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Odin Varicksson

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Name: Odin Varicksson

January 7th, X768 Birth
October 29th, X783 Rebirth

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Asexual

Ethnicity, Father: Icebergian

Ethnicity, Mother: Icebergian

Class: Spellsword

Race: Lich

Rank: A Rank

Guild: Midnight Cult

Tattoo: White | Inside skull behind teeth (N/A for Midnight Cult)

Face: Thresh - League of Legends


Height: 6'1" | 185cm

Weight: 170lbs | 77kg

Hair: N/A

Eyes: Green

Overall: Odin, for the last four years of his life, has looked the same as he does now. He does not age, no longer requires food or drink, and does not change in any way. His body has become that of a Lich, giving him near eternal death at the cost of his own life. He has grown since shedding his human form, and the skeleton he now possesses is closer to a demon’s than a human’s. His body is certainly humanoid, with two arms and two legs much like any human skeleton, although this is often hidden under a dark robe adorned with small skulls. It is Odin’s skull, which he replaced with a demon's when he lost his original one. It is a thin skull, with three appendages of bone protruding out from behind it, each long enough to sit on the lich’s shoulders. At the end of these protrusions the bone has formed with a fishhook shape.

Extra: In the area around Odin's head, a green ethereal fire burns eternally.


Personality: Odin has become devoid of all the emotion which once drove him. The fun-loving, light-hearted lich that he once was is now an almost entirely empty shell. He has only one purpose in his life now, and he has no care who he must step over to accomplish it. He has no morals, as happy skinning a child alive as much as he is buying a drink in a pub, despite the fact Odin does not require any food or drink to survive. He is immune to natural diseases, and no longer needs anything a human being needs to survive. The world could burn, and Odin would remain. Sometimes, he feels extremely lonely, not knowing what to do with his life but his purpose gives him reason to exist, and often that is all he needs.

There is one being that Odin will show a glimmer of his old self: his former friend Kon. He knows his friend is lost to him, but it doesn’t stop Odin from having a little sliver of hope that he can bring his friend back. However, he is not naïve enough to think that he won’t have to face Kon eventually. His devotion to HER supersedes everything else and when the day comes that Odin must face his friend in service to his goddess, he will not hold back.


  • Swineherd Pub: Having acted as both his home and a base of operations for many years, Odin has grown fond of the inn he won in a game of rigged cards. It now also acts as the sole place where Odin can hear, and has heard, HER voice, marking it as sacred territory in the Lich's mind. Only the devout may enter certain areas of the establishment, and even then some are only open to Odin himself. Anyone who tries to harm his pub is met with a painful end, as some have discovered.

  • Power: Ever since his body became a vessel for a demon prince at the age of eight, Odin has always sought after power. Having power in this world allows someone to accomplish any task they desire, and ensures that no one can stop them in their path. Odin has gone through many tribulations with power: both losing and gaining it in abundance, but he knows that he will always grow stronger.


  • Holy Knights: Holy Knights were almost responsible for Odin losing the one place he cared about, and his rage for them has only grown since that day, since they forever changed one of his closest friends. Odin will provoke, and often attempt to kill, anyone who counts themselves among the holy knights, as they would just as happily kill him for his beliefs.

  • Cowards: Despite once having a mild fear of death himself, Odin can't stand those who refuse to bet their life on their beliefs. Those who will flee at the sight of danger, and will refuse to finish a fight because they might lose. Odin has seen many of these people in Fiore, and killed those who wouldn't do that which was required of them.


  • HER: SHE, Odin's goddess, is the only reason he hasn't sought a way to die permanently. SHE saved him when he was at his lowest point, having lost everything, and from then Odin's task became obvious. His reason for being, the only purpose that he has in this world, is to bring HER into the world. SHE, like him, is an immortal, and SHE understands Odin's pain and loneliness. Only SHE can save him.


  • Failure: To Odin, who's only purpose is in service to his goddess, failure is not an option. Whatever task he is given, he must complete, otherwise he would lose everything. Failure, in Odin's world, may no longer mean death, but it could easily mean something far worse: life without.

  • HER: SHE is Odin's only reason for being, and he is utterly devoted to her. However, Odin is not a fool, and he knows how fickle deities can be. Despite his love for HER, Odin hides a fear of the power SHE possesses. To be able to conjure the gospels: books of such immense magical power, as well as commune with HER followers from another plane of existence, the power SHE has is something that both awes and terrifies Odin.


