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Hauntings (Kazimir)

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#26Kazimir Seiryu 

Hauntings (Kazimir) - Page 2 Empty Wed May 01, 2019 2:40 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
He expected a shocked response from her. His assumption was right as she starred at him speechless for what felt like hours but only lasted minutes. Kazimir could see all the wheels turning in her mind, contemplating what was happening in front of her.

What he saw wasn't anger or resentment. It was just surprise and after the minutes ticked by it was acceptance on adorned on her face. He let his arms hang at his sides as she wrapped hers around him. There was no overt reaction, he just let it happen. He didn't know quite how to react to the sudden show of affection and the tears that formed to tell her emotions.

Once she opened her mouth to speak, the wind mage smiled at her now broken silence. His eyes still radiating the same holy light. He cast away the glow as she confessed her love for him and he slowly brought one arm up around her to hug her in return.

"Its good to hear you again," he said politely. "Full of emotion as ever. Thanks for standing with me. I'm not sure where my road is going anymore." He felt part of her acceptance of his new form was in the fact that it was forced upon him. But the more he used it the more he liked the power. The more he began to see it as a useful tool to grow stronger.

The moment shifted as Leeann boldly pressed her lips against Kazimir's cheek. The wind mage's mouth opened in surprise. "Oh..uhm," he stammered out. He couldn't help but think about the last person that had ever done that to him. The memory of the last day he spent there. Part of his past he still couldn't let go. A reason that only motivated him to grow in power even more.

His body stiffened from the kiss but he quickly dispelled the tightened muscles and relaxed. It was jolting and unexpected but  part of him found it more soothing and comforting than he would have thought. He Took it much easier than he had in the past and simply hugged her back with a smile. "Always full of surprises too, it seems."

"I was worried how you would have taken it. Looks like for the first time, I was overthinking things," he gave a small sigh before he continued, "It was from a seraphim, he has plans for me but I don't yet know what it is."

#27Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn laughed a little at Kazimir's reaction. It was really adorable in her mind of how shocked he was. A part of her was a little concerned if she went too far. She knew he was the type to take it slow and due to his past. She bit her lip for a until he relaxed.

His remark made her laugh a little. She still felt a little uneasy, but she knew it would disappear in time. Acceptance of something she hated with a passion was going to take a bit of time. It was worth it the suffering for Kazimir. Though, she could tell he was worried about everything. Her reaction, where its going to lead them, and so on. She did not know either. The unknown feeling not knowing where your life is headed is quite scary. LeeAnn could relate a bit since everyone felt like that at some point in their lives. "I do get right to the point. Sometimes we have to let fate do its things. It has a plan for each of us, like how we met or you becoming...nephilim" she replied.

LeeAnn looked up at him as a question popped into her mind. "You don't have the answer this, but...will you ever face your clan again? Confront them for what they did" she asked. Her question was out of the blue and her curious fox nature was getting the better of her. The scarlet woman stared at him for quite some time until he would answer. "Never mind, I'm sorry for asking" she said. She figured she was being a bit too bold for Kazimir's taste. LeeAnn was growing to show more of her insecurities and clingyness towards Kazimir. She just hugged him, just loving the feeling of being safe.

The kitsune's ears were folded sideways out of comfort and trust. Her face was buried into his Gi uniform. "I don't wanna move" she grumbled.

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#28Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
The hug lasted so long Kaz was almost becoming uncomfortable with it but it made her happy so he didn't fuss. It was just nice to have her talking again and moving past what had just happened to her. "I don't really know how I feel about my fate being at the whim of another being. You can't lasso the wind, but I feel like I'm being tugged along by a rope."

He shrugged it off for now, just wanting to focus on her getting better and not making things weigh on her even more than they already were. Her sudden question gave him pause. he looked up into the sky with a blank expression before closing his eyes and feeling the wind rush across his face.

"I will," he said still looking away and taking a breath before he continued, "Part of the reason I joined the knights was to become strong enough to face them. Get justice for them," he said but even he wasn't sure yet what form that justice would take. Even as he spoke of his conflict with them he could feel the tiger spirit restlessly stirring within him.

