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Elcia Veihalis

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#1Elcia Veihalis 

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Elcia Veihalis


Name: Elcia Lumière Veihalis

Age: 19 | July 26th, X769


Sexuality: Pansexual

Ethnicity, Father: Boscos

Ethnicity, Mother: Minstreli

Class: Heirophant

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Lamia Scale

Mode: Normal

Tattoo: Top of her right hand | Lilac

Face: Miyuki Shiba | The Irregular in Magic High School



Weight: 102 LBs.

Hair: Black

Eyes: Blue

Overall: Elcia can be described as a lovely, and beautiful girl who can captivate whoever sets their eyes on her. Her arms and legs are slim, slender, she definitely looks as frail as a snowflake. While yes, she has a lot of symmetry in her body and was naturally gifted, the way she was raised, she never saw herself as beautiful or a woman who could keep a man's interest. Although it's important to note while her breast may only be a B-Cup {Borderline C-Cup!!}, her body is very curvaceous. Due to this, "her confidence in herself wavered." This might be caused by her magic prowess in support magic, which is very formidable but slightly lacking in the offensive department. Because of her openness, modesty, well-brought-up manners and behavior, depending on your take of whether you find personality attractive, can really set her looks into motion.

Extra: Snowflake-jewels in her hair as well as yellow braided cord in a section of her hair.


Personality: Have you ever seen a dog that used to be vibrant and outgoing? Confident maybe? Curious to take on the world... excited to see new things? Then one day it was like everything you knew about that sweet dog was stripped from it. It was as if one day that dog had died and another dog had possessed it, one that was abused, confused, and scared of the world. Maybe this dog was just alone- and dreading life, they hadn't a clue on how to stand on their own. Elcia was like a puppy stripped of its' innocence. She was ignorant and didn't fully understand that she had a role to fill in her family, thus she was beaten into this role. It was as if she was on a journey through her childhood to prove to her father she was the daughter he wanted, that she wasn't a disappointment. It's because of this that she now has a huge inner demon inside of her, her inner saboteur is much more vocal than most others; she didn't have that daddy that protected his little girl, letting her believe this world would let her be anything she wanted. No, he was the man who crushed her dreams and told that little girl, you're to be a nobody- just another woman to bear children.

Elcia's personality is very far from being loud and dominant, she's the opposite, quiet, poised (almost like a perfect woman,) apologetic and in her father's words tamed. Her most admirable trait would probably be that no matter the situation she always has tried to be emotionally strong for the sake of others. Leading with a smile, and trying her best to be a polite young woman on a daily basis, her goal is to at least laugh once a day and make someone smile daily. Slowly but surely Elcia is learning that it's okay to leave home for the sake of your dreams, that you don't have to be what someone else may want you to be. However, these newfound morals constantly clash with how she was raised, whereas she has become used to following someone and not use to being on her own.

Her inner saboteur was fueled by her father's voice, she wanted to impress him and in the end, she only ruined her own self-worth. Questioning if she would ever be a good enough woman for a man to be interested in, whether or not she's learning her magic at a steady rate- or even if she's worth being a part of the family... like worth being alive. Whether or not she was really able to accomplish anything without someone leading her. Because of being used to following people she has a habit of forgetting to take action for herself rather than others, and always apologizing if she feels like she's being a hassle to anyone.

She's on a journey to find who she is, her self-worth, her confidence, and most importantly her own self-worth.  


  • Desserts: Desserts are HUUUUGE in Minstrel!! So much that her mother had her own Bakery and Elcia got to learn how to bake hundreds of different recipes passed down by her family generation to generation!
  • Smiles/Happiness: Sometimes it can be relieving to just see a smile. Someone who is actually living in the moment and enjoying life, with that cute laugh to follow.


  • Violence: Growing up in a combat-heavy family, she has always been intrigued by fighting or any form of violence but the day she tried to learn she was shut down real quick by her family. However, due to that quick lesson, she now is uncomfortable around violence.
  • Ungratefulness: When she sees anyone being ungrateful or taking advantage of a situation, it just boils her blood, how can people be so ignorant and not appreciate what they have.


