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Mending Fences Between Heaven and Heathens [Private/Adelaide/Social]

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#1Ren Liath 

Mending Fences Between Heaven and Heathens [Private/Adelaide/Social] Empty on Mon Dec 31, 2018 4:53 am

Ren Liath
Another glorious day beamed over the naturally elegant Orchidia. The sun was high in the sky this afternoon day as people below were hurrying around. Ren was walking through the grassy streets with admittedly a few butterflies in his stomach. He had only come to Orchidia as it was a direct order from a superior Rune Knight. The order in question was actually rather important and Ren even now found it rather hard to grasp. Even now he wondered why a page like himself was chosen for such a high class mission. Mending the tensions between the Holy Knight and Rune Knights? Ren kept his wits about him although he wondered how exactly becoming friendly with a Holy Knight would help. Ren was told some basic info, such as to be nice and try not to bring up any sensitive information about the ongoing feud. However it still begged the question as to why he was chosen of all people.

Little did Ren know but there was actually a meeting about this very subject. While there were many other qualified Knights to send such as Akira or Judina who were both higher rank and more than twice as strong. But that was the issue, they did not want a retaliation should things break down. In short, they chose Ren as a scapegoat. Should be killed due to the tensions then the Rune Knights could fight back but if not then the tensions would be eased. A perfect plan for both outcomes. Ren walked into the church, naive to the plot as to why he was here. He stayed at the doorway, looking to see if anyone would be there to meet him.

#2Adelaide Sokolov 

Mending Fences Between Heaven and Heathens [Private/Adelaide/Social] Empty on Wed Jan 02, 2019 2:32 pm

Adelaide Sokolov
"You have a job and you better intend to keep it."

Her eyes scanned the room in which she stood. She had not really been here often. She brushed a blonde piece of hair behind her ear. The only reason she was here was out of respect, they had asked her for multiple reasons, she was around in Orchidia, she had worked as a Rune Knight and she was a high enough rank to be impressive. She stood with her hands behind her back and far at the back of the first room, the one you entered, her back towards the altar where no one was standing for as far as she had noticed. And she was clearly paying attention. One of her lower-rank colleagues was next to her.

Why would they even have a feud? It was not necessary, were they all not fighting for a safer environment in general? She felt that she dug her nails in the palm of her hand. A safer environment and yet they stole everything from her! Both of them did! She wanted to yell at the top of her lungs in this church because it was ridiculous that she was here, by the divine.

She decided that even if it was ridiculous, she would head out for a quick break, fresh air would be okay right. She told the other Holy Knight to stay on this post and mingle with the people that would come in. On her way out, she pulled the hair tie out of her hair and let the blonde hair fall over her shoulder. At least no one remembered her or confused Lacie with her with this haircut. She felt a painful sting in her back, there where the burn had made things worse. As she stopped walking, her eyes turned to the person lingering near her as she was at the door. It did not matter that he was a Rune Knight, "Are you okay? You look nervous. We don't bite." she tried to joke.

#3Ren Liath 

Mending Fences Between Heaven and Heathens [Private/Adelaide/Social] Empty on Thu Jan 03, 2019 4:43 am

Ren Liath
Ren took a moment to realize what the blonde haired woman had said was a joke before giving a dry laugh and awkward laugh in response.

"That is good to know."

Ren replied, his voice monotone although he was also trying to convey a joke also. Needless to say it did not exactly come across as one as he spoke bit regardless he pressed on speaking as there was important information to tend to.

"Anyway. My name is Ren. I was appointed here by the Rune Knights to speak to a Holy Knight in regards our two factions. Have you seen them around by any chance?" He naively asked the woman not knowing her true identity just yet. In fact neither would have any information on the other aside from the the faction they were apart of. Ren wanted to keep his speaking with anyone within the church short and sweet. As far as he was told this information was very confidential and had to be kept discreet. For the wrong people to hear about this could spell disaster. One faction being exploited by this information would mean total anarchy since both played such vital role in today's community. As his mind swirled with all these different notions he patiently waited the woman's reply.

