hand. The mage's hand tensed at first from surprise, but he relaxed it and opened his hand for her to examine. He was not used to being on this end of things or this gentle side of Nuala. She was a woman with many complexities.

He couldn't hide the grin on his face at what she said next. There was something within him that pulled him to do good. Beckoned him to act. The angelic nature in his soul. But more than that it was a path he chose in life. "Well, Nuala. You do know that risking my health for strangers is kinda my job," he gave a small joke about being in the rune knights. "But thank you. I do appreciate your concern, and will be more careful," he responded even though in his heart that would be something he couldn't keep. But hopefully, it would at least set aside some of her worry for him. It wasn't in his nature to play things safe.

The squeeze he felt from her let him know that her concern was genuine. He opened his mouth to say something but let it rest inside him and replaced it with a simple smile and a nod. Once she turned around, he dusted the debris from his hand off on his pants and followed. She was of course right about wizards rarely surrendering. Kaz wouldn't and he knew few that would. "I know. I want to at least give them the option. Though unfortunately, I find that most people don't take it."

He listened to her rundown of the people they would encounter. "Seems like the lord is more suited for you to tackle," he remarked, thinking about the last time he fought a gun user. Hopefully, this one proved to be less difficult.

Nuala shot him a smile with some calming words. It was nice to work with someone that seemed to get him even if their styles were different. Perhaps that would become a good compliment to one another. " A mage of destruction, huh? I trust you will do what you must. if you reach the Lord first. I'll not make a fuss." He said as Nuala turned to kick in the door and leaped inside.

Kaz dashed in afterwards, scanning the room for the other mage. It was a large hall but only the three of them were within it. The lord sat in a large chair behind an oak desk with documents neatly stacked in piles. There was a table for them to eat and against the wall was a shackled and bloodied man that had been tortured. His presence seemed to have been largely ignored by them as if they were taking a dinner break from causing him pain.

Chandeliers hung from the ceilings and plates of delicacies were illuminated beneath its light. Without hesitation, Nuala was dealing with the red-head. Her weaponized body moved with deadly precision. Almost as if she had been designed to do this. Kaz stepped in and adjusted his clothing to make them looser and untucked his shirt. "If you would all surrender now, I would appreciate it by order of the knights."

The lord rocked back and laughed, "You come into my home and try to kill me. And you too Nuala. You bring this scum. You're both not leaving here alive. Kill'em both!" The man raved as he opened his drawer in search of his firearm.

The other, blonde mage stomped her foot as a yellow magic circle appeared. She threw her hand forward and sent a bolt of lightning streaking through the air. It zoomed towards Kaz. The wind mage threw out a blade of wind to intercept it. The spells clashed and as the magic dissipated, another bolt streaked through the remnants of the clash. Its light reflected in Kaz's eyes right before it bore into his shoulder and coursed out of the back of his shoulder.

Kaz groaned in pain and fell backwards on the ground, immediately, rolling back to his feet. The attack had seared his suit jacket and electrified his shoulder. The woman took a few steps forward, lightning still cackling across her body.

Everything culminated at once for the wind mage. The thought of all the heinous acts committed here. The crimes and drugs happening all around them. Torture and the fear of death for his companion and himself. The man and the court wizards failing to uphold their duty to the people. it was nearly too much for him to contain any longer.

"That's it,"
he whispered to himself as he stood up and remove the suit jacket to let it fall to the ground. His eyes glowed white with wrath, "I'll answer the path you have chosen," he said to the blonde mage as she hesitated, seeing two feathered wings emerge from his back. In that moment of hesitation, Kaz dashed forward in an instant and with a swipe of his hand, summoned a tornado that tore at the woman and sent her falling back into a table.

Sparks of lightning washed over her as she pulled herself back up.


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Blood On Stone [Kazimir] - Page 2 IWaR00G

As the Voidling dashed into the area, she dismissed everything and everyone but her target – the red haired witch. Amira and Nuala went way back and the female thief had grown to hate the crimson clad lady with a burning passion; Amira stood for everything Nuala despised – she was rotten, a filthy liar and held no regard for anyone’s life but her own. She was talented in terms of magic, but lazy and unwilling to work. As a result of her useless personality, Amira had slept her way through the ranks of the underground world and had never missed out on a chance to be a thorn in Nuala’s side.

The Voidling was quick; speed had always been her main advantage in a fight against wizards. They had to aim and summon and move their hands around in funny ways before they could attack and more often than not, their movements were painfully slow. It gave her a chance to counter them before they could make a move and once Nuala got within range, the majority of wizards (from what she had observed) hesitated to attack, since they were now risking taking damage from their own chaos.

When she moved, her strength doubled. A mask now covered her face, leaving an open space on the back of her head where her long hair would cascade down the length of her back. Amira was having a glass of wine when Nuala broke the door down and entered and fortunately she wasn’t the most perceptive wizard – the vengeful Voidling was already within her personal space by the time she had a chance to notice and act upon the invasion. Nuala jumped over the counter and tore the red-head onto the floor. Flames shot from the fire mages arms, threatening to engulf her, but Nuala was quicker: she grabbed her by the shoulders and slammed her delicate body into the nearby shelf numerous times.

Amira was a light-weight, and her resistance to physical attacks basically nonexistent. This was any wizard’s greatest weakness – and Nuala’s greatest strength. The Voidling’s fights were never pretty or elegant. If anything, Nuala’s predator-like movements were reminiscent of a feral beast. She didn’t mind getting her hands dirty in the progress and therefore she disregarded the burned skin on her arms for as long as she could and merely wiped the alcohol out of her face after the bottle-stacked shelf broke down above them.

Amira’s body was lifeless; her red hair and dress were wet from the liquids pouring out of the broken bottles and her porcelain skin – alongside Nuala’s – bore a dozen small cuts from the shattered glass. The Voidling rose to her full height and glared across the room, where the crime lord sat idly by his table. After taking in a deep breath to calm herself, she could feel a dozen tiny cuts on her body, each of them burning from coming into touch with the alcohol.

What happened next was something she couldn’t possibly have seen coming.

The magic that erupted from Kazimir’s body was bright, much brighter than she had expected. It was pure, full of light and as a pair of wings grew from it, spreading beautifully across his back, Nuala could feel a sudden pressure pulling her down. It was only faint at first, but strange and unknown nonetheless, but once the Voidling looked up and straight at her companion, the crushing sensation of fear numbed her limbs and rendered her useless; mere seconds had passed, but it was enough for Amira, who had awoken again, to light the alcohol-drenched thief on fire, sending her flying across the room with a fiery explosion of flames that engulfed them both.

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Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz felt the sting of the lightning burn through his close and the electricity that filled his body. The hair on his arms stood on end from the surge. His aura sprang to life and once proud and vigilant sorceress that throw the bolt had a tremble in her hand. Kaz's aura of fear reached into her resolve. They two readied for round two when Nuala's was sent across the room, engulfed in flames. Things were getting serious and fast. He thought the gruesome and violent attack from Nuala would have been enough to take the fire mage out but she was more resilient than he expected.

Almost on instinct, he released an aura that would buff all of Nuala's stats and give her the ability to resist some magical damage. At the same time, it augmented Kaz's own abilities. He was faster and stronger from his angelic powers stacked with his aura that bolstered his resolve from Nuala's presence. "You alright," he called out to his partner.

