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On the Road again [Foot travel - Crocus > Orchidia]

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On the Road again [Foot travel - Crocus > Orchidia] Empty Sat Apr 07, 2018 4:38 am




It'd been quite some time since Noel was in his home town. He's start to miss that place, Orchidia. Luckily he went on his way when he did, he wasn't sure whether or not Arisa would join him for the journey towards Orchidia. But he did hope that she would, being with her made him happy, and the reverse was most likely true as well. Noel brought a book with him, one that he could read during his journey towards Orchidia. He occasionally shifted through the pages of the book -- it wasn't that interesting, but it sure killed plenty of time. The travelling towards Orchidia was going to take two days anyway, he didn't mind so much. Along the way towards Orchidia he crossed a large mountain. He didn't recall this mountain being particularly odd when he traveled here before, but ignored his instinct that gave him weird impulses. After arriving in Orchidia the male first headed towards his home. It wasn't very far away from Orchidia's entrance. Though he visited a small dinner before he arrived at home. Things were peaceful in Orchidia. A bit too peaceful. It was tranquilo, and Noel wasn't a big fan of this.


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