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Hauntings (Kazimir)

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#1Lee Nakamura 

Hauntings (Kazimir) Empty Mon Apr 01, 2019 1:41 pm

Lee Nakamura
She had been missing for weeks now. No one could find her and no one dare ask the church. LeeAnn could not remember when the last time she saw daylight. All she could remember is darkness, pain, and becoming something she was not. Not a bad person, but a monster. The dungeons were cold and dark only light was from torches along the walls, which were limited. Only a few about the hallways. She had become adjusted to the darkness with her vision. LeeAnn felt numb and forgotten who she was at times. She had lost count of the days the went by. The only sounds she knew were screams of people in pain, the insane, drops of water hitting the stone floor and the occasional bats chirping. 

The only thing she looked forward to was sleep, which was rare for her. No one could ever get any sleep around here. It was constant screaming and pleading to be let go. She was lone. No one to talk to but the "helpers" of Illumin. They came in trying to convert her to the religion brainwashing her. It was torture. Being in this place was constant pain ad agony driving her mad even more. What was going on? 

She had relapsed again. Her PTSD grew worse and worse making her viscous and aggressive. Reports from different members of the church making her known for aggressive tactics and behavior when they came around into her cell. The only time she was ever calm was during feed time. It was like she was treated like an animal. Thats what she had turned into. For the short time she was here or long time, she did not know, she was completely changed from head to toe in behavior. She looked the same LeeAnn only in rags and acted nothing like the old LeeAnn. She was huddled in the corner hearing the screams of others and begging to be let out. She stayed quiet not speaking and crying silently to herself. She heard footsteps coming towards her cell. Her reptillian brain kicked in making her mood change drastically. Her muscles tensed and grew cold in the eyes almost inhumane. Her eye patch was gone and she was her humanity. 

She heard voices....

One scent was oddly familiar but different among the rest Tail 7: 1/100

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#2Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
LeeAnn had been missing for weeks and Kazimir searched without progress. Until he finally saw a small flickering flame at night.

A tiny flaming spectral like creation bobbed in the distance. one that was familiar to the knight. "Is that...one of LeeAnn's?" He questioned out loud almost surprised to see it again.  

If it was a wisp that could only mean that LeeAnn was certainly in some kind of danger again. He chased after it as quickly as he could but dread began to set in. he knew the direction they were headed and it wasn't a good one.

Before long he arrived in the grand area of the Orchidian church. It wasn't at the catherdral, luckily, but the wisp led him through some buildings on church ground. He moved quietly, trying to evade detection.

The church was silent.  A group of voices appeared around the corner. Kaz pressed himself against a wall, taking some kind of cover before leaping up to the top of the building. He did it just in time as they rounded the corner. Three men, one of them carrying food. They all entered one small doorway that led straight down, lit only by torches.

He sighed once he saw the wisp discreetly enter behind them. "Of course. LeeAnn, what have you gotten yourself into." He dropped down and moved in behind the three. Each foot step placed down slowly behind them.

The group opened a door and moved deeper. Finally they slowed down, approaching a cell. The wisp floated by them and turned between the bars to enter it. "What the hell is that! She's up to something!" One of the guards yelled out as they started to charge toward the cell.

"This must be it," Kazimir said as he conjured a strong wind around the group. They stopped, feeling the gentle breeze before a small tornado engulfed them and slammed them against the ceiling. The fell unconscious, crashing to the floor.

Kazimir sent another blast to cut through the bars. Sitting inside was her, "LeeAnn," he said gently placing a hand on her shoulder. "I finally found you. We have to get out of her. You're going to be okay."

#3Lee Nakamura 

Hauntings (Kazimir) Empty Tue Apr 02, 2019 8:17 am

Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn growled much like an animal. All she knew was pain and being on church grounds made the illness grow worse. Pain was driving her mad. She heard the dungeon doors open and smell the scent of food. It was not the good kind either. The very thought of that slop made her mouth taste like metal. Shaking the thought, she also heard and saw what her kistune powers had done. Apperently, everyone could see it even the guards.

Hearing them come she prepared herself to attack and rip them apart much like they had done to her. A gentle breeze wisped past her red hair then seeing Kazimir. Forgetting what the outside world held and the people she had met, she did not recognize this human, but he smelled fimilar. He unlocked her cell, making her tense. Her breathing became heavier and she was wary of this person. though, when he said her name. She perked up and blinked. It was kindness. Slowly, she walked up to him, somehow knowing he was saving her. Though, she was wary still. he laid a hand on her shoulder making her flinch and falling backwards.

Her eyes widen. She shtared at his hand a little scared remember the torture the guards and the members of the church did to you with their bare hands. Kazimir reached his hand out gently, saying some words that she would be okay. LeeAnn warilying took his hand and was up on her feet now. She did not say a word this whole time.