There was no time for him to check on his ally as the lightning mage balled her hands that crackled with sparks and bolts. She brought it back like a baseball and heaved it at the wind mage. Kaz dashed to the side as the ball of lightning erupted and bolts of lightning filled the room and two struck the angelic mage. One in his arm and the other across his shoulder.

Kaz kicked off the wind and dashed in the blink of an eye to the other side of the room. His feet hit the wall and with another dash, he dodged the next flurry of lightning bolts. The enclosed space made it more difficult for him to act.

His dash sent him hurtling towards the mage, he thrust his hand forward and sent a column of wind rushing out that collided with the lightning. With his second hand he sent a matching column of wind at the fire mage, it wouldn't hit but would hopefully cause a distraction for Nuala to take advantage of. As the lightning and wind spells clashed they erupted between them, Kaz soared through the blast with minor singes. With a deep breath, he gave a roar. A tiger appeared flying with him and roaring. A vacuum of wind shot forth. The lightning mage rose her hand and cast a bolt to collide with it but Kaz's spell broke through hers and engulfed her in slashing wind that knocked her down once more.

The wind mage couldn't believe how these two powerful mages came to be servent of such dark deeds. But they were his enemy. The lightning mage got to her feet once more. Her wounds bleed out on the floor. Kaz still felt the heat from the lightning and the electrical current that caused his muscles to give small twitches beneath his clothes.

The blonde mage grunted as she balanced herself. Her hands gathered more energy around them. The man at the table slid his chair back in anticipation. The blonde mage created a large magic circle around herself and bolts of lightning sparked to life.

"It doesn't have to be this way. Please," Kaz made his final plea to her knowing what this next attack would mean. The woman snarled back, "There is no failure."

Kaz's eyes that once held sorrow turned cold and remorseless. He stepped his foot back and planted it in the ground. The woman's energy surged outward as four bolts of lightning converged on Kazimir. The wind mage stomped his foot and shot forward, faster than the spells were moving but one still struck his shoulder. the blow sent him into a spiral but he was still going forward. Mid-way he regained his bearings and held his hand at his side, then brought it slashing upward like a tiger's claw. A tornado ripped into the ground and consumed the lightning mage, sending her lifeless to the floor.

The wrathful angel stood for only a second then turned his attention to see how Nuala was doing and if the man was still there. The fingers on Kaz's left hand twitched from the final attack, his whole arm was wounded and hard to control, from the waves of electricity still rushing through it.


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Blood On Stone [Kazimir] - Page 2 U8W6XVS

The Voidling took a crash landing into a bunch of grouped chairs and although the attack – and the fall that followed – had been quite intense, a sudden burst of cursing and angry shouting could be heard from Nuala’s corner of the room. To say that she was pissed was an understatement. The thief, now on all fours, angrily shook off the already perishing flames (her movements were similar to that of a dog shaking off the rain, which made the situation almost comical), coughed and rose her head to regain focus on her enemies. “Yes, shit, argh–,” the pressure that had pulled her down and caused her to lose her focus in first place had disappeared and been replaced by a more supportive sensation – a product of magic, she guessed. “I’m fine, just hurry. We need to get out of here!” Until now, Nuala hadn’t allowed herself to take a proper look at the breezy wizard and once she did, a shiver went down her spine.

What are you. A question for another time.

Amira was  climbing over the verge of the bar counter now and Nuala realized that they had to be quick – and that they had to get out of here as fast as possible, for she didn’t believe that their little altercation would remain unnoticed by the party guests upstairs for much longer. Nuala took a moment to stabilize herself; Amira was charging her next attack now, but this time the Voidling was faster. Without a warning and much to the surprise of her opponent, the sneak thief disappeared from her vision – out of sight and completely invisible, the soundless Voidling crept across the room and towards the now panicking fire mage. The red lady was turning her head around now, desperately looking for a clue as to where her enemy had gone, but when Nuala popped up behind her, it was already too late.


With a simple but firm flick of her wrists Nuala had snapped Amira’s neck and watched with delight as her dead body fell to the floor. In the meantime, Kazimir and the storm mage continued to clash while the lord merely watched in awe. The room had taken some serious damage by now and with both his and her magic being destructive and explosive in nature, Nuala feared that the walls would come crashing down if they didn’t end this quickly.

The Captain finished his battle just in time. Nuala watched in awe as the tornadoes he had been sending out sent the blonde sorceress flying across the room until she moved no more and while Kazimir appeared to be upset by this, Nuala was overcome by immense satisfaction. God, how she hated those arrogant witches. “Don’t worry about it,” she said to her partner while climbing over the counter, “they wouldn’t have done a single selfless thing in their life, no matter how much mercy you showed them.” And with that only the crime lord was left. It appeared he wasn’t armed after all and naturally, he decided to surrender. Nuala walked up to the man and straight up punched him in the face, just enough to render him unconscious, but not fatally hurt.

“Same with this one, honestly. Kill him or take him, it’s your choice, but we really have to get out now.”

While she was talking to Kazimir she had begun fiddling around with the lord’s clothes until she pulled out two more golden keys from a chain around his neck. It didn't surprise her that he hadn't entrusted either of his sorceresses with one of those. “Here, these open the doors of the tresor and the door within it, so we can get out.” The tresor door was large and neatly placed between two bookshelves behind the desk. Now all Nuala really needed from Kazimir was an order in regards to what they wanted to do with the crime lord himself – because arresting him meant that she had to carry his body back out.

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Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz was battling the lightning mage when his ally seemed to vanish from the battlefield. He still knew she was there but to disappear in plain sight was a fearsome ability. As the lightning mage fell, Nuala swiftly dealt a finishing blow to her opponent. Kaz wondered if it was her skills as a rogue or something buffered by what those markings did to her. Or what that strange outer shell was that she could conjure.

Nuala climbed over the table and tried to reassure the wind mage. He nodded and the wind around him died down. "You're probably right. Sometimes these things aren't avoidable," he spoke from hard lessons learned in the past, still wishing things didn't need to end this way. He stepped away from the body of the mage. Nuala spoke about haste earlier and there was no time for sentiments. Seeing how passionately she fought against them and remembering how she first appeared to him. It reminded him of how his people left him. He didn't know if it was the same or not, but he could understand it in a way. He wouldn't have wanted anyone to stand in his way either.

He looked away in surprise that Nuala was giving him the chance to decide the man's fate. "That's a thoughtful gesture," he said as he crossed over and took the two more keys that Nuala took from the noble. "I was able to face my past and the people that wronged me and I was able to deal with it the way I wanted to," He looked back at the scared lord, the man's eyes darting between the two intruders. "This one is for you to decide," he said with a hand on her shoulder and then turned to walk towards the bookshelf as she made her choice.

He walked to the bookshelf and put in the key. He turned it with a small click to the side as Nuala made the decision that he passed back to her. For Kaz, he was a crime lord. Whether he lived or died here, it wasn't something that put civilians in danger. Arresting him or his death...while Kaz wouldn't deliver the final blow, he wouldn't take that freedom away from Nuala.

The door opened and the wind mage saw the room filled with valuables. He looked back to see what her choice was. His body turned to the side so that she could enter the room. It was a long room with another door on the other side of it. One with a keyhole perfectly shaped to fit one of the golden keys.

