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Citizen's Plea: Escort [Snow & Manzo]

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It was another day in Era, Manzo had just finished another of his deliveries before receiving a letter via carrier pigeon that he was to meet up with another member of his guild. The letter read as follows. "Manzo~ It is I, your beloved master Belladonna. It seems that the fair citizens of our great land are in dire need of some support at this most trying of times. I have received word that you and Snow have been spotted in Era! So i thought to myself, what a delightful way to show that Blue Pegasus cares! You are to meet up with Snow in the city square to escort people home after dark, as well as warding their homes! Gather your things and get to the square as soon as you can! It's impolite to keep a girl waiting!" Manzo rolled his eyes at the contents of the letter, he had already been doing his day job, for most of the day, but now it seemed he had to do this as well. It was not in his best interest to turn down Belladonna, and it was also an opportunity to meet up with Snow again, so perhaps it wouldn't be so bad.

Manzo of course needed to freshen up before he would go to meet Snow, he did not want to make his companion uncomfortable with the smell of a working man. It being summer time, Manzo made it a point to shower close to three times a day, to keep himself from radiating any form of stench, in his mind that was just good common sense. Upon reaching his apartment he stripped down to his bare skin and made a B-line for the bathroom. He started his shower on the hottest setting it could be without boiling him alive. He stepped into the shower to do his business, paying very close attention to his luxurious white mane on his head, after all his signature white hair is what earned him the moniker White Wolf of Joya. Considering he was one of the only people from a predominately dark haired having country to have snow white hair. Upon finishing with his hair he would move toward his body, wanting to cover every nook and cranny with soap, not wanting to miss a beat. It was imperative to him to stay as clean as humanly possible in this regard, not just because he was meeting with a lady of Snow's caliber.

After washing himself clean he stepped out of the shower, wrapping his towel around his waist, as well as throwing a shorter towel on his head to dry his head. After moments of patting himself down to dry, he reached for his preferred unisex fragrance and adorned his body with it, as an accent to his cleanliness. He would dress himself in a black silk shirt with red accents on the buttons and collar. Black cargo pants stuffed into his steel toed boots. And over that a white kimono top with blue flora accents. He pulled a cigarette out of his pants pocket and placed it in his mouth, snapping his fingers to light, before stepping out of his home and making his way toward the city square.


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Eternal Winter

Her free hand dug into her breast pocket slightly, gathering a wrinkled piece of paper between her fingers. Last night, she found herself going over the folded valleys of the yellowing parchment repeatedly, tirelessly working herself into the night as her fingers shook from the training she urged unto herself. This wasn’t just any letter. It was sealed up neatly with a scarlet stamp, one that she was very familiar of and at that precise moment, she instantly knew who it was from. The letter was dancing idly across the gloved hand of a hunter, and more so, it was from the person she was expecting from.

The woman stared at it carefully as she flipped it between her fingers, reading across the words engraved on the brown paper, written with precision and grace, as if the write spent a good ounce of their time to outline but a simple request, which was to help the citizens of Era.

”To my old friend, huh?”

In her hand, the paper would fold and crinkle, the words now a jumble of objectives that she stapled into her prior. This time, the woman chose to dress herself in her full attire of combat, from her head ornaments to the tip of her toe, in case it required her to get into battle – she doubted – but it didn’t hurt to be fully prepared. Heels clacked against the solid ground as the frost mage meandered through the swirls and eddies of people that congested the streets of Era. Where was she to find this man whom she was supposed to meet in the such a bustling place? Until then, she chose to remain in the middle of the square, her lance planted upwards into the ground.

The sharp end of her weapon would leave an uncanny glow, just like the orb that sat atop her head. It looked rather awkward to her, she would assume, from the curious and awed stares that she was receiving from the townsfolk. As a mean to pass away the time, Snowflake rubbed her thumb over the dull part of her blade, watching it catch light as she did so. She toyed with her weapon for a bit, flipping it over and back again, before she noticed the corners of her mind being filled up with warm, yet unbothered thoughts.



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Manzo turned the corner to the area where the central square was located. It was easy to pick snow out of a crowd. It wasn't every day that someone else with white hair would be adorned in full armor with a spear of that size. While he did internally applaud her for thinking so far ahead as to come that prepared for what could be a simple mission. Though there was nothing wrong with coming that prepared, of course if Snow saw him as under dressed as he was she'd probably assume he was simply taking it far too easy during what was indeed a time of war.