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#4Kazimir Seiryu 

Hauntings (Kazimir) Empty Tue Apr 02, 2019 11:13 am

Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir's hand flinched when LeeAnn reacted the way she did. He had never seen her this way before. She was always a bit timid, but this...nothing like this. She was a harsh and fiery woman. A part of him wanted to dive in and kick start her with some bold words, but he feared that would make her recoil even more. He had been tough on her in the past too, and this was a torturous experience.

He kept his hand out for her until she finally took it. He didn't care how long it took. Which was both good and bad considering there may be more guards on the way. "Come on, we have to get out of here," he said tugging her hand to follow him out of the cell. "I'll get you somewhere safe."

The guards still lied on the ground motionless. No threat yet for them to worry about. He walked them both through the hallway, not letting go of her hand for fear of what may happen to her or how she would react.

They almost made it to the exit when another man appeared. He was a bit more stout than the other guards. A long sword at his side and a shield on his arm. He drew the sword and aimed it at them, "So where do you think you're going?"

Kazimir stopped to reply with a tired sigh, "Does it always have to be this way. We both know what happened here is wrong. Lets both just...walk away," He squeezed LeeAnn's hand tighter, almost in an attempt to ease whatever animal instinct had taken over her. He didn't want her to rush forward if this was a situation that could be handled with words alone.

That said, there was still a breeze building around Kazimir just in case. The soldier blocking their way could feel it too and Kaz hoped there were no more waiting outside.

#5Lee Nakamura 

Hauntings (Kazimir) Empty Tue Apr 02, 2019 4:21 pm

Lee Nakamura
Kazimir had seen a side of her that no one really ever saw. She acted much like a timid and abused animal, fearing for her life. The redhead was pulled up on her feet again, holding Kazimir's hand. The cold stone made her feet chilled to the bone, the floor was always so cold. Even though the cold never really bothered the fire mage, there was something about this place that made her shiver and not in a good way either. The dungeon was a torturous and ruthless place where the church can perform their hideous tasks on innocent people.  

Guards heard the commotion from outside, making LeeAnn even more tense. With the tight grip on her hand, she could not easily break free from his grip.  As much as she tugged and pulled, Kazimir would not let go. Soon after, she just gave up and listened to him knowing she was not going to get anywhere with him. Outside of the door, there was commotion of footsteps and talking. Three more soldiers saw Kazimir then LeeAnn in the rags she was given.

"Stop right there! Let the prisoner go or else we will be forced attack"

LeeAnn hisses and tried to lunge forward but she was prevented by Kazimir. Falling back on her butt, she got up and huffed. This still did not stop her from growling much like a threatened animal.


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#6Kazimir Seiryu 

Hauntings (Kazimir) Empty Wed Apr 03, 2019 1:28 am

Kazimir Seiryu
More guards began to pour in to support the first. LeeAnn tried to pull free of him but finally gave up, "Sorry LeeAnn, but I don't want you to do anything you may regret. You aren't yourself right now,' he hoped his words would reach her but didn't have any idea where her mind was at.

All he had to do was get by four more guards, but with a hand taken by LeeAnn things were more complicated. A thought hit him and a sudden small smile came across his face. "I guess that will work. Hold on," he whispered to LeeAnn as the men drew their blades to threaten them.

Kazimir pulled LeeAnn in front of him, spinning her like a salsa dance move. She was spun under his arm, still holding her hand, until she was in front of him.His arms were around her. His left hand hovered over his right as the motion allowed him to create the magical circle for his spell. He had to pull her close so his arms were free enough to move, her body pressed against his.

A white magic seal appeared around their feet. He thrust out his free hand and large magic seal appeared around the guards. Less than a second later the area erupted with a raging whirlwind sending debris and cutting winds surging around the guards. Parts of the walls flung outward from the force creating large holes.

"I won't let you go," he said to LeeAnn as he immediately created a gust of wind behind them that shot them through the newly created hole. They were away from the guards who squirmed in pain. The strongest of them staggering to his feet, propped up by his sword.

It wasn't a stealthy exit but it was all he thought of. it didn't seem to him like there was any avoiding it, but if the guards weren't alerted before, they surely would be now. Luckily this place wasn't to near the church and they still had a chance to get away before things got to serious. He hoped anyway.

Landing on his feet he took off with LeeAnn, if she didn't resist, towards a forested part on the outskirts of the church's area. So far it was clear but he heard the clambering of men moving to scout the area. There was also some strange ominous presence in the air. He knew if there was going to be a fight, it would need to be off of church grounds. He didn't want that kind of attention on him.