Magic Name: Frost Magic

Magic Element: Frost

Magic Description: Frost magic is a power that grants the user the ability to create and manipulate the element of ice. Much like other elemental magics, it is greatly versatile, with a vast number of spells. Odin specifically can use this magic for offensive purposes, or for increasing his own physical abilities such as speed or strength.


X768 - X783:

Odin never knew his mother, and didn't get on well with his father: who constantly beat him in an attempt to 'make him stronger'. His father, Varick, was originally from the harsh lands of Iceberg, and wished for his son to be able to weather any storm that stood in his path. Varick had left Iceberg in search of his purpose, and he had found it in in Fiore with Odin's mother: Faye, who was also from those harsh lands. Together, they built a life together, living in seclusion in the land between Orchidia and the Worth Woodsea. They lived off the land, and wanted nothing more than to complete their family with a child. Thus, when Faye became pregnant, true happiness begot the two. They named their son Odin, after the king of the old gods from their homeland. That is when things drastically changed.

Varick and Faye didn't live in seclusion because the lifestyle had spoken to them; they hadn't found each other randomly and chosen to spend their life together; they hadn't wanted a child because it would complete their family. The two were very different people and, while they did truly love each other, their devotion was saved for one being: Lucifer. The two were demon worshippers: cast out of their homes and forced to live in secrecy, but they had planned, for many years, a way to get their revenge, and that revenge had come through Odin. The two went through many difficult trials to bring their prince into this world, and have him commune with their son. When Odin turned eight years old, they finally succeeded.

Odin has no memory of his life he met Lucifer: the demon had devoured all memories of the time before during their first encounter. The love Odin had been shown, the family he had once known, all had been taken from him the moment he and Lucifer had joined forces. The demon prince -pleased that he had finally entered the human world, yet angered that he had been forced into the body of a 'weak child'- punished his followers. Odin struck down his own mother, the power of Lucifer incinerating her body, not even giving her enough time to cry.

Odin's life after this, the only one he remembers, is one of harsh training from his father, of a son often wondering why his father hated him so much, and why he never spoke of the boy's mother. Odin's father passed more peacefully, the year Odin reached eighteen. Fully possessed with the powers of Lucifer, Odin decided to leave the life of seclusion, and join the outside world. Due to this unique gifts, it wasn't long before he was contacted by Grimoire Heart: a powerful dark guild who's purpose was to create a new world, not being content with the one they currently inhabited. Being an agent of chaos, and the demon prince of pride, Odin gladly accepted, and joined the group.

Odin was with the group for some time and accomplished many feats, as he had expected. After a few years in the group, Odin had become much stronger, gained a lot of infamy and was feared by many as the demon Lucifer. However, there were many things he did that even the demon prince could not have foreseen. One of the other members of the guild, Nastasya Crowe, became something of a close companion to Odin. They both grew stronger together, but they also grew in other ways. She became someone Odin could rely on, a friend, his very first, but not his last.

Even outwith the guild members, where discretion was paramount to a Grimoire Heart mage, Odin still made some close connections. Two people became very close friends of Odin's: Konstantin Sokolov and Arisa Rinmizukimi, even though their allegiances were to his enemies. Konstantin was tasked with defending the peace against terrorists like Odin, and Arisa was a member of Lamia Scale, one of the light guilds that wished to destroy the dark. The organisations they belonged to never got in the way of the people they each were, even when they eventually found out about Odin's true nature.
X783 - X785:

Odin's time in Grimoire Heart was not entirely positive, however, as he soon found out that his 'power' was much weaker than he had been told. Lucifer was locking away his true power from Odin, halting the boy's growth and controlling him secretly to fulfil his own agenda. Lucifer had never cared for Odin, never viewed him as a worthy vessel. Every since their first encounter, the demon prince had seen a weak boy, he had only stayed with Odin to see the world and learn about ways he could leave the body, and enter the world himself. Odin discovered the plot, and decided to end it.

There was one known, foolproof way to remove a soul from a host body, although it was usually not one many people sought after. It had come to be that death was Odin's only escape, but he was not ready to leave the world himself, only remove that which plagued him. To that end, he strove to learn more about the powers of a Lich: a being of undeath that controlled darkness and could manipulate their souls, placing fragments of it into an object, known as a phylactery. It took him many months to amass the knowledge he desired, but amass it he did, which brought him to the cemetery in Dahlia, awaiting the transformation.