Manzo approached snow from the front, a smile on his face and cigarette in his mouth. "Long time no see Snow, it's been sometime now since you and I were paired off on a direct order from that master." He said with a chuckle before taking a seat on the edge of a fountain that was to be the back drop for their initial interactions. Hopefully snow was in as high a spirit as he was. Though it wouldn't be completely out of the ordinary for her to not be. Her name did give somewhat of an insight in her the inner machinations of her mind.



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Eternal Winter

When she saw Manzo approaching towards her, only a single word left her already parted lips, ”Oh.”

She probably overdressed herself today, which was actually quite embarrassing. ”Well, I guess all these clothes were kind of unnecessary,” she reached for the back of her neck and rubbed it – a habit that she had whenever she was flustered. The hunter simply followed the man and seated herself beside him to get herself ready for whatever they were about to do, which she mostly assumed was generally guiding assistance for merchants with important crates carried or for nearby citizens who needed help.

”I suppose. I don’t really enjoy the tasks she makes me do sometimes,” she meant to say it as a joke, albeit her blank facial expressions might have given the wrong expression – not that she cared, but she could say it was a good thing that Belladonna finally got in touch with her after she went missing for several months. At that moment, her thoughts wandered off almost instantly and she wondered on how they have been doing while she was gone. She had lost contact with everyone she cared about; Alisa, Finn and even Esperia, their whereabouts left her curious but nonetheless, she knew they would be fine and dandy wherever they were on Earthland.

The woman was quickly brought out of her reverie by the sounds of hooves clacking against the ground. ”Where were we actually supposed to start our mission again?”  



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Manzo pulled a flask from the inside of the kimono he wore over his usual attire. He opened the canister and took a drink. His drink of choice was whiskey, or a nice single malt scotch, but for this occasion he was taking whiskey down. He felt it to be necessary for things such as this, it was a good way to pass the time. "Well, I don't know if you over dressed or not, odds are I probably under dressed all things considered." He said before taking another drink from his flask.

"No real clue honestly, Belladonna just told me to show up here and meet you. Odds are the caravans are at the city gates." He said taking a drag off the cigarette in the corner of his mouth. Exhaling a large cloud of smoke in the opposite direction of snow, not wanting to be rude. "You're probably gonna want some of this, we could be in for a long day and night. This'll help pass the time." He said as he handed her his personal flask filled with whiskey. "Don't know if you drink whiskey or not but that's what's in there."



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Eternal Winter

The hunter could sense the restlessness within the town, after the entire country was thrown into chaos with these demonic rifts opening in the most random and austere locations. Women and children alike were more guarded than they usually were, and the men of the country either volunteered to become knights and fend off the foes alongside the mages. She couldn’t blame the people for getting scared – she would be too, in fact, she was frightened when she was one of those who experienced being inside the rifts first hand, and it certainly wasn’t a very fond memory of hers. Thankfully, she had a comrade by her side for assistance, otherwise she probably would have been swarmed by the creatures without ever being able to see another glimpse of sunlight once more.

The woman shuddered at the thought of it, as she took the flask and brought it up to her lips. Before she drank down the liquid, she would give her gratitude to the man who attempted to make her day better with her favourite beverage, ”Thanks. I needed this.” She could never get sick of this, for sure.

Hm, I’m not really fond of idling around and doing nothing. I think I’m going to look around to see if there’s anything going on.” For quite a simple woman, she did always need to get her hands filled with something, whether it was just reading a book or aimlessly wandering through the streets. It was a habit of hers to keep her mind occupied at all times. ”You coming?”



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"No problem little lady, I never leave home without this stuff. Lord knows after the nightmares I saw come to life in Astera I've been needing to hit the sauce more and more with each passing day." He said as he took his flask back. He was not aware if Snow knew what had taken place mere weeks ago in an area not too far from where they were right now. With any luck the work they were doing in the time being would prove the be the difference in another massacre taking place.

Snow suggested they move from their current location, and he had to agree. It was far too claustrophobic in the city square. "Follow me, I know a quiet cafe, as well as a nice book store to hit before night falls, which if my sun dial is correct should be a few hours from now." He said as he took the lead of the group leading her down the crowded streets away from everyone. Maybe he should suggest that they visit where ever it is that Snow was staying so that she could change into something more suitable for the task at hand, which was just being tourists.

