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Cecil Aijima | S2

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Cecil Aijima


Name: Cecil Aijima

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Pansexual

Ethnicity, Father: Joyan | Desiertan

Ethnicity, Mother: Savannan | Stellan

Class: Paladin

Profession: Politician (Int)

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Rune Knights

Tattoo: Stomach

Face: Thoth Cadeuces


Height: 6'2

Weight: 188 lbs

Hair: White

Eyes: Blue

Overall: Cecil stands at a total of six feet, two inches making him apart of the "tall" male tribe. Weighing in at one-hundred eighty-eight pounds, Cecil's physique is naturally lean and cut. At first glance, one would be unable to tell what his ethnicity is because his features come from both his parents who are also mixed with other ethnicities. For example, his dark skin comes from his Savannan and Stellan side, while his blue eyes and otherwise straight hair comes from his Fiorian and Joyan genes. Cee's hair is short and a white/silver color, most times in its natural form being untampered with.

As casual gear, Cecil can usually be seen in any green silk clothing, or in work casual gear. Nothing too flashy, but clothing that clearly shows his position in the social hierarchy. He takes pride in clothes and fashion, usually flaunting different pieces of expensive clothing even during battle. He likes jewelry and other interesting trinkets. In instances where this young man is preparing for battle, he will usually wear skin-tight gear and combat boots. Simple, but Cecil appreciates comfortable clothing when fighting.


  • Nose piercing (left nostril)
  • Ear piercing (left ear)


Personality: Growing up in a very laid-back and wealthy environment as "Immigrants" around predominantly white individuals, Cee has grown to see how patience is a virtue. He often maintains a calm and collective persona even in the heat of almost any situation- but this isn't to say that he doesn't get angry. As a politician, he has had to deal with many heated arguments, all in which he maintained a clear mind. Sometimes part of him just can't stop himself from becoming passionate and losing his temper a bit. Considering he grew up around criminals, some of his "Ghetto" tendencies tend to show themselves like the way he talks when he isn't trying to be professional, or his stubborness. Although he can maintain composure, he has very little patience for stupidity. Being part of a mixed-race family, Cee was raised to treat all people equally. Both his mother and father emphasized respect- making him one of the kindest people anyone could ever meet. As a Political Activist, he has spent much of his time giving back to those who are unable to help themselves and has also successfully affected many people throughout the country. His heart is warm, big and tender, he has little room for hate. Still, he does dislike most of his Fiorian peers.

Cee's outspoken nature is one of the many reasons why it is so easy for him to communicate with his peers. Despite his usual calm and/or happy demeanor, some people say that he is "too friendly" of a person. Someone who can ignore most of what annoys him and enjoys life as much as he must be hiding something, right? Sometimes When people think too hard about who he is, they become cautious of him. Furthermore, Cecil can sometimes be a sarcastic asshole when he feels that people should know certain things. Usually, his sarcasm comes from annoyance or frustration rather than light-hearted fun. Most times though, he keeps thoughts to himself. Cecil is a rather conscious young man so it's easy for him to read people and adjust. He is well aware that he can come off as "High and Mighty" or anything along those lines. Truth is, Cee is a confident and proud individual who knows that he can be the person to lead and create change.

Many people can sense his confidence upon speaking with him. Cecil is almost always sure that what he is saying or doing is correct, however, he never attempts to belittle others no matter who they are. Close peers view him as carefree, and honest above all else. He's easy-going and will often be caught laughing about something, or goofing around. That being said, Cecil does have a tendency of doing things last-minute. Still, he is very dependable because no matter what, he will always get things done. His willpower and determination allow him to continue fighting or doing any task until it is completed. Cecil's work revolves around the betterment of humanity.

While his position in the social hierarchy is rather high, he works diligently to empower the lower class community- more specifically; black and brown people and races who often face discrimination. Immigrants, and Nekomatas, dwarves- people who are often frowned upon by society for being who they are. Despite having a high moral ethic, he does realize that playing by the rules doesn't always work as often as it should. Cee will do all in his power to fight for anything he believes in, even if it means he has to do things that aren't necessarily "good".