There were a few key items in the vault that were reported stolen. Kaz took out a sack and put in some of the stolen goods and a slew of jewels to pay back the people that were robbed. Kaz put in the other key and unlocked the next trap door. "I'm glad you aren't harmed. And Thank you," he said as a show that his trust was well placed while holding the trap door open. He waited in case there was anything she needed to gather from the place.


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Blood On Stone [Kazimir] - Page 2 U8W6XVS

“You continue to surprise me, Captain.”

Nuala was grateful for Kazimir’s words, although she couldn’t help but notice a certain feeling now creeping around in the back of her mind; his sense of justice was oddly rigged and the thief had to be careful who she surrounded herself with. Either way, the crime lord (whose name Nuala never knew) was indeed better off dead than alive. He had no family, at least not here in Crocus, and if she spared him now she had no doubt that he would continue to chase her in an attempt to get revenge for killing his two favourite sorceresses tonight – and she didn’t really want to live like that.

Nuala waited for Kazimir to open the tresor and once he succeeded she went and picked up a jeweled dagger from one of the many broken glass cabinets that could be found inside this little treasure hall. It was a shame to leave all these sparkly and wealthy goods behind, really. When Nuala retrieved the weapon, she took a seat by the table and looked at the man for some time in silence. He showed no fear and she respected that. At last, the woman leaned forward and whispered something into his ear in her mother tongue – Savannan. After taking a closer look at his face she had no doubt he understood every word she said. Then, in cold mercy, the Voidling ran the dagger through his human heart and made sure he met his timely demise.

Nuala swiftly entered the vault room and turned around on her heel to have a proper look at everything that was kept within. “Can you believe this?” The Voidling seemed to be angry now, waving her hands out and about and pointing at various precious items. “Some of these were a real hassle for me to even get the location off – and now all they do is sit around here? No one’s even looking at them?” She shook her head in disbelief and moved forward. Her mood shifted once again and she watched with arched eyebrows and amusement written all of her face as the Captain of the Rune Knights dug deep into the valuables and stuffed as many as he could find into a bag he had apparently brought along. “Please,” she said with a chuckle, “help yourself, Captain. Consider it payment for your hard work here today.” And although Nuala was saying those things, even without knowing him for very long she knew that he wouldn’t keep a single item he picked up here today and return each and every one of them to their rightful owners.

“And keep those sentiments for later. We aren’t out yet.”

With that out of the way, Nuala (nimble as she was) hopped through the trap door and they followed down a surprisingly long path that would eventually lead them back onto the empty streets of Crocus. Their little journey led them through a canal and once they were back under the streets, Nuala punched open a maintenance hole cover and climbed out, offering her hand to the Captain in case he needed some assistance. “We are lucky,” she said, “I can’t hear or see anyone around.” It was late into the night now and the common folk was asleep. “I guess this is where our ways part, Captain. I have much to thank you for and in due time I will. I won’t forget about this.”

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Kazimir Seiryu
"The wind often changes directions," he answered with not so cryptic phrase to her response. He had rigidity sometimes but like everyone else, he was still learning more about himself with each encounter. He held the bookcase open with his back to what was going on. He knew exactly what was going to happen when she quietly entered the treasure room and picked up a sole jeweled dagger. A rich weapon for a criminal's demise. Poetic in many ways. The man went silently into the dark night but Kaz could almost feel the life slowly draining from him.

She returned to the room with a frustrated spin among all the valuables she risked herself to acquire. Kaz held a gemstone in his hand and ran a finger across it, taking in her words. "Some people just like to know they have a thing. No greater show of greed. Not even keeping them to flaunt them," he shrugged. Coming from a small village he never understood people's drive for pretty things to keep and safeguard and the time spent in it when one could spend their time honing a craft.

"So you never knew what happened to the things you stole,"
he asked curiously.

Kaz put the last few items in his bag. All that would fit, anyway. He then heard the chuckle of his ally with a witty remark. He looked into the bag and laughed, wondering if this is what it kinda felt like to be a thief. "Again. Kazimir is fine. And all these things are going to go back to their rightful owners," He said looking over his shoulder at her with a smile that turned to an inquisitive grin, "But you can pay me in information."He had not forgotten about what he wanted to ask her before they parted ways.

She was nimble enough to hop through the trap door. The skills of a master thief were impressive. He hoped through the door with her and once again followed her down a dark path towards seemingly the unknown.

Eventually, she stopped and pushed open a grate to pull herself free. Kaz stepped forward to give her his knee to step on as a boost but before he could take his first full step towards her she was already pulling herself up and out.

Her hand extended back down to him with words of safety. He took her hand and with her assistance, he pulled himself from the canal. "Thank you...You know I can fly right,"He said with a cheeky smile. He turned around to give the area a quick scan, mostly out of habit.

"That's good. I didn't expect such a clean getaway. A carefully crafted plan. You are indeed very good at what you do,"He spoke with his back still to her and slowly turning to face her.

"I suppose so,"
he began. "It's been a pleasure. I will always welcome your assistance and you'll always have mine." He rose his hand as if to stop her from leaving but it was a slow movement, "It was a tough fight. Are you sure you'll be able to get to where you're going alright?" He asked to make sure she was really okay. He had a host of other questions to ask her but their night had been long and this time he could wait in case their paths crossed again.


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Blood On Stone [Kazimir] - Page 2 U8W6XVS

“Don’t be absurd, Captain, Nuala responded and the mischief in her voice was unmistakable. “I didn’t steal these. I found them by chance and shared them with whoever expressed the most...interest, if you know what I mean.” She guessed that Kazimir must have sworn some sort of oath when entering into the country’s military and although he had earned her trust tonight, the clever thief didn’t want to test the waters any further than that yet.  

When he took her hand and she pulled him out of the ground, the witty remark that followed caused a frown to climb across Nuala’s face, but it faded as quickly as it had appeared. Those were certainly questions for another time. The Voidling could soon no longer deny the fatigue that was overcoming her and as she dragged on, her body dug deeper into its resources of magical energy to sustain this form of hers – a form that gave her more endurance for the time being. “I will be alright,” Nuala had already turned around and readied herself to leave, but Kazimir’s words continued to make her wonder. “I can’t tell whether you are just a very trusting person, or if I’m the one being fooled here,” she said and shook her head in disbelief.

Nuala hadn’t expected a single thing from the Captain – ever. To think that their little trip off the rails might result into some sort of casual companionship was something she didn’t dare to think about yet however and so she decided that it was time to leave. Nuala disappeared into the night as swiftly and suddenly as she had appeared within his chambers just a few days ago.

– a few weeks later –

A little more than a fortnight had gone by since their last meeting. Nuala had spent her days in hiding, healing and recovering from her wounds of the battle, but also keeping a low profile in order not to provoke the Captain who know knew some many things about her and her wrongdoings. Nuala had not given him the benefit of the doubt and Kazimir had stayed true to his word nonetheless. It was completely out of character for Nuala to have her thoughts be so occupied by a single person, but she couldn’t help but wonder – what was the Captain doing? And why was he the way he was? And of course she hadn’t forgotten about the holy light he emitted that night, magical power of a different source as well has his wings. For a moment there, Nuala had been inclined to pluck one of his feathers just to see if they were real. Perhaps she would find out soon?

The Voidling had also spent some of her free time searching for what she believed would make for a proper gift for Kazimir; a little something to show her appreciation for his work. The sneak thief had acquired a particularly rare and unique blend of tea that hailed from her homeland Savannah. She hadn’t tasted it yet herself, but considering the lengths she had to go through to get her hands on it, it better be absolutely delicious or a certain merchant would come to suddenly disappear from the face of earth – forever.

