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Blood On Stone [Kazimir]

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Blood On Stone [Kazimir] U8W6XVS

Nuala clenched her fists until her knuckles turned white; fat droplets of blood poured from the wound in her shoulder and onto the cold stone floor. With wild eyes, the Voidling stared down the man who stood by the hearth fire – the one who wouldn’t even look at her. ”You set me up,” the woman breathed with great difficulty and even though her words came out raspy, her voice did not shake from fear or pain, but anger instead.”I could have died in there, I could have–,” Nuala wanted to continue, but he shut her down with a simple, dismissive gesture. ”And perhaps you should have. I no longer require your services, and I suggest that, for your own safety, you stray away from Crocus from now on. Your kind is no longer welcome here.” His words were like another knife, but this one cut much, much deeper. Nuala the Voidling had experienced many human emotions on this day, but none of them could compete with the rage that was now building up inside of her. But rather than lashing out, the woman merely turned to leave.

“The only thing that can save you now is time,” she hissed, “and no amount of money can buy you back the time you’ve just lost.”

Two weeks had passed since then.

Two weeks during which Nuala had been licking her wounds and brooding over her revenge plan. Taking down an entire underground organization of crime was by no means an easy task, especially when you were the only person on your team, but the female thief had no choice but to redeem herself in the eyes of every other potential client – she had to prove herself by showing that she was a force to be reckoned with.

Nuala had reconsidered her plan many times and ultimately come to a conclusion – being bullied out of Crocus by a greedy crime lord was not an option and rather than allowing this to run her out of resources, perhaps it could give her a shot at obtaining some new ones instead. Nuala had never come into close contact with the Rune Knights and there wasn’t much she knew about them either; they were, by all means, a bunch of lawful idiots protecting the country and its grateful citizens.

Rumor has it, however, that a Captain was currently visiting the holy capital. Nuala had done her research – a Captain was of higher rank than the majority of knights she had run into thus far, and they were quite rare as well. Protecting the city of Crocus was one of their many duties and surely this one would be thrilled to have an informant tell him about all the illegal things that were going on in a very particular part of the town.

The Captain was going to grant Nuala an audience within the privacy of his chambers, away from prying eyes and eavesdropping pages. To maintain secrecy, not even he himself would know about this meeting until it was time to begin. Once her injury allowed it, Nuala had scouted the area in which she had spotted the Captain and trailed him throughout the days.

It was evening when Nuala picked the lock to his apartment and swiftly slithered inside, closing the door behind her. The Captain himself hadn’t arrived yet and so the Voidling was left with a little bit more time to think about what exactly she wanted to say to him when he came home.

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Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz had had a long day. A long week to be precise. Since coming to Crocus it was one hefty ordeal after another. He looked forward to a quiet night in. The sun was already beginning to set and he was rounding up the end of his patrol. The knights had all turned in their reports with not much to show. It was a silent evening, which was logical given the sheer amount of knights in the area.

He had heard some whispers though of crime flourishing in the underparts of the city. It was a thought that unnerved him. One that he would like to stamp out but he just didn't have the time to launch into a full-scale investigation given how much was being pulled away because of the festivities and all the dark guild mage's being allowed to come into town. As a captain now, since the King invited them all in for the festival, Kaz called for a two-day hold on any bounties or warrants they may have. He wanted everything to go over smooth enough but needed to keep an eye on them if they were plotting something.

But that would all have to wait until tomorrow. He walked up the snow-covered steps to his temporary apartment. It was one rented out for him during his stay here. The key slid in effortlessly and he gave it a turn. Something ran up his spin like a shiver. An odd sensation, that caused him to pause with the door only creaked open a few inches.

He shook his head and dismissed it as silliness. Jitters from being in a new place perhaps. He opened the door and stepped inside the cozy place. He wasn't one for lavish living so requested a small place with a single bedroom.

Just as he swung the door wide he saw the figure of a person in his home. His eyes narrowed but the person made no immediate movements. If they were here to attack him they would have done so already. Without taking his eyes off the person, he closed the door but kept it unlocked.

"Oh," he responded without much surprise in his voice but more suspicion. Instinctively a gentle breeze billowed through the room and gathered around Kaz. He made no sudden movements but was ready to do battle if the woman charged.

"Well you haven't attacked me yet, so you're either a very honorable assassin or here for something else. Either way...would you like some tea,"
he offered as he walked into the kitchen to start a pot. He made sure to keep a safe distance from them and an eye out the whole time.

If she was an assassin, something about it would be far more simple to deal with than unraveling a more complicated reason behind the person's presence. Either way, something about this woman spelled trouble. But that could be said for anyone that breaks into a home. "So which is it," he asked as the water began to heat.


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Blood On Stone [Kazimir] U8W6XVS

When the Captain entered the building, Nuala could hear his footsteps coming closer; she heard him walk through the corridors and approach his chambers at a reasonable, almost cozy pace and when the door clicked, the female thief turned towards him and flashed him a shy smile. He seemed surprised and not immediately threatened by her presence. She noticed the breeze that blew through the room even though there were no open windows – neither in here, nor in the hallway. Wizards were a strange kind. He was quite handsome from up close, although Nuala couldn’t help but notice that he appeared to be somewhat stoic.

Hopefully he wouldn’t decline her request for his assistance.

“If I had been hired to assassinate you,” Nuala spoke and followed him into the kitchen, “I would have assaulted you on your way to Crocus.” The smile on her lips turned bland. “It’s much easier to dispose of a body in the woods.” Truth be told, although the Voidling could be hired as an assassin, she rarely took those jobs. There were often very personal and she found the hatred between humans senseless.

“Tea sounds great.”

After looking him up and down, Nuala noticed how uncomfortable the Captain was in her presence after all, so she politely gave him some space by returning to the living room facilities, where she took her cloak off and seated herself by the table. Nuala wore human clothes, and if anything seemed off about her, it could only be the purple marks on her face. Those were for him to interpret however he liked.

The Voidling allowed herself to lower her guard – just a little bit, of course – but lower nonetheless. Rune Knights often had some sense of honor and frankly, for him to backstab her at the first chance seemed very unlike something a Captain would do. This was his house and they were in the middle of the city – theoretically speaking, Nuala posed no threat to him here. “There is something I want to speak to you about,” she said, raising her voice a bit so that he could hear her from where he was. “And I think you will be quite interested in what I have to say.” When the water started boiling, she decided to wait until he arrived with the tea before she continued.

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Kazimir Seiryu
She followed him into the kitchen and Kaz kept a careful eye on her. As she had stepped closer he was able to catch some of the markings on her face and that she was a fairly young woman. Her quick and rational explanation finally brought a smile to his face. The tenseness in his shoulders seemed to fade along with the wind from the apartment, "Well then I'm glad I lived to make it here and that you're here for another reason. Guess I'll get the good tea now,"he joked but did grab a new bag of tea. He cleared his throat at her next statement, "You know it's a bold thing to say something like that to a knight after having broken into their apartment," he replied but it wasn't any kind of threat. Just a light-hearted response aimed to lighten the mood.

She scanned him up and down and moved away towards the table. She removed her cloak and sat down. Someone who was certainly at ease with themselves but it didn't bother Kaz any more than just the sudden surprise of the visit. He heated the water as quickly as he could, then grabbed two cups and set them on small plates with a gentle clink.

At her mention of needing to talk, Kaz would lean to the side and peek his head around the frame of the door that separated the kitchen from the dining room, where she sat. "Lemon or not," he asked and leaned back away only to poke his head back out again, "And of course. I'm sure you have a good reason for breaking into my home. And I'll need to ask you how you did that later," he added with squinted eyes and the lack of security.