#7Lee Nakamura 

Hauntings (Kazimir) Empty Wed Apr 03, 2019 2:11 pm

Lee Nakamura
No matter what she what she did, he would not let her go. No moton or movement would cause him to let go of her. It was secured tightly. he spun her making her a little dizzy and confused what was going on. She simply let him do his thing. While her head was starting to stop spinning, she noticed his arms were around her, preventing her from escaping or them from attack her directing. His hands motioned to start a magic circle of magic. This felt all too familiar. The magic circle indicated a gust of magic and Kazimir spouting something about not letting her go.

She quickly closed her ees tightly, not wanting to look down. Even though she did not hae a fear of heights, it was still a little scary being up in the air with no control. A while had passed and she felt solid ground underneath her feet. Kazimir had helped her escape from the men for now, but LeeAnn heard them coming from behind them. She grabbed Kazimir and dashed to the nearest Rune Knight. She figured that her going missing would cause something of a ruckus, espcially with her family in town. LeeAnn was rather quick on her feet making Kazimir probably feel a little thrown off. In a quick haste, she made a quick right into Orchidia's Rune Knight station.

She panted and heaved from the quick and exhausint outburst. They were clear for now, but she did hear them coming. The girl finally looked up at Kazimir with a watery eyes. She hugged him tightly almost crying silently.


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#8Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir followed LeeAnn this time as she ran off towards he city. Trying to leave all the dangers behind. He knew the direction that she ran in all to well. They arrived at the Rune Knight HQ where she could finally breath without so much fear. The sounds of the holy soldiers was still behind them, but they wouldn't dare barge into the headquarters.

LeeAnn buried herself in Kaz's chest and he hugged her back. "I see you're finally coming back to yourself," he said as calmly as he could. The footsteps of the church slowly faded as they were now safe and secure. No more running at least not this day.

LeeAnn had been through a lot again and he let her hold on to him as long as she wanted to. She had a lot of emotions to catch up on it would seem. Once she had calmed a little he said, "Come on, let's go sit down, We shouldn't stay in the lobby."

Some of the other knights had begun to look but it was faces of concern. Kaz reassured them with a nod and walked LeeAnn toward one of the private rooms for Knights in the lodging area. It was a small room with the minimum needs. Something less suited for the seated knight that LeeAnn was, but it was the only place that Kaz really knew to go. He moved there out of habit.

"I'm glad I finally found you," her watery eyes were painful to see and he wiped away one of her forming tears before it could drop all the way down her cheek.

His attention was on her but part of him wondered what situation this left them with the church. They had taken her twice now. Would they really have to confront this issue more head on? With everything else happening what would the church decide to do. They could no doubt flare up animosity and support from the people. But these were still foreign lands to Kaz and he didn't know the hearts of these people well yet.

#9Lee Nakamura 

Hauntings (Kazimir) Empty Wed Apr 03, 2019 11:24 pm

Lee Nakamura
The footsteps faded as they passed the building. She knew that the Rune Knights would not stand for this or at least protect her for the time being. It was a safe haven for the redhead. Kazimir was an angel in her eyes. Saving her from the depths of hell, she felt even more grateful to know him and opening up her heart towards him. Her grip on his gi outfit grew tighter as she tried to fight the tears that were trailing down her cheeks. She was battling all the emotions inside of her to do everything to not show weakness. LeeAnn was a lieutenant now and A-rank, she cant show any sign of weakness.

This whole time she had not spoken a word. Only sounds like whimpers and growls, nothing that would formulate a single word, not even Kazimir's name. The fear and stress kept her silent. Kazimir let her cry and hold onto his outfit People began to stare at them with apprehension sought in their eyes. Kazimir pulled her towards a more private room to discuss things further. LeeAnn sat down on the bed next to Kazimir. Tears were still streaming down her cheeks.

Her eyes gently and for the first time looks purely innocent like a child. They stared at Kazimir, who wiped a tear from her cheek saying how much he was glad that he found her.

Quickly, she hugged him crying a bit harder than before. It was a while before she calmed down a little then wiped her eyes. She grabbed a notebook and pencil nearby and wrote something down.

"I missed you so much! I thought I was going to die there. No one would find me and I would be alone again...they tortured me...a lot. I have the scars to prove it" she wrote down on paper.

She pulled the ragged shirt she was wearing to show how horrible they treated her. Red marks and bruises that were still fresh shown. She pulled her shirt down and turned back to Kazmir.

"I am too scared to talk, but I want to tell you something important. I am sorry for the way I treated you the other day and I only treat people like that when I really like them. Honestly...I how else to thank you" she wroted down. Giving him the notebook, she hugged him tightly still shooken up about what had just happened.