Plunging a knife into one's body was not something people often did, but it was the last time Odin felt true pain. The blade pierced his heart, shattered his soul, and caused him to transform. He fought against the resisting soul of Lucifer within him, finally defeating that which had shackled him, and he gained new power, as well as his new form. Odin emerged fro his grave lacking skin, but having gained so much more.

The next two years was about as interesting as those first few months had been. In that time, Odin gained control of a pub and became a reputable owner. He also assisted his guild in overthrowing the monarchy, bringing about the new world that had always been promised. It was not quite how Odin had envisioned it, but the world had changed for him. He was no longer a dark mage, no longer a member of the now disbanded guild. He had become a humble bartender. He made new friends, attended and even gave a speech at the wedding of his best friend. Odin had finally reached a point in his life that he could be happy, surrounded by his friends and that which made him happy.

He was content.
X785 - X787:

It was never going to last.

Orchidia had brought Odin close to many of his friends, the flower festival bringing so many people together from all over Fiore. And it had brought with it a great opportunity to spread the word about the Swineherd Pub: Odin's personal establishment. He had served many customers, including some very important people in the world, and all had been well. The former owner, and one of Odin's main staff, Mac, had been sent ahead to Oak to open the main pub back up to the public, having closed it during the festival, while Odin had moved on towards Baska, where he had hoped to make some money before returning to the only place he had known as home. That had been his mistake.

In Baska, mere days before Odin was to set out for Oak, he received a letter from the governor's of Oak town. He had no idea why he was receiving it, but it soon made sense. As Odin opened the letter, he read about the damage caused to his building, and about a life lost due to the damage. Odin left his stuff, and rushed back to Oak that moment, with no idea what was awaiting him.

Fire, or the remains of one. His pub had been torched, set ablaze by someone, and it had taken the efforts of the people of Oak to stop the fire before it took any more lives. It was those words, 'any more', that caused Odin to realise. Whoever had set this fire, they had killed Mac, he had burned alive within the pub. An innocent man, and someone the lich had counted among his short list of friends.

It was then he made a vow. In the name of his friend, Odin would find out who had done this, and they would pay. He didn't care how many of them there were: they would all fall against the might of the dark mage. He may have once been content to be a humble bartender, but it was time for him to come out of retirement. This world wasn't quite finished with him.

It took him three months simply to find out who had set the fire, they had covered their tracks well. At first, Phantom Lord had been set up with the blame, but it was obvious enough that it had not been their work. The dark guild were, if nothing else, protective of their land, and Oak was within that realm. They assisted Odin as much as possible to find out who had attacked their town, and the search had brought Odin to a group of upstart Holy Knights: members of the same group as his close friend Kon. The 'Arm of Illumin' they called themselves, but they had no real authority. The burning of the pub hadn't even been a sanctioned mission, luckily for the church, but simple the group attacking the known location of a Lich, who they had sworn to eradicate. Even if they couldn't kill Odin, they could hurt him. How unfortunate for them.

Three months to find them, another ten to hunt them all down. They had split up after that attack, knowing that Odin would be hunting them down. Odin made sure they knew, he had spread the word far to make it reached their ears. He wanted them to fear him, and they did. Eight members in total, some of them even tried to fight Odin, but they quickly discovered their folly. None of them had quick deaths, each was painful and they all died screaming. Their leader, the strongest and most arrogant of the group, even tried insulting Odin and calling him out to fight in the middle of a town square. He lost his fight early in the morning, but he didn't die until the next day's afternoon. Peeling off every fingernail; removing each toe; and flaying him while he still lived, the man screamed until his voice gave out and only blood escaped between the his lips. He tried cursing, he tried begging, and it was only when he knew that death was better than a life as he was that Odin finally killed him.

Finally, after having destroyed those that had wronged him, Odin journeyed to Orchidia. He had wandered the far reaches of Fiore, to places he had never truly discovered before, all in search of the holy knights responsible for destroying his pub and killing Mac. But, despite all this, there was still one holy knight that Odin cared for, and he simply wished for his friend to understand the reasons why. Kon may have already been tasked with Odin's destruction: he would've definitely heard about the killings, but Odin knew his friend well enough to know they could talk it through.

