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Disenchanted Potion [Jeremiah][Quest]

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#1Jeremiah Ali 

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Jeremiah Ali
Today Jeremiah and Barunz would be a quest with a little more action, though taking the tail from an innocent lizard was hardly anything fun at all, however they would be getting pretty good pay for i so why not? Jeremiah loved animals, they lived their lives in bliss mostly unaware of how the world around them was changing everyday. Barunz for the most part was against doing a quest like this since i involved harming a species which happened to be on the brink of extinction, but there was money to be made so the beast would have to keep quiet for now. The Dardian was against most of the quests that Miah did simply because they were for dark mages. The two of them were a dynamic duo like yin and yang. While Barunz had a lighter heart, Jeremiah's heart was way darker - not that he was evil but he could do some pretty fucked up shit. That's why he was a dark mage because everything he had to do involved illegal activity. Together the demon slayer and his guardian Dardian walked through the streets of Oak, making their way towards the church where they would meet up with Dr. Stephan something.  He heard a lot about this scientist from his fellow guild mates so he knew pretty much who he was dealing with. According to some Phantoms, the mad was a mad man but was mostly a successful scientist. Someone like that was no close from being a mage. A master of scientist is the next best thing.

"That creepy looking guy is probably him... In front of the church was a standard Fiorian man with white glasses but his face was somehow shaded, like the world was doing it's best to keep him under the radar. The man waited on the steps of the church as Jeremiah approached him , causing him to pop up with a grin. "You're here!" Dr. Stephan began. This man smelled like chemicals. It smelled like hot metal. The scientist walked up to the beast. Majestically the beast stood. Proud and bold; Barunz from Savannah. He walked around him, gazing upon his figure and adjusting his glasses. What a day for the weirdo to be alive. Barunz stood quietly. Literally...he was a talking rock. Nothing in the world was impressive enough for Barunz. Perhaps he mastered something different...perhaps, he had no fear.

"And you've brought a magnificent creature." Jeremiah ignored the man's interest mostly because if he tried anything he'd be killed in an instant. Instead the Phantom faced forward, almost doing what Barunz was doing. The only difference though, was that Jeremiah had a problem with keeping his thoughts to himself. If he felt like there was something that needed to be said, he would say it without without care. That was just who he was.

"Can we juuust get-down to business, please." Slightly annoyed, he stated coldly.

Both the sorcerer and his companion wanted to get down to business as soon as possible. Naturally, they didn't want to be there forever. Dr. Stephan walked back over towards the man that was working for him and began explaining the details of what they were required to do. The Savannian knew what they had to do for the mos part, his destination was located in Oak's forest. Jeremiah already knew that he wasn't going to bring a harmless lizard to this creepy weird mother fucker. He informed them that they would only need the to bring him the tail of the lizard. After speaking to Stephan, the Phantom Lord mage and his guardian dismissed themselves and began their small journey to the forest of Oak. It was nothing like Magnolia's forest, but a forest was a forest after all. He only hoped that he wouldn't stroll into haunted lands territory.

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Disenchanted Potion [Jeremiah][Quest] Haki10
#2Jeremiah Ali 

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Jeremiah Ali
Now they were off. The forest was just outside the city which wasn't too far away. In about a minute or two the dynamic duo would begin to hunt for their pray like hungry beasts. Poor Lizard didn't know what was coming for him. Luckily for the chosen lizard, Jeremiah wasn't an evil person. His love for animals was far to strong to harm animals. Barunz was the same way when it came to creatures, except he would rather not fight anything or anyone. The Dardian was a beast of peace despite his naturally frowning face. When it came to people he would only fight them when Jeremiah ordered him to do so or when either of their lives were in danger. The forest was just up ahead so the two wouldn't need to walk dreadfully any more. Both of them were impatient when it came to simple missions but Jeremiah just kept offering his services to people who needed simple tasks done. It was mainly because ever since the war he wanted to take a big break from everything and just focus on himself but it was also because people often paid good for the simple missions mean while the harder and higher ranked ones required you to put your life on the line or kill someone for lame ass pay. Jeremiah was old enough to understand how the game worked. Finally the two of them entered the forest and there was no lizard in sight.