6/100 Tail 7

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#10Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
He let her cry into his clothes for as long as she needed to. LeeAnn had taken it much harder than he expected. She was so shaken that she couldn't bare to form words. Sh resorted to writing things down on a notepad. He knew she had a passion for journaling and was happy that she at least found a way to express herself.

He didn't even think about it until now that she was still in the rags of imprisonment. Her body had even more scars on it. The thought that the church did this rose anger within the knight but he kept it at bay. Remaining calm in her eyes as he felt that was the best way to support her right now. He would have to deal with them later. Not just for LeeAnn's sake but anyone else they may be harming.  

He wanted to get up in that moment realizing she needed some better clothes to wear but he waited for her to jot down the next part of her story. It was an apology. Kazimir shook his head, "Don't worry. you shouldn't think about that right now. Just focus on getting better. And use the notebook for as long as you need to," he returned the hug and stroked her hair.

"I'll get you something better to wear," he said as he exited the room for a few minutes to gather up something for her to wear. He found uniform that seemed about the right size and after a few minutes he returned to hand it to her. "Here you go," he laid it on the bed. It was big enough for her to slip on over what she already wore.

He sat back down on the bed, "Don't worry LeeAnn. We won't let this happen again," his words were plain but a seething wrath could be heard within in it. LeeAnn could pick up on it a little, but it was an emotion she had yet to see a hint of from him.

#11Lee Nakamura 

Hauntings (Kazimir) Empty Thu Apr 04, 2019 9:51 am

Lee Nakamura
Kazimir read the words she had written down. It felt silly to her to communicate by this method, but was the only way. She was too freightened to even formulate simple words. The kidnapped and torture caused her remain silent in submission. As being a good reader on behavior, she could tell this angered Kazimir to what they did to her. Though, he remained his composure for her sake, which was nice. Unlike her father, he was a more level headed about the situatuation. When her father found out, he went into a rampage. No one could stop him from yelling at her Uncle Simon, whom was a Kingsguard.

She listened to what Kazimir had to say. Using the notebook for as long as she wanted to help her communcate with other people. For now, she was mute. No words would be spoken by her fiery voice. Her written words were a means to communicate. Kazimir quickly left the room. She wondered what he was doing. He came back soon enough with a uniform. One that they used for pages in training. It was big enough for her. Taking it from Kazimir's clutch politely. She bowed as a thank you.

She got up from the bed as Kazimir. The last sentence he said made a chill go down her spine. For a fire mage to be cold was a rare instance, espeically for her. LeeAnn could tell the anger and seeking for revenge in his voice. Her eyes widen a little never seeing this side of him before. He was holding back a little, but she was still taken aback a little.

Afterwards, she stared at him for quite sometime. Looking at the outfit then at Kazimir. He probably would not get the mesage so she shrugged and begin to change into the uniform not caring what he saw or not. She begun to take off her shirt and put on the new one. She was showing more of her bare body with the privates covered at least. Then changed into the full uniform.

Looking at Kazimir she blinked and tilted her head confused.

7/100 Tail 7

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#12Kazimir Seiryu 

Hauntings (Kazimir) Empty Fri Apr 05, 2019 1:53 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
She took the garments and Kaz sat down on the bed to wait for LeeAnn to return from changing in the bathroom. Only she never left the room. For what seemed like a long time she starred at the wind mage. Long enough for him to cock an eye brow confused about what she was thinking about.

"Lee," he started to comment on it when she suddenly began to lift her shirt off. "Stop, what are you," Kaz turned his head with on eye closed and the other covered by his hand so he could only see her face. He stood up and promptly walked over to her. Grabbing the shirt as it was still over her head.

They had grown closer and definitely more relaxed around each other but he didn't think it was at this level of comfort. Then again he was raised a bit differently. Maybe this level of comfort was the normal here. Either way he was not prepared for this especially after such a serious moment just happened.

He pulled her shirt  back down to her shoulders without looking even at her face now.  "There is a bathroom for a reason," his heart beat faster from the abrupt turn of events.

He was going to push her towards it but pulled his hand back several times not wanting to risk any inappropriate behavior. finally he rest a single finger on the top of her shoulder and nudged her toward the bathroom. "In you go. If you could please step inside there...thank you," he didn't no anything else to say other than to politely ask but the words came out partially rushed.  

He hoped she would and then he could breath a sigh of relief and still his beating heart. Never had something so... on the spot happened to him before.

#13Lee Nakamura 

Hauntings (Kazimir) Empty Fri Apr 05, 2019 2:08 pm

Lee Nakamura
She gave him time to look away, but guess he did not get the message. Well, Kazimir was an airhead afterall. The redhead looked over at Kazimir, who was still dying of embaressment. He had his face covered with his hands, face beat red. She shrugged and was about to continue changing, but he insisted she changed in the bathroom.