When it comes to his enemies, he will often like to test them to see where they stand in comparison to him. If an enemy is obviously way stronger than him there are only one or two ways he will fight them: if they hurt loved ones or innocents. Otherwise, he would just find himself fleeing if nobody but himself is at risk of getting injured. Intelligent men know when to fight and when not to fight and although he would rather not have to physically hurt someone, he will do everything in his power if things ever come down to that. Cecil can be described as a pacifist to most, as he believes unnecessary fighting only damages the soul.


  • Psychedelics: Drugs that affect the pineal gland, Cee strongly believes that psychedelics have the power to expand consciousness and uses them frequently.
  • Marijuana: Cecil can often be seen smoking marijuana. He believes it to be one of the world's best healers. In fact, Cecil is usually high. He calls it "Soul-healing".
  • Metaphysical Spirituality: Although Cee doesn't worship a specific god, he spends much of his time meditating and "speaking" to the universe. He believes that most things are omens from the universe and that even gods are nothing in comparison. Everything is one, and the universe is everything.
  • Clothing/High Fashion: One's fashion speaks volumes of their character, and Cee loves to express himself through what he wears- often times it is through abstract clothing.
  • Music: Without music, Cecil would not have been able to get through most of his hardships. Music heals.
  • Earthland: Earthland is home. Despite the tragic eventsthat take place, Cee feels a strong connection to the world around him.


  • The teachings of Illumination: While he doesn't descriminate against religion,he does beleive that the teachings of Illumin are contradicting and would even say that they teach violence.
  • Most of the Noble Family: Cecil views most of the noble family as selfish, greedy bastards who wish to only see themselves prosper.
  • Politicians: From what Cee has witnessed, most politicians are old and care not about the generations after them.
  • Fiorian food: Horrible, toxic and tasteless.
  • Bad hygiene: Nobody likes a stinky smell...


  • Social change: One of Cecils biggest goals is to change or better society. This includes racism/discrimination, poverty, feminism, and more. Cecil aims to be the voice of those who are too afraid to change the world around them.
  • Creating a Legacy: Part of why Cecil works so hard is so that his family will never have to face poverty. He wants his name to live on even after his death.
  • Spirituality: Spirituality is one of the reasons why Cecil continues to live on. Through omens, and meditation he is striving to find complete inner peace. In fact, one of his main priorities is to spread his knowledge of his specific spirituality to others in hopes that they can find inner peace as well.


  • Failing: Cecil has always had a fear of not living up to the expectations he's set for himself, so he remains motivated to succeed. Failure is not an option.
  • Abandonement: After his father left him and his mother, Cecil has developed a fear of abandonement by those he loves most.


Magic Name: Life

Magic Element: Nature

Magic Description: "Life" magic is nature magic that utilizes the energy from the world around the user to create and manipulate plants and other single-celled organisms; like bacteria for a variety of effects. "Life Control" magic has the ability to heal the user and/or others, weaken enemies, strengthen allies, and has other supplementary uses. After years of mediation, the user can even use nature or the pure magical energy of nature.


History: Being birthed rather easily, both of Cecil's parents knew from the start that their son was their biggest blessing. Being born from two immigrants who at first had nothing, Cecil's future was bound to be great. Both his parents worked hard to eventually become productive members of society. When Cee was an infant, his parents were citizens of Worth Woodsea who struggled every day to get by. Money wasn't exactly a necessity since they lived in the countryside, but the two immigrants didn't want to raise their children in such conditions. One day, the immigrant family had been attacked by bandits at their tiny village in the middle of Woods. Villagers ran and hid as the bandits pillaged until they made their way to Cecil's little family home. The bandits kicked through the home. Cee's mother hid behind her husband with her baby in her arms when suddenly, the infant began to wail.