"You don't have to apologize. It was a fine question,"
he said looking back at her with a smile. "But that's something that won't be for a long time."  he was confident he was far away from them here.

A small laugh escaped his lips as she nuzzled into his gi, "You can stay as long as you like...well until the sun sets. I hear there is a delightful musical performance in town," he added with his mind already beginning to linger on the future sound of violins in his mind.

#29Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
She looked up at the samuri's saying. He was not comfortable about the unknown, no one is. Though, knowing everything will work out in the end made things seem better, even for Leeann. She had suffered so much already yet there was still more to come. "The unknown is scary. Though, if we have the people we love acompany us. It makes this better. Just know, whatever happens I will always be by your side" she smiled, trying to cheer him up.

Things had been so down lately for her. She was only willing to talk around him, alone. though, if it was with anybody else she would remain silent and grow a bit shy. Carefully, she listened to what he had said about his clan and facing his problem. The good part was at least he was preparing himself nad not facing it on a whim. It was better to be prepared than not. She had to give him that. "In due time, things will work out for the best" she spoke.

Slowly, she closed her eyes finally able to relax and speak for the first time in days. Knowing she was in trusted arms, it made her feel happy again. LeeAnn tightened her grip at the thought of what happened back there. The dark thoughts clouded her memories a little, but she tried to shove them back. Kazimir mentioned there was a musical show which made her giggle a bit. "You and your music. I GUESS we can go" she smiled in a joking manner.

Peacefully, she lied on him while they sat down under a tree. Her mixed matched eyes stared up at the man. "A lot of the time my mind is numb to everything but pain. It's weird. I was never able to sort it out until I was either around my family or you. Ever since I was tortured by the church, my head has always been a fog, clouded with some sort of haze that I could never be relieved of. All I can focus on is pain and anger. That's all we creatures focus on his the negative cause its easier" she spoke.

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#30Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
He thought about having people around him. People that could support him, but for what he wanted to do he would never want to put someone else in danger. First and foremost he wanted to be a protector. It was what he was trained to be. It was something ingrained in him from the clan but also a tenant that they themselves betrayed in the end. "Thank you. I appreciate it..." he was going to tell her that it was something he wanted to do alone but knew she would never except that. When the time came hopefully she'd forgive him for that too.

The wind blew through the trees, rustling the leaves. The embers from the fire simmered barely holding onto the remnants of its own flame. It was a subtle happening, nearly undetectable as the breeze abruptly stopped. He didn't know if anyone who wasn't attuned to the element would have noticed the almost unnatural occurrence. The leaves stopped and there was a fraction of a second of silence. An eerie calm crept through him but LeeAnn continued and pulled his attention back. 'surely it was nothing,' he thought to himself.

"In the face of a strong wind, we can only move with it. Fate will do what it wants when the time comes,"
there was more he wanted to say. Wanted to ask about her own plan to heal her disease. They had only talked about it briefly but maybe he wanted to find a cure for it more than she did. Now was not the right time to bring up something so traumatic after what she had just gone through though. One problem at a time.

"Its hard. Emotions can take us down deep and confusing paths. Sometimes it may be better to cast them aside to both positive and negative to bring clarity,"
he said thinking about his own times where he seemed to loose his emotions and act out in a more primal way.

He got mixed messages from her. She said she was okay with going to the music but then laid down and it didn't seem like she had any intention of moving for awhile. Especially given the serious nature of her words that followed. "Speaking of family what ever happened to your uncle that visited you in the hospital?" Kazimir was curious as to the reason the church had taken her and given that last time she went to the hospital Simon showed up hastily he wondered if it would be the same now. This incident could incite something out of control with her family and the church.

#31Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn sighed.

"I wish I knew. All I could gather is that he was causing a disturbance to gain access to the church's ground to even find me. Though, due to certain laws. That forbade him to" she replied. A little time had passed, she thought about what he was really up to now. It was weird, but since hew as a Kingsguard it was difficult to act out. He had to follow certain guidelines and regulations to keep his title.