He pulled her shirt back down and nudged her to the bathroom. As she was trying to move her, she made a small whimper noise and hissed a little like an animal. Her fox ears were folded back and big puppy eyes looking at him. Even if she didn't want to go into the bathroom since itr was a small space, she did so anyways despite not liking small spaces now. LeeAnn wouldn't want to make Kazimir feel embaressed or uncomfortable. After she changed, she walked up to him making a chirp-purring  noise.

Her head was tilted sideways, curious and innocent. Silently, she sat down next to him and became...very clinging and needy. Really, she never wanted to appear that way in front of most people, but Kazimir was someone she completely trusted. She curled on his lap, hugging his waist. The six of her fox tails laid spread out while she whimpered. Those were the only sounds she would make, becoming selectively mute. There was nothing wrong with her voice, but too scared and frightened to talk. The mix-matched eyes stared up at him as her hand reached for his long hair, slowly twining her fingers through it. It was strange to her still how close she grew to someone in the matter of a few months. She never grew on this level with anyone before, not even Hans. Really underneath her tough exterior was a scared, shy little girl still hiding from the world. That's what Kazimir was seeing.

9/100: Tail 7

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#14Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
LeeAnn reluctantly went into the bathroom. Once the door was close Kazimir sighed in relief that the moment was in the past. His heart rate came down and he recomposed himself. Normally maybe he wouldn't have reacted so off guard but given everything else that had happened how could he have expected that.

He moved back to sit on the bed, wondering what he was even doing. He wasn't the best at consoling people. Especially if they weren't even talking. 'What would be better for here right now,' he thought about anything he could say that would help her through this but shook his head, "I'll just let her rest."

While he waited, he could feel his magic stirring. Something inside him with a hunger to grow more powerful. It was almost becoming untamed. LeeAnn reemerged from the bathroom and that stirring subsided. She was fully clothed now and Kaz could relax more.  

She approached him making a sound her hadn't heard from her before as she curled into his lap. Kaz put his arms up with a tense body, not sure how to react or what to do with his arms. She looked at him with an innocent face. Both things uncharacteristic of the fiery and strong woman that he met not so long ago. This time things must have really broke her spirit. Her hand found its way to Kaz's hair once again playing with it.

Everything in him wanted to tell her to snap out of it. To wake up and stand tall. Use the pain to drive her forward, but it was much to soon for her to hear those words from him. It would most likely send her even deeper down this hole. So for now  He just let her relax and finally put his hand down on her shoulder.

The had laid like this before but this time it was different. They were both at different places in their lives and Kaz closed his eyes letting her relax and rest how she wanted. His thoughts were a mix of concern for her but also how she would react once she knew his divine secret. There was also the matter of this beast within him, one that was slowing chipping away at his emotions, but he pushed that as far away as he could so he could be there for LeeAnn.

"You're gonna make it through this. You're stronger than you know," he said to the woman laying on his lap.

#15Lee Nakamura 

Hauntings (Kazimir) Empty Fri Apr 05, 2019 11:10 pm

Lee Nakamura
Something was off about how Kazimir was acting. Though, it was probably something she caught him off guard with that whole incident earlier. As she just played with his hair, running her fingers through it. The girl admired how long and beautiful it was. There was something about men and long hair she had always loved. Probably, just preference. LeeAnn only had just now noticed how long it was. She gave a small smile admiring it.

The wind mage spoken up causing LeeAnn to pause, smile fading too. It made her sit up and think about everything. What her Uncle had said, what Hikaru had said, even her own father. They all didn't understand. The kitsune huffed and growled a little out of frustration. She wanted to say something but for some reason couldn't. Her body would not let her. LeeAnn was tired of being angry and mad all the time. Tired of putting on this face act that she was tough. She wanted to finally let those walls down and now even Kazimir did not see it. She leaned against the wall and gave a frustrated breath, sinking slowly to the floor. Her long hair was down and a mess. Burying her face into her arms, she gripped her fists tightly.

Quickly, she dashed out of the room abruptly. Kazimir heard a crash and a few other noises.

Then it went silent.

She did not come back for several minutes. LeeAnn was located into the hallway in a defeated state crying. Picture frames and priceless artifacts were destroyed. Several rune knights watched the whole episode. When she heard Kazimir follow, her head snapped immedately to him. She dashed and pinned him to the wall in anger. Pressing down hard on his shoulders, trying to speak by opening her mouth.

No words came out. Only air sounds.

She tried again....still nothing. Still remaining a firm grip on him, she broke down. Her grip weakened as she cried silently into him. She didn't know what to do now.

10/100: Tail 7

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#16Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
LeeAnn took his compliment to her ability to adapt and overcome in a harsh way. She met it with tears and anger curled up against the wall. The wind mage sat up not exactly knowing how to handle her reaction. Before he could think about approaching her, she launched herself out of the room.

