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Era - Bookstore Bastard

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Era - Bookstore Bastard Empty Thu Dec 20, 2018 12:18 pm



Quest: Bookstore Bastard

Rank: C

Type: Bad

Requirements: None

Keito: Keito is a vagabond living on the streets of Era. Unaware to most, he is also a middleman who receives requests from victims seeking greater justice. Keito then forwards these requests to individuals that have no issue carrying them out. This service allows victims to not get involved with the underworld themselves.

Summary: Someone has stolen a large sum of money from a book store. The store owner is incredibly ill and is taking care of his granddaughter because his son and daughter-in-law died in an accident. He is aware that he will pass away soon and wanted to leave behind the money to his granddaughter. Now that it is all gone, he is scared for his granddaughter's future. He seeks justice and wants the hands of the thief and the money returned.

Thief: Unclear why and how for now, he managed to steal a large sum of money from the bookstore meant to serve as the inheritance for the bookstore owner's granddaughter. It is quite obvious that is not an amateur because no rookie mistakes were made to get to the safe inside.

Objective: Find the thief, cut off his hands and return the money.

Extra Rewards: None


  • Create a topic in Era.
  • Find the bookstore and visit to search for some clues.
  • Use your creativity to find out who the culprit is of the theft.
  • Eventually, you'll find out that the culprit is a former employee of the bookstore.
  • Find the culprit, find the money, cut off his hands and return it to the bookstore.
  • Only the target of the quest may be harmed. Otherwise the quest will result into a failure.

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