The water boiled and he blended the tea together before walking it out. He placed one in front of her and paused for a moment to look at the markings on her face. "hm," he let out and moved over to his seat. "Not often I meet someone with similar hair color," he replied as he looked at his own bangs, then took a sip of his tea.

Whatever she came here for, had to be important to go through all of this. "Alright then. What can I help you with?" he asked and blew the steam from the top of his tea to cool it.


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Blood On Stone [Kazimir] U8W6XVS

“I didn’t break in,” Nuala’s voice now carried a hint of amusement; her words could almost be considered playful banter. “I came through the same door as you, Captain. And I’ll take some lemon, please.” While the Rune Knight was still inside his kitchen, the woman could be caught gazing out of the window. She could see through the darkness, although there wasn’t much for her to spot around this time of the day – most of the citizens had fled the night into the safety of their homes and even though Crocus was one of the most well populated cities in the country, it would become quiet at night even here.

When he returned with the tea and placed a cup in front of her, Nuala thanked him with a simple nod while returning his gaze. He pointed out her hair colour and she seemed to be surprised at that. Although the Voidling had taken in his appearance many times throughout the last few days, this was something she hadn’t actively noticed and most likely dismissed as irrelevant. Nuala had been born with raven hair, but ever since the Void it had taken on a more vibrant colour – without a doubt to match the rest of her uncommon looks.

“The reason I came to your house,” she began to shuffle around in her seat as she spoke, almost as if she was getting a little nervous, “is because I believe this matter is best handled as a private one.” In this moment, Nuala fiddled out a small piece of paper that had two names written upon it. She slid it across the table and towards him, before placing the palm of her hand closely to the warm cup of tea. During all of this, the arm connected to Nuala’s injured right shoulder hung limp by the side of her body.

“Corruption is a common tool of most major military forces in this world,” as the woman continued to speak, her eyes looked up and locked with his. “I have been so bold as to assume that you, Captain, are not affected by this yet. You seem to be fairly young after all.” Her words held no blame and no mocking undertone; it was impossible for him to guess, but Nuala had been alive for well over seven decades already. He looked young to her in every possible way. But that didn’t mean that she didn’t consider him capable enough – it was quite the opposite, actually.

“Those are the names of two crime lords, and I believe they are partnered. There’s quite the amount of crime organisations located beneath the city’s streets, but you would have guessed as much already. For personal reasons I hold grudges and wish to have these two in particular eliminated. You will be doing me as much of a favour as you will to the city. Are you willing to assist?”

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Kazimir Seiryu
Her response elicited an eyebrow raise, 'oh you didn't,' was what he thought but didn't say. "You may have come through the same door, but I bet we used different means," he answered back with a small almost inaudible amused huff. He placed the lemon wedge on the lip of her cup of tea and brought them out.

Despite his comment about her appearance and the clear attention he paid to the markings on her face she was unphased by it and simply moved on. Something he would cycle back to later if it meant anything. With the way she dressed, looked, carried herself, and decided to appear inside a captain's home, the woman most certainly had an interesting background. And no doubt one that meant trouble for the young captain.

She jumped to business and began to shuffle in her seat. Kaz put his teacup down and leaned his forearms on the table, so he could give his full attention. The more she spoke the more he began to see the web she was ready to weave. "Don't worry. If there is crime to be dealt with then I'll be there," he said more so to ease her nerves as he put two fingers on the paper and slid it across the table to himself. He flipped the paper over and it only read with two names.

He noted the injured arm hanging at her side. "A private one. As in you're also wrapped up in this,"he wasn't judging but meant it as a simple inquiry before she continued.

His eyes narrowed for a moment when she mentioned corruption in the military. He tapped his thumb on his wrist. It was something all too near to him and a sad and true fact about the current state of things. He nodded his head, "Thank you for thinking the best of me. To have that kind of assumption and to know where I am temporarily staying. You seem to know a lot more about me than I do about you," he added and he once again glanced at her arm and stood up form his seat. The chair skidded on the wood floor.

"Well then count us both as young people in over our heads,"
he commented, not knowing how old she truly was.

He opened a drawer while she was still talking and connecting the dots. his hands held the drawer opened and he paused when she mentioned the word crime lords. He had his suspicions but never guest the situation would appear on his doorstep and bring things to light so plainly.

"Well, I don't eliminate people," he glanced over his shoulder at her to be clear about his intentions but there was no anger or frustration in his look. "But if these people are who you say they are then, of course, I'll do what I can to bring them to justice."

He pulled some bandages and wraps out of the drawer and shut it. He crossed the room back towards her, "But I'll need more to go on than that. Is there a way to prove what they've done? And what exactly is your relationship with them?"

He stood before her and knelt down to one knee, "And if we're going to be taken down anyone. We'll need to see to your arm. I assume you don't want to go to a hospital and that they are probably after you," he said as he unwrapped the bandages and wrapping that could make a sling and set them on the table. He waited for a second to see if she needed help with it and if not he would stand back up.

"Oh yeah,"
he exclaimed and placed a hand on the back of his head, "Sorry I forget my manners sometimes. I'm Kazimir Seiryu. You can call me Kazimir instead of captain if you'd like"


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Blood On Stone [Kazimir] U8W6XVS

Nuala ran her nails across the porcelain tea cup; she was gently tapping it, staring down into the dark liquid while a dreamy expression painted her pretty face. The Captain was righteous – even more so, than she had initially assumed. Nuala always had an agenda and since she was alone in this world, her own was the only one she followed. This didn’t mean that she was without regret and emotion though, not all all. It was quite the opposite actually and the woman caught herself hoping that she wasn’t leading this young, promising knight into his demise.

“I have done my research,” she said with a smirk crossing her lips, “your accountants aren’t exactly the most perceptive people.” It was true – gathering that little bit of information about the Rune Knights from the headquarters here in Crocus hadn’t been difficult at all, but Nuala supposed that the arrival of a Captain wasn’t exactly a private or secret information either. For all she knew, he had public events to attend to.

“As for myself, I will be willing to share this much with you: there isn’t much at risk here for me. I brought this matter to your attention because I’m being vengeful.” Nuala wanted to be honest with him; the Voidling was quite a number of things, but a righteous person wasn’t one of them.

Her eyes followed the Captain as he stood up, but when he moved towards his wardrobe Nuala lowered her head again and squeezed a little bit of lemon into her tea before taking a sip. It tasted good. His follow-up statement, as well as the long look he gave her, made her ears perk up and Nuala arched her brows for a moment before shaking her head in a dismissive manner. “Oh, of course not. Not like that. Eliminate their business, is what I meant.” It totally wasn’t what she meant, but he didn’t need know that. Nuala needed him to back her up, not to kill her enemies for her – she could and would do that herself.

When she noticed that he was getting ready to re-bandage her wound, Nuala immediately turned towards him so he could access her shoulder easily. The wound itself was already two weeks old and had begun to heal, but the dagger it had been inflicted with had been poisoned – enough to kill a small human perhaps, but not her. It did a number on the healing process, however, which is why the woman was still stuck with it to this day. Due to how this affected her movement and ability to fight, Nuala did not once consider this an act of mercy; if anything, the Captain didn’t need her to be a burden during any of this and with a useless arm she certainly would be one.

The mere thought of it stirred up feelings of shame.

