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Siren's Call [Quest: Kerii]

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#1Akira Shimada 

Siren's Call [Quest: Kerii] Empty on Sat Jun 01, 2019 7:55 pm

Akira Shimada

Sands bathed in the silvery gleam of the moonlight was probably Akira's personal brand of heaven. The tides rose steadily, grew wilder and it almost felt like the freedom of the waves had torn through her mortal coils. Of course, they had not, but the feeling that the moment evoked made her unfurl her wings and take a flight.

She soared just above the sea, allowing her toes to graze the water. For a moment she thought she was imagining a gentle serenade because that would've been the icing on the cake. However, it'd turn out that she wasn't. There was an angelic voice, with a sort of haunting quality, that rode the lush darkness of the night. She enjoyed the beautiful notes and made her return to the relatively deserted sea. Astera sure was full of surprises.  



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Kerii Virrel
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The night sky glimmered with thousands of stars, and Kerii was walking beneath it on the soft beaches of Astera. She had only stayed in it for a couple of days, but in her opinion it truly earned its reputation. Although she loved Orchidia, the coastal town was a nice change of scenery. Part of her wished that she could just enjoy her time there while it lasted, but another part of her knew better. She wasn't in Astera for a vacation. She was there to do some jobs as well. As a matter of fact, it was best that she would do one the next day if she wanted to have some money to spend while in Astera.

And yet, even though she knew that she should head on back to the inn if she wanted to get enough rest, the ocean begged her to stay for a little while longer. Smiling, she took off her black canvas shoes and dipped her feet into the cool water. Just a few more minutes...
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#3Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada

Another feminine figure enjoyed the spoils of the perfectly constructed moment. Out of curiosity, the Shimada found herself drawn to the fellow lone soul. 'Did you hear that song? Beautiful wasn't it?' she asked when she was within earshot, but still sauntering to close the distance between them. She allowed her damp towel to hang limply over her shoulder as she stared into the horizon yet again.

The waves were stained with the imperfect reflection of the moon as they repeatedly kissed the sands and the toes of the woman she'd forced her company on. That realization struck her suddenly and she felt the need to apologize for intruding. 'I'm sorry, I didn't mean to ruin it, I'm new here and...' she trailed off upon realizing she didn't really have an excuse. This is why she stayed away from people, the Shimada was truly better off alone. She just sighed, huffing softly at herself.



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Kerii Virrel
Queni ya ranya ullumë vanwë umir
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Kerii gazed off into the deep blue waters and briefly became mesmerized by what sounded like a song. It was faint, and she wasn't sure that what she was hearing was actually lyrics, but whatever it was it was beautiful. Combined with the serene atmosphere, the elf hardly noticed it when a dark-haired woman asked her if she heard the song, which was quickly followed by an apology.

"Oh no, you're fine!" Kerii reassured. "I actually just arrived too, but as for that song, yeah." In the moment, she found it rather pleasant, but the more she thought about it, the more ominous it seemed. Considering Astera was still very new to her, it was actually unsettling. She supposed the nervous feeling she was getting could have been fueled by the night, but still. She didn't like it. "Where do you think it came from?"
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#5Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada

Akira was close enough to notice the tipped ears. The last time she'd interacted with an elf, felt like a life time ago, so she was glad when the woman waived away her concerns. The Joyan stiffened just a little when the blonde mentioned she too had just arrived.

It could mean that she was responding to the call against the Incursion and the Inquisition that Akira was now allegedly a part of. 'What brought you here?' she asked casually, hoping the answer would offer clarity on her deduction. So Akira could make sure she shaped the interaction carefully to avoid any unnecessary conflict.

She asked about the source of the song and the Shimada was surprised her own inquisitive nature had not kindled a similar inquiry. 'It sounded like it came from within the ocean... Or at least from that direction.' The Shimada said, pointing towards the dark horizon.