Nuala took the door again, but this time around she knocked beforehand. The main reason for that was that she hadn’t seen (let alone shadowed) him for the past two to three weeks and had no clue what Kazimir was up to. If he had guests she didn’t want to be the one to disturb him and the things she wanted to talk about required privacy. The woman’s attire was much more casual this time around. Nuala wore a light, long sleeved, lavender midi dress and her hair was tied up in a braid that hung loosely over her left shoulder. A black coat sat on her shoulders and like this, the thief could by all means pass off as a proper and lawful civilian.

#34Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
The wind mage couldn't help but laugh at her way of dancing around the idea of theft. An acute practiced response. "Of course. My apologies. No crime in that," he said with a smirk knowing full well the truth but he wasn't about to press the issue and was content with just leaving it at that.

He tilted his head for a moment to the side, confused by the frown that came across her face. As it faded away he shrugged off the moment as something not serious or that would come about at a later time. Despite being in pain she claimed she was alright. A statement showed just how stubborn she was. She turned her back to leave as Kaz crossed his arms. "That's good."

"I'd say trusting. You don't seem like the foolish type and tricking people seems like a lot of extra work. Being honest and straight is just simpler for me,"
he replied with a shrug as she disappeared into the night.

Kaz made his long walk home, ready to collapse from the day's work.

-Three weeks Later-

Kaz had gone back to normal. After the battle with Baldanti he was promoted to Captain-Commander and for the time being, tasked with ensuring the safety of Crocus while all the dark mages were there. But soon he would be able to travel back to his home in Era.

Every so often a new report would come in or a crime bust would go off and he would wonder if it was Nuala again or not. But she was yet to show up in any of them. In some ways it was nice, perhaps it meant she was turning away from crime and had moved on to brighter things. On the other hand, he still had a great deal of questions for her.

Time went on and the mage's life was business as usual. As much as it could be right now. It had been another long day at work. he made his way back to his temporary apartment turned into an office now. Noyiah was out pulling a night patrol. They had to stagger shifts with the recent developments as things progressed.

Kaz closed his apartment door behind him and placed some folders into neat stacks of files. Giving a sigh he sat in a chair and looked out the window over the town where the sun had set. the streets were lit with lacrima.

He stood up and made his way to the stove with a growl of his stomach and lit the flames. He set the skillet onto and inside he poured in some pancake mix for his late-night snack. With a few flips they were finished and flopped onto his plate. His mouth was already watering as he grabbed the rich bottle of syrup.

He tilted the container of the deep maple brown liquid and was halted midway. The syrup barely touched the lip of the bottle when there was a knock at the door. "hm," he uttered softly. He set the bottle down and with narrowed eyes, he snuck over to the door and extended his senses to feel the vibration on the other side. It seemed to only be one person.

His hand grasped the doorknob, "What can I help you with," he said assuming that it was a knight coming for approval for an action, as was the case the past couple of weeks There was always a hint of caution with it as he could never be sure who it was after having disturbed one of the major crime organizations in the town.

Once Nuala would answer, Kaz would cheerfully reply, "Oh. come in." He unlocked the door and eased it open as he turned to head back toward the warm plate of food that awaited him. He left the door wide, for her to come in at her leisure.

"Thanks for knocking this time,"
he said as he scooped up the plate and dug a fork into one of them while leaning his but on the table, that was cluttered with paperwork.

"It's been a little while. Do you want a pancake?"
He asked as he took note of her far more laid back attire. Meanwhile, the wind mage was still in uniform.


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Blood On Stone [Kazimir] - Page 2 U8W6XVS

“It’s me,” Nuala simply responded to the Captain’s question. She assumed his memory would serve him well and that he would recognize her voice – and much to her delight he did. Nuala entered the room without hesitation and her eyes almost immediately began to wander around, scanning every corner of his home. “I come bearing gifts,” the Voidling said as her glance fell upon the table that had plenty of paperwork piled up on top of it.

Nuala was naturally curious, so when he offered her pancakes she, albeit noting that they did smell absolutely delicious, shook her head and handed him the bag of tea leaves instead. “It’s tea from my homeland, I figured you would appreciate it. As a thanks for helping me out.” Nuala assumed that the Captain would heat up the water and while he did that she sat down by his desk and began digging through the mountains of paperwork only to find nothing with her name on it. If he tried to interfere then she would simply wiggle him off.

After a while Nuala finally placed the paperwork down and leaned back in his chair; a heavy sigh escaped her lips and the Voidling closed her eyes for a moment. Whether Kazimir could tell or not she didn’t know, but when he decided to help her take care of her little problem, he had actually lifted a heavy weight off the woman’s shoulders and she felt relieved. “I wanted to thank you again, properly, for helping me. I’m leaving the capital soon, so I wanted to stop by to see how you were doing. By the way, did you ever manage to return all the stolen goods to their respective owners?” While she spoke with sincerity, the moment the thief mentioned the items he had retrieved and taken with him that night her words were followed up by a curious head tilt.

There was also something else on her mind, but she didn’t quite know how to approach that topic. Something about the Captain was off; she hadn’t noticed it when they were together in his home, but rather during the fight against the two witches. Nuala wasn’t well versed in the different types of magics that existed in this world, but being what she was, the Voidling did have some sort of sense that revealed to her that there was more to Kazimir than he let on. She also hadn’t forgotten about a very particular moment during their fight – a moment that had caused her not only to be distracted, but frozen in fear to the point in which her enemy had been able to counter attack.

Of course she also had noticed his reaction to her own transformation and thus Nuala figured that there were plenty of questions to be asked tonight.

“What exactly is the deal with you?”

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Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz opened the door with a smile knowing who it was. He was already walking back to his meal when he tilted his head at her mention of a gift. "Oh, that's not necessary. But thank you," he was a bit surprised at seeing a more gentle side of her but it was refreshing even in the time they had known one another.

He thought it amusing how intently she scanned the apartment. No much had changed aside from the amount of paperwork that she soon came to see. He grinned at the bag of tea,"Be careful you may actually become a softy," he joked back but his eyes showed genuine thanks. "Thank you. I'll put some on for us."

Making his way to the kitchen he filled a pot full of water and lit the stove. Waiting for it to get warm, he then put the teapot on and got the leaves ready. He peeked around the corner to see what his rogue companion was doing and cut her sifting through his paperwork. He opened his mouth to say something but stopped, realizing she could have just snuck in and read them anyway.

He closed his mouth, shaking his head and spoke, "Top drawer on the right," he said with a head nod towards the drawer next to where she sat and brought himself back to the tea. "That's where your file is." If she opened it to look it would be labeled classified and her name was under an Alias listing her involvement only as a confidential informant.

"Well, this is a good way to show it,"
he replied happily about the tea as the pot began to whistle. He brought out two cups and the tea strainer for the leaves and poured them each a cup. The smell caused the mage to close his eyes and waft it in towards his nose.

He brought the teacups into the living room and set one down for her and held the other in his hand. He brought it to his lips and blew away the top layer of heat before taking a sip. "This must have been hard for you to find. It's delicious."

"And yes, I sent a special operations team back in through the path we took a little later after apprehending someone on the street, who could take the blame for giving up the location. Then we got out more of the goods and shut the place down. You made a lot of people happy."