"Hey, do you wanna hit your hotel and change clothes? Not that I personally have an issue with your attire, and well large spear."



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Eternal Winter

Regarding to his remark, Snowflake finally came to the realization that Manzo was talking about the demonic rifts that opened in Astera. That was also one of the main reasons why she travelled to Astera because she wanted to find more about the rifts and to assist those in need. But, it seemed like she wasn’t necessarily required at the location and in fact, Astera was too much of a boring place for her, which only urged her to leave the town.

”So, it seemed like you participated in the demonic invasions then, in Astera?” The woman would inquire as they traversed the busy streets of the merchant town, in an attempt to fill the time with some idle small talk. Throughout the journey, she observed her surroundings; the people, nature and the activities that were performed around her – another habit of hers that she personally enjoyed.

Curious, yet perplexed, the hunter raised an eyebrow. ”Aren’t we supposed to help out the merchants, or the caravans whatsoever? Why would we go to a café though?” She was quite the serious one in nature when it came to requests, even if they were simple ones and she wasn’t sure as to why they would be slacking when they were supposedly to be on duty. Nonetheless, the snow maiden followed his lead to this unknown destination they were to travel to. ”No, I’m alright with this.” Her armour was merely just a black cloak with some intricates, and it wasn’t heavy nor large to begin with, so there wasn’t any reason why other people might feel uncomfortable with her attire. Perhaps her weapon might look slightly threatening, considering it towered above her, twice her height.

”Well, I suppose I can store my spear somewhere, if it doesn’t get stolen.”



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She sure was full of questions for someone whose words he could count on two hands that she had spoken to him in the time they had been in the same guild let alone the same room. But he supposed that an explanation might be in order. It would seem that she was certainly a stickler for protocol, not that there was anything wrong with that per say, because there wasn't.

"We are going to a cafe because I have been watching the roads at night for about 3 weeks now. Those caravans don't pull out until dusk. Less traffic on the roads."

He would turn around and meet her icy gaze as he walked backwards through the streets, he had memorized the entire layout of the city in his weeks here, and he could do such a thing with no real issue, also given the fact that he was a courier and memorizing routes were kind of a part of the job description.

"Also I'm waiting on a package to be delivered to me to hand over to the caravan leader. It's a map of all known attacks on their route. So yeah, we are gonna need that."

He said with a friendly tone before pulling up to the cafe, stepping through the doors and up to the counter to place an order while they had time for such a thing.



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Eternal Winter

”Fair enough,” the beaut nodded at his remarks, feeling quite foolish and clueless after having herself dumbfounded on her own questions. At the very least, she was relieved to know that her partner did actually knew what they were supposed to do for this very brief mission. Unlike Manzo, the snow haired maiden had a significantly awful directional sense and truth be told, if it wasn’t for her partner, she probably would have already gotten lost along the streets of Era.

As she thought that it would be inappropriate to bring her weapon with her, Snowflake decided to store it at a place she could trust, whilst still being worried that it might get stolen at some point, for she did spend a good amount of her money on it. Not long after, they finally reached the doors of the café where she was greeted by the delicious smell of bread and pastries. As they found themselves vacant seats inside, she couldn’t help but observe the place around her. ”Quite the cozy place here. How did you find this place?” The woman knew a lot of cafés and bars over the country, even the ones that were located in the most austere places; in nooks and crannies of alleyways. Unfortunately, she didn’t stumble upon this one during her adventures.

Beside them was a large glass window where they could overlook the view of the town and the bustling streets of Era. Just as her thoughts wandered looking upon the scene before her, a waitress came strolling past to collect their orders and she’d order her usual croissants and a cup of cappuccino, without the need to look at the menu.



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"I stumbled upon this place by accident during a delivery if you can believe that. Turned into a favorite little spot of mine ever since then." He said as he took a sip from him cup. She was the first person he had shown this place to, he was a bit wary of taking new people to places he enjoyed, even if it was someone as trustworthy as Snow was. In his mind some things were to remain for one's self and that's no knock against his companion. He didn't truly know Snow, not well enough to form an opinion of her. He did enjoy the quiet presence she brought, it was better than someone who wouldn't shut up.

