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Marigold to Crocus [Footwalk]

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#1Adelaide Sokolov 

Marigold to Crocus [Footwalk] Empty on Tue Mar 27, 2018 9:55 pm

Adelaide Sokolov
"Please let her stay..."

For some reason Alice couldn't help to remind herself of it again and again. Perhaps it had been the whole drama about Jupiter his missing. He had been gone to find his cousin and she had not known what to expect, many ideas went through her mind and so on but to finally find this cousin, healthy and all and another sort of this eeveeelution or whatever Kerii had called it, was a very interesting concept. The strange occurance was the kneeling down of Jupiter in front of her in their hotel room, asking if Ceres, as the name of his cousin was, could stay with them. She didn't know immediately how to respond, so she hoped Ceres didn't take it the wrong way but it had other reasons than her arrival that Alice had been baffled. For the red head had wondered what kind of companionship she had with the other two creatures, they were strong and free, they picked her not the other way around. No hard battle to let them listen to her and so on. So what to say about it, Alice had not known until she realized she had a very late response and quickly answered a yes, and a smile and an apology for her later answer, but it was a fascinating meeting. Which it was indeed.

Where Jupiter had spiky yellow fur as he was a beast, and Hecate blue with sort of diamonds on hers, Ceres was lilac with only a red round jewel on her forehead and her tail split in two in the end. How funny that they all looked different, she had seen the one from LeeAnn and Kerii of course and she wondered if there were more. Alice smiled at the reunion of the little family, Hecate standing next to her, as human, looking amused, "She is quite young you know." Which was definitely something Alice couldn't well see, as Ceres didn't speak human tongue, Jupiter stayed mostly in his beast form now and Hecate switched from one to the other to keep either company. Ceres seemed to be clingy to Hecate, another female, while Jupiter seemed to lecture her a lot.

During their walk to Crocus, Jupiter explained to Alice that her parents were missing and that his family assumed she was dead. Strange how she never considered that they could have family too, other little Jolteon's as Jupiter explained what he was or in this case even Espeons. The whole walk and trip towards Crocus became a lot more fascinating and mostly Jupiter stayed with Ceres to help guide her, he would teach and train her so she could be a good companion for Alice, or so Hecate said that he said.

Where Jupiter and Hecate were more strict in their usual attitude, Ceres seemed to be fascinating by everything, running away, jumping up and down and Alice could see why Jupiter had trouble finding her but now they did find her and she was sure she would live under a stern eye and it made her giggle shortly. She was pretty curious to how Ceres would look as a human but perhaps one day they would find the herbs that the others had done as well and buy them, it was a nice idea, because it would make Jupiter and Hecate able to stay human or beast and so on. For some reason both didn't like to speak with a human tongue when they were in beast form. She didn't know why, and she didn't ask why.

All she wanted was to walk on, Hecate forcing her to take breaks, but the young mother wanted to be with her fiance and her children as she had been gone for quite a few days now, it felt bad. But in the end, they would arrive in Crocus, save and sound, with a new companion, running to the hotel where they had an appartment before to see if Kon already left. The sun didn't even rise yet, they had walked all night and Ceres was now carried by Jupiter, how young would she be?

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