"Thanks for checking in on me. I'm fine. How are your injuries holding up," he said as he leaned a bit forward to see the places where she had been set on fire. "I still have some bandages around here,"

He was taking another sip of the tea when she dropped a bombshell of a question out of the blue. Kaz choked and spit some of the tea back in the cup mid-sip. "Hm, ugh," he muttered as he brought the cup away from his mouth and wiped the mess away with his sleeve.

"Uhm, well. You don't beat around the bush, do you?"
He replied with a semi-nervous chuckle.

"My deal,"
he repeated to himself. "I am very passionate about helping people. Sometimes I dirty my hands with things and need to make tough calls but that's part of the job. I don't mind criminals if," he was speaking more personally about their working together and once she said something or gave him a look he would realize what she was really asking.

"You mean that. I'll have a few questions for you too then,"
he said taking a breath and standing up. He paused to gauge the space in the room while his index finger tapped his lips. Closing his eyes for a moment he conjured up the ability.

His wings sprang to life almost touching the sides of the walls. A moment of wrath washed over the place and quickly faded as Kaz opened his eyes, all the indigo replaced with a white glow. He turned and walked toward the window. His wings brushing the air close to Nuala as he closed the blinds, then turned back to face her.

"I am one of the last of my kind. A nephilim given grace by a Seraphim. The Angel of Wrath,"
He said as he walked back towards the table. "Sorry if my sudden transformation distracted you in battle. Being a nephilim also means I have a strong compulsion to help and save good souls. Which is why I was worried that I'd blow our cover in there."

He stood in silence with his wings still out, waiting for the questions that may be coming before he asked her about herself.


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Blood On Stone [Kazimir] - Page 2 U8W6XVS

When Kazimir gave away the location of her file–she was a little shocked that he had one after all–Nuala didn’t hesitate; the Voidling pounced from the chair towards the drawer and quickly fiddled her way through the ungodly amount of paperwork that had been stashed away. “Do you really have to read through all of this?” She would say quietly, more to herself rather than to him directly. Much to her relief, once she had found the file Nuala learned that there was no proper, vital information about her kept within and he most likely used this as some sort of place holder – surely the authorities wouldn’t question a Captain of the Rune Knights any further than this anyways.

Nuala was distracted by her file for a while, but didn’t take all of her attention away from the windmage. Kazimir had been in the kitchen, brewing up the tea for both of them and her nose told her that it had been a good choice indeed. “Ah, yes. I would say so – two or three bodies is basic procedure in my line of business anyways, but for a few leafs of tea it sure does seem like a lot,” if Kazimir wasn’t in the room with her, he wouldn’t be able to see the mischief on her face. If she heard him halt in his movement, gasp or even peek into the living room, the Voidling would merely shake her head and laugh it off. “I’m kidding! I bought it from a merchant for a lot of money. If the tea is not good however, there’s still room to make up for money and time lost.” And she was dead serious about that.

The thief’s ears perked up when Kazimir elaborated on how each and every single item she (and others) had ever stolen and brought to that place in particular had been retrieved and returned to their respective owners. An even larger grin now found its way onto Nuala’s face and she wiggled around in her seat with excitement. “So you’re saying everything I have ever stolen–and gotten paid for–is exactly where I initially took it from?” The woman was no longer mincing words with him. If this was true then perhaps there were more job opportunities for her to be had within the capital after all.  

The Captain had returned to the room by now and offered her a cup of tea, which she happily accepted. “Thank you, and yes. My wounds are healing well, they are no longer bothering me.” Of course this wasn’t entirely true, but Nuala saw no reason for her to admit to weakness in this moment. Her entire body was bandaged up like a mummy and the sole reason for her choice of attire–a wide, long sleeved dress–was so that she could move around comfortable without cloth rubbing against her sore spots.  

Nuala took a sip of tea as the Captain went on about what a good person he was and what life as a knight was like. She didn’t care about any of that of course, but she knew that some people were slower than others and so the Voidling curled up in her seat, pulled her knees close to her body and patiently nipped on her tea, waiting for Kazimir to catch on. His nervous chuckle and hiccup gave away that the situation was about to shift to a more serious tone, although Nuala didn’t know how far this applied to him–she had no clue about what exactly he was after all.

This time around it was Nuala’s turn to spill some of the tea. Once again a pair of beautiful (and absurdly large) wings spread from his back across the entire width of the room. The woman quickly placed her cup onto the table, climbed over said table and walked over to him so she could see the feathers up close. In all her years she had seen many strange creatures, but an angel – she had never seen anything like that. “A Nephilim,” a mixture of awe and confusion laced Nuala’s words as she reached out to touch the feathers. They were warm. “I have never heard of anything like that before. An Angel – you are an Angel?” She stared for another moment before shaking her head in disbelief. “No, that can’t be true. If that’s true then you and I truly are from opposite places of this world.”

Nuala repeated the words ‘Angel’ and ‘Nephilim’ a few more times; she quietly muttered them to herself while giving his feathers a little push here and there – they bounced back every time. After a while the Voidling had enough. If this was truly what he was, as opposed to human, then she had to put him to the test. Without a warning, Nuala slid her right hand underneath three of his feathers and plucked them all out. If he yelped or protested she would simply turn her back on him and keep a close eye on what she was now holding in her hands. If the feathers were merely a creation of magic, then they would surely dissolve into sparks of magical energy once they had been severed from their source of mana.

But his feathers weren’t going anywhere.

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Kazimir Seiryu
"Nah, I actually got promoted again, so most of that is just busy work and putting my signature on things. Luckily,"He said with a light laugh. That kind of work really wasn't up his alley.

"What?" Kaz replied startled at her implication that bodies had been dropped to provide the leaves. He peeked his head around the corner of the kitchen wall to see her. His eyes laced with a hint of confusion and concern. He breathed a sigh of relief when she laughed it off as a joke. The tension in his shoulders left, "Oh good. I hoped I was right about you and you weren't the random murdering type," he said with a smile that turned to a half frown and a cocked eyebrow at her following statement if the tea wasn't good.

"Well, then I'm sure he has nothing to worry about,"
Kaz said reassuringly as he turned back to finish the tea.

Kaz sighed again as he walked in on her glee for theft, "You know Nuala you are really talented you could use those skills for something a little less illegal. Or at least stick to rubbing gangsters and criminals," he said as he handed her the tea.

"I'd hate to have to arrest you one day," he said with a joking smile, hoping that would never be the case. "You know the knights hire outside talent for jobs if money is your aim."

Once Nuala had gotten comfortable in the chair he knew he was on a tangent about something she was just waiting on to get to what she really wanted to know. "Uh,"he muttered at Nual's reaction of climbing over the table and touching his feathered wings. He revealed himself so rarely he forgot how people would react to it.

He just watched her as she took in all the information and turned to disbelief. "technically a Nephilim. Human given some of the grace of an angel. It happened during the demonic incursions when Angel's were coming down to fight the demons." He said it but he didn't change the fact that he was no longer human even if he felt like he was.

He took another sip of the tea as she wrapped her mind around it. "This tea is incredible by the way. Some of the best I've had. Thank you," he said partly because he had been distracted by the conversation to mention it and partly to splash something normal into what was happening. But when she mentioned they were from different places Kaz tilted his head to the side, his chin coming out slightly. "What? What do you mean? Are you saying...You're a demon?"He questioned with a rising tone in his voice, one from intrigue and surprise, not hostility. He had met a demon before and Nuala was very much, unlike that person.