As he reached the manor that belonged to the Sokolov family, the same manor that had once belonged to another of Odin's friends, the lich felt something was wrong. He was admitted entry, being known as a friend of the family, and was told that his friend would not be far away. Sure enough, in the entrance hall, Odin came face to face with Kon, and their eyes met.

In that instant, Odin knew there was nothing. Kon's eyes should no evidence of recognising the lich that stood in his house, nothing to signify the years of friendship that had allowed Odin to enter the house. Words of friendship and Kon's wedding fell of deaf ears, as the great holy knight saw only the monster responsible for the murder of his comrades. All memory of Odin had left the man.

Kon hit Odin with everything he had. Spell after spell, attack after attack, unrelenting as if seeing the face of evil itself. There was nothing the Lich could do. His friend didn't know who he was, but Odin just couldn't bring himself to fight back. He felt his life force fading, and he couldn't help but laugh. He was being destroyed, and still laughter escaped his skeletal face. At the end of it all, as the last remaining magic that kept Odin together faded, he saw and was proud of how strong his friend had become, and how much he would miss him.

Oak town was the next thing he saw. Waking up in the underground basement he had hidden from people, Odin turned to see his phylactery crack slightly, signifying that he had been revived. It was the first and only time he had ever had to use that power, and he could have never expected the circumstances that would cause it to activate. The soul stored in the phylactery, which for Odin was a small horn that hummed with magic, had returned to its original body, using magic to reforge the Lich into his skeletal form.

Odin had no body, he had no heart to be broken, no tear ducts to allow him to cry, but something deep within him ached. There was a pain there he had never felt before, a longing to just cease. He had lost friends, either to death or disappearances, it was normal in this world. But he had never been betrayed by one, and never one as close to him as Kon had been. His closest friend, a man with whom Odin had felt a kind of kinship, despite their differences. That man had forgotten Odin, had seen him as a monster and killed him on the spot, wasting no time. Perhaps he was right, perhaps Odin was a monster.

Odin sat in the basement for an hour: the longest hour of his entire being. The pain grew during that eternity, and it became too much for the Lich. The phylactery was cracked: it would not be able to resurrect him if he died for a while, and it was something Odin was counting on. He was finished with this world, he refused to live in it anymore, he couldn't.

None of his magic could affect him, so he was stuck doing things the old fashioned way. In the basement was a long length of rope, which was easily hooked around the ceiling. It may have been impossible for Odin to suffocate, but he could certainly break his own neck on the impact. He tied one end of the rope into a noose, and placed it around his neck, standing on a box to give him the height necessary. He lifted one foot off of the box, and kicked the box down with his other foot, before gravity took hold.


A powerful wind whooshed through the basement, slicing the rope and causing Odin to simply land on the ground, halting his suicide attempt before it had even began. He would've assumed it was bad luck if not for the word that had been spoken, and the change in the atmosphere that accompanied it. Looking across the room, Odin spotted the origin of the change. Sitting on the ground, directly next to Odin's phylactery, was a book, but a book that hummed with such power that it muted the once-considered-tremendous strength of Odin's soul.

Reaching over, Odin's hand caressed the book before he opened its first page. The text was illegible at first, but it moved on the page, as if alive itself. And then it activated.

Before, the book had been showing immeasurable power, but Odin realised with a mixture of awe and fear that this power had simply been the dregs: leaking out the closed book into the world. With the book opened, unbelievable magical potential was flooding out, focused onto the one who had opened the book. He heard that voice again, and it brought with it a sense of relief and calm. Silenced echoed throughout the basement, but it caused Odin to understand. SHE had spoken to him, bringing him into HER army. SHE knew what Odin felt: SHE was immortal, immovable, unstoppable.

Odin had found a new purpose, a new reason to keep being. SHE wished to enter this world, and he would be the one to bring HER into it. SHE was his goddess, and he would worship HER eternally.

Reference: N/A

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Refunds & Reclaims

  • Magic: Necromancer Magic | Refund (2mil)
  • Weapon: N/A
  • Off-Hand: N/A
  • Head: N/A
  • Body: N/A
  • Relic: Abyss Stare Ring | Refund (500k)
  • Race: Lich | Reclaim
  • Companion: Ryuk | Refund (1mil)

Attribute Reallocation

Total Points: 144

  • Strength: 31
  • Speed: 1
  • Endurance: 31
  • Constitution: 31
  • Intelligence: 50

Other Changes

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