“No one’s after me,” Nuala said, lowering herself to his level while he kneeled in front of her. “I’m the one who’s after them. And now you are too.” The Voidling’s markings emitted a faint, purple glow that faded almost immediately. She thought about ignoring his statement regarding the obvious lack of a hospital visit, but Nuala didn’t want him to roll with his assumptions either. “I didn’t go to a hospital because I don’t like people looking at my body.” This was the truth. The Voidling’s skin was covered in scars and more strange markings alike, but it was the scale-like coating that covered specific parts of her body (sometimes all of it, sometimes none if she chose so) that left people wondering what exactly she was.

When he placed the sling back onto the table, the woman simply scoffed and nudged it back towards him so he could help her out. “What if I tell you there’s a vault somewhere in there that includes all sorts of shiny, beautiful things. I’m sure Crocus’ finest will be delighted to have some of their lost family heirlooms and jewelries returned to them.” Of course there would also be drugs and a stupid amount of blood money, but Nuala thought that it might come in handy to have her own work of thievery – the one she had already been paid for – solved, so that people would no longer worry about it.

“As for me? I’m obviously their maid, tired of doing their dirty laundry. My name is Nuala, and it is my pleasure meeting you, Kazimir.” The smile she gave him was genuine.

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Kazimir Seiryu
He could only shake his head at her remark about the security of the knights. Perhaps it was worse than he thought if it was that easy to break in, then again he didn't think she was your run of the mill thief either. "I imagine it would be difficult for most people," he said with a smirk back. "But this time I suppose a leak in our system worked out," he added, ever the optomist.

She had been more open than he expected. So much so that his brows rose at the clarity and curtness of her answer. He couldn't help but give a small laugh at how she so calmly spoke about it. "Thank you. It's good to know you're being honest with me." He then gave a small shrug, "As long as we are both aimed at taking down these two." It was refreshing to meet someone that had eluded to being a criminal of sorts but was so forth coming with her intentions and motivations. And they were clear cut ones at that.

When she clarified what she meant by 'eliminate',' Kaz let out a relieved sigh, "That's good to know then."Although he wasn't so naive to believe her intentions were altruistic or laced with a deadly venom for those two. There were things he'd rather not say as a knight, but if the two that were going for were truly bad then once he was done with his part, if those two suddenly went missing, he wouldn'y put it high up on his list to investigate. But he did intend on arresting them.

As he knelt down to address her wound he thought she would be less compliant but willingly let him. She came down to his level and Kaz retracted the bandage a few inches having not expected the movement. There was a truth in her gaze and it was at least reassuring to know that people wouldn't be busting into his apartment. He looked to the left and up with a quick thought about how much easier that would actually make it but her next words and the faint glow of her markings regathered his attention. "I suppose I am,"he gave as a simple as a response as could be. He was already in now. There was no way he could turn away the possibility of taking out two crime lords...or helping someone. His attention landed on her faint glowing markins that faded into a pale shade as quickly as they arose.

" I see," he replied in reference to her avoidance of those in the medical profession. Though he thought it odd she would then go to trust him, a person she barely knew at all aside from some notes in the headquarters. But then again he was only one person opposed to a staff of onlookers. "Well then whatever your reason. Your secret is safe. But I would like to know more about those markings," he continued as he put the fresh bandages on, taking care to keep a respectable distance. He was not one to wait for too long when new information was to be discovered. His inquisitive nature both a boon and a bane. Her wound healed remarkably well. So much so that he stopped to look at it with squinted eyes, only for a fleeting moment before covering it up. It made the woman all the more mysterious.

He scooped up the sling as she nudged it back towards him and shook his head, "You know...I never know how much help to give someone.If a person wants it or takes it as an insult to there ability to be independent,"
he spoke with a small smile on his face about it and then eased her arm into the sling. He looped the band around her shoulder, letting it rest snuggly. The same thing he had to do many ties to himself and his clansmen in the past.

"That's good information to have. But you don't need to convince me any further. All you needed to do was say there were people that needed to be stopped. But It'll be nice to get the people their belongings back." Her willingness to share was even more curious. She was certainly different than the criminals he encoutered in the past.

She introduced herself and spoke about her affiliation with an eloquent comparison to spare him the grittier details of her assignments.He gave a smile back as he finished with the sling and stood back up.

"Well I suppose we should devise a plan now. Where will they be? Also I should warn you...I'm not the most subtle individual," he disposed of the old bandages.


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Blood On Stone [Kazimir] U8W6XVS

When the Captain assisted her, Nuala noticed his gaze fixating on the wound on her shoulder. He was helpful and polite – traits she valued in a human, also because they made her nostalgic. “You are not from this country, are you?” She suddenly said, giving him a careful look. He looked nothing like the native people of Fiore and if she had to take a guess from his facial features and they way he liked to dress sometimes, she would say that Kazimir descended from Joya. Nuala had never been to Joya, as the people and their customs were known to be savage and merciless.

But this wasn’t the reason as to why she felt nostalgic.

It was due to the fact that he was a Rune Knight and that she had encountered one before in her past. “When I was a young girl I once met a Rune Knight, just as yourself,” she spoke quietly. “He was much older than you and had retired a few years prior. He had turned his back on this country, but I could see him looking at his old knight’s armour almost every day with a sentimental look.” When Nuala first emerged from the Void after a decade, she had lost most of her human traits and become an almost feral being. That elderly knight was one of the very few who took pity on her throughout her lifetime and although she rarely thought of him these days, she always felt grateful when she did.

“It always seemed as if there was something he couldn’t make peace with, but I never felt as though I had the right to ask,” she shrugged it off, realizing that she had been drifting off in thoughts. Over fourty years had passed since then and so had he. The Voidling shook her head to clear her mind and rose from her chair. “Apologies, Captain. I guess my point is that those who are too prideful to accept help and guidance are simply idiots.” Nuala walked up to one of the windows and looked outside. “It’s quite far from here, actually. Across the city, there’s an unsuspecting basement door that will lead you into a rather lush and fancy casino/restaurant type of establishment. It’s quite nice if you are into that type of thing,” she pointed into direction that was south from where they were currently at.

Getting inside wasn’t much of a problem, since only those who were supposed to be there were expected to actually show up. That particular entrance to the underworld was a well guarded secret among many. “The ones that I’m aiming for do not sit with the common rabble, but getting access to their private chambers won’t be much of an issue for me so we don’t have to worry about that. I guess the only question is whether or not you are comfortable entering a lion’s den without your allies.” Nuala finally turned towards him. She hadn’t thought of it much, but from his perspective this certainly would make for an excellent set up.

Not that that was her intention of course, which is why she was being frank with him.

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Kazimir Seiryu
"hm," he responded as she pointed out his foreign origin. He then turned into a small grin as he finished with helping her arm into the sling. "You have a keen eye. You're right. My parents were said to be Sinese. I was an orphan raised in a village on the outskirts of Sin for a time but we moved towards Joya when I was young." He didn't expect such a sudden conversation but it didn't bother him. It only served to make his own curiosity about her grow.

He looked again at the markings on her face, "What are those markings for," he asked feeling more comfortable about the question given she had addressed his own origin. They had glowed earlier and hinted towards either a strange magic or of a race not entirely human. The former being a more realistic jump for the wind mage to make.

She ushered in his attention once more as she began to speak on a rune knight from her past. The way she spoke about him was a tad wistful and made Kaz ponder his own time in the knights. His thoughts drifted to when he turned away from the knights and when he turned on his own clan. his eyes glossed over for a moment with a sting of sadness within them. "I hope that he was able to help you out. And if he was, then he may have turned away from Fiore but he never stopped being a knight."

He couldn't help but make a chuckle at her point, "Well that is very to the point. Pride can be a downfall." The story she told was touching and it wrapped up with an abrupt lesson and one that was very clear. It was always nice to work with someone that had a level head.

