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Era - Over Shadowing

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Era - Over Shadowing Empty Wed Dec 19, 2018 6:41 pm

Quest: Over Shadowing

Rank: B

Type: Good


  • Clue Digging completed
  • Knight's Messenger completed

Margret: Margret is a Knight who resides in Era. She has a huge ego and believes she only deserves the best. She hates wasting her time on small duties and things that aren't important. Therefore, she tends to find people to do those things.

Summary: You get a letter from Margret saying that she needs you to follow a suspicious person who may have something to do with the missing women. Follow him and do whatever is necessary to find out where he's going. Then report to the nearest Rune Knight station.

Note: This mission consists of two separate topics. The first one (1500 words) takes place in Era, in which you will travel to Astera. The second topic (1500 words) takes place in Astera. After completing this mission you will be in Astera.

1x Grunt: A lanky person who wears indestructible paper bags over their face. They work in secret usually and take care of people who are in their boss' way. No one knows who their boss is currently.

Objective: Follow Lamar without getting seen by him and then report to the nearest station.

Extra Rewards: None


  • Create a topic in Era, titled: Over Shadowing Pt. 1 [Quest:Guest]
  • You'll get a letter from Margret telling you to find and follow a man with specific details on what he looks like.
  • After spending awhile looking around, you'll find him doing nothing wrong so far. He'll leave and walk off with a bag over his shoulder, leaving Era.
  • Follow him, but don't alarm him as he'll just use an item to go invisible.
  • When you're almost to Astera, you will be encountered by Grunt who tries to stop you. Do what you must to get rid of him. Afterwards, find Lamar and continue following him to Astera.
  • Create a topic in Astera, titled: Over Shadowing Pt. 2 [Quest: Guest]
  • Once you enter Astera, you have to continue to follow him without being seen.
  • After he does a few stops, you will see him look around the area before entering a small building.
  • After an hour of watching, you see a woman go in but doesn't come back out for several hours.
  • Report what you saw to the Knights. They'll reward you and convey the report to Margret.

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