But even still if her implication was true...could she really be a demon. What would the odds have been for that to be their encounter? His eyes naturally wandered over to examine the markings on her face.

For a moment she still seemed transfixed on the wings and pushed on them. Kaz gave them a small flap as she pushed them the second time. Showing her more that they were indeed real. He gave her a moment as she repeated the words back. All the while he was thinking about what her journey was is what she also said was true.


Suddenly she had snatched out three feathers, causing Kaz to quietly shout, "Hey!".

"You know that doesn't hurt but it definitely feels uncomfortable," he replied with a wiggle of his wings to shake off the odd feeling of the sudden loss and retracted them so the folded up and rest on his back.

"Sooo...That's me. And I believe it's your turn now," he replied and took another sip of his tea. Still curious about if she believed him and what her response was going to be.


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Blood On Stone [Kazimir] - Page 2 U8W6XVS

She let her fingers stroke the golden feathers; they felt warm and soft, still pulsating with magical energy as she held them in her small hands. The Voidling’s amethyst eyes sparkled with a beautiful, bright hue, reflecting the light Kazimir’s feathers radiated. “Strange,” whispered Nuala and the words she spoke were laced with an emotion reminiscent of sadness and nostalgia – they left her lips almost reluctantly. “In all those years in which I have roamed these lands, I have never seen anything quite like it.” Nuala decided to keep the feathers and she knew that Kazimir wouldn’t take them from her again. “Thank you,” she said and gave him a rare smile. “I will bring these with me on my next great heist as my lucky charms.” The Nephilim’s feathers were secured away beneath her dress and within her many bandages and she returned to her seat as he demanded for the conversation to continue – and that it was her turn to speak now.

Nuala had only spoken about her creation in detail twice in her life – to the man who had rehabilitated her and to the man who had taught her thievery and assassination, both of which secured her survival on earthland. “I’m most certainly not a demon,” she laughed and reached for her cup of tea to take a sip. Luckily it was still warm. “My existence is far less noble than yours, very much like my motives and ideals I suppose.” Nuala placed the cup aside; if she had been staring at him before, unable to turn her gaze away from the beauty of his transformation, she was avoiding him now. The Voidling’s eyes caught focus on random object within his room instead.

“I was born human like you, but when I was twelve years old a rift opened within the earth and I fell inside.” And so Nuala began to tell her story. It was a lengthy one, much longer than his brief explanation of how his Nephilim Soul came to be, but if she had to speak her truth, she would speak all of it. Nuala told him about the void and what she thought it meant in relation to the Abyss. About how it was related to it, but also different – darker and filled with primal and primitive monsters that hunted her for years and years until she finally grew stronger and was able to survive. “When I had matured into an adult woman I was finally able to gain some sort of power myself – in exchange for a human body.” If Kazimir sat on the other end of the table by the time their conversation had reached this point, she would lean over, take his hand and gently place it onto her chest, where no heartbeat could be felt.

Within moments, Nuala’s body transformed – the armour-like skin crept over her body and covered her the very same way it had done during their shared adventure weeks ago. The marks on her face radiated a faint glow and slowly but surely, he would begin to feel a heartbeat within her chest. “That heart is not my own. I live in symbiosis with a creature of the void – in exchange for superhuman strength and immortality, I gave my body away.” She let go of his hand and dismissed the transformation in order to sit back down. “I was able to survive, fight back and eventually find my way back to the face of earth.” Nuala lifted up her cup of tea, flashed him a dry smile and finished her drink.

“I can’t believe it’s been so long already,” she chuckled and shook her head in disbelief. As a child, Nuala never thought she would live this long, nor did her parents. To think that over seven decades later she would be sharing a cup of tea with some sort of angel by her side would have been unbelievable if she wasn’t living it in this very moment. “That’s my story. And before you ask – yes, I have done plenty of research on whether there are similar cases out there. I found a few history books in Savannah referring to me as ‘Voidling’, but I have never been able to find anyone with the same fate as me.”

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Kazimir Seiryu
He continued to wait for her. Keeping note of all her little reactions to it. The wind mage scratch his cheek, hearing her talk about the rarity of his species. "It's not that big of a deal,"he said. For him, he had only recently accepted that part of himself and there were still feelings of resentment in the manner to which he was changed.

Her smile was truly a sight to see. Like some mythical occurrence once in a lifetime. His brows lowered in a calm expression at the sentiment. "You're welcome," he replied, having no concern now that she had plucked them. He heard lucky charm and smiled before the word heist set in and turned the smile into a lopsided grin, "You know. I'd rather not my feathers be used to bring luck to crime,"he shook his head, still holding that same grin and knowing that nothing was going to stop her. And even so, he found it endearing.

When she said she wasn't a demon, Kaz sat down and chuckled alongside her. But his eyes betrayed an even deeper curiosity if that was the case. She looked away and he worried that she felt ashamed of what she was. "Well, Angels and Nephilim have not always acted nobly. That's seen in this past war," he said as he too looked away and ran his hand over the top of the teacup before looking back at Nuala when she began to speak again.

he shook his head, in pain at hearing about how young she was when the void took her. An unimaginable fate for anyone to live through. To think she fought her way all the way back here and is making a life for herself was incredible. He leaned forward on the table, taking in every detail of the harrowing journey she described. A nightmare landscape to live in. To think, while they were battling demons up here, people were suffering in the pits of the abyss. It only fueled Kaz's frustration toward people being stuck in the problems of otherworlds.

His eyes narrowed in curiosity as she spoke about an exchange of the human body. It made her existence all the more puzzling to him. Then she leaned forward and Kaz simply sat as she took his hand and placed it where her beating heart should have been. He looked into her eyes and thought about the first time that they met. "So you spent all those years down there. I'm so sorry. And your heart its..." he didn't want to say the words or rather he was cut off by the appearance of a hard outer shell that consumed her body.

His eyes moved from one part of her to the next, seeing the shell covering over her. His eyes flashing wider as he felt a sudden heartbeat. "But...How?" he asked and the explanation was more complicated than he would have thought. He took his other hand and touched poked one of the markings on her face, just to know. Despite its appearance and glow it felt no different.

"So this is not your body? Do you communicate with the creature?"
He couldn't help but ask and hope that it wouldn't bring up too many harsh memories.

She released his hand and as quickly as she had transformed, she was back to a normal state. Kaz watched the outer shell dissipate and disappear like it was never there. "I've never seen anything like you in all of my travels," he said using her words back to her as he fully returned to his seat. A mixture of sadness that she was forced into that situation and amazement at what she was.

He lifted his tea to sip it but set it back down without even touching it to his lips. "How long had it been? And I'm sorry you had to go through something so traumatic. And to think you fought your way out and made it here. That is amazing. And the transformation itself is too." He didn't know where to begin, from the glowing markings to the hard outer shell and symbiotic component.

"A Voidling...First I've ever heard of it,"
he said sitting away from the table and with his arms resting on his upper legs with a slight lean.

"Can I...I mean...The outer shell. What's it made of? How hard is it?
She had shared something difficult with the mage and with her chuckle he took it that she had come to terms with it. Keeping that energy he tried to keep it easy and dove into a few questions.