#4Adelaide Sokolov 

Mending Fences Between Heaven and Heathens [Private/Adelaide/Social] Empty on Thu Jan 03, 2019 4:55 am

Adelaide Sokolov
As she made the joke and said 'we' she thought that it was easy to guess who she was. Maybe she did not look the part. Maybe she looked like an assistant or something, albeit that's ridiculous as she wore the armour and had the sword on her left hip. She looked a knight as well.

For a second, she did not know why she cared, it was just the infuriating hate of being here.

Names were not important and yet in twenty-four months so much had changed. Baskerville. Eventide. Sokolov. It was the saddest that none of the surnames longer fit with her and yet one rolled of her tongue and she had to be careful with that. "You are in the right church, in that case, Ren. I am Adelaide Sokolov..." No! She should have said Eventide, shit! Thank god he wasn't here, how much would he freak out if they had the same surname. "I am a Holy Knight." She had not believed in the idea of something like Illumin but by the Divine had she started praying to spend her time, to make up her mind, to ask for help when no one was there to fix things and when she had no way to break out. She lost her magic again but she did not care, she was never meant to have it in the first place and she preferred this way anyway.

What more was there to say, she looked over her shoulder, there was no way out. She had a job and she had to keep it. What would happen to her or the children if she did not? "So you found the right one." Politeness, what was that even? It did not work, it did not bring her anything and it was useless but she would not bring harm to those who had nothing to do with her feud.

#5Ren Liath 

Mending Fences Between Heaven and Heathens [Private/Adelaide/Social] Empty on Fri Jan 04, 2019 4:51 am

Ren Liath
The Blonde haired woman who greeted Ren at the door introduced herself as Adelaide Sokolov, saying she was a holy Knight. Ren quickly looked her up and down.

"Ah yes of course. How foolish of me. It's very nice to meet you, Miss Sokolov."

He said with a small bow before offering her a hand. Ren felt somewhat stupid for not noticing her armor or sword at her hip. To most it would be extremely obvious that she was a holy knight. But Ren and his one track mind did not notice this at all and was focusing on looking for someone looking out for him. Adelaide reassured him that he was in the right church, meaning that she must of been the person he was assigned to befriend. Still somewhat nervous Ren spoke again, trying to keep his voice as steady and monotone as he could.

"So, shall we take a seat and start a conversation? Or do you have any ideas? I would like to be as efficient as possible since this is one of my first political missions as a Rune Knight Page."

Ren said to Adelaide hoping that she may have some idea of where to start. To Ren it seemed as though they were both shoved together and asked to figure out how to resolve the dispute without much context. The Rune Knight guessed that the first step would be come friends but he was still unsure. Still, he hoped a conversation would be a good place to start. Ren even let slip that he was a Page on purpose to help start the conversation, although he was instructed to do that by a higher up. All the same Ren awaited the Holy Knight's reply.

#6Adelaide Sokolov 

Mending Fences Between Heaven and Heathens [Private/Adelaide/Social] Empty on Sat Jan 05, 2019 11:33 am

Adelaide Sokolov
She wasn't used to this surname, not even after two years. 24 months, and almost more, no one called her miss Sokolov obviously not because it was Mrs Sokolov but she did not have the courage nor the willpower to correct him. She simply turned her wedding ring with the nail of her thumb and hid it as good as she could. Maybe she should take it off, did it even count to be married if your partner did not even know your name anymore. How she fought and defeated the amnesia that had held a grip on her for years and now, now she was fighting it again.

She shook his hand softly not to firm, after all, she had to keep her mind steady, not do anything radical or irrational. She needed to be human and okay.

Oh right, they would have to talk, form a bond. It felt so unnatural and forced that she did not know what to do and simply nodded and turned her heel, goodbye fresh air. She took a seat on one of the benches in front of the altar, many remained standing in the church, her colleagues looking at her shortly. Probably wondering if she would behave, why would they expect that she would break. Thank god they did not marry in the church of Orchidia, they got married outside, near the river which had been beautiful and... she cut her mind off by clenching her hand to dug the nails of her fingers in the palm. Don't think about it. "A page?" she decided to start the conversation, why would they send a page on something important like this, this only meant it was utter bullshit.

