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Unending Thirst [Event]

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Unending Thirst [Event] Empty on Thu Jan 09, 2020 4:22 pm

Yumi flew through the air, not hiding her demonic nature at all freely showing off her wings, horns and tails. People travelling on the road screamed at the sight of the demonic lolita as she flew through the air heading towards Dahlia. Yumi had not long left the Seighart Mountains on her way to this dank town. Dahlia was a townhome to werewolves, vampires, undead, ghosts, ghouls and humans alike. It was a place that had been consumed by evil and no holy knight or rune knight dared to set foot in it unless they are killed. It would make for a great stop for the eighty-year-old lolita on her way to crocus. She had killed a lich in Oak, werewolves in the mountains and rumours were there was a vampire causing extra trouble in Dahlia.

Yumi was coming to investigate to see if there was anything to do about this vampire. There was someone who paid her to deal with the lich and another who paid her to deal with the werewolf problem. Who knows maybe she could find someone who would pay her to deal with some vampire issue. Yumi wasn't too sure of the issue but who was she to be picky about the job. If not perhaps there were other jobs she could take while she was in Dahlia. As town full of creatures of dark origins there should surely be a quest or two she could take here.

Yumi had exhausted almost all the dark quests in Oak and Era and needed to go somewhere else to find her fill. Only by doing quests could Yumi earn jewels to buy better equipment. Yumi's current equipment was sorely lacking, two rare pieces, her axe and ring, while her necklace was a unique item piece. Yumi couldn't help but sigh at her pitiful equipment. She needed to save up to one day buy a better weapon and some armour to assist her in battle. Armour that wouldn't weaken her.

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Arriving on the edge of Dahlia Yumi took in a deep breath, taking in the sweet smell of air. She could feel the dark energies in the air and she loved it. This was home for a demon, it truly felt comfortable. Shivering in delight Yumi skipped on through town. Her actions caused many to stare giving her bizarre looks. Werewolves and vampires stared at her hungrily before noticing her bat wings, horns and tail. A strong aura of fear was released slamming into the dark creatures making them whimper and retreat. It appeared they had bitten off more than they could chew.

Walking around the outskirts of town, YUmi came to a halt as she spotted someone drinking the blood of a fallen cow. Raising an eyebrow at the act, Yumi then chose to ignore it and went to move on. However, the vampire spotted Yumi and shot towards her screaming something about the thirst. A look of ire formed on Yumi's lips as the weak fledgling dared to attack her! The aura of fear erupted out violently as Yumi attacked with her left fist. She held back her strength, only wanting to give him a warning. The fist struck and sent the vampire flying back crashing into the ground.

Taking a step forward Yumi began to approach. But the vampire bowed and started begging for his life. Yumi sneered but didn't say anything as she stepped back. She hadn't intended to kill him. The vampire snivelled and was crying about his life that he didn't want to be a vampire. He began begging Yumi to help him, she was strong and he would pay her for her services. At the thought of earning money Yumi accepted. The vampire went on to explain that he had been researching a cure and might have found a way to change back into a human.

Advising Yumi to follow after, the two-headed to his home.


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Unending Thirst [Event] FIXCi2K
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