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Blood On Stone [Kazimir] - Page 2 U8W6XVS

Kazimir’s response to Nuala’s revelation was as she anticipated. The kind Nephilim saw no wrongs, nothing evil nor bad in her existence and if he did he did a wonderful job of keeping it to himself. When he poked her forehead, the Voidling, caught by surprise, squeaked and pulled away from his touch. “Those are just marks,” Nuala exclaimed and for a moment there, the woman sounded almost offended. “I have them everywhere on my body. They serve no purpose other than to set me apart from humans.” And that was the truth.

It came as no surprise that the Captain asked questions beyond what she had given away and inquired about her transformation, the symbiosis and of course how old she was. Nuala had emptied her cup of tea by now and pulled away from the male to search for the right words. “It’s my body still, but transformed – I don’t communicate with it, it’s not sentient like that, but neither of us can be separated from one another. I can channel this power of mine like a weapon at my own command in order to survive.” To be frank, Nuala had overpowered the creature living inside of her many years ago, while she was still trapped within the abyss. It spoke or reached out to her, but the mutual desire to survive the void had been enough to tie them together for all eternity. And she could live with that.

“It’s been..” hesitating for a moment, Nuala counted the decades down on her fingers. “It’s been almost seventy years since I fell into the void.” To a human this was very much a whole lifetime, but to Nuala those seventy years had gone by far too quickly for her to get ahold of anything in her past. “And I was trapped inside the void for.. I think thirty or forty years? I’m not quite sure anymore – some of it is still a blur and I can’t seem to remember properly.” Nuala’s eyes became blank. She didn’t feel comfortable telling him everything yet, but the truth was that the first few years after her return to earthland had been more awful than the abyss could have ever been. Luckily Kazimir seemed to care more about the shell that covered her and Nuala was happy to show it to him again.

“I don’t know what it’s made of, but it’s not impenetrable. It’s sturdy and protects me well, but I have gotten stabbed and even impaled before and my second skin bleeds with me everytime.”

Nuala activated her ability once more, but this time it would only cover her arms all the way up to her elbows. She clenched her fists and offered him both her hands in case he wanted to inspect them further. Should he indeed choose to do so, he would note that a Voidling’s second skin felt cold, but not lifeless. Most of it was greyish blue in colour, with a few purple tints here and there and visible glowing markings that resembled those on her face.

“What about you, Captain? Does your Nephilim blood grant you immortality as well?”

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Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz retracted his hand at her abrupt response, "My apologies. That was uncalled for," he said sincerely. He let his hand rest back onto the table. Interesting, just something to mark her as different from humans. "Just like the glow in my eyes then. They also serve no purpose." he then let out a short laugh, "I guess heaven or the abyss. Otherworldy forces have a similar gimmick."

His question caused her to pull away and he knew that he was probing for a lot of information but she didn't seem offended by anything other than when he poked her on the forehead to check the mark. It was impressive that she was in a state of symbiosis and could conjure it at will, whenever she desired. It made it all the more interesting and again was much like him. He too could conjure more of the diving presence when he needed it.

Kaz watched with a cocked brow as she counted the time on her fingers. Completely unaware of what timeframe she was counting in but he assumed it to be yearly given how young she looked. "OH," was the first word to escape his lips as she said seventy and he set down his teacup nearly abandoning it.

"You look so young. That must mean you've stopped physically aging as well," he sat back in his chair now with his legs crossed and brows furrowed in thought. There seemed to be more similarities between the two otherworldy places than he thought. "It's hard to imagine. The struggle you must have gone through for all that time. Maybe it's best that its a blur now." He could see her discomfort rise and knew it was time to shift gears a little bit. That most have been a long and lonely time. It began to make more sense why she chose such a loner profession and lifestyle but he didn't bring that up.

Uncrossing his legs and leaning forward, he grabbed her wrists carefully as she offered them. He listened to her explanation while looking at her arms as intently as one would read a book. He lightly squeezed her fist to get a feel of the outer shell. It was cold but there was life to it still. "Impressive. And it bleeds with you? How does it fair against magic?" He asked as he still looked over the carapace but let her hands go.

As expected she then asked him more about himself. "Ah, so it is not just an expanded life for you. It's immortality?" he said as she gave him more answers about her in her question about him.

"No. Being a Nephilim gives me an expanded lifespan. I'll live for another two hundred years and not age."
He reached up to the collar of his shirt and pulled it down a few inches to reveal the scar of a deep gash in his chest from a sword.

"I was investigating the church and an Angel descended on me and my partner. It attacked us and ran me through with a sword. As I was dying, the angel flooded my soul with grace creating me into a Nephilim. He said he had a plan for us and then disappeared. It's been a year and I've only seen him one other time." He didn't seem too bothered talking about it, but there was a hint of frustration in his eyes.

"There are only a handful of people that know about that. But you shared a lot with me. And well," he pulled his shirt back and readjusted it. "From one non-human to another."


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Blood On Stone [Kazimir] - Page 2 U8W6XVS

“If my memory serves me right, I must have been in my early twenties when I entered the symbiosis. That’s when I stopped aging.”

Nuala had never thought much about age; being alive for over seventy years certainly had given her enough time to learn a thing or two about this world, but as far as she was concerned it never truly affected her but in one simple way: slowly, everyone around her would die. If she made friends, they would pass away after their lifetime had gone by and no matter what, she would always end up alone again. This world in particular had proven to be especially cruel to her by taking someone she had loved from her way before his time – but that story was for another night.

“Not well,” she responded to his question in regards to how well she did against magic. “I hesitated in coming to this country due to its large population of wizards and witches, because magic gives me a difficult time. It’s faster than me, stronger than me and it hurts. There’s not much I can do about it either.” Nuala’s voice hinted at frustration and it was true that the rogue struggled to find footing in a world filled with people more powerful than her. The Void had been a breeze compared to this.

With that, the thief came to a sudden halt and her eyes widened in shock. She hadn’t even realized how easily she spoke about her weakness while sitting with a person she barely knew. When his hands were on hers, Nuala grabbed Kazimir and squeezed him – gently enough not to harm him, but firmly enough to show her physical superiority. “But that doesn’t mean I’m helpless against your kind.” She let go of him almost immediately. This wasn’t meant as a threat, but rather as a reminder that a rogue was not to be messed with, especially if they could become invisible.

As their conversation continued through the night, Nuala also learned more about what it was like to be a Nephilim and she was surprised to hear that angels did in fact die from old age. “That’s the irony of life,” she said and at least her mood seemed to brighten a bit. “All that struggle and all that power only to die like a mortal one day.” She couldn’t say that she could relate – nor did she know how to explain her immortality to him. If she hadn’t aged in seventy years, why would she suddenly start aging now? It was a simple concept to her and for as long as she kept herself alive, she would continue to live – regardless of how much time passed.

When Kazimir pulled his shirt back to reveal a gash on his chest, the Voidling’s eyes became a little rounder. The wound itself looked painful and while she was intrigued, the story he told her made the woman lean back in her chair and laugh out loud. Nuala’s braid loosened and strands of dark hair fell into her face. “This is why you should stay away from churches and religion – they really are up to no good!” And she meant it. She found it comical how Kazimir, clearly upset by the fact that some angel had dared to inconvenience his life by granting him unspeakable power and an extended lifespan and didn’t even bother to explain themselves.

“I appreciate your honesty. I learned a lot today.”