"Do you like it? Your job takes a lot of responsibilities even for a page. I remember when I joined the knights." leaving out which version. She knew a lot. Xandra. Asura. Akira. Judina. LeeAnn. Hatsuharu and many more that she did not remember at this point because she did not dare to let her mind be distracted.

#7Ren Liath 

Mending Fences Between Heaven and Heathens [Private/Adelaide/Social] Empty on Sun Jan 06, 2019 9:12 am

Ren Liath
"Yes I do like it as a matter of fact. I only recently joined however they have been every welcoming so far."

Ren answered, his voice dull and rehearsed sounding. The knight of course had learned to say that as well to make the knights seem more accommodating and friendly. That being said Ren could not find too many faults with them. Although as of right now he had no friends in the faction he had no enemies either. If anything that was one of the reasons he joined the Rune Knights. He knew no one and everyone within it had roughly the same ideology. With a guild there could be many different personalities within, but a faction such as the Rune Knights or even Holy knights everyone had to abide by a certain amount of rules.

Once Adelaide said she was apart of the Rune Knights at one stage in her life Ren's pale blue eyes seemed to gain a spark of interest. "You don't say? When was this? What rank were you?" He asked rather quickly, very intrigued that a Holy knight was apart of the opposing faction. As he spoke to Adelaide, Ren for a moment thought that she had something else on her mind but for now he would not bring it up. He was much too interested in hearing she was once a Rune Knight.

#8Adelaide Sokolov 

Mending Fences Between Heaven and Heathens [Private/Adelaide/Social] Empty on Sun Jan 06, 2019 12:42 pm

Adelaide Sokolov
"That's good to hear." Welcoming.

Maybe she needed that. Welcoming. Where had she ever felt welcome? Anywhere? If you did not count her own house or the place in Magnolia where she stayed for months then it would only be in his arms. That's where she felt welcome and safe. Strangely even after such a long time. She longed for that, she missed that and yet she had to jump over that gab off a feeling and just... go on. There was no other solution.

As she went to sit down she informed Ren of former belonging within the Rune Knights herself, "About a year ago. A little more. I was a lieutenant. Baskerville. Not sure if they still know me because a lot of things has happened." She would not have to explain, maybe he would understand, maybe she would just not say. Who knew what questions were maybe he did not understand her random dropping a name. Alice Baskerville. Alice Baskerville was dead. It was an okay conversation, it almost felt like a bit of admiration, that might be okay. Maybe that's why they asked her because she used to be a former lieutenant. She froze... what if they asked him too? The Holy Knights, apart from a few, did not seem to care about the unfortunate happenings, would he be here?

#9Ren Liath 

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Ren Liath
Nodding at Adeliad, Ren too agreed that the knights were welcoming. Although they did not lay out a red carpet for his arrival Ren still felt like he belonged there. Even at home he had trouble doing things by himself without someone asking him to do something in particular, so a place where orders are key such as with the Rune Knights, it made Ren happy to be there. Speaking of the Knights Adeliade went on to say that she was a Lieutenant at the Rune Knights. Lieutenant Baskerville to be more exact. Baskerville? A moment ago she stated her last name was Sokolov. It was only now when Ren's hexechrome eyes shifted to the woman's ring. So she was married? But then why would she not correct him? Did her husband perhaps die? Those questions would dwell at the back of the wind mage's mind as he answered her.

"No actually. But I have only recently joined the knights. I'm sure if I went looking there would be many who would know of you and a record of what you had done while with them." Ren assured, his eyes shifting back to meet hers. "So, do you find the holy knights welcoming?" Ren then asked seeing some people come into the church while others left. His mind was still racing with questions but since they only just met each other he did not want to pry into her personal matters too much.

#10Adelaide Sokolov 

Mending Fences Between Heaven and Heathens [Private/Adelaide/Social] Empty on Mon Jan 07, 2019 1:32 pm

Adelaide Sokolov



Did it actually matter what it all was? It was all in the past, memories long forgotten, memories returned and memories which she did not want to remember for the life of her but she just woke up screaming in fear. Thank god her children were deep sleepers. She ticked with the nail of her thumb against the golden ring around her left ring finger. All int he past. Nothing to be corrected, nothing to be restored at this point.

