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Distractions [Private:Esperia]

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#1Fiammetta Barone 

Distractions [Private:Esperia] Empty Sat Mar 10, 2018 11:53 pm

Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

There were a few ways one could act in the face of a sudden and inexplicable tragedy. One could buckle under it, suffer in self-pity by themselves. One could seek some sort of outlet right away, or find themselves hellbent on some particular thing. Or, one could rely on the greatest asset they had in times of emotional turmoil: The ones they loved. In the cases of Esperia von Eisenberg and Fiammetta Barone, that was exactly the power that they utilized.

They'd spent the past few days together, mostly within the confines of their own apartment, often lazing about, cuddling together and just enjoying their shared warmth. Alongside some more passionate activities, where that warmth melted into one. But today would be different, Fia hoped, as she figured it was time they made a proper effort to distract themselves from all that was facing them, and just genuinely enjoy themselves for a bit without having to put on any fake smiles.

And so it was, that they sat in their inn room one morning, having gone through their usual morning routine, when while wrapping her sarashi around her breasts, Fia posed a simple enough question.

"Hey Princess, ya wanna do anything in the city today?" Fia queried all of a sudden, turning to her lover. "Still plenty in the city we haven't seen yet, if yer up to it."


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

Distractions certainly seemed like a good option to pursue after everything that had happened. There was no doubt about the fact that if not for Fia's presence, the girl would likely have been crushed beneath her grief, but it was through their love and companionship, and the collection of shenanigans that followed every day that the two girls found themselves able to endure the hardships life had thrown at them. While Fia was busy getting the sarashi wrapped around her breasts, a gesture that always confused the poor girl since both of them knew it was the first thing to come loose, the young Eisenberg had chosen to wear her usual red dress, especially after the suggestion was raised about doing something within the city.

"A date~" Esperia mused softly as she finished putting on her dress and explained the reason behind her words a bit further. "Let's visit some new sights around the city! I mean we could go to the hot springs again, but I'd rather keep that for last." The girl remarked slyly, making it clear to Fia that a steamy encounter would await them at the end of the day. "Any place in particular that you're curious about?"

#3Fiammetta Barone 

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

Fia's face immediately lit up red at the mention of the hot springs, a rather embarassing memory coming back to her mind. "We even allowed there anymore after all the, er, 'noise' last time...?" Fia groaned, only a half-serious question. She was pretty sure that they'd be going there one way or another, and was already mentally preparing herself for the excitement within. Hopefully this time, she'd be the one to get the first strike, and the meal that came with it.

As Esperia queried about where else they could go until then, Fia tilted her head to the side a little, rubbing her neck as she pondered on it. "Well, shit, there's plenty o' places we could go. There's plenty o' food and drink places along the streets. Or we could go to that uhh... Whaddaya call it..." Fia snapped her fingers, trying to recollect the name of whatever it was she'd forgotten before remembering it, do a degree. "The dome... Somethin' rather... The battle arena. Dunno if yer into fights, but it's somethin'. There's also that Artisan's Buildin' or the big-ass Cathedral to check out."

Having finished listing them out, Fia stood up and shrugged to her lover. "I dunno where to go, so it's up to you, Princes. I don' care where we head, long as it's with you."


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

A soft giggle escaped her lips at Fia's flustered response. It was quite true that the last time they went there the people of the establishment had been able to enjoy the audial part of the fun, and there was little need for imagination with all the moans and yelps that had come along that day. "The old lady who own that place is a friend~ Helped her out a few times in the past, and she seemed quite amused the last time we left the spring."

Nonetheless, with her having voiced the intention to keep the hot spring trip as the last part of the adventure they had to figure out their first choice destination for a trip, one that Esperia was quick to figure out. "Let's go and order some food then~ Delicious food and yummy drinks always are a good way to start things~" Nodding to herself as if she was amazed by the wisdom of her choice, the girl was quick to be pleased with the thought as she stepped closer to Fia, leaning in to whisper into the girl's ear. "Unless you'd rather skip breakfast and go straight to a naughty duel in the 'battle arena'~" Esperia whispered temptingly, wondering what Fia would like to do the most

#5Fiammetta Barone 

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

Fia let out a bit of a sigh at the mention that the spring owner was a friend, amused by their little shenanigans. Of course, she wasn't terribly keen on dealing with another pervert that wanted nothing more than to spy on her and Esperia and their lewd activities. Though, fortunately, Salem was busy for the day, and would join them later, so that wouldn't quite be a problem just yet...