"If you want it Irish, take my flask again." He said as he poured some whiskey into his beverage and took another sip. This was a good way to pass the time while waiting for his contact. He shouldn't be long, which was good, because the sun wasn't long for the sky. Which means it was time to get into positions within the next few hours. The countdown had begun.



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Eternal Winter

It’s early and the machines are yet to warm, so she ponders this chance to rest a moment longer, to drink in the aroma of the place. The barista and the waiters have tired eyes, yet there is that glimmer, a give away of their good hearts to serve customers. ”I think I can see why you like this place,” uttered the female, as she continued to observe the café that they had found themselves in. The café had that shiny look, and that jazz pours out of the open doors along with the aroma of fresh baked pastries.

The cafés were her refuge, a place where she loved to be, whether it was just to enjoy a cup of coffee or to read a book. Snowflake had always been a huge lover for cafés and if she had the time, she wanted to create one of her own, catering people and enjoying the presence of others whilst they enjoy her pastries.

”Oh, thanks for the offer. I think I’ll just stick to this.”

The ice sculptress lifted up her cup of cappuccino that the waiter had placed in front of her merely a few minutes ago, and blew the smoke that rose from the cup before bringing it onto her lips. From the taste of it, she could tell it was warm and hot, though she knew she couldn’t waste time enjoying her tea time when they were actually here to escort the caravans.  



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A few moments passed before another entity would enter the cafe. Manzo looked up at the door way, low and behold it was who he was indeed looking for. His informant was thankfully here with the information they desperately needed in order to complete their task. "Excuse me miss Snow, I have to have words with this gentleman." He said as he got up from their table and walked outside with the gentleman. He not only needed the map, but another item that this man was to deliver to him. They made the exchange, Manzo drank the potion he had been given by this man. It was time for him to have a new face. In his line of work he could not look the same for too long or he would have followers looking for him and his delivery manifest.

Upon drinking it, his appearance took a change, he grew another inch in height, and his hair took a violent change from white to blonde and became a tad bit less shaggy and bit more on the spikey side. The only thing about him that didn't change were his red eyes, those could be spotted anywhere no matter what it is he did. He made his way back into the cafe and took his seat once more, placing the map they were looking for on the table in front of snow.



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Eternal Winter

Just as Snowflake was about to take a small bite out of her croissants, Manzo excused himself to attend to the customer who had just entered the café. According to the looks of it, the ice sculptress assumed that perhaps the stranger might be involved in the quest that the Pegasus mages were in an attempt to accomplish it at the moment, seeing how her partner exchanged an item. But, it was one that she had seen before; one that she had taken it herself, and she would witness his appearance slowly and gradually changing. Though it was a magic potion that everyone could obtain with ease, it was still one that drew quite a bit of attention from the customers as they gave some curious yet awkward stares.

”That was quite a show,” she stated jokingly before turning her eyes towards the map that was unfolded before her. At a glance, she could tell that it was a rough map of the town and perhaps from the small flags imprinted on the map showed the specific locations of where they needed to escort the caravans and whatnot. That was her assumptions for now, but so far, she wasn’t sure of where they needed to patrol around or even how they should even assist with protection. This mission was by far the briefest she had ever received and it only left her clueless about all the important details.



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Manzo chuckled at her joke, he did not expect her to want or need an explanation as to why he had taken the potion, so he wouldn't offer it. Now it was time to get down to business, seeing as they now had a map of the area they were to escort the caravans through. "Alright, let's get down to business here Snow." He said as he put a cigarette in his mouth, he snapped his fingers to light it and exhaled a cloud of smoke. "The red flags along the route are known ambush areas, I had hoped we could avoid these areas by taking a different route." He said as he took another drag from his cigarette.

He would trace his index finger across the other trails on said map of the area, trying to calculate the safest route for them to take. They could always divide and concur, but that brought risks of it's own. "Looks like to me the best course of action is one at front and one at the rear." He said as he rolled up the map of the area.

He would pick himself up from his seat once more. This time it was to get them on their way to the destination. "Alright Snow, we've wasted enough time, we have what we need." He said as placing the map inside his coat. He put his cigarette out on the bottom of his shoe and placed it behind his ear. Though there was one order of business to attend to before leaving the cafe', paying for the meal. Manzo laid a small sack of jewels on the counter before heading out the door, with his companion in tow toward the caravan camp. 