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Kerii Virrel
Queni ya ranya ullumë vanwë umir
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Since they were both new to the area, it only seemed natural that the woman would want to know why she came to visit. Kerii was curious as well, though it was more likely than not that someone would come simply for tourism. After all, Astera was home to gorgeous beaches, and this was the perfect time of year to go. It was actually part of the reason the elf opted to travel there, but it wasn't the whole reason.

"I came in part for work, but also because I heard this was a nice place to go. How about you?" After that brief exchange was over, the woman made note of how the song seemed to have come from the ocean. The elf looked out to the horizon, but saw nothing in the distance, only rolling waves. "Strange..." she mumbled to herself.
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#7Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada

There was a time Akira avoided lying, such luxuries were no longer affordable. However, given the elf's answer was vague, the Shimada saw a simple solution. She avoided the prospect of having to spin stories by responding in a monosyllabic manner that took away that burden 'Same.' Much like the blonde's response, this was no longer a lie, but not the entire truth either.

Their conversation was now pinned onto the song and the silence made it easy for Akira to make out the woman's assessment. Muttering was one of Akira's trademark qualities and noticing another resort to it had her intrigued. 'You think so?' she asked somewhat redundantly.

Her gaze continued to scan the horizon and then returned to the beach. In the distance she noticed a small party of crouching silhouettes, topple to the sands and lie down. She allowed that to lift her spirits again. 'It must be fun to sleep under the canopy of stars...' she lamented, looking up at the sky.



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Kerii Virrel
Queni ya ranya ullumë vanwë umir
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It seemed that the two girls were there for the same reason, or at the very least a similar one at that. Kerii didn't exactly state that she was a mage, and neither did the young woman. They were just there for 'work' purposes, whatever that entailed. Kerii couldn't think of too many jobs that would bring someone specifically to Astera, but she supposed anything was possible. That aside, the focus of the conversation drifted back towards the song.

The dark-haired girl asked a question in a rhetorical manner, and then made a comment on how it would be nice to sleep under the stars. "Yeah," the elf replied with a smile. She took her jacket off and laid it on the sand, revealing the guild mark on her left shoulder. She sat down, almost as if it was a beach towel. "Though I'm not sure I would like it on the sand. In the forest or in a field though--" Her voice trailed off as she tried to remember the last time she camped out under the stars just for fun. There was the guild challenge, but that wasn't under the most pleasant circumstances. Craning her neck, she looked to the young woman. "You like the outdoors too?" she asked in reference to the earlier comment she made.
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#9Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada

Akira's towel fell in pool besides the elf's jacket. Unabashedly, she continued to impose her company onto the young woman. It was rare for her to want to linger around people, so when the mood struck, she felt compelled to take advantage.

An idle once over drew her attention to the tattoo on the woman's shoulder. She made a mental note of it, to ask about her adventures among the Scales at a later point. Should they continue to find each other's company enjoyable.

She agreed with the assessment about the sand. 'Yeah... Sand can make matters uncomfortable.' Akira mused with a soft chuckle. Upon being asked about her inclination to be outdoors, Aki answered crisply as usual. 'I do.' Before Akira could accommodate for introductions they were interrupted.

A stumbling, giggly girl approached them. "I think the guys got too drunk and passed out, can you two help me and my friend move them over to the shack? We know the owner, we'll make sure she gives you discount on food and rooms." her speech was incoherent and slurry.



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Kerii Virrel
Queni ya ranya ullumë vanwë umir
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Kerii was beginning to like this little encounter. Even though she typically preferred to be alone, it was actually more comforting for there to be someone in the dead of night... Though the elf did suppose she was a stranger, she didn't feel put off by the young woman at all. She opened her mouth to continue the conversation, and it seemed like the dark-haired girl wanted to say something too, but they were interrupted by a drunken, giggling girl asking for help.

