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Magnolia to Crocus [Travel]

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#1Aisha Connors 

Magnolia to Crocus [Travel] Empty Mon May 27, 2019 9:58 pm

Aisha Connors


I always feel my most relaxed when I’m up high~ The black locks of the bronze beauty whipping wildly in the wind as she shot through the sky, as the baubles she carried in her hair chimed like tiny little bells next to her ears, Aisha Connors wore a smile a mile wide and leaned forward to pet the handsome fellow that was giving her such an awe inspiring ride. A feathered friend between her legs that had wings that were as wide as some houses and a keen look in his red eyes, the companion that was aiding her so ably looked decidedly Avian, but was not wholly.

His body looking like a mix of a bird of prey and a fine feline hunter, the hindquarters of the mocha’s madam’s mount resembled those of a lion with a splaying feather tail, while his colour was one that reflected the purity and majesty that one would see in snow with the brilliant whiteness his whole body was died in. Really though he had the features of a hawk or eagle facially, that bright plumage reminded one of a dove, which was fitting because for the most part the animal was rather a peaceful one. For the most part, at least. After all, like the creatures that seemed to have been combined to birth him this mix of bird and cat was a dedicated hunter, though never eating more than he needed he could be fierce when he needed to be, but was for the most part docile and loyal which was a testament to the woman who had raised him.

“Hehehehehe, not long now Altair, we should be able to see the palace pretty soon, I’d say!” Gripping a set of study plumes with a grin in order to stop the force of the air from pulling her straight off the back of the beautiful beast as the scenery became a blur beneath her, the amber eyes of the amazon known as Aisha clung to the horizon as she shouted to her sublime steed in a cheery fashion.

“Should be some nice game there, just don’t make off with a princess or something, buddy… We could both get in a lot of trouble!” Eager to make her destination but enjoying the chance to let her pet stretch his wings, given how she didn’t want to feel ‘lazy’ the lightning lass did not tend to rely on her friend as often as she perhaps could. Sensitive of his feelings and his freedom as well, though she loved to see that shape lurching toward her with the blue canvas of the sky behind him, the Desiertian delight also knew he had his own life these days and as such only tended to rely on him on requests she deemed urgent. After all, Altair was not a tool for the girl, no, he was a friend…

The Hunt Is On

"Now that’s a prize I wouldn’t mind~"

- Aisha Connors

credit to nat of adoxography.

Magnolia to Crocus [Travel] Wqm01Qq

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