It wasn't long before shattering sounds echoed through the halls. He stood up slowly still giving her sometime to wreak havoc before he walked out. Other pages peeked around the corner and from their own rooms to see LeeAnn had nearly rampaged through the hall destroying artifacts and anything fragile she could get her hands on. This moment began to bring things more into focus for Kazimir, but there was a disappointment he felt in it too.

She lunged towards him pinning him to the wall with anger that turned to sobs as she struggled to find words. "I see now. You misunderstand me. Strength isn't about being tough. Its about adapting, overcoming and surviving. That is what I meant. You had strength from letting your feelings out and surviving," he stopped to look around at the broken pieces scattered around the floors.

"But this was weakness. No matter what you feel. You shouldn't destroy your home. But I get it now. You seething in anger and don't know what to do with it," his words weren't angry or disappointed, he simply spoke with an ease.

"Let's take those tears and rage some where else," he continued with a bit more of stern voice. "over time a gentle wind can erode a mountain. You can't let your emotions erode how you are," he said as her grip weakened and he swiftly through her over his shoulder. "Let's go," he said as he carried her through the hall and out into the backyard training facility.

Once there he gently plopped her on the ground. Luckily at this time of day there was no one else using the area. It was fitted with countless free standing test dummies. All prepared to withstand various elements. hanging sand bags and wooden boards and cement blocks filled the area like an obstacle course of magical freedom. All designed to test the mid tier mages in the knights, of which their seemed to be few.

"So LeeAnn. If you can't speak. Show me your anger and your sorrow. How do your flames burn?"

#17Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
On the ground in defeat, she was picked up against her will by Kazimir. She did not fight nor argue this time as she was too tired to really care. Afterall, she was just drained emotioanlly from the stress and everything. The young Nakamura only hung over his shoulder, looking down at the ground as he walked. They reached outside where no one else wasd in the high tier training grounds.

She was plopped down on her butt. Kazimir looked at her. Since she could not speak, perhaps showing her anger would be a good way to communicate. As they said, actions speak louder than words. Louder than LeeAnn could ever speak at all. She got up still quite frustrated. Just letting her thoughts simmer a little then boil back up. She simply just reached out her hand caused the whole feild to burn then stopped.

She just watched the flames engulf what life it had, claiming it to be the proud victor. LeeAnn just sighed letting hte flames die down only leaving ash. The dummies were burned to a crisp as she snapped her head at Kazimir waiting for an answer from him, hoping to see him amazed. She really was not into fighting either.

11/100: Tail 7

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#18Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
LeeAnn came with him to the training course without a fight. Hopefully he wouldn't make it a habit of totting her around, but today was an exception. He stood a few steps back waiting for her to act. He was most interested in how she was going to attack. Would it be like the animal he found in the dungeon or would she wield her fire. A statement to who she was.

He felt her anger stirring within and bubbling to the surface. Her hand extended releasing a searing wave of destruction. No antics or acrobatics. No wasted time. Just a wide sheet of flame that razed the field to the ground. Cinders burned from fallen dummies.

Kazimir was impressed by the display. They had only fought alongside each other once so he never really saw the full extent of her power. He stood next to her as the fire died down and they starred into flames until the turned to ash.

"One all encompassing attack leaving nothing but ash and embers," he said as LeeAnn snapped her head back at him. A more excited motion that reminded him of the spunk she had when they first met. She could see the softer expression on his face and how impressed he was seeing her release of anger and frustration. Especially because it wasn't directed at him or the belongings of the knights. "Now for the real reason we're here," he said as he briefly walked back into the building.

After a few minutes he walked back outside with two chairs and a small bag. On the way he picked up. He stepped over the ash and embers to the place the fire had burned the hottest. Using his foot he pushed together the embers and the remains of one of the smoldering dummies.

Once there was a hot pile beneath him, he opened the bag and pulled out his trusted skillet and put it snugly into the embers. Next out of his bag came some pork that he fried in the skillet and a plate he put on LeeAnn's chair, "Fire destroys but of course you know that without how could we survive," he smiled putting the pork on her plate, "and how could I eat pancakes?" and then poured in his pre-made pancake mix for himself.

#19Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
He was impressed by her antics. She never liked to waste time on somethings and today was not expection. She did not feel like fighting with magic or training. All she wanted to do was cuddled up to KAzimir and feel safe, but there was something about hin that resented that. She could feel it. Rarely, had she ever shown that side to anyone.

Her ears flattened as he was a bit impressed by power she weilded. His reaction made her lift her eyebrow causing her to just sigh, blowing a bit of her loose bangs upwards. Quickly, he left to go grab a few things. This confused her as she saw him taking out two chairs then a small sack.

the redhead folded her arms together trying to figure out what he was doing. Then she heard what he hda said, causing her to faceplam. A loud slap was heard as she shook her head and pout, playfully. She sat down on the ground, where there was not ash or embers with her back towards him.

