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Death Tarot Erebus Cassiel

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Death Tarot Erebus Cassiel Empty on Mon Nov 18, 2019 6:47 am


The card had been dealt, DEATH. Erebus stared at the wondrous tarot, ignoring the candles that went out nigh immediately. For the Mortal Coil was aware of them already, and felt their numbers growing; the souls around him. The hum of the soul power, within a blink, it was no longer a felt sensation, he was seeing their orbs. Erebus, for all his life, could never escape the call of Limbo. He sighed, as the souls began to whisper, coaxing him to show them attention. The promise for control of the dead, peaked his curiosity. His tongue slid across his lips, and one last crimson gleam was made for the gypsy. He smiled, as his hood rose back over his ominous character. Quiet as the night, he made his leave.

The souls however?

They followed, some grew tired of Erebus's game, but for the few that remained to see what he would do, cusping life and death. He was to return to his quarters. Since climbing out of the abyss, Erebus was naturally followed by stray souls anyways, his ignorance of them was ever refutable, he just didn't care anymore. Perching into a velvet couch, the vampire's fingers reached into a bag of red pills, tied & knotted to his waist. He slid the substance to his mouth, and popped it, followed by a canteen fountain of a thick liquid. It looked like pinot-gritio, or a thickened wine. But on the contrary, it was blood. The blood of a virgin girl, barely sixteen.

She had been a rebel against the recent outbreak of brazened drug users populating the world as of recently. One pill, and they say you gained the power of an immortal for an hour, the powers of speed, rage, sense... But it came without control, pure euphoria would seep through the vein if the user could manage to act in violence.



Death Tarot Erebus Cassiel Empty on Mon Nov 18, 2019 6:48 am


Not only that, the drug had a knack for erasing all sense of worry and anxiety. Making murder the catalyst for a good time. Erebus figured he was doing more than just chaos, he was giving these insects a good time.

But not everyone is with that. A unit of gunmen now worked for Erebus, hoping to stop the spread of the BLUD pills. The reality of the situation was that Erebus was the kingpin in both organizations, so when he met them, he gained access to their families. One man's daughter? Charmed to her underwear, slaughtered, and now she was the drinking company for the Regenerative Vampire. These are simply rules of the world, you push too hard, you get bit.

Leaning back in his seat, Erebus allowed the pleasure to hit his body. He was already a madman, his own blood wouldn't cause the same sporadic episode it did for the humans, but the blood on top of the serotonin release in the drugs? It was like heroine, something so enjoyable the cycle would be difficult to break. He knew it...
He designed it that way.

As he sat there, the thoughts became intrusive. The spirits whispers came back. Bathe in blood the voices chimed, take your place as the ruler of death. The priest of the Underworld, that's what he was set to become. HER chose him for this, even though not likely, Erebus knew he was alive for a reason. He stood up and walked to his bathroom, in the tub, was the girl's nude body, bleeding into a tub of clear water. Her wrists slit, her neck too. She was at peace, completely drained. Normally Erebus hated watered down meals, but since he'd made her kill herself here. It kind of worked out...



Death Tarot Erebus Cassiel Empty on Mon Nov 18, 2019 7:00 am


Dropping his boxer-shorts, the evil one stepped into the bath with her. The corpse sank below the water, as he took comfort on the other end. The red water bubbled, as a strange new knowledge slowly uploaded itself into him. He lied back allowing his eyes to roll. It wasn't enough, but it was a start. He needed more blood to scribe on, non-watered down to be precise. Even so.. The vampire drifted into slumber now, the black magic of the dead watching his moves. Hungry to slip into the true reality.

The next morning. Erebus indeed felt differently, but he had much to do, so little time to do it. Pulling himself from the corpse-body bath, the fiend made a call to three. two young-men, and a middle-aged woman. What should have been a simple situation turned bad very quickly. With the men attempting to subdue and pin her to the ground. Erebus watched, what they didn't know however, was that the woman had orders to decapitate them. Watching as she folded onto her knees and was overpowered, Erebus smiled. A hidden knife expelled from her boot, and a roll forward sent her boot to the groin of one of these disgusting enigmas. After his death, she sufficed to finish the other. But after succeeding, she simply fell to her knees. At the mercy of Erebus, he decided to feed her his blood before he ended her life. Giving her the satisfaction of otherworldly pleasure. Before ripping the heart from under her ribcage. Feasting to it's vitamins and minerals.

He fell to his thrown. Exasperated. Corpse blood was harvested into a new tub for bathing, and he stopped before his second round. Intention to understand was on his mind, but he’s need to be able to recover. Clearly.

[Stopped, to be picked up elsewhere]

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