The window overlooked the city. Kaz stood and crossed the room to join her at the window and see where she was pointing towards. "I see. Infiltrating a casino then huh? I'll follow your lead on that. You'll know it better than me but..." he looked back at her injured arm. "I don't want you to put yourself in any more danger. You can stay back if you'd like and if you must go please stay near. I'm sure you can take care of yourself but...it's my duty to protect."

When she kept talking it rose more questions. Such as if she was after them how she managed to get them through to the back areas without much trouble. But he would decide to trust her and follow her lead. He had no reason not to, for now. Something about her was different than the usual criminals he encountered. She seemed pleasant and he could easily see them as allies.

He looked over his shoulder at her. His bangs fell across his face and he blew them to the side. "Well...Actually my magic doesn't do so well with too many allies around. So if you can get us in, I'm sure I'll be okay. And my team already has their hands full with all that's happening here. I wouldn't want to put any more work on them."

He crossed back over the room and began to tidy up the cups of tea, "The only question is when would you like to start? You may need to get some rest to look after that injury"


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Blood On Stone [Kazimir] U8W6XVS

Nuala was not entirely surprised when the Captain asked about her markings. The Voidling had long grown accustomed to the tattoo-like images adorning her entire body – but most prominently her face – and she hardly remembered that humans found them curious and sometimes even unsettling. There were a lot of aspects about Nuala that made her appear quite otherworldly, however in order to spot the majority of them one would have to get very close to the woman, which she would never allow in first place. She looked decently human still (from what she could tell) and even though her body revealed some dysmorphia, Nuala could actually choose to have her alien race made obvious or not. Needless to say, the Voidling prefered the human skin above her beast one.

“I received them during an incident that happened when I was a child,” Nuala explained to the Captain. It seemed as though the woman hesitated for a moment, before she reached out and placed two fingers at the side of his neck, where the warmth of his skin and a pulse could be felt. Unlike his, the Voidlings hands were icy cold and if he were to look for her pulse in return, he would find nothing of the sort. “Out of all the things it has left me with, these markings seem to be the least notable ones.” She could only give him a weak smile before removing herself from his personal space and stepping aside.

His response to what could hardly be considered a plan was quite positive and Nuala merely shook her head at the Captain’s optimism. “You don’t have to act so heroic. I consider your company alone worthy of my eternal gratitude.” Although she tried not to sound too sarcastic, Nuala couldn’t help it. Her eyes squinted at his mention of magic, but Nuala had already guessed as much. Being a magic-less being herself, she couldn’t exactly tell how much or how little of it he had, but seeing how he made it to captaincy the woman assumed it had to be a decent lot. It was what most humans relied on anyways when it came to winning their fights and surviving their battles.

“You’re right though – I’m still feeling too handicapped to be much of a help, which isn’t supposed to be the point of his mission. Two, three days should be plenty for me to heal properly and get any sort of information ready that might help us. I will visit you again when I’m ready. Do you have any other questions?” Nuala was moving towards the door, signaling that she was intending to leave if there was nothing else he had for her. For all she knew, Kazimir probably needed some time to himself anyways to digest their meeting and think things through. The Voidling could only hope that he didn’t change his mind or worse – turn on her.

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Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz waited for her response to his question. There was a moment of silence before she reacted and reached a hand towards him. Kaz's shoulders tensed not knowing what to expect but relaxed as her fingers only touched the side of his neck. He cocked a brow confused at first, and her cold fingers sent a shiver in his back and up to his ear. He then knew what she meant. His heart pumped blood and his pulse bulged his vein but there was nothing from hers.

What she said put a heavy thud in his heart. She could feel the pulse in his neck hit harder as he felt remorse for what had happened to her in her youth, still unaware of what it may have been. Before her fingers left his neck he softly clapped his hands together. A gentle breeze filled the room and he could sense the vibrations in the air...none of them from her heart. With being so close he'd have been able to sense the subtle vibrations of a heartbeat against her chest. He wondered if she even needed to breathe.

"I'm sorry. Whatever it was though. Has not stopped you from carving your own path in life."
He said in a low tone not to disturb the quiet that existed around them.

He couldn't help but crack a lopsided smile at her comment on him being heroic. It wasn't something that he thought about. He just simply did what he needed to and was concerned for others. "Well thank you for your gratitude. And you'll have to excuse my heroics. I'll always be concerned about the people around me. No matter what walk of life they choose." he added the last part with a bit more emphasis so she would know even as a criminal he saw her as someone he'd protect. At least unless she would betray him or truly become evil but something told him that wasn't the person she was.

He caught the squint in her eyes and looked out the window. He was pleased in some regard that she hadn't heard the mixed stories about his exploits and his magic. What he had done with it. "It won't be a problem," he said reassuring her.

She moved towards the door and proclaimed that she'd return in two or three days. Kaz crossed the room and opened the door for her, making eye contact as she continued to speak and nodded in agreement then put one hand on his hip while the other held the door open. "I see. So no meeting time. I suppose you'll just drop by then. As free as the wind," he teased her a bit about how they had met today.

He'd wait if she wanted to reply to that and then continued, "Be safe out there Nuala. I'll see you soon."

Once she was outside, he'd say goodbye and close the door. His back leaning against it for a moment. He looked up at the ceiling and then to the outside. The call of duty always found him. He was happy to help and bring peace to the area. To take down crime lords and end their reign. He took a deep breath, and pondered though...would the battles ever end. He crossed the room and took off his jacket. He rubbed the wound on his forearm and opened and closed his hand to flex the muscle.

Days later

Kaz would continue his daily routines and getting the knights together but constantly had the thought of Nuala and the mission at the forefront of his mind. If she didn't arrive in a few days he would assume the worst and go on his own search for her.


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Blood On Stone [Kazimir] U8W6XVS

When Nuala revealed her truth to the Captain, she did so without thinking about what it meant to her. He was a stranger by all means, someone who would never understand what it felt like to be so different and to live her life and yet, when Kazimir’s magic filled the room and his eyes showed understanding, a strange sensation overcame the Voidling. Her lips parted, but rather than speaking she merely returned his gaze, knowing that to an extend he did indeed understand – and Nuala realized that it meant a lot to her. “Thank you,” she finally said before lowering her gaze.

Nuala was surprised to hear him emphasize on the difference between them – it seemed as though the fact that she was a “criminal” and he wasn’t meant more to him than her identity. It didn’t define her of course, but neither did her race and for that, she was grateful. “Sometimes,” the Voidling responded, “we don’t have choice. Right now you do, and I’m glad you chose my side.” He opened the door for her and she swiftly stepped outside. Kazimir changed the mood by teasing her about how she had broken into his house and Nuala couldn’t help but crack a smile – she was positively surprised at how well he took this. Definitely not what she had expected from a Captain of the Rune Knights.

“I’ll see you soon – and don’t bother changing your locks,” she gave him one last grin before he closed the door and she turned away. The world around her immediately became quiet, and rather than leaving, Nuala stayed for a moment, her hand resting on the wooden door. She took a deep breath and looked up at the ceiling, unsure of what her eyes were searching for. He was a strange man, that Captain, but somehow she couldn’t shake the feeling that she could trust him completely and entirely – at least in this case and situation.

It wasn’t what she had expected from this meeting, and while it was reassuring to know that he was a good person, Nuala couldn’t help but start overthinking this. Hopefully nothing would go wrong.

days later

Around three days had passed since Kazimir’s and Nuala’s meeting. Three days in which the Voidling had healed (not without the help of a friendly and discreet neighbourhood nurse) and collected a decent amount of information regarding her mission. There were quite a few underground crime organisations in Crocus, although Nuala wasn’t familiar with all of them. And she didn’t want to bust any more than the one she had her eyes on – in order to assert dominance and regain her spot in the food chain. The people who betrayed her had to go and Nuala’s main interest was to show others that working with her was a far wiser choice than working against her.