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One must emulate both the fox and the lion, because a lion cannot defy a snare, while a fox cannot defy a pack of wolves.
#20Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
Her face palm was a pleasing sign of how she once acted. Her mannerism before this terrible event happened to her. She abruptly turned around, sat, and began to pout, leaving the pork alone on the plate.

Kaz shook his head, with a smile and flipped his pancake once more. "You're missing out. You haven't had anything to eat since we've returned. You shouldn't let it get cold," he cocked a brow at the fuming fire mage, "Unless my cooking is no longer adequate enough?" he questioned her actions in leaving the meat behind. He slowly grabbed the chair and scooted it a little closer to her. A part of him was apprehensive to be around her given the condition he kept secret from her. That same part of him kept telling him to say something about it  now. It was outweighed by the thought of keeping unneeded pressure off of her mind at the present.

His flapjack was done and he flipped it onto his plate and scooped it into his mouth. It was delicious and savory. The soft and fluffy bite was something he had gone without for far too long. The last time he made his own was the time they first met in the forest. It seemed LeeAnn was still a bit standoffish about it, however.

He blew some wind into the embers keeping their gentle warm glow radiating. He was close enough to feel the heat on his legs.

#21Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
She remained pouting for a while. It was her way of playing around without saying a word to the airhead. The redhead looked back at Kazimir then snapped her head away from him. Though, the aroma of meat that was specially meant for her caught her nose. She sniffed the air and moved to where the source was. Right there, on a nice plate was a homemade meal just for her!

Her pretend mood changed and she doved for the plate. The lieutenant started to gobble her food as if she had never seen it ever in her life. It could tell she was trying to not accept it, but gave in due to her hunger. Licking her plate clean, there was no spot of grease or crumb left untouched by her. Instantly, she stared at Kazimir's plate that was still being eaten, then back up at him. she repeated this process a few times insisting that she wanted it.

Slowly, she tried to reach for it while he was not looking. Everytime he looked up, she would smile innocently while hiding her hand. Something could catch Kazimir's eye, then she snatched a free pancake for herself, forgetting her limitations on her diet. Pleasently eating her new pancake in triumpth, she stuck her tongue out at Kazimir in a joking manner.

13/100: Tail 7

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One must emulate both the fox and the lion, because a lion cannot defy a snare, while a fox cannot defy a pack of wolves.
#22Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
The wind mage had not noticed that her pouting was a playful thing. Nonetheless she seemed to take his gentle goading about the food he prepared. He kept eating his pancake slowly, noticing that every now and then LeeAnn would whip her head around catching a glimpse of the meal, until finally she moved toward the it like a predator ready to strike.

Kazimir held back a laugh of surprise in seeing her viciously shovel the food into her mouth. He wondered if she even gave herself time to breath between bites. Kaz paused from eating his own meal upon seeing her attack he pork.  He could see now, just how starved she was from being in captivity for so long.

Kaz continued his own meal while LeeAnn had already finished hers. She shifted her attention to the wind mage's plate. "You know you'll get sick if you eat it," he warned her as he kept eating. His warning didn't detour her hunger filled eyes from gazing at his plate.

Catching her hand creeping forward all she had to do was ask. Instead Kaz pretended to be distracted and looked away so she could swiftly take one from his plate. He laughed at her especially seeing her stick out her tongue. "I guess I'll make some more," he said pouring more of the mix into the pan.

"Good to see you're feeling a bit better,"
he added as he scooped the pancake and flipped it once again on the hot pan. He then handed the spatula to LeeAnn for her to take charge.

#23Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
She never noticed how she gave into her and let her feel like she was sneaky. All this time she had not noticed that he did. The redhead seemed satisfied with her small plan that was executed correctly. As she finished the plate, she came back for seconds.

He reminded her that she might get sick because of this wich made her freeze. A small "Uh oh" look appeared on her face as she became even more paraniod. Her eyes shifted left then right a few more times then gave up. She was already going to be sick, might as well enjoy more of it. Silently, she held out her plate wanting more even though he was still clearly cooking.

With a small huff, she crossed her arms and plopped her but down. She snorted staring at Kazimir. That quickly faded as she stared at his hair. The curious part of her made her drawn to it. She walked up and sat behind him. Her focus was on his hair. She pulled the ponytail out and began to play with it with her fingers. For some reason, she ground it soothing and mad her wanna curl up beside him to feel loved.

