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To the Festival of Flowers [Magnolia --> Orchidia]

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#1Odin † 

To the Festival of Flowers [Magnolia --> Orchidia] Empty Sun Apr 29, 2018 8:55 pm

Odin †

Festival of Flowers, what an odd name, and what a less obvious place for Odin to join. And yet, on the bright Spring morning, with the sun rising high into the sky, that's exactly where he was going. It was funny, because although he was a man who felt no emotional connection to anyone except friendship, he knew that if anyone else had asked him to go the the festival, he would've declined and continued on his own quest for enough power to wipe out the church. And yet, for some reason, he couldn't say no to Arisa, couldn't decline when she asked, or rather told, him to meet her in Orchidia, where they would go camping, as they had planned to while in Magnolia. And yet, Odin knew it wasn't going to be a completely pleasant experience, as he knew that his conversation with Arisa had been cut short at a very important moment. They had been talking about the attack on Crocus, and who's side Arisa had fought on. As expected, she had fought against Grimoire Heart, and had held her own against Zade: a testament to her power as Odin had heard stories of how ferocious that man could be. But he knew, once they got back on topic, that he would be asked what he had done while in Crocus, and who he had fought for. He hadn't been able to say before she had left, but he imagined that, deep down, she knew. Just like Kon, apparently Odin wasn't good at keeping the truth hidden from people, he was a terrible liar, and his two closest friends both knew who he had once been, Arisa just needed some confirmation on the matter, which Odin knew he would have to give once they met up in Orchidia.

As he walked towards the town, Odin had picked up a flyer on the road about the flower festival, and what it would contain so he knew how to prepare. Apparently there was going to be three different events running in the town: a hunting competition, a fishing competition and a flower picking competition, although the latter of the three was less a competition and more just a fun traditional activity. The hunting and the fishing seemed like things Odin would be actually able to do, as he had done both in the past with decent results. The flower picking, the Lich though as he entered the town, would certainly be an odd one.


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