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Rune Knight for a Day [Quest: Selindra]

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Rune Knight for a Day [Quest: Selindra] Empty Fri Apr 27, 2018 3:14 pm

Hargeon Town was a hard place to get used to, or even come to appreciate. There were no shortages of things that were wrong with it, or its people, and the smell of the salty waters was perhaps the one thing that most stood out to Selindra as she wandered through the streets. The smell lingered throughout in the area, wherever she went, whether it was somewhere that was far enough away such that the coast could not have been seen, inside any of the businesses that were about, or even in the people. It was as though it was trapped within their skin, unable to escape or depart, but rather just stuck there, forever essentially. In their hair, on their clothes, wherever Selindra went, whatever person walked by her, there it was, even though the scent was entirely there even whilst she walked down the road from wherever her previous point of origin had been. It floored her, made her only further and further wish to be out of Hargeon Town, though it was impossible to imagine or suspect that it would neccesarily be that easy, or anything close. Funds were limited right now, due much in part to the issues that had afflicted Fiore as a whole, whatever the conlifct might have been being one that the people wished not to seak about. However, it was fully present and apparent that it wasn’t going to go away any time soon. The effects seemed about as permanent and ever lasting as the damned scent of sea water within this place.

Walking through the streets, there was something that was a bit different, if only for the fact that it was something that might have at least distracted Seldinra from the appearance and things that she was coming more nad more to hate as time went. A man, shaking in apparent fear and terror, a stupid look upon his face as though he had no idea what was going on, like there was no sense what so ever as to do. A lost boy. A child essentially, if not in boy then at least in mind. A part of Selindra wondered what was going on, not as though she cared for the boy or anything, but rather because his demeanor, his lack of resolve and utter lack of confidence meant that he was right for the picking, to be mocked, to be insulted, and for whatever else it might have been that she would have enjoyed doing, because after all, that had not been something that she had the chance to see every day. It was to a degree, unique, but also something that might have at least sated her interests for a time being, however short that it might be. The man was short, barely as tall as Selindra was which was rather amusing given the armor that he was wearing, one more often worn by the guards of this area than anything else. A child roleplaying a soldier.

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The sight in itself was rather entertaining. A boy, pretending to be a soldier. Obviously, this was a bit in context. It was a man, with the demeanor and bravedo of a little child, dressed in full guard gear, though by the look of him, completely and utterly lacking any sort of level of bravery that might be expected of someone who was a guard. It was an entertaining enough of a site to see, and Seldinra could not resist on the chance of simply going and just getting a closer look. While the guard appeared visibly distressed, she simply walked by, inspecting him as though he were an animal that was about to be harvested, like a butcher who was looking and imagining where the best pieces of meat were located. That was very much akin to this situation, Selindra looking at this man as though he were not a man, but rather a cattle, and she was the butcher. It took even a moment for the man to realize just what it was that she was doing, and when he did, his demeanor seemed to only become more desperate, as though he could lainly see that she was looking at him in his despair and was loving every second of it. After a short time, he finally spoke, his voice weak and lacking any sense of confidence within it. He was a guard, as though the armor was not evident enough, and while he tried to threaten her to back away, the way he spoke gave no indication whatsoever of any threat. And even without a weapon, she knew that this man could do nothing to stop her if she were to attack. He was helpless, useless and weak, the three traits she loved to see. She stood there, hoping that this man was going to try to stop her from being where she was, and the idea of this, of him trying to pick a fight with her, someone who was battle tested and always up for a battle, it would just amuse her to see how he would try and just how quickly it would be that she stopped him in his place. Rather, he explained some situation which she largely just glanced over, not really caring for the details or anything of that sort. It was a simple matter really. He was a young guard who wanted to make a name for himself like so many before him, but obviously it was a challenge in that he was largely useless and did not have anything to offer or contribute. Therefore, he believed that a big steal would be something great, and though certainly possible, she doubted it. However, once the word of a reward came about in the conversation, Selindra’s attitude towards the whole thing changed a bit, as now there was something to do, and at the very least, a reward of some sort that was going to come of the decision. That changed.

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Rune Knight for a Day [Quest: Selindra] Empty Fri Apr 27, 2018 3:15 pm

The job was simple enough. She was to go about in the streets with the supposed guard and help him nab a drug dealer, one who he apparently knew of to some degree. Not enough such that he could tell everything and anything about him, but at least enough such that they were not going through the city of Hargeon running blind, as that in itself would have been enough for Selindra to simply deny this job altogether. However, given that they had at least some sort of lead as to where to go and who to find, this was simply a game of cat and mouse, and Selindra was one of the best hunters there was. This was going to be easy, and she was ready entirely. It took a little bit of time for them to find out just hwere the supposed dealer was going to be, but that was largely something of little consequence to her. There was enough ways and chances to stumble upon a dealer within the city, just a matter of knowing where to look, and how dedicated was she going to be to that, that was a different question, but she didn’t fret it all that much. The man beside her though, it caused him great worry as there was no clear way to indicate where they might have been, and the fact that he had accepted the help of someone who had been as cruel in their brief encounter as Selindra, it was worrisome, to say the least. It did not take all that long for them to find a clue of what was going on and just where they had to be, and as they got into the dock area, there was a clue, as two people had hidden near the backside of one of the builings, and Selindra honed in one of the people, who was very clearly the dealer. The other man, was just a guy who she did not much care about.

She broke out into a sprint, rushing right towards the man, wasting no time in the man who was buying things. He seemed important, an therefore had money, and therefore there was reason enough for the two of them to be on goo terms should there ever be a scenario in which they ever had to do business with each other, but that would be something to consider and think about at a later time. Not now. Now it was just about the dealer, and he had been so fixated on whatever product he carried that he did not notice Selindra tackle him to the ground and immediately apply a bend to his arm, causing him to cry out and be unable to move any further beyond where he was, crying out in pain as the guard finally caught up, realizing just who it was that Selidnra had grabbed. Looking around, there was no indication of th man from a moment ago, clear enough that he was smart enough to leave, and hopefully would remember that Selindra helped him in this manner. It did not take much longer for the affair to be done with entirely. Seldinra got her money, the guard got his guy, and while he was a stupid weak child, there was a level of enthusiasm with him, as though he had accomplished something that was special. The reality though was without her, he would have been nothing at all, just another crying little bitch on the side of the road who couldn’t do anything. Selindra hoped that he would remember this day.

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