"Who knows." she said a tad mysterious, she did not care if they wiped away her information, after all, she had left them without a note or any further. She still had tried to investigate what happened in Hargeon during that fight and after that fight. She had not found the knights that threatened her and after the incident with the cult, it felt all silly and no longer important. She had never even told Konstantin, did it matter? It only came back now that she talked about the Rune Knights.

"They are, they are very kind." They were.

They were very kind until they stole from her. Until they took almost everything she had. It felt weird to think that, as if someone was a property but they had him, they held him and they did not even try to consider what she would feel. Pushing them apart, not getting them close to avoid the problem. It wasn't fair! But she could not tell that she did not dare to tell that to anyone.


Maybe she should add Midas on that list. If Midas had not recruited him, if Midas had not recruited her who knew how happy they would be, together. If Midas had not taken his time to inform Augusto, if Augusto had not taken everything upon himself to stop mending the bond, to stop fixing memories, her children would not be without a father. Without knowing she had gotten up. She stared at herself as she realized what she was doing because she bumped her knee against the bench in front of her.

"Ah I eh remembered something. It can wait." She went to sit down and looked shortly away from Ren. "Why did you join the knights, if you don't mind me asking?"

#11Ren Liath 

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Ren Liath
Who knows? This woman was becoming increasingly more interesting. Or was the correct term suspicious? Ren was still unsure. Why was she chosen for this mission if she was going to be so mysterious. The list of questions in his mind grew ever larger as their conversation continued. On the bright side she seemed to enjoy the holy knights, saying they were very welcoming too. Ren wondered if she was told to say that just as he was. "Did they perhaps tell you to say that?" Ren asked, seeming rather serious as he did. Ren was terrible at changing his facial expressions so it would be obvious that he was serious. Still knowing this himself he thought he could pass it off as a joke later if needs be.

Adelaide then asked why he joined the knights. It was a very personal question but one Ren was glad that came up. They needed to be friends so personal questions would indeed help. He took a seat with Adelaide before answering. "I do not mind at all. I welcome all questions you have about me or my personal life Miss Sokolov." Ren would answer, waiting to see if she would correct him. It was a round about and rather manipulative way of finding out if she was married. Although the Naive knight did not know this since his parents both spoke in this kind of manner. "Anyway. I joined the knights for a few reasons. The first being that it is a lawful faction. I only came into the country so I wanted to make sure I would not be caught in any nefarious dealings. The Rune Knights seemed like a good fit and they were the first faction I heard about so it made the most sense." Ren explained, recalling his mother suggesting for him to join the knights in the first place. "My second reason may seem childish or ridiculous but I assure you it is the whole truth." The dark haired boy then said, knowing full well the others he told this information to often did not believe him or made fun of him. "It is because I dislike doing things of my own free will. I do better following orders rather than making my own. The Knights do just that, give orders to their subordinates so I feel like it suits me." He said waiting for her to reply. He wondered how she would take his explanation. As he gave his reason her rubbed under his eye as his scar was beginning to irritate him.

#12Adelaide Sokolov 

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Adelaide Sokolov
Her mind jumbled her thoughts unclear and she did not know what she did or how she should react. Ren did not seem to ask her what was going on and why she jumped up, so as she sat down, it was easy to answer his question. "Even if they did, I would only answer honest, so they don't have to." Which was a horrible lie, of course, years ago, she had not minded joining the Holy Knights when Midas asked her. When Lacie took Kon's eye, the panic, that moment of utter surprise. She would never forget how the dread had seeped into her veins when the old man at the bar, what was his name, asked her if she got the doctor because she had just gone upstairs. Five months pregnant and trying to hurry up the stairs because she had not been there and the mess.

And the mess Lacie later made or that they all had made when she died. The feeling and memory would still give her goosebumps so she focused on something else. So she decided to ask Ren why he considered joining the Rune Knights. She had always asked people this, or beforehand, such as with Judina before recruiting her and doing the paperwork. So many names. So many to find and lost.

Akira. Hatsuharu. T.K. Isabella. Evangeline. Lee-Ann. Asura. Xandra.  