"Then I guess we're goin' to the hot springs then, huh? Hope yer prepared to walk funny on the way home~" Fia teased, grinning salaciously. They then moved on to discussing the day's actual activities, Esperia quickly choosing from the listed options and deeming that food should be their first order of business. Fia nodded in agreement, thinking it was as good a place to start as any, and would give them the energy for whatever other 'activities' were undertaken during the day. Including, apparently, a 'naughty duel'. Fia wasn't sure quite what that meant, but it did sound exciting.

She turned to her lover with a grin, leaning in giving her a soft peck on the lips, like she was just after a taste of her lover. "That sounds temptin', but I reckon we do breakfast first. Doesn't sound like somethin' we oughta be doin' an empty stomach, y'know?" She reasoned, thinking it was a sound idea.


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

A few quick nods of approval came from the smaller girl, clearly pleased at the idea of a breakfast, but she wasn't going to let Fia's comment escape without a reaction of her own. "I'm not the only one who will be walking funny~ I'll show you that there are other things than the 'Gentle Fist' to be wary of~"

A soft chuckle escaped her lips, but her teasing demeanor quickly softened as she watched Fia lean in and give her a soft peck on the lips, easily coaxing a little blush onto Esperia's lips while she nodded her head in agreement. "Mhmm~ let's first have some breakfast~"

With their idea set into motion the two would soon end up making their way toward their chosen establishment, this one, in particular, was a famous inn within Crocus that Esperia had heard served some delicious sandwiches, and that had clearly not been an understatement! Having ordered a delicious sandwich with cheese and a goblet of cold milk the girl waited for Fia to order her own meal before she explained further. "hehe~ curious about the naughty duel, aren't you? Well, I got the perfect idea in mind! It will train both our endurance and be a toooon of fun~"

Oh boy, knowing a certain comment she had said previously at the hot springs... it couldn't be that she was planning to--- no that seemed a bit farfetched even for the little trickster!

#7Fiammetta Barone 

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

Fia raised an eyebrow at the mention of the fist, leaning back and looking almost challengingly toward her lover. "Oh? Can't to see ya what ya got Princess, best bring yer A-game." She teased back with a half grin, ever enjoying how competitively lewd the pair seemed to get. At least it motivated them to always do their best.

But whatever clash awaited them, it would have to wait until the day's other activities had been enjoyed. First up on the table: Breakfast. With Esperia in agreement, their plan was quickly set in motion, the two girls all dressed and ready to head toward their desired establishment, a famous inn that served some delectable deli delights. The girls would order their meals to find that out for themselves, with Fiammetta going for a BLT with some orange juice for her own big breakfast. After they'd ordered their meals, the devious little Eisenberg elaborated further on her peculiar plans.

Fiammetta raised an eyebrow, smirking slightly as she tried to decipher what the girl might be planning. "Knowin' you it's gonna be somethin' real perverted, ain't it? Well I don' mind, I'm down to clown, long as yer doin' it too." The Barone girl declared smugly, clearly not quite knowing just how far the Eisenberg's lewd schemes were going. Sure they wouldn't... Not in the arena, not actually, right?


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

It seemed Fia had underestimated just how far the girl might have gone with her shenanigans. "I guess it could get really perverted~" the girl mused out with a little snickering, clearly enjoying the fact Fia was still guessing the nature of the girl's plans. Fortunately they didn't need to wait long, for after several minutes their meals arrived, and after enjoying their breakfast, and the drinks they had ordered with it Esperia set out on their little adventure. It didn't take long for the pair to arrive at the famous arena of Crocus, but it appeared that once inside the girl had a very specific destination in mind, for she approached the counter, seemingly conversing with the receptionist who soon called in a tall man in a business suit. Their conversation quickly resumed and after a few moments the girl handed him a small pouch and walked over to Fia, her lips curved up into a grin that went from ear to ear.

"Let's go to the 'arena' shall we?"

And yet the arena that awaited them would likely be quite different from the usual one that Fia had witnessed before. The sand had entirely been replaced by a soft carpet, collections of pillows scattered around the field while curiously enough in the spectator seats people were already cheering them onwards.

"When I meant 'naughty' duel, I was quite literal~ You see, this duel won't be about violence~ Instead our goal will be to 'overheat' each other. Teasing verbally or physically is all permitted, albeit you lose the moment you overheat or try to go into the 'truly naughty' fun." A playful wink followed as she mused softly. "Don't worry, I don't mind others knowing of our shenanigans."

Not to mention an illusion had actually been cast over the arena to make it look like two gladiators were fighting.

A playful collection of footsteps followed, almost like she was playing a game before she spun before Fia and mused teasingly. "By the way~ I forgot to mention earlier but that Sarashi of yours?"

