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Yūki Yuri

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#1Yūki Yuri 

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Yūki Yuri


Name: Yūki Yuri

Age: 18 / November 5th X769
Gender: Female

Sexuality: Homosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian

Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian

Class: Spellhowler

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Blue Pegasus

Tattoo: Left upper arm - blue

Face: Eri Ayase - Love Live!


Height: 1.67m

Weight: 58 kg

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Overall: Yūki is very lean and slightly longer than a girl her age. Her skin however, is slightly muscled due to her being more comfortable outside rather than inside. Make up is lost on her, except for specific mixtures she makes herself. Her hair is blonde and worn in a neat ponytail most of the time.

Being recently stranded in human society without seeing much to see her money on she generally buys a large amount of outfits, despite her background. She prefers skirts and dresses, and the more skin it shows the better. Not out of some sort of belief, but simply because that's what she's most used too.


Personality: In short Yūki is a very outgoing person. Almost always cheerful and always ready to help one another, whether it's a client, a guildmember, or a stranger she sees on the street. She's also rather naive in how the world works, believing that "bad" people are only so because of other factors. usually their upbring or some unfortunate event. In serious fights she's quick to ask what the other side is fighting for and often ask the other side to reconsider if she does not see the value in their reasoning.

On the other side, she's also quite perverted, especially towards other females. While not to every other adult girl or woman, they'd most likely be the exception rather than the norm. Since she believes that love should not be shared between two people but everyone you want.

Despite her upbring, she does not view human society as a bad thing. Of all members of the circle, Yūki was probably one of the least traditional ones. She mostly stayed for the people she loved there. After she became separated for everyone loneliness drove her towards human society and while there have been some hiccups here and there she's adjusting decently in most area's. Though she still sometimes misses the journey through the forest or the hike through the mountain or swimming in a lake with her circle.


  • Nature: Plants, humans, animals and everything that comes forward out of that. Maybe it's her upbringing, but Yūki believes that everything and everyone has a place in this world, if only they search for it.

  • Women: While she does not dislike men, she's really likes to spend time with other women. Sometimes a little too much, according to the other women themselves. Though after everything is said and done she'll apologize if she seriously hurt someone, accidentally or not. Hates to see anyone hurt, but double so for women. Triple so if they can't defend themselves. Going as far that she laments if she has to fight them in anything more serious than sparring or a friendly match.


  • Being a couple: Honestly believes love should be shared with everyone you love, not with just one special person. She does not dislike other people from being a couple, unless of course, they give it as a reason for not joining her harem.
  • Social norms: Being clothed at all times, not invading personal space, not allowed to burp... what's all these unwritten rules good for anyway? It's not like the world will end if they're not being followed? She has no problem following them, but that doesn't mean she has to like it.


  • Truth: She wishes to know what actually happened that fateful night most of her circle was killed off by a forest fire. She believes it was just an accident, but not knowing for certain gnaws at her mind a little.

  • Harem: Also part of her believe that love shouldn't be shared between two people, but to everyone you want. She more often than not asks girls she meets if they want to join her harem, to the horror of most. Whether or not her beliefs are an excuse for making a harem or not is up for debate.


  • Fire: While she's alright with a campfire, most fire spells and particularly large natural fires tend to remind her of the night she lost her circle.
  • Snakes: Ironically, despite being raised to love all animals, she's terrified of snakes. Most reactions have her paralyze at the spot she stands and refusing to move. Hoping the snake will go away. Unless the snake comes too close she generally won't run away.


Magic Name: Plant Magic

Magic Element: Nature

Magic Description: The user can create a various amounts of magical plants. All plants can be used for a large amount of things making this a very versatile magic. Plants can release spores to debuff, heal or hurt enemies, while harder plants can used for physical attacks or defense.


History: Yūki Yuri doesn't know her real parents. She was abandoned as a child. She was found by a group of druids passing trough Magnolia forest. They raised her as their own. They didn't stay in one place long, but they journeyed trough the kingdom of Fiore all year long. They lived in harmony with nature, hunted and gathered their own food. They never took more than what was necessary. She was placed under the care of a young druid named Karen. Karen was the only real mother figure Yūki ever knew.

It soon became appear Yūki was overflowing with magical energy. Magecraft wasn't so rare among the druids. Most of the druids, but not all of them were mages themselves. Wielding a large variety of magic. Earth, Fire, Air, Water, Plants, Light and Dark and even pure energy. All elements came forth from the nature somehow. Since variety in abilities was beneficial for the group there were a lot of different magics among the druids.

Karen would eventually learn Yūki how to learn her magic. A magic that allowed to user to rapidly grow plants and use them for all sort of things. The whole community was rather close together and most activities were done in the whole group.

About age of 17 Yūki's group was caught in a forest fire. It all happened while they were sleeping, and by the time they had mobilized the fire was too hot for the water mages to simply douse it with their own magic. In the end, the fire managed to kill or divide every druid. After the fire had finally died out it was impossible to find any of her comrades. Not being able to find any of the druids alive she decided to move on.

At first the outside world was rather scary. Alone and completely out of her element in human cities. However, she found most humans pleasant to be around... if she dressed properly. Even if she could hunt herself, she found herself lonely very fast. And the only real human company was found in human cities. Quickly she found out about mages guild and since druids were mages too she thought that if she joined one she might able to find out more about what happened to her sect.

She quickly found that the guild she joined, Blue Pegasus weren't so different from their circle. She had no real preference but it was the closest magical guild nearby. Right, maybe the dress code was a little stricter and maybe during actual jobs they were mostly on their own or in small groups. But everyone seemed to be on good terms with everyone, with the occasional exception. Right now, she had to means to survive for herself and find out more about any surviving members of her circle.

Reference: Alt of Chloé Leclair


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This character application has been approved.

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