Baby Cee's cries caused thick roots to sprout from under the bandits, wrapping around them gently. While both of the immigrants were surprised, the Bandits began to laugh thinking that the roots would do nothing until randomly their entire bodies began to feel sheer pain. Their screams filled the hoe and silently they fell. From that moment forward, the brave mother believed that their child was put on this earth for a reason. Having a child motivated them to work hard to be good providers, but having a child like their own had motivated them to become something more. So, for about two years they worked hard until they saved enough money to go to the capital.

Eventually, when Cee was about six years old, they became Social workers specifically for the "poor" and less fortunate. When Cee was about nine they had finally elevated and became political activists. Finally, they had been making enough money to be considered "Upper echelon". Cee's father was a very old fashioned man, believing that boys should become working men at a young age, so Cecil's education began once they arrived at Crocus. By now Cee had been educated enough to see the world for what it was and good enough with his magic to help when he could. His mother had been busy all the time with work, and his father too so between his commitment to the school and his family, he never had time to be a "normal" kid, especially now that he had a little brother to look after...

Growing up Cecil's family faced constant discrimination. They were immigrants who fought for the same people the government had been ignoring. Cee learned early on that it was just the way the world was, and he hated it. Despite this, the boy grew up in a pretty healthy home. He was often rewarded for his accomplishments and had been living in the capital of Fiore. Finally, now that he was a little older his parents were off his back and a little more focused on his younger sibling. Now, Cee had time to go outside and ake friends. The young mage was quick to make friends, though they weren't as lucky as he was. He would give his food, clothes, and even money to his less fortunate friends whenever they needed it and the kids loved him for it. His mother always taught him to spread love, so he did just that. The taste of freedom and popularity became a dangerous thing, soon Cee found himself rollin' with the wrong crowd.

For the next 5 years starting from the age of 12, Cecil had been acting out. Part of it was because although he had freedom, his parents seemed to be paying more attention to his sibling, but most of it was because he wanted to feel the struggle. Law enforcement was consistently in his life. He had been fighting, stealing, doing drugs and getting laid pretty often. His parents could not understand why their child had been acting so foolishly, they had been so caught up in working and focusing on their youngest they hadn't realized that their oldest child was running wild. It wasn't until the night Cecil and his friends had broken into the home of a very wealthy and dangerous individual when he realized he needed to stop. He could have faced some serious jail time, but his parents managed to work enough "magic" to get him off the hook- and by "Magic", I mean money...lots and lots of money. Cecil's father had enough of his son's behavior and decided it was time for lockdown.

Everyday Cee's father would force him to do physical training, and his mother would force him to read and study. All of his favorite things were taken, and he was demanded to home straight from school. Cee's grades soon began to pick up. He realized that none of his "friends" had checked on him. His eyes were finally open, and he knew then that he didn't want to be someone he wasn't. It was time to turn his life around. Seeing Cecil get himself together, his father had lifted his punishment. Before the young mage knew it he was going to one of the best schools in the country. There, he faced more discrimination than ever before. He was in a school with a bunch of people who looked nothing like him, however, that only influenced him.

Soon he had graduated and began following his parents lead by becoming a political activist. Later he joined the rune Knights while also becoming one of the youngest politicians of his time. Still, his connection with those who were not as fortunate as him never wavered. He began by doing things around low-income communities like soup kitchens for the homeless, participating in protests, speaking to other politicians, and even a bit of social work. Now he continues to diligently work so that he can expand his cause and hopefully change the world.

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Hello o/ I will be grading your character.

Profession: Beginning with your Profession, I will say that Strength does not really make sense for Politician. It would be Intelligence only.

Likes: The site does not permit use of explicit wording detailing drugs, but broader or vaguer wording is acceptable like magic plants or plants or mushrooms that make you feel good. Please change what you wrote for your first two Likes to be broader with wording, with some of suggestions I said.

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Cecil Aijima


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This character application has been approved.

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