Her eyes sharpened their gaze as she whispered in a more dangerously seductive tone. "You're about to lose it~"

And so the seduction battle began~

#9Fiammetta Barone 

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Fiammetta Barone
Esperias musings started to concern Fia a little, making her realise she may just have underestimated the lewd potentials of the Eisenberg girl. After all, one of her primary goals did seem to be embarassing the poor Barone girl, in spite of her protests. It was just fortunate Fia’s own enjoyment usually outweighed the negatives of getting so flustered, and there were some boundaries in place. Even if Esperia would soon be pushing the limits of what Fia would actually accept...

That event would be arrived at rather promptly, as the quick service at the restaurant meant the pair had received and finished their delectable meals in a matter of minutes, before setting out on their latest escapade. As they arrived at the renowned arena, it became evident that Esperia already had this plan of hers very well thought out, as she soon found herself conversing with a particularly professional-looking individual. Fia became more and more confused about what exactly was going on, but decided to just roll with things for now. After making a payment of some sort, the deviously smiling minx strolled back over to Fia, ready to reveal her little plan within the arena and ushering Fia inside as well.

”Yeah, right behind ya, Princess...” Fia uttered in a somewhat apprehensive tone as she followed her lover into arena... Of pillows? The place was like a giant bed, and the whole crowd seemed excited nonetheless. Surely, they wouldn’t...

”H-Hang on...” Fia uttered, her expression growing concerned at the prospect of doing whatever this naughty duel was in front of a crowd. Her concern only grew as Esperia described what it actually entailed, a battle of teasing, one that would require them to overheat their partner with the strength of their own lewd shenanigans!

The idea was enticing for someone as competitive as Fia, but a little worrisome with all the viewers! ”You sure we should be doin-“ Fia began to worry, when before she knew it an illusion had them concealed from viewers. Well that was exciting, they could both engage in their lewdness, and have the thrill of being gladiators.

It was going to be naughty and flustering for sure, but Fia was getting a little pumped. The opportunity to compete with Esperia, as well as hopefully have her a blushing red mess was more than a little tempting.

Fia grinned smugly at the comment on her Sarashi, as she threw off her own jacket. ”Bring it on, Princess! I’ll have ya bent over and beggin’ fer mercy by the end o’ this! Fia declared, holding a firm wrestler like stance as the clash of the lewd began!


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

Fia's worried reaction about the little shenanigans she had in mind was endearing, and it simply served to motivate Esperia, even more, to proceed with her plan. Of course the revelation that an illusion was cast would serve to lessen some of Fia's concerns, and with her lover throwing of her jacket Esperia started to consider her next course of action. She knew that in a battle of strength there was no doubt that Fia was superior, and her speed was slightly inferior to Fia's own but she did have another field of expertise to exploit. Her steps light and her stride filled with both confidence and a certain sensuality to them the girl mused softly.

"So nothing different from usual, I guess? Considering you seem quite fond of my backside." The girl teasingly poked out her tongue at the remark while at the same time encroaching upon Fia's location, leaning up to the taller girl while whispering into her ear. "Besides, I wouldn't mind if the illusion gets dispelled~ I take pride in our relationship, not to mention getting everyone jealous because I get to play with such an adorable fiance is really..."

Her hands playfully tried to wrap around Fia's body, as if she was about to give her a tender embrace, yet all of a sudden her fingers slipped upwards to the end of the Sarashi, and almost like unwrapping a ribbon she tugged playfully around them, her body making a playful spin along with the motion as she tried to remove the bandages. "Tempting~ Well, Fia has a lot of tempting sides to her~"

Esperia hummed with a glint of mischief, wondering what her initial opening attack had done. It seemed that during the illusionary fight something had happened, for the crowds seemed on the edge of their seats, some were whistling and others cheering in excitement!

#11Fiammetta Barone 

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

With her jacket aside and stance ready, Fia carefully watched Esperia's approach, thinking how to tackle this little event. Of course, she could've just literally tackled Esperia and gotten right down to striking at her weak points, but that was against the rules, and Fia wasn't quite sure if the other girl's moans would even remain hidden in the illusion...

So, failing that, she awaited Esperia's first strike, eagerly anticipating them minx's first move! She commented on Fia's gravitation for her backside, to which the Barone girl could only shrug. "What can I see? Ya got a nice butt." She uttered simply, a quick and sudden jab of teasing. As Esperia continued her sensual approach, however, Fia was caught off guard by her suddenly whispering into her ear, about how she wouldn't mind being seen. Her stance and heart softened at the words, leaving her vulnerable to a sudden attack!

