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Oak to Orchidia (Foot Travel)

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Oak to Orchidia (Foot Travel) Empty Sun Apr 29, 2018 1:03 pm


"Strikingly good looking my friend, Bael baby, no one is going to recognize you. Ooo, no one is gonna recognize you!"

Bael primed himself up, hiding his green hair under a new look. Something a bit more fresh and equally odd as his typical duds. He was getting ready to be on his way to the festival of flowers, something fun no less! Beyond Oak Town's miserable crime syndicate, and even out past Baska's boring valley of terrain, was a bubbling affair that just wasn't going to do without a bit of a shake-up!

"Now where was it again? Orchidia, I think. Oh man, I can't wait to spot the ladies showing up in all their cute lil dresses. Or the handsome gentleman out for some tail. It's gonna be a killer good time."

If you removed his mask, the medic was pretty happy with himself, grinning from one cheek to the other.

Bael skipped from one side to the next, hopping over rocks and ant-hills. A suitcase was tightly gripped in his hand, brown leather gloves decorated his hands, though one was in the pocket of a large trench coat. A mask depicting a smile was placed over his face. Since he began ages ago as a criminal, the green haired Bael hadn't changed a whole lot. But his choice of wear had, this was the new him! He was ready to create a whole new infamous name in the world, but gee-golly the flower festival. He could do some fun things there, oh yes, oh yes!

"I'm parched, a meal sounds good too. I wonder if they'll have food in the next town over."

Bael spoke to himself often, it wasn't usual to keep himself company due to how alone he always was. He was a phantom through and through, but the guild was scattered and shorthand. It had been for over a year, but when the first guildmaster died, and the second, a whole order of mishaps seemed to arise. Phantom Lord wasn't even a guild at this point. Just a tattoo. Bael didn't see it staying up for long. The whole organization was on pins & needles.

Out of Oak, and into Baska; Bael rested for a meal, then saw himself out soon after. He continued alone until Orchidia was within grasp. He was right up on it in a few days. Not that it was that far from a kissing distance anyhow.


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