She had also spent some extra time shadowing the Captain in order to see whether or not he changed his schedule or did anything suspicious. Of course he didn’t. Nuala entered his apartment the same way she had before – unannounced and through his door while he was away. She decided it would be more efficient to set things up while he was gone so everything was ready once he returned from his evening patrol. Nuala would prepare some tea and place building plans onto his desk, as well as an invitation to a party; in spite of being scorned and ridiculous, Nuala was very much still a member of the inner circle of thieves and people didn’t expect her to act petty or run away – although they certainly wouldn’t mind if she did.

Her former client’s betrayal had lead to her failing a job and everyone knew this. They also knew that she could no longer charge the same amount of money she had initially – and as a result, Nuala had become free labor in the eyes of many. Still, she had been invited to one of the upcoming events (a party of some sorts) and the Captain would be her +1. The woman took a seat in his chair and sipped on her tea, waiting for him to return from his last walk of the day.

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Kazimir Seiryu
He smiled back as she assured him that changing the locks wouldn't make a difference. He shook his head and gently shoot the door. such light-hearted musings were not what he expected from a sudden late-night intruder. He let his hand linger on the doorknob as he pondered what sort of situation he had just found himself in. And more so what kind of woman Nuala was. He finally let his fingers drift from the knob and returned to the dimly lit apartment. with a deep breath, he removed his jacket and slinked onto the couch. his peaceful days had not come yet. There was still lots more work to be done. But an even bigger part of him was ready for the action. ready for the chance to make sure more people were safe and he could put a stop to it.

He didn't move from the couch as he drifted off into a deep slumber.

Three days later

Kaz went about his work as he had always done. Spending his days on patrol and with the other knights and Noyiah. Although he kept them all out of the dangerous business he was about to embark on.

Three days past without a word. Over the course of the days, from time to time the wind mage would look back at the window in his home or open the door slowly, anticipating Nuala to be there. With each day he worried a bit more but knew the healing process took time.

He walked home after his last patrol around town. Mostly just making sure the other knights were where they needed to be. He finally arrived at the stairs leading up to his home. He clamored up them, a little more tired than usual. The monotonous tasks always made him more tired than running down criminals and living free and wild.

The door was a welcome sight and as he moved to open it the doorknob turned and inched open. The lock was already undone. His eyes narrowed briefly. He eased the door open, hoping it was her and not someone that had discovered their plans.

The aroma of tea wafted through the air. The scent clung to the walls. Within was a familiar woman making herself at home in his chair. He shook his head and eased the door shut behind him. There were already plans on the table and she was sipping tea. "You sure don't waste any time. Good to see you're healthier."

He crossed the room and if she moved he would wave his hand gesturing for her to have his chair. He grabbed another chair by the back and drug it towards the table. He left it only long enough for him to pour a cup of tea for himself. "Thanks," he remarked for tea. Although it was off to thank someone for making tea when they also broke into his home, but he didn't seem to mind.

He sat back down in the chair, near the plans and took a sip of the tea. Steam trailed off the top and over the sides of the cup like a river of smoke. The warmth rushing through him, fighting the cold outside that sipped into his bones.

"So how shall we begin?"


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Blood On Stone [Kazimir] U8W6XVS

Nuala heard the Captain walking up the stairs, his pace slower than usual. When he entered and spotted her sitting cozily in his chair and drinking his tea, relief painted his tired features. The Voidling sat up and leaned over, her hands reaching out to turn around the map as he took a seat by the table as well. “You are tired,” she noted with mild concern. It was normal – he had worked all day after all – but inconvenient nonetheless. Nuala reached into the little bag she had brought along and pulled out a small flask holding a black liquid. Without asking, she poured a few drops of said liquid into his tea before stirring it with a spoon until it disappeared. “It’s something I like to use when I feel exhausted. It’s like..,” she hesitated for a moment, then flashed him a mild smile. “Caffeine?”

Nuala then turned her attention towards the map. The outlines of the building were rather simple and she would have no trouble explaining the routes to him. “Getting in is really the only part that’s complicated and I don’t expect you to remember the way – it’s enough if you follow my lead. This is because this location was built underground and there’s a multitude of tunnels.” She then pointed at what appeared to be a large hall. “This,” she said, “is the ballroom and casino. These doors lead to the toilets, next to that is the kitchen and over here are the lodges, where the rich and infamous are seated.”

Whereas the outlines were easy to understand, there was an event happening and the area would be crowded, dark and noisy. “Next to the lodges is a door that leads into a storage room. There’s a trap door that leads further down and into some sort of...specified area. That’s where the tresor is and that is also where they will be. Once we are done, we should be able to leave the party through another trap door inside the tresor.” By now, it should be obvious to Kazimir why she didn’t want to enter this place alone. Once inside, it was incredibly tricky to get out of it again and one person could easily be overwhelmed and cornered. With a Sorcerer on her side, however, things would hopefully play out much different.

While they were all dangerous criminals, none of them mingled with magic.

Nuala then slid the invitation to the party towards him. “In order for you to escort me tonight, I need you to look..less like a Rune Knight. Then we should have no trouble getting in. What do you think?”

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Kazimir Seiryu
He rolled up his sleeves, ready to dig into the map and plans. His concentration tilted as he met her wit a cocked brow. he didn't think that what weariness he felt was visible. With a smile he gave a weak chuckle, "I suppose a little. But I'll be fine." He then leaned back and rest his hands folded on his legs as she took it upon herself to pour some strange substance into his drink.

Luckily he did trust her. He had no reason not to, so he patiently waited while she stirred it in. "Caffeine, huh?" he asked with an uptic in his tone. He eyed the now mysterious drank and slid it closer to him. There was a brief moment of hesitation mostly about the unknown taste of it than anything else. He took a quick sip of it. He smacked his lips a couple times to take in the taste. It was...different. He did feel a rush of energy perculating within.

"An...intersting addition,"
he remarked as he took another small sip, still adjusting to the new taste and looked back at the map as she began to explain. The diagram was simple enough and he took a couple more sips as she continued. Her plan was coming together as she spoke about trap doors and secret areas.

He nodded along with it in agreence to what she had set forth. Sounds like a pretty sound plan to me.
I'll follow your lead. This is impressive work. But how will we get in there initially,
he asked and the answer came just as quickly when she slid the invitation across the table. She knew the area far better than he ever could. He skills would be invaluable in the operation. Whereas Kaz was mostly destructive she had the finesse that was required. He just needed to bide his time until it was the right moment for him to act during the mission.

With her comment he opened his arms and glanced at his attire. Less rune knight huh? Well I don't have much to work with but I'll see what I can find, he replied as he stood up and crossed over to his wardrobe. It was mostly empty as this was a temporary place to stay. He fumbled through various sets of uniforms, until he came across his old outfit from his time before the knights. I suppose this will have to do, he said mostly to himself and took at the joyan styled gi. This is all I have. Do you think it'll work, he held the outfit out to show her. There was s uit tucked away in the wardrobe, left there in case Kaz needed a professional look but he wasn't a fan of the style. As such he ignored bringing it up.

Once an outfit was chosen he would go change in the bathroom and quickly return ready for work.