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Eternal Winter

The snow haired woman rested her chin on the palm of her hands as she listened to Manzo’s strategy and directions of escorting their assigned caravan. It sounded rather simple to her, since all they needed to do was to travel along the routes of where the ambush spots were least located, or simply traverse around the locations that were the safest. It wasn’t as though they were required to slain a demon of some sort, so she could say that this was an easy quest. Snowflake took a last sip of her cappuccino and finished off her croissants that she had been nibbling on the duration while Manzo was going through the trouble of explaining her the route, before pushing herself off the seat.

It was very kind of the man to take the liberty to pay the meal that they had just earlier, so of course, she had to show her gratitude by saying, ”Thank you.” Snowflake was ready to get into action, though in reality, it was merely a simple request of escorting but, one could never let their guard down. ”Alright, let’s go get the caravan then,” spoke the female, departing the café and heading straight towards the campsite where they should be meeting the owner of the caravan that they were supposed to escort. Not long after, they reached their destination and they were greeted by the sight of a middle-aged man, waving towards them as they entered.



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As they arrived, they were greeted by the owner of the caravan. As the two were going to introduce themselves, it seemed that he was one of those men who believed that a woman was not as strong as a man given his greeting to Manzo himself. "Thank goodness you've come, I had hoped they would send me a strapping young man to guard our caravan." He pulled Manzo to the side to whisper something into his ear. "What of the woman though, do you think she can hold her own in an environment such as thing?" Such comments made him chuckle more than anything.

"Don't let the fair skin, and pretty face fool you, if she had a mind to do it, she could put you and every else here into the ground, myself included." Manzo said while taking a drag of a freshly lit cigarette before making his way back over to where Snow was. "Alright my dear, let's circle the cattle and get a move on." Manzo said as he began to round up the rest of the caravan. He would assign Snow to the front as the first line of defense and he would guard the rear.



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The young woman was too occupied with checking the items on the caravan, that she had not completely paid attention to the gossiping that was occurring behind her back. Fortunately, she did heard the owner of the caravan mention something about a woman not being capable enough to do the job, or at least it was something of that sort and sure enough, once she’s heard it, Snowflake was ready to give a piece of her mind. Albeit, before she could get to it, Manzo had stood up for her and defended her, despite not knowing her that much. She was grateful for her kindness, truthfully and when Manzo would come around, she would kindly return a small smile in gratitude – almost the tiniest curve on her lips being someone who rarely smiles – just to let him know that she appreciated his gesture.

”Right, here we go. Chop chop,” she produced a soft pat on the back of the horses and with a neigh, the caravan would be off sailing into the roads of Era. Just as she was assigned to, Snowflake remained in the front, riding alongside the coachman of the vehicle. Since they had just started off their journey, the hunter just sat by the front, her eyes peeled for anything that was suspicious to her and when the roads were considered slightly more dangerous, she would choose to get off the carriage, in case the job required her to get into combat.



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Manzo thankfully was in the rear for this mission which meant he could let lose a weapon of his own without any collateral damage. He kept his hand rested on his revolver as they made their way down the path they were designated toward. He pulled the map out of his jacket, wanting to be sure there weren't any choke points along the way that would hamper their progress. Unfortunately in about half a mile they would do area nestled between two locations that had demons sighted there, which would prove to be risk if things did indeed go south.

"Snow keep your eyes peeled in about a half mile we are coming up on our first choke point." He yelled from the rear. Snow could more than handle herself in her assignment the real question was could Manzo hit all his shots before they ended up in the middle of the group forcing the two to leave their positions in order meet the threat head on. Manzo would pull another cigarette from his pocket and put it to his lips. Lightning it quickly, he pulled his gun from it's holster and let out a warning shot into the brush. His slayer senses alerted him to movement, which meant that he could never be too careful.

A few moment's after letting a shot lose into the brush more rumbling could be heard from within the bushes of the forest. "Snow to me, we've got company." Manzo yelled as he replaced the normal bullets in his chamber with the magic ones.



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Eternal Winter

Though it had been brief in reality, their journey seemed to have stretched on for eons to her, as if time was thinned out into a linear form that made the carriage just a tad bit slower. The blank and empty scenery before her didn’t really help much either to pass the time faster, though the sky above her that spanned out infinitely was a beautiful sight. Being not much of a talker herself, there was no words exchanged between herself and the coachman, nor did she see any need to since she was only here just to complete the mission. Despite her own distractions, the woman made sure to have herself guarded up at all times, her eyes scanning her surroundings vigorously as if even a rabbit in the bush was a threat to her.