  • Self-Suffiecent: Since leaving Minstrel she has always wanted to expand her take on the Veihalis ways, it's a very male-dominated family. As she spent more time away from her family she has grown more and more tired of relying on others to protect her.

  • Confident/Brave: She strides to exert more confidence in her actions. Elcia can only hope that one day she can make a decision for herself without second-guessing her own capabilities. For example: whether or not her skill in support magic is enough to push her ally into winning the fight, whether or not she can handle being alone, and even if she can really atone to anything.


  • Conflict/Combat: Being unable to defend herself in combat, in an offensive manner. She is beyond nervous to engage in any sort of conflict.
  • Unworthy: After the falling out she had with her parents and escaping Minstrel to explore Fiore and find her own path, she's always had this mental back note that she'd never account to anything. She'd be unworthy and prove her father right.


Magic Name: Veihalis Light Magic

Magic Element: Light

Magic Description: It is a Magic in which the caster is able to manipulate and utilize light in various ways. Occasionally, a certain technique, usually involving the hands, is used to cast a Light spell. When used for offense, the Magic can take the form of a sphere-like object that can be ejected at the opponent or as a beam that can be blasted- or other multitudes of objects and various ways of offense.  Light can also be emitted from the caster's body; depending on the brightness or heat that the light emits, it can be capable enough to blind an enemy or cause the surroundings to explode. Depending on the style of the spell it's able to buff or debuff allies/foes, as well as take on healing qualities. Light Magic can also be manifested for multiple usages in defense. It's overall very flexible magic. The limitations are nearly up to the user's imagination and capabilities.

Veihalis, have their own take on light magic, able to bend the light particles to produce bright gleams of light in multitudes of colors, as well as with it having several variations of combat style to the magic, the men usually take on a more traditional martial arts style while including light into their fingertips. It's important to note, Elcia has yet to unlock any offensive techniques, due to the fact of her upbringing. While women take on a more traditional role of healing the men and tasked with taking care of them.


Minstrel, was a beautiful place full of gorgeous architectural designs that one might not be able to imagine such towers with beautiful arches that have beautiful insignia's craved into the design with their own meanings of beauty and grace. It was in this country that a family, that was highly respected and had nearly impossible morals, was flourishingly and dominant in the land. You couldn't go to any corner of Veihalis without knowing the name Veihalis- maybe if you were isolated... then perhaps. The way the family had obtained their dominance was their unique style of incorporating their light magic into their fingertips when they fought, and they would aim for key pressure points to disable their opponents, and when they least expect it all the burn marks from the light being pressed against their skin so closely would explode. Meanwhile, the women practiced using their light magic to exceed most support users such as amazing healing qualities and some even gaining the ability to use certain light particles too cause anyone exposed to the light to gain flight when used on them.

A man with the name Ryker Licht Veihalis and a woman named Estelle Espérer Veihalis bore a child into this world around the year X769. They were the house leaders of their family. Estelle would teach the new young women how to hone their magic and how to become the perfect image of a woman, with a kind heart and a smile so bright that it could compel the darkest shadows, and of course how to be in sync with your man in order to support him in battle and at home. The family Veihalis was descended from Boscos, but over time it became Minstreli dominated. Her father and his three brothers had moved to Minstrel to marry Minstreli women, and now they were here. While her father Ryker taught the young men to hone their light into a lethal martial arts style known as the Veihalis Fury. Often his lessons ended in a series of burn marks all up and along the young men's bodies, if they weren't wounded by the end of the day they weren't learning- that was Ryker's motto.

You'd be damned if you told him his daughter didn't mentally fall into the mindset that women were to support men, that a woman could learn his strict but lethal style. In fact, when Elcia had turned seven and grew tired of learning the hundreds of baking recipes her mother sought out to teach her, and she wanted to learn how to fight- her father lost it. He had Elcia assume her fighting position against three boys roughly a few years older than her. However, they had at least a year five years or so of training than she did. He ordered them to go all out on Elcia, and it was with that lesson that when she was brought to her knees bleeding and coughing from the burn marks, which made parts of her body almost look brown. It was at that moment, her weakest moment, that her father took advantage of the moment to teach her the place of women in the Veihalis family. He had broken her arms and hands, finger by finger.

