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Distractions [Private:Esperia]

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Distractions [Private:Esperia] - Page 2 Empty Wed Mar 21, 2018 6:14 am


Watching Fia enter the room the obsidian-haired trickster's gaze quickly softened as she scanned over the attire she had chosen for Fia to wear. Just as she had expected the outfit worked perfectly on the steamy lass. While the outfit had a feeling of authority to it, the more prominent features were in the sexiness of the attire. The short skirt, the chest area that was modified to give a rather clear impression of the wielder's cleavage, that in Fia's case did an excellent work at distracting the poor girl. However, the devious grin and the statement that followed made her gulp lightly, a hand lowered protectively to her backside. She knew she couldn't get herself caught, lest she'd be teased into oblivion again, not to mention be unable to walk normally again for a few hours. Perhaps a little distraction was in order?

Approaching her lover Esperia's hand slipped onto the unarmed hand of the steamy lass, gently grasping a hold of it as she leaned in to whisper playfully into her ear, all the while allowing her hand to guide Fia's own toward her back, playfully sandwiching Fia's hand between her own hand and her backside.

"But if you take away my freedom, there would be a lot less fun to be had~ besides, I'd rather see you cuffed for a change as I get to have my way with you~"

#27Fiammetta Barone 

Distractions [Private:Esperia] - Page 2 Empty Thu Mar 22, 2018 1:26 am

Fiammetta Barone
Fia smirked, chuckling lightly as Esperia's hand moved to the weak point she evidently realized Fia would be targeting. It was something the Barone girl would never get tired of, teasing her lover like this, the excitement and inevitable pleasure of these encounters they had mixing with the sheer passion that motivated their acts to create some truly special and memorable, if extraordinarily private, moments between the odd couple.

Although Fia seemed a little intimidated by the presence of the handcuffs, it seemed the little minx wasn't about to back down so easily, the trickster darting in to slip her hand into Fia's. A small but ensnaring grasp, that guided Fia's free hand to Esperia's backside as the black-haired slipped in closer to whisper sensually. Fiammetta was already blushing, her face a bright red as Esperia delivered a very compelling argument to Fia. Perhaps she was right, after all, Fia had already had her fun in dominating earlier in the day.

With a salacious grin, Fia tightened the grip of her hand by Esperia's backside, and pulled up the handcuffs toward Esperia, dangling them by her finger.

"Alright then Princess... Ya got a deal..." She'd say smugly as she dropped the handcuffs into Esperia's hand. "I'll let ya tie up a cop fer a change, like a real damn criminal. Can't wait to see the crimes you'll commit when I ain't got nowhere to run." She continued, clearly enjoying this reversal of their roles, yet still taking the chance to tease Esperia.


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Seems her attempt to convince Fia had been a success, although she doubted that the handcuffs would prove much of a hassle if her fiance actually tried to break free from them. In the end her power would likely allow her to break those cuffs as if they were twigs, but the offer to let her tie up Fia and have her way with her lover was simply too tempting to resist. Using her lithe body-weight she tried to push Fia off-balance, and using her own body as a guide she gently forced the steamy lass onto the bed, her arms raised up to the railing of the bed, and like anticipated a sudden light 'click' had her lover's arms restrained above her head while Esperia was still on top of her. The click sound was enough to cause a mischievous grin to linger on her lips, moving her face to the side of Fia's head, leaning in to whisper into her ear as she started to nibble lightly onto it. "Good thing there will be nobody to report those crimes~"

A hand trailed underneath Fia's uniform, giving her pillows a playful squeeze while she continued to explain in a soft and sensual tone that was carrying all the temptation power she could muster. "Oh~ maybe I should return the favor from last time... Would be cute to see you trying to explain to the other Rune Knights why you are suddenly waddling like a duck."

A snicker escaped her lips as she shifted her head slightly so she was right before Fia, her grin softening into a warm smile. "Although I enjoy your affection for my backside, I think I enjoy our kisses the most~ it makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside." And as if to demonstrate what she meant she passionately pressed her lips onto Fia's own, a soft hum of joy escaping her own.

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Fiammetta Barone
With their little agreement made, Fia stood tall and ready to bend to the will of her mischevious minx of a lover, who did not hesitate at all to use the rare opportunity she'd been given. Although this was an atypical scenario for Fia, she allowed it to happen, not resisting as her balance was thrown off and she was gently forced onto the bed behind her, Esperia's lithe body sliding along to position her arms by the railing.

Fia couldn't help but grin as it happened, her heartbeat racing as she anticipated just what Esperia could do without any limits. Her arms were restrained to the railing then, with Esperia positioned snugly atop her, the mischevious minx nibbling on the Barone girl's ears as she whispered words both sweet and exhilarating. Even if she was a typically dominant person, the prospect of being at Esperia's mercy still put a smile and blush on Fia's face.

"And exactly what crimes are ya gonna be commitin'?" Fia inquired softly, and would soon receive her answer in the form of a grope of her bosom. Squirming just a little at the pleasurable sensation, Fia then heard Esperia's threats, finding them as potentially embarassing as they were thrilling.

Her breaths were starting to get heavier, her face flushing as things escalated. Esperia smiled warmly at her, a gaze that was returned by Fia upon comments of how she enjoyed their kisses, before demonstrating that desire with a passionate kiss.