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Kazimir Seiryu
She definitely looked every bit of in her twenties and not the near one hundred that she actually was. It was odd to stop aging and he could relate to that. He rarely thought about the idea of all the people that would age around him, while he remained young in appearance.

It was a fair fear to have. Magic was a mischievous and hard to deal with art. But he couldn't help but chuckle a bit, "Magic may be hard to deal with but you seemed to fare well against those wizards with the crime lord. I'm sure your raw power strikes fear into the minds of many mages," he said the last part without any sarcasm. He meant it. Anyone that could close the distance on a mage and keep the pressure on, had a good advantage.

She quickly turned the tables and squeezed Kaz's hands. His knee jerk reaction was to pull away but she held him firm but not harmful, and proclaimed her strength. He simply smiled back, "Nuala. You don't need to try and display dominance or a show of strength around me. I know full well what you are capable of." He then gave a coy grin, "But, I'm pretty light on my feet, so you'd have to catch me first."He didn't know what all she had up her sleeve and but it seemed she was not used to displays of weakness or vulnerability. Something he'd imagine she had become accustomed to avoiding.

Kaz shrugged one shoulder at the thought of death and took another long sip of the tea. "Even the fiercest winds eventually yield. But while I am here I will do what I can." Kaz had given little thought to his long life. For him, he always assumed he would die by the hands of violence before old age would take him. He always seemed to put himself in harm's way and went out to face danger. The thought of living long was nice, but with the constant threat of quests, missions, demons, and criminals...it was other ways to pass away that was more likely in his mind. But he wouldn't share something so bleak and hoped for a long life.

Kaz's jaw crept open as Nuala began to laugh at what he could only assume was his pain and his story. But when she spoke, the wind mage couldn't help but lean back in laughter too, at the absurdity of it all. "Yeah. I suppose you can't trust the church after all," he said between laughs.

"So, with such a long life...Is there anything you haven't been able to do yet, that you've always wanted to? I'm sure you've seen some amazing things as a world-renown thief. You must see life and struggle as such a blink of an eye." As she began to respond, Kaz stood up to pour some more tea into her cup.


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Blood On Stone [Kazimir] - Page 2 U8W6XVS

When Kazimir laughed alongside her, it felt as though the Voidling and the Nephilim were warming up to each other at last. He was goal-driven as far as she could tell; he had ideals and a clear definition of what was good and even though she had a feeling that not all of that was as pure as it appeared to be, she had no doubt that the person in front of her was kind-hearted – and that he would never cause harm to anyone without a good reason.

He poured her some more of the delicious tea and she gratefully accepted. The question he asked her while preparing her cup had her thinking in silence for a while. As far as Nuala could remember, her goal had always been survival. She wanted to live, regardless of the circumstances or reasons – she simply wanted to live. It was something that was most likely imprinted into her due to the incident of falling into the void and having to fight for survival for so many years. “I don’t know,” the woman eventually admitted and lifted up her teacup, swirling it around very softly and watching as the dark liquid twirled around and nearly swept over the edge.

“I enjoy travelling and there’s plenty of castles I haven’t raided yet, tombs and temples I haven’t discovered yet and many secrets the world has yet to reveal to me. But outside of that, not really. All I know is that I can’t die, because I don’t know what’s waiting for me on the other side. And if there even is another side for me after all of this.”

Nuala’s words, albeit spoken with relative ease, weighted heavily on her heart. There was no hiding the fact that her life had always been lonely and while she’d grown accustomed to that, she didn’t enjoy being reminded of how everyone else lived knowing that eventually, all the pieces would fall together and if they passed away from old age, they would most certainly do so in peace. She didn’t have that sense of security. As an immortal, Nuala would never die from old age. And she knew that when her death came, it would most certainly be violent, painful and against her will.

“And you? Are you good because..you are good, or because the Seraphim who created you told you to be good?”

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Kazimir Seiryu
The laughter died down naturally when he asked the next question. Once he finished pouring the tea he took the pot back to place it on the stove. He pursed his lips as she said she didn't know. It was hard for him to imagine what would bring her joy after something so traumatic. He would have wanted to do it all and maybe she already had and there was nothing new left to experience.

His spirits lifted a bit when she gave a list of things left undone. "The thrill of adventure is something worth chasing. I came here because I love to travel. But," he smirked and sat back down across from her. "Maybe leave the castle raiding alone." he joked for a moment and then gave more thought to her answer. About discovering tombs and temples. Things long forgotten about. He thought it interesting that she was immortal and yet all her desires were about things of the past. Something he chose not to bring up, at least not yet. After all, they did sound like fun activities.

"All those things would be exciting. I imagine if you're going to look for treasure and reward, those places are a good start. As for the afterlife. Yeah,"
he started and then looked towards the window.

"I don't know what happens to a Nephilim after we die either. All we can do is live,"
he said raising his teacup in the air and then taking a sip as he brought his attention back to her. The woman in front of him was very reflective. A long life may give a person time to contemplate. They both just kept on moving in a world that was no longer their own.

"That's a good question," he replied, setting his tea down and crossing his arms in thought.

"Well. I was always good. I was good before I changed. Actually I think of done more questionable things since getting my grace. I think its a bit of both, but really, most of the time its things that I would do anyway. Save someone, face a threat. But... the line does get blurry sometimes. As to how much of it is me and how much is the Seraphim.. But I can do what I want. I would just risk losing my abilities,"
 his lip curled up in the corner, thinking about it he closed his eyes for a moment before looking back at her. "But I still feel like me and since we cast out angels and demons from our realm. I've felt my connection with him weaken tremendously."

"And you. Does anything ever impact your mind or the way you think because of the transformation?"

He kept talking about it and told her whatever she wanted to know about what it was to be a Nephilim and the abilities that came with it. They talked through the night about who they were and eventually somehow ended up arm wrestling to which Kaz ended with a nasty bump on his head.



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Blood On Stone [Kazimir] - Page 2 U8W6XVS

Nuala noticed how each time she hinted at a crime, Kazimir chastised her. Gently, of course, and without much pressure, but the need to speak up was there. She found that to be quite interesting. Of course the Voidling didn’t understand (yet) how being a Nephilim, an angel’s grace and all those things worked together but she noticed that he seemed to be content with telling her ‘no’, while simultaneously not doing anything to actually stop her from committing potentially more crimes.

When he spoke about his grace and explained how he thought it affected him, the thief couldn’t help but to muster a chuckle. “You are doing something questionable right now,” she said, referring to their current meeting and the events that had led them to meet in the first place. The Captain continued to speak about his meeting with the angel and how it affected his alignment and his deeds and the Voidling could only wonder what the point of all of it had been.

“What’s the point of having powers, if you can’t use them according to your own wishes?” Nuala’s voice was only a murmur – she knew for a fact that if she were to be in his position, she would be very annoyed. “No, nothing. I’m my own person. I always have been and I always will be.” Being stuck in a nightmarish realm for four decades sort of did that to you. Nuala’s will was unbreakable and she would never be forced to do anything she didn’t want to.

Or so she thought.

For now, however, their conversation would continue through the night and remain peacefully throughout all moments. The Captain had a lot of interesting things to share and the Voidling was willing to give up a few more secrets of her own here and there, even if it was just to keep the flow going. If Nuala, at this point, had known where all of this would lead to, she probably would have just left after the second cup of tea.


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