The pain was so excruciating that Elcia had passed out from the sensory overload. Luckily her mother was exceptionally skilled in healing magic that her face had no trace of burn marks and her arms and hands were completely fine the next morning- however... no healing magic could ever heal the pain that lied in her mentally. It was from that day forward that she no longer saw her father as a loving man, he was a cruel man who had no love to spare unless you followed his orders. So it was settled she was going to be the perfect daughter! She took on this perfectionist role and baked for the men daily for the next ten years, bringing them warm treats and healing the boys who were exhausted after their sessions.

It was those moments that her father would smile at her, and she would do her best to smile... just like her mother. However, sometimes she would slip up and wince as the memories came flooding back at how brutal of a man he really was. Estelle... wasn't the kind of mom to fight her father to stick up for Elcia, she was the kind of mother to just tell her daughter she was wrong to try and fight the ways of life. It was due to that parenting that she grew lonesome, she felt as if maybe she didn't fit into this family, because she still couldn't shake her own inner desires to learn how to fight. Yet somehow she also felt incapable of learning. It was as if her body knew better like it knew her own role more than she did.

On her sixteenth birthday, she went into the main city of Minstrel which was a few miles away from the Veihalis housing. It was there she met a boy from the land known as Fiore, they shared their childhood memories and shared laughs. That was when she learned that laughter and smiling that was what made her happy... it helped her forget the pain she endured. When she had told the boy how she was raised, he was astonished and invited her to come back to Fiore with him.

It was a rash decision but she decided it was in her own best interest, she had this inner desire- this itch! It had to be scratched, no matter what! The following year was amazing as he took her on dates and they even helped out a few locals in the city of Magnolia. On their one year anniversary of meeting, Elcia had decided it was time... time to give herself to this boy. After an eventful night, or so she thought, she only remembered blacking out- she was left vacant in an apartment with a note all of the jewels she had collected from going on adventures with this boy, and working at the local bakery- he had taken them all, along with something she could never get back. Something that everyone can only give once.

The note? It read: Dear Elcia... you may be wondering why you're alone this morning. You may be smiling- stop. This is note some cheeky damn love letter. This is a goodbye letter. I don't love you and I never did. I was sent to Minstrel to abduct a maiden from Minstrel for my guild's own pleasure... however, when you told me about your life I realized I couldn't do that to you. So yes I brought you back and I had avoided them for some time. I can no longer. I, however, will leave you be. Do not cherish me, I am not a good man- I hate you Elcia Lumière Veihalis. This was all a mistake.

That letter had reminded her of the pain her father had inflicted onto her- only it was worse! Maybe... maybe it was due to the fact that this was her own rash decision and it turned out to be a mistake. Logically she kept telling herself he did care or he wouldn't have left her if his guild sent him on a mission to abduct a maiden from Minstrel... but he was right. He was a horrible man, he took her flower and ripped it apart along with her heart.

She spent a long cold year in that apartment basking in her own sorrow, barely getting by, often times she missed out on rent but the landlord would give her extra time on special occasions since she knew that Elcia was hurting. It was only until her landlord had kicked her out due to needing the money to get by herself, and Elcia had been three months late that she was back on a path of finding herself. She was a little over nineteen now, with a few months under her belt, that she stumbled upon a guild called Lamia Scale- however, she might have joined for a free place to sleep at night. Nonetheless, she was at the starting point of finding her own way in this cold world.

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Ace Brookes

Hi Elcia, I'll be reviewing your character app.

It all seems fine except for a coding indentation starting at the second motivation. Once you get that fixed just bump the app.

Your character application is very good though. Well done :)

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Elcia Veihalis
Bumple Wumple, tag em on the Nipple~ Sorry I'm really sleepy~ but yea I did it.

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Ace Brookes

This character application has been approved.

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