14/100: Tail 7

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One must emulate both the fox and the lion, because a lion cannot defy a snare, while a fox cannot defy a pack of wolves.
#24Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir smiled back at her shifty eyed innocence, wanting another serving of pancakes despite the pain that it could cause her body. He was still cooking them and her impatience got the better of her. She sat back down and with a huff. her displeasure was short lived as she  got distracted with his hair. Before he finished cooking she was already behind him and messing up his neatly kept hair.

The edges of the pancakes sizzled in the pan. It was something she had done a few times in the past and he gave up on stopping her. In that moment of relative peace a creeping painful feeling grew withing the wind mage. The scar on his chest began to ache. His free hand reached up to rub the wound but still kept it hidden behind the layers of his gi's fabric. it was the burning sensation left from his blessing. He still didn't know if it was real or only in his head. What he did know was that the change it caused him was very real.

He spaced out, thinking about the fateful events from that day and the closer he had come to his blessing after facing off with the tainted spirit at the river. He resented how it happened, but slowly began to like the power that came with it. Even though it brought him closer to Illumin which was now more of a feeling in his gut that a faith he knew about.

One of the pancakes turned a crispy brown on the edges. He shook his head and rapidly blinked his eyes. Hastily he flipped them out of the pan and onto LeeAnn's plate. Revealing that one of them was slightly burned on the bottom from his loss in attention.

He could almost sense the desire LeeAnn had for comfort and to be near to him. He couldn't let her walk down that path without knowing. The scar on his chest was warm but only to him. A reminder of the markings of wrath left on his soul by the denizen of heaven.

He turned his hands over and gazed at his palms. Feeling the pulse of the divine blessing. He closed his eyes and knew that now would have to be the time. It would only be more painful if he waited. Standing from his chair he felt LeeAnn's hands slip away from his loose hair.

"LeeAnn there is something you need to know," he said with his back still facing her. He turned around so she could see him. He looked into her eyes, so she could see him clearly, "I..have changed. I will always be there to protect you when you need me. But you may not like this. if I wait you'll only hate me more." The direction of the wind changed around them. Embers and ash blew of in the distance.

"Against my will. I was turned...into," he summoned up the seraphim's blessing from deep within his soul. His eyes flashed and glowed white. A divine aura resonating from him, revealing his true nature. "A nephilim."

#25Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
The feeling of playing with Kazimir's hair was beyond satisfying for her. She had forgotten many times about long his hair really was. It was one of the things that she really admired about the samuri. She smiled happily, playing with the ponytail of his. He did not seem to mind.

The smell of food caught her attention as she leaned forward. Leeann had gotten into her crush's face wanting to eat the food already. Her behavior was more of a curious fox. Guess the kitsune blood was really starting to show. The young kitsune was playing with his hair once more.

It brought back a memory of her and Hans, causing her to stop. In mid-pose, a flashback of them two playing and wrestling in the dirt. Laughing and having a grand ol' time, battling each other with their magics and many things. It hurt to think about him, even if she was already in love with someone else. She still missed those times.

The young redhead was determined to keep Kazimir even if it meant he believed in Illumin. She knew deep down he wouldn't but if he ever did, she would try to accept it.

Kazimir broke her train of thought. She lifted her head and blinked a few times at him, making eye contact. He wanted to tell her something. Curiously, she tilted her head with her fox ears perked up. He spoke that he was always wanting to protect her whenever she needed it which was true. The feeling was mutal. She wanted to protect him as well. He said it was something she may not like or hate him for. This really confused her. What would he do to ever hurt or change her mind about her?

This puzzled her the more she thought about it. He shown her what he had turned into. It was against his will. A holy aura was felt as the pain from the curse caused her a little shock, but nothing she couldn't handle. She stared at him in shock, with her mouth dropped a little. It took a few minutes for everything to sink in. It was hard to process.

Kazimir was the person she loved. He would never do anything to hurt her. Would he? No. Her heart spoke wholey that he just helped her escape from the church, against Illumin or something like that. She did not fully understand how religion worked, but knew it was an act of kindness. Kazimir was still the same person she knew. LeeAnn felt conflicted. She looked at Kazimir and walked to him. The redhead stared up at him to his height. In a tight embrace, she hugged him tightly. Her eyes were watery a little from conflicted emotions.

The only words she had spoken were:

"I feel conflicted, but I know one thing. I don't care what race you are, I...still love you. It doesn't bother me odd enough, just confused is better than anger. I can't say the same for the rest of my family, but I...still love you"
she spoke.

A smile came upon her lips as she hugged him. She wanted to kiss him, but held back since he was a shy person. Something inside of her just decided to as she pecked him gently on the cheek.

"My love for you is more powerful than my fear" she replied.

15/100: Tail 7

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One must emulate both the fox and the lion, because a lion cannot defy a snare, while a fox cannot defy a pack of wolves.

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