"Um..." Kerii glanced at the young woman and raised an eyebrow. Kerii wouldn't turn down helping someone like that, but she wasn't sure the other girl was. "Sure, lead the way," the elf ended up saying, regardless of whether the still nameless stranger would agree or not.
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#11Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada

Akira followed the girls and the elf without saying anything. Her agreement was apparent in her action after all. Helping people was technically part of her job, but she found herself feeling irked by the lack of responsibility. They were lead to the group Akira had witnessed earlier, the party she'd assumed was taking a nap in the sand.

She watched the three boys, their slumber was deep. She nudged a calf with her toe and frowned when it was met with no reaction from the sleeping man. 'Would've been easier if they weren't so out of it.' she said, crouching besides the arm of one of the men in a resigned manner.

'We'll take the arms, you two take the legs.' she addressed the women and spoke for herself and the elf for the moment. The two girls were tipsy, which was a little strange. The Shimada just assumed the boys must have gotten into some stupid drinking game.



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Kerii Virrel
Queni ya ranya ullumë vanwë umir
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The girl with black hair silently agreed to help out, which was evidenced by her simply coming along. Not much of a talker, Kerii noted, which was fine with her. The elf was typically rather quiet herself, though at times even she had to admit that the silence could become unsettling; however, with all the nonsensical giggling the tipsy girls were doing, that didn't seem to be an issue in the slightest.

When they arrived at the rest of the group, there were three guys out cold-- a strange contrast to the girls who were more wobbly and silly, though the Lamia held her tongue. The stranger suggested them two carrying the arms while the girls carried the legs. "Alright," Kerii replied, crouching to grab the men's arms. "Thank you by the way, uh..." she trailed, prompting the girl to hopefully give a name.
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#13Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada

'Akira.' She responded, the name graced with a soft huff as she lifted the heavy torso of the man. Some knew of her, she wouldn't be surprised if the elf did, especially given that she was from a reputable guild. Hopefully, the fact that the interaction had been so amicable up until now, would work in the Shimada's favor. It'd prove that despite difference in opinions and possible approaches, two people could respect one another.

The drunk girls struggled with the legs, but did better than the Shimada had expected. Making them walk backwards would've definitely made matters worse, plus they were the ones with the direction to the shack. 'And you?' she asked, the effort she was putting in was betrayed by the slight strain in her voice. One of the girls warned about the stairs they were approaching and also announced that they were almost at the shack.



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Kerii Virrel
Queni ya ranya ullumë vanwë umir
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As the girl introduced herself as Akira, they lifted the man, and the elf gave a friendly smile. "Nice to meet you," she replied as they began to carry the unconscious drunkard away. He was heavier than she thought, and though the other girls were helping carry the legs, they were too weak and too wobbly to put in as much effort as her and Akira. Hopefully they wouldn't have to carry them too long.

Akira asked the elf what her name was, and she of course responded with the truth... Or at least with the name she went by nowadays: "Kerii." Come to think of it, the elf had heard the name Akira before (she wasn't sure if this was the same person or not), though she wasn't sure the girl would have heard of hers. Kerii was a powerful healer and held the title of Lamia Scale's Draken, but she was by no means the guild's strongest member.
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#15Akira Shimada 

Siren's Call [Quest: Kerii] Empty on Sat Jun 22, 2019 1:59 pm

Akira Shimada

'Likewise.' Akira responded, through grit teeth with a soft huff, the exertion felt worse as they continued to haul the bodies. This little task reminded her that she needed to work on her strength and on her endurance. There was already a gentle ache blooming in her muscles as they continued to heave the dead weight towards the shack.

'Oh, Kerii!' the Shimada found herself exclaiming, there was a note of recognition and admiration in the ex-Knight's voice. Given the tattoo she'd seen before, it felt fair to jump to conclusions. 'Lamia Scale sure is lucky to have you.' The Knights had files on the guilds and their noteworthy members. Akira had the habit of browsing through those documents, back when she still had access to them. 'How much longer?' the Shimada asked slightly balefully. She was offered a prompt, unhelpful response that they'd be at the shack very soon.


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