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Blood On Stone [Kazimir] U8W6XVS

When Nuala poured Kazimir a few droplets of the energizing liquid, which was a mixture of different herbs and indeed some caffeine, the she thief thought nothing of it. She knew he was gullible – that, or he simply wanted to see the best in people. Nuala stayed silent while the Captain drank up; commenting on his choices and decisions when she was the one who was putting him through this – and he did her a huge favour in playing along – didn’t seem fair.

She leaned back in her chair and sipped on her own tea while Kazimir stood up and went to search around in his wardrobe. His movements were sharper already and it seemed as though the drug-like potion had worked wonders for him. Nuala wasn’t accustomed to talking so much with a stranger and although she supposed they were somewhat acquainted to each other now, she preferred to watch rather than speak.

Kazimir wasn’t very fashionable. The military wasn’t exactly the most open minded place when it came to one’s attire either and clearly that was why he fit with the Rune Knights for more reasons than just his good intentions and righteousness. When the Captain finally pulled out a rather obsolete outfit, the woman merely gave him a smile and a nod. Nuala herself was (again) dressed entirely in black. The cloak covered her whole body and kept everything underneath it perfectly hidden. While it was important for him to not give away who he was, Nuala’s face was known amongst the majority of the party guests – appearance didn’t really matter in her case.

Once the woman had finished her cup of tea, she lifted herself out of his chair and granted him a look of approval; due to her age and experience the Voidling had a good sense of how things were going to turn out and her gut feeling told her that tonight was going to go by relatively effortlessly. She opened the door for him, signalizing that she was ready to move.

“After you, Captain.”

Nuala decided that their walk would be a silent one; the strange duo was in no hurry to arrive at their destination and even though their plans were everything but peaceful, the nightly stroll through the streets of the capital that they now shared certainly was. It was quite beautiful too; the sky was cloudless and the weather mild. A gentle breeze got caught in Nuala’s waist-long hair and the Voidling shook it out of her mane before finally halting. “There’s something I would like to say before we go inside,” she said and turned around to look up to Kazimir. “Tonight, you can’t be as good of a person as you usually are. And in hindsight you will most likely have to overlook more things than you expected, so if I’m still in your debt after sunrise, I promise you that I won’t forget about it.” It would be up to him to decide that.

They would then proceed to enter the underground playground for criminals through a fairly inconspicuous looking door around the corner, with Nuala leading the way.

In this type of company, questions were rarely asked and so the Thief and the Captain would have no problem getting in once they showed their invitation. The Voidling also finally took her cloak off, properly revealing herself for the first time. Underneath the covers, Nuala’s body was different and far from ordinary. Covered by a dark, armour-like second skin, the woman’s frame was lean, muscular and strong; her appearance entirely otherworldly.

She gave Kazimir a quick, but piercing look over her shoulder before leading him inside the casino where he would be confronted with an overwhelming amount of mind-numbing sensations. The partying crowd was wild and large in numbers; there was a band playing and naked woman dancing on tables. Most guests were either occupied by a game of poker or simply enjoying the show and the smell of alcohol and drugs filled the air.

Above all else, it was loud and stuffy. Nuala decided to give Kazimir a few minutes to adjust himself to his surroundings.

“Would you like something to drink first?”

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Kazimir Seiryu
Halfway through the drink, he felt the pop of energy return to him. he wasn't sure what it was or how much was safe to consume but if it got him through the night with more alertness he would be thankful for it. Her thoughts were still largely a mystery to him but her plan was sound enough and he was as prepared as he could be.

When he held the suit up she made no comment but a simple smile and nod. He exhaled from his nose, knowing that his decision was probably subpar for what they would be doing. Not to mention they may be able to tell who he was from his older outfit as well. There was only one choice. "Alright then. Give me one moment." He put the old gi down and grab the suit that was tucked in the corner. "Going undercover. suppose I should look the part." After he hastily changed he returned to see her already by the door and ready.

He nodded back at her politeness and stepped through. Once she was out he'd lock the door and take in a quick calming breath before they headed out. Nuala was silent for much of their walk. A more peaceful stroll than he would have thought. His nerves weren't jumping. Just a delightful night sky and a gentle breeze. He watched as she flicked out her long hair, always forgetting just how long it was. His combative mind immediately wanted to ask how she managed to do all her thief related duties with such a luscious head of hair but would keep that to himself for now.

He took another half step forward as she suddenly stopped nearly bumping into her. He took a half sep back giving them a normal amount of space, his face showing the surprise of the near-collision, but quickly turning to a resting gaze. "Yes?" he asked.

His brows furrowed with her words. He knew them to be true and they held an immense gravity with them. It was something easier said than done in some ways. A hint of sadness lingered in the mages eye and a coldness deeper still at the thought of his past decisions. "Thank you for thinking so kindly of me. This will not be the first time I've looked the other way on some things. And I...am not as good as some would think," he continued without breaking eye contact, "I'm afraid I am obligated to act in a good way if things are too...demonstrable," his mix of sadness and coldness changed to his usual softer look, "But I trust in your lead and decision. And thank you. No will eye forget the good you helped do this night Nuala."While her words carried the warning of a heavy burden, Kaz was undeterred by it.

They moved onward and he presented his invitation as planed. Once they were inside Nuala shed the cloak concealing her supernatural physique. She was a well-built and capable warrior. Most striking to the wind mage was the second layer of armor-like skin that covered her. "Oh," he muttered and looked away as he caught himself staring, trying to decipher what she was and how she came to bear such a thing over her body. his attention brought back to focus by her piercing stare. With a nod, he followed her on in.

Kaz blinked his eyes at the wave of sensations, mostly from the barrage of smoke plumming around him. Smells danced in the aroma of sin filling the room. He had only seen a place like this once before but it was less crowded. He tried to keep his eyes from lingering on the nude people dancing on tables and he rubbed his hand through his hair to re-center himself and find a persona that wouldn't betray his knightly heritage or his other one.

"Sure," he said as he took a step towards the bar with her. "Whatever you suggest," he replied not knowing what was even a suitable drink. Regardless he'd pretend to drink most of it.

He leaned one arm on the bar and looked away from her while he spoke, trying to stay in character, "What now," spoken softly enough only those close by could pick it up but vague enough to keep them safe. He could ignore most of the crime he saw here and now. They weren't doing anything overtly hurting others for the time being.



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Blood On Stone [Kazimir] U8W6XVS

The music was like thunder for Nuala’s sensitive ears. The Voidling ignored the slight discomfort and audibly cracked her neck; a shiver had gone through her body before and while it looked simple enough, the transformation she forced herself to go through in order to hide the nature of her power from prying eyes wasn’t always easy. That and it cost her a lot of strength the longer she maintained it. Still, Nuala looked relatively human. If anything, her current form merely hinted at the fact that she was far from pretty, but weapons weren’t meant to be pretty anyways.

Things had been different in the void, of course. There, she could move freely, exist however she wanted to – in this form or any other. Her energy never faded, her resources never burned out and that’s how quickly a year long hunt had taken up decades of her life instead. Nuala turned around to check on Kazimir. The Captain was visibly uncomfortable and his helplessness almost made her laugh out loud. From the looks of it, she must have been somewhere around his age when she had turned and stopped aging for good. But she couldn’t remember being this stern ever and somehow the woman found it amusing. “You don’t look so good,” her voice was laced with delight and she turned towards the bartender to order the man a refreshing glass of juice that contained very little alcohol.

