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Salazar Herrera

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Salazar Herrera




Name: Salazar Sebastián Herrera Cortés

Age: Twenty-Seven | January 6th, X760

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Stellan

Ethnicity, Mother: Desiertian

Class: -

Profession: Blacksmith - Strength | Endurance

Race: Werewolf

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Mode: Normal

Tattoo: Left pectoral | Gold

Face: Claude | Fire Emblem


Height: 5'11"

Weight: 198lbs

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Emerald

Overall: Strong genetic traits make Salazar's physique uniquely built and toned, to the point that it appears to be unnatural. Sharp features define his otherwise outwardly meek appearance with a muscular and toned body, earned through a mix of his hard work at smithing and werewolf genes. His skin is fair much like his mother's, and his sharp emerald eyes are a trait he acquired from his father, among other things. While looking unkempt, Salazar's wild, brown hair is a signature appearance to him, almost never deviating from its tangled-like structure. Even though he works a forge, he remains unscathed by burns on his skin and his hands are free from calluses. His beaming and otherwise warm and friendly smile is accentuated by his sharper-than-normal canines.

Extra: -


Personality: An individual who is based in pragmaticism and taking things as they come, Salazar is the definition of cool, calm, and collected. He takes much after his mother's side of the family when it comes to being rational and reasonable with daily situations, and the nuances with dealing with not-so rational people. Truth be told, it took him all his life to form his psyche into the state it lays currently. Salazar's upbringing made him a hardened individual on the inside.

The reason why he does not deviate from his generally happy and peaceful demeanor lays in his hardened mental constitution. No matter how tough his life may become or how abysmal the circumstances about him become, the smile on his face and confidence in his eyes never fade away. His pragmaticism is often mistaken for being gullible and meek, but to underestimate the man's ability to enable a hidden well of perseverance and drive is comical. His range of emotional control is superb and can be often outgoing as a result. However, Salazar does not pursue those environments and situations. His best comforts reflect his personality, which often lies in smithing, reading, experiencing the world on his own or with friends, and otherwise enjoying his sense of individuality.


  • Blacksmithing: Salazar does not mind either heat or cold but prefers the heat out of his love for smithing and metalworking. It has been one of his best ways to de-stress and clear his mind, outside of exercising. Forging is an art to him, and he has spent much of his life learning the craft
  • Exercising: The man has known a life of staying in shape by natural means. Although his strong physique comes to him naturally, Salazar often exercises to clear his mind when he can't access a forge. He will exercise anywhere he can, at any time


  • Stagnation: Salazar personally keeps clear from situations that dwell into the realm of stagnation. Progress is what drives the man and keeps him going, so to see situations or people who encourage a lack of progress
  • Coconuts: The man just does not like coconuts. There's nothing too particular about coconuts in particular, he just does not like them. It's most likely a texture thing with the jelly


  • Opportunity: Making the best out of his life is Salazar's ultimate goal. He is a man with simple goals, and will go about making his realizations reality as calmly as possible. Being at ease and going through life as comfortably as can be, and encountering chance opportunities along the way is all Salazar could want


  • Untimely Death: Death is something he has no fear of, for Salazar is open and accepting of death when the time comes for it. However, to die before he can realize his life fulfilments and aspirations. It is a great drive to strive, but also a fear that never leaves his mind
  • Unfulfillment: To go through life and die old and not experience what life has to offer haunts Salazar's mind. His strive to stay healthy and strong so he can be self-supportive to the very end. To be incapacitated in a way that hinders his life goals in a long-term form is a strong fear


Magic Name: -

Magic Element: -

Magic Description: -


History: Born to a more-than well-off family, Salazar knew luxuries that many individuals would only dare to dream of. However, although his mother and father were rich, they forbade him from making luxury his reality. He grew up as a normal family and only accessed his funds in emergencies. His father, Inigo, was a small-time nobleman of Stella, born and raised in poverty. Inigo wanted his son to experience what it was like to be under-privileged so he would be more grateful for opportunities that would fall into his path whenever they would arise. Inigo would take his son out to the slums every now and then to visit family who chose not to make better for themselves to instill in his son the idea of always wanting to strive for more, which in turn worked. A shrewd man the small noble was, but his intentions were pure.

Salazar's mother, Isabella, was a Desiertian woman of simplicity and simple living. She was the black sheep of her large family, for she wanted to travel away from home and make a better living for herself. Independence of her mind, control of her body and thoughts, and ultimately choosing her own lover went against the majority of her family's patriarchal, nomadic methodology. She was an extremely educated woman and, with those things she taught herself in mind, used that leverage to leave her home country for Stella. She would meet Inigo by chance numerous times, and once they sat down to talk to each other, the rest was history. Isabella was always protective of her son, her only child, for her chances of having children were next to impossible. She saw him as the apple of her eye and her one true love in the world. But because she was so motherly did not impede her already strong attitudes about independence and femininity, and would teach her son to be tolerant, yet understanding of when to step away from unneeded situations. She would help to develop his social skills in his youth with as much exposure as the boy could handle. Unbeknownst to the young boy, however, was the fact that his parents were werewolves. While they found no real need to inform their soon of this heritage at the beginning, they felt that in due time they would reveal it to him.

Salazar grew to love smithing from the age of eleven, when his father put him to be an apprentice to his hometown's blacksmith, Charles. From Charles, Salazar would grow sturdy and strong of heart in his work ethic and emotions. Maintaining balance would be Salazar's goal from that point onwards, and would incorporate that into his growing world view for the proceeding seven years. Charles passed away from complications of a lung virus, which left Salazar as the sole smithy of the town at the age of eighteen. He was no stranger to hard work, not after what his father put him through as a child. He would work that position for five years before passing it on to a more experienced man who decided that Salazar was better to spend his youth exploring the world. Bidding his parents farewell at the age of twenty-six, Salazar departed Stella for Fiore, a profoundly magical and adventurous land, in search for genuinely new experiences and new people.

Reference: Zach, Sharon, Julia

Word Count: 0000/0000


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