Would they still want to know her? Had she been so wrong by disappearing and changing her hair? No one confused her for her twin sister anymore. It was a relief and no one looking strange at a blonde with a blond twin. It was okay, all was okay. She flinched almost invisible when he called her miss Sokolov. She should correct him especially considering possible futures but Kon wasn't here, so she was safe. She turned her ring again with the nail of her thumb but not looking at it or twitching, she tried to keep her golden eyes at Ren to show interest in the conversation. She smiled a little when he said that the second reason was childish. In a long past, she had been a part of a dark guild but look at her now. She thought about what he said after all that was not what she had expected. "How works that in your free time? What if you get promoted?" In that case he would have to give orders after all.

#13Ren Liath 

Mending Fences Between Heaven and Heathens [Private/Adelaide/Social] Empty on Wed Jan 09, 2019 1:22 pm

Ren Liath
Adeliade quickly dismissed his question about weather or not the Holy knights told her to speak highly of them. That being said Adelaide's eyes seemed to shift. Not moving away quickly as if to indicate a lie but more so as if her own answer made her contemplate something. Her earlier actions, behavior and general aura seemed to give off a similar feel.

"Hmm? Oh Promotion." He said stuttering seeming as though he was taken off guard. He was lost deep in thought about everything regarding what he observed about Adelaide. "Well I am only a page so it will take quite a while for me to obtain a high position of power where I would need to give order." He said confidently. However there was a glint in the Rune Knight's eyes. He looked away from Adelaide for a moment into the beam of sunlight that was coming through the stained glass windows. "But hopefully one day I can grow enough to be able to take command." Turning his head back Ren had a melancholic kind of smile on his face. That question evoked some memories of Ren that he had forgotten about since he came to Fiore. "Anyway, I hope that answered your question. Is there anything else you would like to ask me?"

#14Adelaide Sokolov 

Mending Fences Between Heaven and Heathens [Private/Adelaide/Social] Empty on Wed Jan 09, 2019 1:36 pm

Adelaide Sokolov
She wasn't around others a lot, only for work and that was an issue that you could quickly wave away as you had work things to do. You had to do obligations, you had missions and she had a goal. She needed to talk to no one about that and thus it worked perfectly. The friends she did see or meet again lately that made it a tad easier, as she knew them, it also made it more difficult as it was hurtful. Some did not know the difficult situation she was in and she pushed with her thumbnail against the ring to twist it. She did again not notice she was doing that, it was becoming a habit when she thought of him, maybe she should take it off, it would make things easier. Wear it as a necklace, but she might lose it easily. It was tough.

"It's just a thing in the future." Although she did rank up quite quickly it was also because she felt she had to make up for her mistakes in Phantom Lord and for the fact that she wanted to do good and be impressive. Right now, she did not even know if she was doing so, she was just focussing a lot on work to make up for mistakes. But she nodded when he said he was only a page, not everyone had to be as fast as her, also because not everyone wanted that. "Oh." for some unknown reasons she felt like she was being mean and perhaps too curious and yet not paying attention, she thought about any other questions, she should keep the conversation going, especially if this was a "mending the bond" moment. "Do you have any questions for me, while I think about it?" Maybe she could ask him something else, maybe less personal.

#15Ren Liath 

Mending Fences Between Heaven and Heathens [Private/Adelaide/Social] Empty on Thu Jan 10, 2019 9:37 am

Ren Liath
"Yes actually and I hope I am not speaking too rudely or out of place." Ren said, knowing full well he was. This realization in general was very rare for the young knight. He rarely gave a second thought about speaking his mind but in this situation it was very different. Their relationship would pave the way for the future generations of knights from both their factions. Ren knew this and wanted to be close to her, as effectively as he could.

"I have noticed that you have avoided some of my questions, or have not answered so truthfully to me." He said, not referring to anything in particular. The reason for his vagueness was because he himself was not sure what she was not telling him or avoiding to tell him. "For this mission to succeed we need to be honest and keep things like a real friendship. You do not have to tell me everything right away. But know that I am here to talk confidentially." He said giving his best attempt at a reassuring smile. He was not too sure as to how he could be more honest but he would need to give it a try just like he said he would.