"I know he's busy with work. I am under his care while my father is at home. My uncle lets me be unlike my father. He still thinks I am missing though" she spoke. She wondered how worried he really was. He often forget about her sometimes while under his command. Now that she on the same rank as her brother, she felt a bit more free from her father's worrisome grip.

"I think its about time we go to that music you mentioned. You know where it is?"

She got up on her feet. Giving a good stretch, she held out her hand to help Kazimir upon his feet. She would follow Kazimir out of the forest and into the public. The change of the environment caused her to go mute again. She grabbed his hand and squeezed it tightly. the public seemed to make her more tense. Kazimir's presensce made things a bit more easier to deal with.

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#32Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
"So is your uncle often in town where you are then?" he asked wondering how close he uncle stayed at her side or if his Kingsguard duties took most of his time away. It largely seemed like he was off doing work but was able to reach her rather quickly if need be.

He didn't ask any follow up questions as LeeAnn made her way to her feet and reached out a hand to help him up. "I suppose we should get going. Don't want to be too late," he replied taking her hand and letting the seriousness of the conversation fade away.

"Yes. Just follow me," he said as he guided her away from the sanctuary of the rune knights and back into the city. He felt her grip tighten on his hand the more they gathered around people. Her anxiety was raising a bit and she remained silent. Nevertheless she stayed with him, traversing the crowds of people. 'It was good to get her out of the quarters and back into public', he thought.

A few minutes passed and the sound of music resonated down the street. The symphony wove through the dim lit street lights that surrounded the small house music. It was a small local venue in a renovated two-story building. There was a flyer for the event beside the door that was partially flapping in the wind. At the front door was a young lad collecting tickets and pointing people to their seats while simultaneously heralding passerby's to enter.

Kazimir figured that seating inside may be a bit too uncomfortable for her. In fat he was to keen on being cooped up inside either and preferred to listen from a far. Before they reached the building he ducked them into an alley beside the house of music. It was a more ornate buildings than most and the windows on the first floor led to balconies on the second. a feat that looked climbable.

He looked back at Lee and then to the balcony, "Shall we?" he asked.

#33Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn gave a small smiled then nodded at him. It would be nice to get away from the stress. She had been internallizing it for quite sometime. To have her mind taken off the stress. She grabbed his hand and stood up staring into his eyes.

"Alright, lead the way airhead" she smiled. Being with Kazimir made her feel safe. Moving hte hair out of her eye and watched him lead hte way to the festival. The music could be heard in the distance. she could tell that he was in a trance like always. Sounds of flutes and violins were playing in a folk song style. She had to admit it was calming to her. It was a form of therapy for her in a way, but she literally just gotten saved today. It would be a long while before she felt okay again. The festival was in sight and hte presence of people were more aware of her existence. The stares did not help but she did not say anything. Internallizing her feelings, she just wanted to focus on what was going on in front of her. Having a good time would be best for the both of them.


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One must emulate both the fox and the lion, because a lion cannot defy a snare, while a fox cannot defy a pack of wolves.
#34Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
The two had moved toward the sound of people and music. The area was much more alive with crowds than the wind mage expected. He worried about LeeAnn's reaction having just come through a traumatic event. As such he tried to keep towards the outskirts of the people. Avoiding the large crowds and rambunctious walkways. Seeking a more silent place to take in the beauty of the fair without the hassle. To his surprise the fire mage seemed to be barely effected as they wove through the music and dancing.

He gave a small smile as she called him an airhead, "Of course," he replied with settling tone. Finally he found a spot where they could sit in relative peace as the hustle and bustle filled the air around them. The music turned to a softer melody to bring in the sunset in a more proper way. It was soothing enough that Kazimir nearly lost himself in thought to it. The rest of the night was spent in harmony as the music swayed from soft to a dancing rhythm with the clatter of footsteps on the ground.

even though there was a calm that had come over him, there seemed to still be an ominous fortune lurking in the shadows. one that he could not quite grasp. One that was mirrored by the stirring in is own soul. Of something untamed waiting to break forth. It felt as though it was not something to be stopped but that it had an inevitable arrival.


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