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Name: Bodak Manjiki

Age: 22 (October 31st, X765)

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian

Ethnicity, Mother: Boscosi

Class: Ranger

Profession: Priestess - CON, INT

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Lamia Scale

Mode: Normal

Tattoo: Lower Back - Black

Face: Michiko Malandro (Michiko to Hatchin)


Height: 5'9"

Weight: 136lbs

Hair: Black

Eyes: Dark Blue Grey

Overall: Dark skin, dark brown hair an dark grey eyes, Bodak is the typical flashy woman who is very proud of her body. She is very beautiful, sexy, tall and slender, and all this just adds to the fact that she has no shame to show her beauty around. That said, she has long beautiful nails  – a perfect long hair, even her feet and her very large breasts seem to fit so perfectly. With fitted clothing and various names all over her clothing, she's not shy to brand labels or representing her guild for any reason necessary.

Extra: On her upper back is a scar in the shape of an X. To a trained eye, the cause of it is some knife or bladed wound.


Personality:  As for a personality? Bodak doesn't have much of one. Due to the serious of unfortunate events which found their way towards her, Bodak has fallen into a state of pure insanity. No longer valuing human lives, she views everyone as beneath her, and why shouldn't she?  Of course, she does know her place with a few people, and a very select few people at that. Bodak does not care much for rank, or status. Except for when it comes to Nameless.

It isn't that she respects her, but is more terrified of her. She has yet to find a weakness. Medicine seems to be her best bet, but it would take a fairly strong vaccine to cure the host of such a horrific parasite, or rather, a god. Due to this, Bodak has become quite adapt to lying. And she is quite good at it as well. Spinning lies is something she does very well in order to hide her true meaning in life. With words, comes power. And power is all she has her eyes on. The one thing that might catch her attention more then obtaining power, are people who already have it. Of course, obtaining her attention by having power is not an accomplishment one should wish to achieve, for it means she will get close to them. Manipulate them. Use them

Due to her trying to get things over with quickly, her jobs often end up being done in a disorganized, messy way. Not caring about where blood gets, or how many die, she just focuses in on her target, and goes for it. She typically bombards her opponents, using up most of her energy within the first few minutes of a fight. After her energy levels are low, she starts to dramatically slow down. This brings up an advantage for both her, and her opponent.
⚬ Companionship : She wants to find someone worth her time. No one wants to be alone . . no one.
⚬ The Forests : She finds nature soothing,
and relaxing.

⚬ Most people : She finds the company of most people vile and a waste of her time.
⚬ Ignorance and Arrogance : Following the above, she thinks of most people as lower than her. Only those that have the true bloodline, she respects.

⚬ Returning home (Manji estate) one day in the distance future
⚬ Serving Nameless in a way to free herself of guilt and devotion

⚬  She is disgusted by pleasures of the flesh, and at the same time is terrified of giving into such temptations
⚬ She is terrified of watching one of her allies, especially one of her spirits, get injured


Magic Name: n/a

Magic Element: n/a

Magic Description: n/a


"Get up my child, there is much work to do." - Master Seki

Foggy. If she had to recall her own past, that would be the word to describe it. For as far as she could remember, she was a servant of a man named Seki. She can't even remember if that was the name he gave her, or if she came up with it. Either way, his own truth, is just as lost as her own.

She may not remember her own past, but she knows she was the turning point in the man's life. Seki was a man who ran an interesting home. With it he collected tons of children and runaways.  Bodak was spared from a life of being subjected to the outside, but it did not mean she was not kept on a leash.

She would often discover the old man's strange magic, only to soon forget it. It would happen as often as the sun would rise. She would find out his secret in the afternoon. She would watch him preform it on all of her friends. No one remembered their past, and for a reason. Seki had collected all of them for his own reasons. Any time someone new had arrived, he had asked them, "Do you wish to forget all of your troubles?" and then he would rob them of their memories. Though, it was not robbing, as he was permitted to enter their minds. Bodak had confronted him, as she did every time. She would ask, if he had her memories. Seki would always answer yes. Bodak would ask to have them returned, only to ask Seki to take them back. That was how everyone in that place was. Anytime they would remember, they would use Seki to make them forget. They were content with how they lived, even if it wasn't the best home, it was how they wanted it.

But Bodak always wondered what happened to the memories he collected. All of the stories, the pasts. She often wondered if he could remember his own life if he remembered everyone else's. It was then, she would meet a girl, who had asked the very question to keep the man sane. A question, to hear all of the tales that existed in the old man's mind.

"Now now, she is here for storytime, please, go rest my child." - Master Seki

She would eventually come to terms with his power and what it had given all of them. Opportunity. They were able to forgive all of the wrongs done to them. Even if they felt worthless, Seki gave them value. Some were more prized than others, but each and everyone had their purpose. But with a magic that transferred memories, she wondered how many lifetimes could exist in that man's head. . .

She had gotten used to her own life, from growing from the age of six to sixteen, she had never seen Seki so pleased to have a guest that did not come to pay. Often he would kill people for wasting his time, but this girl, this pink haired girl was different. She would come in, listen to the tales of Seki, and so would Bodak. Sometimes she would sit by the entrance, or where they would meet for that day just to touch her arm to see through her eyes. She had never seen her master so happy. It wasn't until almost a year later that she would ask the girl her name.

"It's Kasey. And I'm gonna make Master Seki proud." - Kasey Setuna

She did not know this girl, but those words were enough to light a fire under her ass. She would seek out everything, trying to even persuade the few customers she knew had connections. She had to get into the school. She had to become a hero, just like in the stories that Master Seki told that girl.

Bodak, wanted to become a story Master Seki would tell to others. She wanted to be famous.


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Hello there, just a few things in need of a touch up.

  • What mode is your character? Please choose one.
  • Please state the stats for your profession to the right of its name rather than below the name. A good example would be Chef - INT, CON
  • The description for appearance needs to be at least 100 words in length, you are currently at 72. Please expand this area.
  • Please use the proper list formatting in your likes and dislikes. The code for it can be found in the character template.
  • Your class, ranger, does not allow for the use of magic. Please leave this section blank if you wish to select this class.
  • Unfortunately, Bodak's original history is not valid for the forum. I am sorry that this is the case, and you may recreate her background however you wish. Please note that concepts such as passing souls between bodies would not be allowed.
  • Since this is an application of a character that also existed in season 1, it must include a summary of what your character did in the two-year time-skip.

Once you have made the edits, please bump the thread and I'll get right back for another check up.


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I don't see why I would have to update what she does during the skip if ican't continue my already existing history? But anyways, bump, hope this works.

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  • Please include a birth day, month and year in the age section.
  • Please select a mode, either normal or nightmare.
  • Remove light from the element part of your magic section and simply leave it as the other fields in the area are.

That's about all, bump once finished


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bump! also screw this wc!

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This character application has been approved.

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