Nuala scooted a little closer and into his line of sight, sliding the glass across the bar table and towards him. “Your body language is painfully obvious,” she said unbothered by the surrounding party guests. In places like this people very much minded their own business and shadiness wasn’t unusual – if anything, it was an almost granted feature of every person who’d walked in here tonight. The Voidling’s enhanced hearing had allowed her to notice his reaction to her second skin earlier and even though he kept his emotions well to himself, she wasn’t surprised that he could barely look at her. “Don’t worry about this,” she hesitated for a moment and even though Nuala wasn’t hurt by what she assumed was him being repulsed by her appearance, it did affect her in some way or another. “We can talk about it later. You can ask me anything later. Just help me out with this for now, will you?”

She received a second drink from the bartender, one that was considerably stronger than Kazimir’s, and chugged it down wordlessly and without hesitation. She twitched a little at the strong scent and taste of the alcohol, but shook it off almost immediately after downing it. “The lodges are across the room to your left, by the way.” Next to them there would be a door leading into a storage room just like she’d described earlier. She would leave it up to him to finish his drink and decide when to start moving.

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Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz let out a small chuckle, "I've spent my whole life running through fresh air. Becoming one with it. The smoke and haze were a lot to walk into, but I'll be fine," he shot a smile back here way to reassure her things would be okay for him. he would adapt to it after all. But he couldn't help but pick up her delighted tone and wonder if she got some enjoyment out of taking him into such a den as this.

The wind mage cocked a brow at her mention of his body language and loosened the collar of the suit he wore, "Oh! It is. Haha. I was actually trying to fit in. I'll try less hard, then," it seemed Kaz's attempt to blend in had backfired. Probably due to the smack in the face from the aroma's that saturated the air. He tried to hide that fear of his angelic nature and its urge for him to do good. Worried that something may happen to compromise the mission.

Nonetheless, he relaxed his shoulders as she slid the drink over to him. "Worry about what?" He asked no knowing what she was talking about at first. His attempt to look away while talking was an attempt to look nonchalant in this place. His idea of what criminals would act like. Then it hit him. She must have been talking about herself. "Oh no. Not at all. Sorry if I made you feel that way," he said as he turned his body to face her. "Didn't mean to be weird about it. I was just really curious about it but didn't want to come out and ask yet. But it's good to know we'll have some time later," he said with a half-smile. He was genuinely curious about who she was and where those markings came from. He didn't think she was odd or off-putting because of it. "And of course. I'm here to help you so I intend to see it through."

Kaz took a small sip of the drink. He let the liquid partially drain back into the glass before taking another sip without the glass moving from his lips. He then set it down between them while he listened to her reaffirmation about the plan. He nodded back and pushed off the counter slowly. "Well then. let's get to it,"he seemed more at ease now, knowing that his inquisitive nature about her markings would be answered.

He began crossing the room towards the storage door. He moved slowly as to not seem suspicious and kept by Nuala's side. He didn't know how they would discreetly get into the storage room or if anyone would care if they did.

"So how do we get into the storage room?" He whispered to hear as they walked by tables and dancers.


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Blood On Stone [Kazimir] U8W6XVS

Nuala noticed how light-hearted Kazimir remained, in spite of the rather difficult situation; she found it almost peculiar and the longer she watched him trying to fit in, fiddling around with his suit and even smiling at her, the more she wondered about how he was so kind. “You have the patience of a saint,” she whispered towards him and took another sip from her drink. Somehow, it already felt as though they had known each other for a while and this wasn’t the first time they worked together. Nuala couldn’t quite explain this feeling, but it was comforting to know that he appeared to be reliable and laid back at the same time.

The last thing she needed now was a Captain-tier Sorcerer losing his temper amidst Crocus’ finest criminals.

When he explained himself to her, and even apologized, Nuala looked surprised. She could tell he was curious about what exactly she was and while this wasn’t unusual, she kind of hated it anyways; the Voidling’s identity, once revealed, was never something people looked at in a positive light – it was something they were weirded out by or afraid of. Nothing good had ever come from the Void and that included Nuala.

Kazimir finally appeared to be ready to move and when he pushed himself off the counter and proceeded to smoothly glide across the room and towards the storage place, Nuala watched with raised eyebrows and an undeniable smirk on her lips. While Kazimir wouldn’t become a great thief or actor (not in this lifetime), his derpy attempt to remain inconspicuous was a success and even though Nuala couldn’t help but assume that it was because people would simply consider him drunk and lost, she decided to give the Captain of the Rune Knights the benefit of the doubt.

She followed by his side and ignored his question until after they’d arrived. Placing her hand around the door knob, Nuala turned towards the young man and gave him a sweet smile. “The same way I got into your apartment. Through the door.” With a twist of her wrist, the Voidling broke the door’s lock out of its place and wordlessly dropped it to the floor. She opened it, quickly shoved Kazimir inside the room and followed. “Don’t give me that look. It’s a storage room, if anyone saw us going in here they probably think we just want some privacy.” It was dark inside and because Nuala could see anyways, she didn’t even think about turning the light on. Instead, the Voidling lifted up the trap door that was on the floor towards the wall opposite of the door. “From here on, it’s best if we stay quiet. Or as quiet as you can, I guess.”

It would have been impossible for him to notice her soundlessness amidst all the music and voices, but once they went through the trap door and he paid attention, he would realize that she moved with absolute silence. Nuala jumped through first and found herself in what appeared to be a slim hallway leading straight forward. From here on, the noise of the party was damped by the walls.

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Kazimir Seiryu
Her silent complitment put a more relaxed smile on his face. Even if it was one he didn't agree with. He wished he had the patience of a saint. He liked the way she seemed to think of him but Kaz felt they were thoughts that made him out to be a better person than he was. Or that he felt he was. There was a certain comfort in her openness. He trusted her, although they had only known eachother a short while.

Kaz tilted his head, at Nuala's suprised expression. It was endearing in a way that she felt he would harbor any il feelings towards her, which of course he didn't. How could he given what he was. It would probably only be fair if he revealed his true nature to her as well. But that could wait till later.

As they arrived at the door, she answered her question with a quick remark and a snapped lock. Kaz kept his reaction unchanged. Now was the hardest part. Every sense in him, urged him to check to see if they were caught or eyes were staring. But he knew it would look even more suspect. Instead he kept his attention focused on Nuala and trusted she was right in her choice as he shook his head with a lopsided smirk.

Before he could think, Nuala grabbed him and shoved him inside the room. His eyes flashed with surprise but it wasn't the first time he had to play the role of a date to infiltrate an organization. It was an abrupt action which probably stole some looks from the party goers. "Don't worry. I think it was a wise choice to have them think that way.Should give us more time to act," he answered, always focused on the task to be done.

The room was pitch black, and Kaz couldn't make out anything other than her voice. "alright," he whsipered into the darkness and followed it with a soft clap of his hands. His senses reached out to feel the vibrations in the air around him. "I can feel the vibrations your body makes when it moves through the air so I can follow that." He answered her not realizing if that was awkward or not. He had grown so used to doing it that he didn't think about it. It was a tool that helped him monitor and lead team missions.

He felt her movements through the air and his eyes narrowed in thought. Although he could sense her movements he couldn't hear them. "Impressive," he uttered more to himself than to her while he followed her down the trap door. He tried to see her markings in the darkness but they too apeared to have vanished.

They made their way down the thin hallway until they reached a point upahead. Kaz reached out to put a hand on her shoulder, stopping their movement. He felt a vibration around them and a few seconds later there were footsteps. Some she may have heard before hand with her enhanced senses herself.

They had arrived at the destination and once again things were in her hands. Kaz waited for her signal, and removed  his hand from her shoulder. While this wasn't his first choice of a typical way he approached these things, it was nice in some ways to follow along until the time was right. He wondered if this is what mercenary life was like.


