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Breaking the Habit [Event]

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Breaking the Habit [Event] Empty on Fri Jan 10, 2020 2:32 pm

Yumi accompanied the vampire whose name she came to learn was Alistair. The man had apparently been turned into a vampire against his will many years ago. He tried to keep his humanity by only drinking animal blood or the blood of the recently deceased. The result had left him significantly weaker than other vampires. The other vampires looked down on Alistair and had ignored his plea for help, isolating him from his fellow bloodsuckers. In fact, they mocked and bullied him. Personally, Yumi thought he was a pathetic fool and should just give in to his new abilities, embrace them. Yumi saw him as a weak fool who still clung to his life as a human. But he was paying her to help in his foolish endeavors so she didn't voice her opinion, yet.

Arriving at Alistair's shabby abode, Yumi entered and examined the place, casting her crimson gaze around. The place was small, dank, abandoned and falling apart. The demoness sneered but hid it well as she took in the vampire's home. What a fool to waste his gift like this. If he had embraced his newfound abilities he would be living a much better life.

Yumi sat down at a run down table in the entrance room. Alistair sat opposite her and began to go into the quest details. Apparently there was some ritual he could partake in to turn back to human. Normal potions to turn one back wouldn't work on him due to his drinking behaviors. What Alistair needed was the tooth of a vampire, claw of a lycan and blood of a demon for his ritual. All three materials could be collected in Dahlia but he lacked the strength, that's why he hoped Yumi would collect them for him. He would reward her for the trouble of finding the items. Alistair would do it if he could, but he was far too weak thanks to his dietary care.

Yumi snorted in amusement, did he really think he could become human again like that? She could offer him her blood, but where was the fun in that. Getting up from the dilapidated chair Yumi said she would accept the task. Finding members of the lycan, vampire and demon race in Dahlia would be easy, after all, many of those races called this townhome. With task in hand, Yumi left to collect information on popular locations for the three races to make it easier for her to find what she needed.

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For demon blood, Yumi already met the requirements for one item that needed gathering, but she wasn't about to be generous. The lolita wasn't about to go around freely handing her blood out to everyone with a sob story. Besides she could probably find a weaker demon in the area who she could free of his blood by having him kindly donate it. As for the other two items a werewolf's claw and a vampire's tooth, Yumi could gather intel, listen to rumors and ask about known hotspots. There was a good chance she would just run into one of them as well, chances of encounters with the other races were significantly higher in dahlia.

Walking away from her client's abode, an abandoned shack, Yumi headed into town. Yumi visited the usual haunts, back allies, bars, and other shady establishments to collect information on areas known around Dahlia to avoid, especially at night. Aldenwald woods was a hotspot for Lycans as they frequented the area to attack travelers. A vampire was said to be spotted recently hanging by the cemetery attacking those who came to mourn the dead. REports of a low-level demon staying at the Warmwool Inn trying to make soul contracts also reached her ear.

The demoness headed straight for the inn as it was the closest. Heading over, the citizens and monsters walking the streets parted for the lolita. Yumi's arrival in town had already spread and many wanted to stay clear of the short-tempered demon of Malum. Yumi paid no mind and soon arrived at her destination. Walking into the inn, yumi looked around and soon felt demon energy. Locking onto the source she spotted her target, a thin lanky male demon sitting by himself trying to persuade others to make a contract with him for their soul. Snorting in amusement yumi walked right up to him.

The demon was startled by Yumi's approach but seemed eager, thinking she was a mortal looking to sell her soul. However before he could open his mouth, Yumi grabbed him by the head and smashed his head into the table breaking it and his skull. Drawing her axe she then sliced off his right arm, tore his clothes to wrap the limb and left.

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With the blood collected Yumi headed off to the cemetery. Sprouting a pair of wings Yumi took flight. One item down two to go. With the aid of wings allowing her to cut through paths by flowing over buildings, Yumi arrived at her destination in only a few minutes. The fog in the air was thick as a strange sensation filled the demon as she touched down in the graveyard. On arrival, a shrill scream caught the lolita's attention. Flying in the direction, the demon saw an ugly woman attacking a beautiful busty blonde. Fangs dug out flesh as the hag devoured the blood of her young victim. With the vampire distracted, Yumi attacked flying forward and swinging her axe in one motion. The vampire's head flew up and Yumi caught it. Wrapping the head up, Yumi flew towards the woods.

Landing in the woods, Yumi began walking around waiting to see if anyone or anything would strike. It wasn't long before yumi heard multiple howls and snarls. Bursting forth from the mist three werewolves struck. They were thin gangly looking things. Snorting Yumi swung her axe and blood rained as she slay all three with one wide slash. Heading to the nearest she cut off an arm and flew back to town. It barely took the demon an hour to collect the items allowing her to return to Alistair quickly.

Landing outside the weakling's shack, Yumi kicked the door in and strolled up to the front table. Grabbing the bundles she dropped them on the table reveals a werewolf, demon arm and the head of a vampire. Blood was leaking from all three items showing the freshness of the kills. Yumi hadn't just collected the items but brought what they haf been attached to. Gulping Alistair handed of the jewels to Yumi and went to work extracting the items he needed.


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