Seconds plodded by and they would approach the area where the demonic rift had opened up, or at least where the demons were discovered being a threat the most. Reacting to Manzo’s advice, Snowflake jumped off her seat and landed with a soft thud onto the earth beneath her. They had already entered the forestry area where it was easy for animals and creatures to camouflage and prey on their targets. Her senses were sharp, but sure enough, she believed her blade was sharper, so she pointed it at every direction that ushered a different sound. Her partner had fired off a few gun shots into the woods, leaving a loud echo and perhaps it was the reason why she heard something approaching closer to her, and away from the gunshots.

Snowflake swiftly turned to the source, her lance pointing at the direction where she had heard the sound and the sight before her almost caused her to roll her eyes to the back of her head. ”Rabbit,” she hissed.

”Snow to me, we’ve got company.”

The duelist shifted her feet the instant Manzo spoke his words and she could see three unknown figures emerging from the shadows of the woods. The female opt out to not hesitate any further as her legs broke into a dash and her arm recoiled backwards, retaining the force within the muscles before she released her lance that pierced through the head of the demon. Yes, demons.


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Ah yes, what it is this gun was made to do, slay enemies of the light. They hid like the cowards they were, knowing full well the team of hunters would show them their end. Between his revolver and Snow's spear they had no hope what so ever. Now was the time to show his fellow pegasus' what it was that made him her partner on this mission. While she dispatched the other three, he could smell another set making their way up the rear. "Snow, watch your blind spots!" He yelled as he fired two rounds into the two of them that were attempting to flank her from the left.

He quickly turned his attention to the other 4 that were now attempting to rush him. It was cute how they felt that they could get the drop on the two of them, or even overpower them with sheer numbers. Manzo fired off four quick shots in succession with a crazed look in his eyes, lit by the fire on his cigarette. He took the utmost pride in slaying these vermin, hoping to wipe them all out with his bare hands for the carnage they had caused in astera. Carnage that he had to bare witness to, and even in his dreams.



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Eternal Winter

”Tch,” the female clicked her tongue against the roof of her mouth in distaste. She was disappointed that her aim wasn’t perfect, since she had missed her target spot by a few millimetres; that was how much of a perfectionist she was. Nonetheless, it was dead by the spot. That was one out of three. These demons were much weaker than the ones she encountered inside the rift and though the foes appeared to be ones taken down with slight easiness, she made it a note to not underestimate her opponents regardless of their size, for appearances can be highly deceptive.

Instead of using her magic, she preferred utilizing her fists and weapon instead. She was more comfortable with her hands than the usage of her magic, though it was still a good option. Another note was that, all her enemies were in a close range, which made it easier for her to strike them with her spear compared to using her spells. Whilst she was busy retrieving her weapon that was adhered to the head of the demon’s, another target attempted to strike her, lunging towards her and another one from behind. She heard Manzo looking out for her, especially the blind spots that she wasn’t paying attention to as she swung her weapon out of the head, slashing out of its skull.

She dealt with the demon that was the most likely to hurt her first and kicked her feet against its chest, at least to buy her some time while she dealt with the other one who was leaping onto her. While the creature was in mid-air, she thrusted her weapon upwards, piercing right through its organs before pulling it back out and tossed her spear into the remaining demon. Her lance struck right through its neck, and then remained lodged into the bark of a tree.



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Watching Snow with one eye and using his other to aim, he found himself out of ammo. Which wasn't too big of a deal, it wasn't like his fists were weak, though shooting them like fish in a barrel was far more fun than anything else. So he would jump back a few paces while he reloaded his revolver. Upon doing so he would fire off six more shots to clear out his side. now that, that was done he could shift his attention to snow. Who seemed to have also cleared out her area which was good news. It would seem that they had dispatched them all which was good news for them. He could get back to the task at hand. He walked over to the tree and retrieved  Snow's spear and handing it back to her.

"With me little lady, gonna need two sets of eyes from the looks of it." He said with a chuckle as he pulled his flask from coat pocket and took a swig from it. He offered it to Snow seeing as how they both just got a work out in, it was only natural to reward one's self.