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Blood On Stone [Kazimir] IWaR00G

Kazimir seemed to have a natural affinity to the element of wind. After he clapped his hands together she could feel a light breeze gracing her body when there should be none – at least not within the deepest tunnels underneath the capital – and it somehow reassured her to know that at the very least the two of them would never run out of breath. The Captain was able to follow closely behind her without bumping into her back and it appeared that he had a better idea of what was going on around them than she had initially thought and she had to give him credit for it. Nuala could hear the footsteps the same moment he started sensing them with his magic and when he placed his hand on top of her shoulder a shudder went through the woman’s body.

Perhaps it were her instincts or perhaps it was sheer intuition but something told Nuala that in this moment, she had to remind the person behind her who she was and that her intentions were better than the ones of the people who awaited them at the end of the tunnel. “Just remember that for as long we are down here, I am the lesser evil.” And once those words had been spoken a strange power erupted from her body’s core; the armour layering her skin grew thicker and stronger and even her marks were glowing now; Nuala's otherworldly nature had become even more evident. But it was still dark down here and she hoped Kazimir’s eyes hadn’t gotten used to the shadows yet.

The door ahead of them opened and two unarmed men came running towards them. Without speaking, the Voidling’s right arm shot forward; her hand wrapped itself firmly around one of the mercenaries’ face only to squeeze it tightly and slam it into the concrete wall. There was light coming from the area that lay behind the door and so Nuala repeated her motion until he stopped twitching, before she dropped him to the ground. Her eyes were locked on the second human who seemed visibly confused, but at the same time unbothered by the demise of his associate.

“Are the Sorceresses present?”

Rather than speak, the man merely nodded and grinned at the Voidling, knowing that no matter what she did and where she went, they were cornered. For Nuala however, the boldness of his expression was enough of an answer. “There will be two women present,” she said to Kazimir. “They are the lord’s court wizards. Rumour has it he’s some sort of noble from another country. Kill them first.” It wasn’t meant to sound like an order, but if Kazimir chose to follow up as if it were one, it would certainly make both of their lives easier. After all, those Sorceresses were the reason why she had decided to acquire a mage for herself in the first place.

“Good luck with your scheme, Nuala. No matter the outcome, you know I won’t tell.” The man had finally spoken and as he did, he gave Nuala something that turned out to be a golden key, before walking away into the direction of the storage room. Perhaps this was hint enough for Kazimir that she did indeed have a few contacts left here and there and rather than explaining herself, she handed Kazimir the golden key. “It’s one out of three keys that opens the treasure room. I’m sure you’ll find plenty of things there that’ll be worth your while. It’s also our escape route so don’t lose it.”

She could only assume that the other two keys were either both with the crime lord or with one of his mages.

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Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz wasn't so sure what she meant by her statement. He was already down there and on her side. It created an unsettling in his stomach as to what she could mean or what that'd lead to. Part of his answer came swiftly. her body covered with a hard shell. it reached upward as he took his hand away. her markings began to glow again. A warning not for him but an indication of the conflict to come. he held his hand in the air, momentarily distracted by the dazzling glow in the darkness that emanated from her.

The door opened down the hall and two men rushed through. Kaz stepped forward ready to act but Nuala reacted first. She gripped a man's head and battered it into the wall. It should have made him wince but sadly gruesome violence was not uncommon to him. But there was a limit. The man's body began to twitch and near death. At the last and would be fatal strike Kaz lunged forward, His body just reacted. A flicker erupted in the divine urge mingled into his soul. He put his hand between the wall and the man's head, stopping the last blow.

"Enough. If I'm here we only kill when its the only choice. And guards are just pawns," he said hoping she would let the man go, as Kaz pulled the unconscious and bloody person's body towards him. If she stopped, he'd lay the person's body down gently.

He rest the person against the hallway wall in a seated position as Nuala explained the situation. It seemed as though the other guard was in some way on her side. But his demeanor was off-putting. He may be helping but he didn't care about their success or failure. maybe even hoped for it.

"I don't kill unless I have to," he stood up from his kneeling position his voice had a stern echo in the empty hall. His eyes were more concentrated than before. He was ready for the mission and the battle ahead and assured in what he was meant to do. "If they surrender I won't harm them. If they choose to fight to the death then that's the path I will honor." "If they surrender and then meet a fatal end some other way. I have no urge to do anything to the executioner," he said in a roundabout way of letting her know that once it was settled if she killed them it wasn't a matter he cared about, but he wouldn't deliver a fatal blow to someone who stops fighting.

The man gave a cross look at Kaz and then one back to Nuala about her choice in companions. He waited as she acquired a key from him and the man walked away. Kaz wanted to knock him out as well. to make sure all was safe but trusted that Nuala trusted the man.

She then gave Kaz the key and explained things more. he took a deep breath at the thought of going up against a court mage. But if they were corrupt, they had to be dealt with. He grasped it and placed it in his pocket. "I won't. Two more to go then. I take it the court wizards are my responsibility,"he asked as he stepped closer for them to move onwards into the light.

"Thank you for trusting me. I won't let you down,"
he said as he made eye contact with her and stood at the boundary between the hallway and the room. He waited for her to move first and he would wholeheartedly back her up. He loosened the tie around his neck and slid it off, dropping it on the ground. he already felt more comfortable.

There are three people ahead of us. I can feel the vibration of the heartbeats."


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Blood On Stone [Kazimir] IWaR00G

Nuala wasn’t a violent person; she did whatever she deemed necessary in order to avoid risks and keep trouble on the down low and more often than not, violence had proven to be an effective tool against humans and their silly schemes, as well as monsters alike. That didn’t mean that she couldn’t contain herself however and when Kazimir pushed forward, placing his delicate mortal hand between the mercenary and the concrete wall she was audibly surprised – and of course she dropped the person immediately. “Oh,” she flinched and watched with mild confusion as he dragged the man away. There was something else in the air, something that had shifted the atmosphere completely with just a small flicker of its power – but Nuala couldn’t quite place it. She didn’t recognize it either.

She watched him wordlessly as he dragged the man into an almost comfortable position before giving her a serious talk and while Nuala didn’t particularly cared for his sense of righteousness and honor (or whatever it was, honestly), she found it rather interesting how persistent he was when it came to doing what was good rather than what was right. “I understand,” she nodded at the Captain before taking his hand and giving it a closer look. It seemed fine from what she could tell. “Still, you shouldn’t risk hurting yourself over people you know nothing about.” She gave him a well-knowing look before squeezing his hand and turning around to move forward. “I’m afraid that your kind..” she hesitated for a moment, but then continued down the tunnel that was now lit up with gas lamps. “You wizards rarely surrenders. At least not from what I have seen.”

It was true. From the things she’d witnessed – the more powerful a mage became, the larger their mana pool grew. This only allowed them to throw more and more spells at you without ever growing tired. She always thought that being gifted with magical powers made your fights effortless and diminished the worth of your win. But of course she wasn’t going to share those thoughts with him. “Anyways, from my suspicions the lord himself will be armed, but human. His strength is nonexistent if you don’t die to one of his bullets.” Naturally this was easy to say for someone like Nuala, who was quite sturdy physically speaking. “As for the women, I don’t actually know what type of magic they possess, but going by his personal taste I’d expect it to be destructive. “

When Kazimir made eye-contact, Nuala halted for a moment. “I trust you will do what is good and right,” she said and a faint smile was now gracing her lips. “One of the Sorceresses is a red-head – leave her to me. You can have the other one for now. As for the lord himself, I suppose you would want to arrest him. Anyhow, good luck.” And with those words off her mind, Nuala broke the door down and leaped inside the room and onto the red-haired witch.

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