#16Adelaide Sokolov 

Mending Fences Between Heaven and Heathens [Private/Adelaide/Social] Empty on Fri Jan 11, 2019 11:13 am

Adelaide Sokolov
Adelaide lifted up her right eyebrow as she turned to look at Ren. "I don't think so." However, she heard that before and only once did she act like it. Like the superior, she presumed she was, yes she was at that point but with her reaction, she had not been very mature. That was a regret, a thing she could not turn back in time now and it did not matter, that person had not been seen for two years around her. It was fine like this. She asked him he wanted to ask her anything so why would that be considered out of place, she could always say she did not like to answer that question.

However, what did she avoid? "Such as?" and maybe he was rude, "You forget that privacy and work is something that I try to separate, I don't think I did not answer any of your questions with a lie and if it has something to do with my private life, you just met me, do you blame anyone for not filling in their whole life story to someone who just came walking into their territory? Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against Rune Knights like I said, I used to work as a lieutenant." What a ridiculous start of a conversation. Could she leave? She was definitely not meant for this conversation as she had nothing against them and she did not actually think the question was rude, the whole assumption was. She did not raise her voice, she simply answered, staring at him, surely keeping up with conversations was no longer her best thing but she had not noticed. "I just merely wonder which questions you mean and what I would have not answered truthfully according to you."

#17Ren Liath 

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Ren Liath
Ren seemed to be totally unphased by the Holy Knight's words. But that was simply a wall he put up. Perhaps he had misjudged her actions or maybe worded his question wrong. All he did know was that he upset her, even if her tone of voice was still flat and cool. The complete opposite objective he had in mind for this mission. Still, she asked why he felt the need to ask those questions so he answered.

"Perhaps I phrased it wrong." Ren said holding his chin, looking into his lap. Once he had thought of a right way to phrase it, he would meet Adelaide's gaze once more. "I feel as though you are holding something back." Ren was still unsure if this was the right way to phrase this kind of question but this time he would give an example. "Firstly when I said that your information would be in the archive of the Rune Knights the answer you gave me was mysterious. Like it had some unknown weight behind it." Ren said putting out one hand. He looked at his palm himself. He definitely picked something up with that reply, but not knowing her past he could not even begin to fathom the reason. "Secondly is your ring. There is obviously some reason behind you having it and your name change, yet you allowed me to remain in the dark when I called you miss instead of saying something right from the beginning." All the while his voice as kept in the same tone similar to how Adelaide persented her case. "Again, if I speak out of turn or if I act unintentionally rude please correct me. I only wish to be closer to you." he would then place his extended hand on to hers. He was not too sure as to why he could not simply relax. It was obvious that he was making her uncomfortable and even his actions were beginning to annoy himself.

#18Adelaide Sokolov 

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Adelaide Sokolov
She was at least glad that he did not flinch or become angry or anything else that might make this conversation a bigger hell than it already was. That it was a hell right now was definitely not Ren's fault and she would not give it her own fault because it was just the way that both organisations wanted to work in a forced matter that did not make sense, you did not force bonds and friendships, that came. Such as..., she should not think about it and took a deep breath. "Perhaps." she answered as she had no idea still what he meant and what that would indicate, because what questions. She had warned him about her privacy so she was quite curious about what questions might appear and what untruth she had told. Holding something back? That only made sense.

She would wait until he finished speaking, starting with a first, yes, maybe she had been weird about that but it had not been her attention, the way she had left the Rune Knights had been just unclear and even if she would not tell him that, it was an easy way to avoid and yet explain some vague comment on it. But the second one made her angry, not his fault, it was her privacy, it just reminded her on the things she did not want to know and she stared for a few seconds at his hand touching hers. What did that mean? That hand, and why did he want to be closer to her? Closer? Closer had nothing to do with forming a bond, it sort of crashed in her mind and she took her hand back. Rudely, without actually the intention but she held it with her own and stared at her knees.

"Firstly," she said with an obvious force in her voice that it seemed like something obstructed her from talking but that was not true. She pushed herself to talk, "It is three years ago if not more than I left the Rune Knights, which means I am sure I am not on the top list of people that worked there. And well sometimes I forget that I do no longer have to keep it a secret that I work for the Holy Knights, a couple of years that had been different."