"Master Jeremiah." Barunz the Dardian guardian began speaking as he looked at his master, arms crossed over his chest as always. Jeremiah simply looked back at his companion waiting for him to speak. No matter how many times Jeremiah told him no to call him master the beast still did it. At first it was worst. When Barunz obtained his ability to speak he called Jeremiah 'Lord' but after Jeremiah told him that lord was too much Barunz scaled to Master. Even worst. "Yo?" He raised an eyebrow and wondered what his guardian would say. "I am not comfortable with murdering an innocent living creature, Bwana, but if that is what you wish for me to do then I wi-" "We're not killing it, Barunz, don't worry. " Miah smiled at his companion who was also his friend. He would never make Barunz do something that went against his own morals because he actually cared about the being. He was his closest friend, someone Jeremiah told everything to and someone who would have his back forever. Barunz was his best friend. Jeremiah would only have Barunz do something he didn't want to do if it was in their best interest but even then Barunz would probably want to do it himself anyway.

All that was left now was for the two of them to find the lizard and chop off it's tail which would be easy enough. Samehada would only kill the creature, absorbing whatever amount of Mana it carried so he'd just have to rip it off with his bare hands quick and easy. Hopefully he wouldn't cause too much pain for the animal but even if he did, oh well. At least he wasn't trying to kill it right? The duo still had some searching to do for the creature but it was probably best to look for i a little deeper into the forest since it was extinct. Dr. Stephan said that their best bet was to look for the cave between two giant Oak trees. It would be covered in moss and that was where the two of them would be able to find the lizard he was looking for.

Dr. Stephen didn't give any of them information on what he planned on doing with the tail of the nearly extinct lizard but Jeremiah was sure that it was something weird and creepy. Oddly enough the scientist didn't strike him as an outright murderer or someone who was even dangerous enough to pose a threat to Oak town, but still he wasn't just a normal scientist.

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Disenchanted Potion [Jeremiah][Quest] Haki10
#3Jeremiah Ali 

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Jeremiah Ali
Luckily it was as clear as water outside. The day was bright and the sun shone over the city of oak gloriously. The young Phantom looked up at the fiery orb, challenging it with his eyes. Ever since he lost he Phoenix there were far too many things different about him. While he was used to not having a voice in his head anymore or something attempting to provoke him to kill random people without reason, he wasn't able to look a the sun for too long without his eyes hurting, like any other normal human being. He also couldn't see beyond he distance of the average human and sometimes he often felt like a part of him was missing. It was odd but it felt like there was literally more space in his body and mind now. It's been over a month since the soul of the Phoenix perished, since that day where everything changed and he was finally able to break free from what felt like a curse. Now he had the power of a demon. A magic called Demon Slayer used in the earlier times to battle off demons. Jeremiah was able o obtain it just by defeating the Phoenix. His body absorbed the power and turned it into his own. There were so many questions he had since then. Did that mean the Phoenix was actually a demon spirit? Miah spent countless hours trying to figure out how it could all make sense. He figured that since his mother held the power of a demon that her genes were passed onto him and the bit of demon blood that ran through his blood somehow gave him demon slaying powers when he absorbed Bennu...but then Barunz came along and told him that the woman he thought was his mother was no his mother. The only explanation would have to be that by absorbing the Phoenix he was somehow able to ascend and unlock Demon Slayer through a process the world has probably never seen. Maybe it just wasn't that deep.

Beneath the feet of the two Savannians, the twigs cracked under the fallen leaves of the trees. Before hey knew it they were in the Lizard territory. Up ahead there were was a small cave and outside of it was a giant rock just sitting there almost as if somebody purposely put it there. No Lizards just yet. As he cave became within heir reach, Jeremiah figured that it would be better for the two of them to split up in order to find the animal quicker. So they did. The two searched the entire area around the cave for he animal and hey even looked under rocks but could not find the creatures anywhere. It was time to move deeper then. For another hour or so the two searched the forest until finally they found a lizard sunbathing on a rock right beside an old oak tree. Barunz was able to sneak up on it since he blended it and grabbed it quickly. The Lizard wiggled about in his hand before the beast passed it to his master. Quickly Miah ripped the tail off before placing the Lizard gently back onto the rock but it quickly crawled away. The two then went back with the tail in their hand and delivered it to Dr. Stephan who paid them in his shop.

~ EXIT ~

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Disenchanted Potion [Jeremiah][Quest] Haki10

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