Of course, it was eagerly returned by Fia, who sought to intensify things from there. As lips clashed and tongues danced, Fia used the free movement her legs still had to wrap them around Esperia's back, keeping her lover in close and hopefully exciting her even further.


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There was something about this change of roles that was exhilarating for Esperia. Although she wasn't entirely certain if it was simply her own excitement, or the subtle influence of Asmodeus onto her feelings but there was something about playing the dominant role that left her feeling even more excited than usual. The sensations brought forth by their passionate kiss and the sudden pull of her body, courtesy of Fia's legs quickly brought her in closer, and as expected led Esperia to snicker mischievously in return, clearly excited at the idea of their little shenanigans.

Although only a few hours passed, it felt like an eternity when she had finally unlocked the handcuffs and was snuggling up against her fiance's body, a satisfied little humming escaping her lips. "I have to admit: a change of roles certainly does wonders~" A little giggle followed as she gently nuzzled a bit closer and whispered softly. "Say Fia~ Anything you want to do?"

She had to admit, despite the fact the two of them clearly had a lot of fun, Esperia felt a slight concern about how the day had been mostly spend doing things she enjoyed a lot, so perhaps it was time for her to try to return the favor and figure out something that Fia herself would enjoy?

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Fiammetta Barone
Whether it be powered purely by their own desires, or influenced by the powers of the demon of lust, one thing was for certain: Fiammetta Barone and Esperia von Eisenberg felt not only lust, but pure and unbridled affection as they become one once again. Their shenanigans were underlined by this closeness, as well as the thrill and mutual excitement they shared it both having the other all to themselves, and giving the other all they could.

After a few hours of being at Esperia's mercy, subjected to countless pleasures and satiations of her desires, Fia found herself more than pleased with their brief encounter with eternal bliss, and found herself basking in afterglow as Esperia finally unlocked the cuffs. She wasn't feeling too sore, though, wasn't about to go pushing herself after that strenuous physical activity either.

Fia grinned smugly as Esperia snuggled up to her and commented on how their changing of roles had affected things. "Heh, we oughta shake things up more often, ya reckon?" Fia teased lightly as she held her lover tenderly, enjoying the moment of relaxation. As Esperia nuzzled a bit more closely, she asked Fia what she wanted to do, causing the girl to look up in thought for a few moments.

Truthfully, not much came to mind. They'd already been to all the places Fia had expressed her interest in, and the girl was already feeling like their day had been well and truly filled. Though, something did come to mind...

"Well, Princess..." Fia uttered as a hand began slowly stroking Esperia's hair. "I was actually wonderin'... How tall that big 'ol Cathedral is..." She said mischievously, glancing down at her lover.

"Ya wanna see if the view's anythin' like the one in Baska?" The Barone girl inquired, wondering if Esperia remembered that fateful day so long ago.


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Oh gods, was she really about to suggest the thing she was expecting? Looking up at Fia she smiled softly as she felt that hand gently stroking along her hair, seemingly curious to hear what would follow, and as she expected Fia had the rather grand idea of climbing the Cathedral! Of course, it sounded quite exciting in its own way, and if she was honest the memory of the little adventure at the church in Baska quickly send shivers of excitement and a fluttering happiness in her heart.

"We better be careful Fia~ Unlike in Baska we aren't dealing with a grumpy old priest. This is the headquarters of Fiorian's religion~ I wouldn't be surprised if there are even holy knights stationed around."

But after a moment of consideration, she grinned mischievously and nodded her head in enthusiastic agreement. "Let's do it~ Let's see how high we can get on the cathedral~"

A soft giggle escaped her lips as she waited to hear Fia's reaction, oblivious to the fact they had forgotten one tragic detail: the church had been severely damaged during the attack on Crocus and was currently in the midst of being repaired... Seems fate was working against them today!

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Fiammetta Barone
Fia didn't look particularly deterred by the mention of there being Holy Knights possibly stationed there. Hell, she grinned a little wider, finding the prospect of pissing off the churches' finest zealots more thrilling and cheeky than it was frightening or concerning. "Heh, when has bein' careful ever worked fer us anyway?" Fia quipped at her lover's concerns. Between the powers of a Titan and a demon lord, it was quite true that subtlety and hesitance were not strong aspects of their approach.

Fortunately, after a moment of consideration, it seemed Esperia was feeling just as devious and mischievous, as the cheeky little minx nodded in agreement and declared they should do it, and strive for the greatest heights they could attain atop the cathedral!

"Heh, that's the spirit, Princess!" Fia stated heartily, looking ready as ever for their next escapade. "Let's get goin' then, huh?" The Barone gal said excitedly, quite keen to head out as soon as they could. She quickly shifted about, trying to quickly sit up to leave... Only to feel a quick tightening and pang of pain as she moved just the wrong way.

"Agh... Er, uh, just uh... Gimme a sec, first..." Fia groaned, realizing she might not yet be able to walk completely properly. For such a small and innocent girl... Esperia could be quite rough when the gloves were off.


Once they were ready, Fia set out, Esperia in hand, toward the cathedral. Only to find as they approached... That the building was in quite the state of disrepair!

"Shit... Shoulda figured..." Fia mumbled aside. "Damn thing probably got damaged in the battle..." The Barone girl grumbled a bit more, looking up at the cathedral in disappointment. Just what were they to do about those plans of theirs now!?

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