She twirled the ring for the fourth time but this time with her free right hand which was holding on to her left, the one Ren just held. "As for your second question, there is nothing to correct." She simply wished she could still be considered married but that was not true. "The ring is my own, I bought it." her wedding ring after all was taken after the cult caught the both of them. Taunting with it, hearing his voice and yet not being able to respond, had it even been him. "I just kept his name, it's a habit. My own surname is one that does not matter to me as I have never used it." Baskerville was fake and Eventide a fraud. She did not even know the surname of her father and he could not tell her. Would he torture her more only so they could be closer? Whatever the hell that meant.

#19Ren Liath 

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Ren Liath
Adelaide's reply had an air of finality about it. The extra force in her voice, her general demeanor, everything pointed to her wanting to end this part of the conversation. Even someone as clueless as Ren could see this. Her replies though strong also gave the young Rune Knight much to think about. He would have to mull it over later to see what exactly she meant. Although limited, Ren's empathy could deduce that her words had some hidden meaning behind them. Not that she was hiding something from him or trying to give him some sort of message, but more so that he would need to look into her past to truly get a grasp on her words.

"I see. Thank you for telling me all of that." He said keeping his respectful tone and eye contact. "Surely by now you're sick of me asking most of the personal questions? If you want to even the score feel free to ask me about anything." Ren said, staring in Adelaide's golden eyes with his own pale blue ones. Even while keeping eye contact, through his peripheral vision Ren noticed that the other Holy Knight Alice was with had disappeared, as did one of the lay people that had entered the church previously. Ren silently wondered where they were, planning on asking Adelaide once she had asked her questions.

#20Adelaide Sokolov 

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Adelaide Sokolov
It was not that she wanted to let it be obvious that her voice was caught in her throat, that words were difficult, it was just a lot of things at this point that made her sad. It was more than a year ago, but that also meant that more than a year ago she had not met new people to introduce herself too, Sokolov, a voice, a name of habit. She was no one, she had no surname and she had become no one, she was a fighter, a knight, a mother, a protector and maybe far away somewhere: she was a friend. She did not know what Ren would think of this and the more she thought about it, the more she came to hate that she was ordered to be here. She was after all not hateful against the Rune Knights, there were others who thought them beneath them as Holy Knights and she never did. There were many questions and she just wanted to sigh and go home.

She wasn't sick of the personal questions, she was sick of the answers she had to avoid or give and she was sick on the look in his eye that made her wonder if he believed her or not, why would she care and why would he care so much, they just met. "I am not as well prepared as you are, I have no other questions. I am sure that at some point they will come to me, I hope you don't mind if I ask them then." It was her past, her history that made her forget anything that could be asked at a first meeting, apart from what she already asked. Her eyes scanned the crowd as she saw Ren do so and noticed her colleague, shit what was his name, had gone off to something. Pff wasn't he the one telling this it was her duty! And she was even higher ranked than him. "Where has Atlas gone?" she muttered out loud and looked around, she did not want him to disappear under her watch and later say something or never return.

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Adelaide Sokolov
As Atlas was gone, the blonde decided to excuse herself. But that would mean that she would fail the job. She thought about it for a second, standing up and walking away from the benches, she assumed Ren would follow her. "Look I have to find my colleague but it certainly was a pleasure to meet you. If you have nothing to do tomorrow, we can see if the town has a job for us. Mostly in Orchidia, there is enough to do. I will send one of my pages towards you, is that okay?" Once making the deal she would try to find Atlas, who she found in a hidden room with a girl from the Rune Knights and she dragged him off back to the part of their headquarters, yes, it was nice to get to know the other side and to be friendly but that was a bit too much in her own honest opinion. She dragged off the guy, gave him some strict words about being a professional on such meetings and that it was him who told her to behave while he did not, which was much disappointing and completely strange and out of character as she was the higher up and he was the one that should listen to her, besides she had had friends in the Rune Knights, so who was she to judge them, for god's sake she had been a Rune Knight before she became a Holy Knight.

After that meeting and reporting about the strange, sudden halt, she headed home, or what she tried to call home.


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