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Eternal Winter

Snowflake retrieved her weapon from her partner before she wiped off the disgusting blood against the bark of the tree. She would look down at herself, only to see that her white cloak was tainted with the demon’s blood. She felt mortified, seeing her most trusty cloak ruined and as much as she wanted to spit out in disdain, there was nothing she could do. It was always the outcome of a hideous battle, especially if it involved slaying creatures.

”Might be a little rusty, but I think I can handle it myself quite alright.”

The hunter might have sounded rather bossy, but that was her nature – to be confident in her abilities. Albeit, her lack of training in the last few months had made her body slightly weaker than she normally was, considering how she had missed her aim by just slightly and how her body had gone out of practice after not being in combat for quite a while. Even missing slightly was more than just that to her, being a perfectionist, everything had to be just the way she does. If she aims a bullseye, she must strike the bullseye.

Thus, she had spent more of her recent days training, crafting dummy straws with her bare hands, just so she could get her body back as to how she was before. It would have been much better if she had her training partner – Alisa – with her, since they would always be in a competition of some sort like rivals. The crystal sculptress had always been a motivation to keep herself stronger.

”You did a good job there with your gun.” Snowflake could say they were a pretty compatible duo for the moment; her taking up the responsibility in close combat while her partner covered the long range. ”Alright, we should depart before it gets too late,” she added before seating herself beside the coachman once again and she could promise for one thing that his face was completely horrified by what just occurred and she couldn’t blame him. He might have as well not signed up for the job but, oh well.



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Manzo decided it would be best to walk in front of the caravan as opposed to riding in back, it seemed he would be more useful this way. Though he thought back to what he witnessed with Snow's performance in combat. For someone who was apparently missing in action, she did perform quite well all things considered. It was nice to see another member of the guild in action, he had yet to see Alisa, but he had heard stories of her power. With any luck he would one day get to witness it, but for now, Snow's display was more than enough to satiate his appatite.

He kept his gun in his hand at all times, not wanting to be caught off guard again, he had hoped that he would see more combat, but that's only because he was enjoying his partnership with Snow, albeit a very temporary one, he respected her ability, not to mention how good she looked doing it. In his mind she was the true embodiment of power being beautiful, it's what the guild was all about.

Before he knew it he was met by the man who ran the caravan on horseback trotting up beside him. "That was truly masterful marksmanship you showed back there. The girl wasn't half bad herself." Manzo scoffed at the man, not caring for how he saw Snow in comparison to him. "She could have taken care of them all by herself, had it been me alone you'd probably be dead. I have a limited amount of shots. Though if you keep bad mouthing my guild mate, you probably won't have a tongue left to speak with. Spoiler alert, I'm not getting involved in that."

The man grew quite timid at Manzo's words and he was wise to do so, it was for his own good. While he may be handy with a gun, she was as powerful as she was beautiful, which was to say, she very much like Alisa was in a class all her own. "What do you know about her? She seems, quite cold. Not much of a talker, unlike you." Manzo chuckled to himself at the question. "Her name is Snowflake, and she likes a strong drink and pastries. This is the second time we've met. First time we met she broke my nose. He said with a laugh.

Truthfully speaking he had grown quite tired of this line of questions, so he delivered a strike to the behind of the horse he was riding and sent it galopping ahead of the rest of the caravan. He looked back at Snow and shot her a smile and a thumbs up to go with his cheeky grin. While he may not know her, he did certainly respect her position and her ability.

It would not be long now before their time together was over, they had performed wonderfully together. With any luck this would not be their last time together on a mission such as this. For he truly enjoyed being able to have someone as competent as she was. It was something he was not entirely used to and it was a nice change of pace for him. Though all things considered that was probably just wishful thinking for him at this point. He didn't know where he stood with her, nor did he think it was important for him to know.

They finally reached their destination, having guarded the a caravan with the best of their ability Manzo was quite happy with the result. Perhaps he would go back to town and get himself a hard drink for a job well done, or maybe something a bit more tame like ice cream, it had been so long since he had a sweet treat. Though that was not the main concern on his mind, it was time to get paid. He walked over to the man in charge and politely asked for his pay, hoping to get it now and be able to say goodbye to Snow. As he collected his payment he walked over to Snow with a smile on his face. "Well Snow it was a pleasure to work with you. If you find yourself bored and in need of something to do. Here is the address for the bar I frequent." He said with a smile before leaving her.



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