She felt hands slip up to the end of her sarashi, Esperia tugging them along and spinning about as she unraveled the breast bindings! Of course Fia should've figured Esperia would aim for the pillows right away, that's what she always did after all. Already, Esperia's first punch was showing to be effective, Fia starting to blush as her breasts were unwittingly revealed to the spectators!

But like a true brawler, she endured through the attack, and saw a way to stop Esperia's unraveling, hide her own bosom, and attack the girl too! It was simple, really, Fia quickly lunged forward at Esperia while she spun, scooping her up in an embrace, and tried to plant the girl's face between her breasts!


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

If there was one weakness that was quite easy to exploit when it came to the obsidian-haired minx, then it was without a doubt the fact that she had a fondness for breasts that bordered to an obsession, and Fia had quite skillfully took advantage of that. Just around the same moment she spun around Fia lunged forwards, arms scooping her up into an embrace. "W-Wai---" But before her protest could be made Esperia found herself driven face-first between her lover's breasts. Of course such a sudden reunion left the girl flustered, her cheeks flushing red as she peeked upwards from amidst Fia's cleavage. It took almost all her resolve to not give in right there and then, but she still had her own strategy left in mind. A sudden shift of her body followed, using her flexible and small frame to slip upwards against Fia's body, till they were face to face, a swift yet passionate kiss being used as a distraction before she mused softly.

"Perhaps once all is said and done I'll let you enjoy my butt some more. But first things first." A subtle shift of her hand followed, when Fia would likely be caught off-guard by one of the magical spells of the girl. A stream of sakura petals coiled around the two of them, the soft sensation likely tickling Fia all over her exposed skin and hopefully releasing her grip on the girl, all so she could take a little hop backward and pout playfully. "I already miss them a bit~ Then again, I got the feeling they grew a bit also! I bet it's because of me~"

Teasingly poking out her tongue the girl seemed quite eager to continue their teasing duel.

Fia's pillow assault was super effective!
Esperia's Overheat Status: 40%

#13Fiammetta Barone 

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

It was a curious relationship, between Fiammetta's bosom and the black-haired girl who adored them so, for it seemed each was the other's weakness! In response to their exposure, Fia had seen fit to snuggle her lover in retaliation with those same wondrous pillows! Though Esperia seemed suitably flustered by the counter-attack, it would prove to be a double-edged sword. Fia herself felt herself heating up a little, just from the close and intimate embrace, the sensual sensation of her lover's breath against her chest... It was distracting enough to allow Esperia a moment to counter and have Fia's temperature even higher!

The smaller girl suddenly sprung up with her lithe and flexible body, planting a brief but passionate kiss that capitalized on the state of weakness Fia had unintentionally put herself in.

"Who says I ain't gonna enjoy yer butt right-" Fia began to retort, before being once again caught off-guard, this time by some very invasive petals that tickled Fia all over, causing her body to squirm and her mouth to close as she suppressed a chuckle, ultimately releasing Esperia from her grasp to swat away the petals.

Esperia wasted no time teasing her, and Fia only grinned back in spite of her lightly-red-hued face, clearly only enjoying the excitement of the lewd clash even more!

"Course they been growin'..." Fia said smugly, as her right arm began to give off vapour. "Cause growin' is kinda my thing!" Then, with a sudden lunge, it grew in size as she took a swipe at Esperia's buttock, attempting a slap to jolt the girl and perhaps remind of her some of their 'encounters'...


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

Good, it seemed her little strategy had succeeded. With the petals making Fia squirm and release her grasp on Esperia the playful remark of the girl clearly worked on her lover, although it seemed to coax her into a rather sudden counter-attack. Of course, knowing her fiance's power the moment the vapor came over Fia's right arm Esperia had a strategy of her own planned, so when that sudden lunge forwards followed and she took a swipe at her backside Esperia couldn't help but let out a soft yelp while she staggered forwards, both hands briefly lowering to her rear as her blush intensified. Nonetheless, she was not yet ready to be outdone. "Imagine for a moment-" as she spoke she darted forwards toward her lover, but rather than a full frontal assault she went for a swift sidestep, slipping underneath Fia's arm and soon raised both her hands as she slipped behind her lover, a playful slap on her behind following while she hummed softly. "if the illusion got dispelled~ then everyone would be able to see our shenanigans. Maybe we'll even have some familiar faces in the crowd." A snicker followed as she clearly seemed to enjoy teasing Fia at the thought of some more 'public' shenanigans...

Then again, she had to admit that the thought of that happening did excite her also. To think that she'd be able to do such lewd things in public. A part of her wondered when she started to take delight in such things? Was it perhaps the result of Asmodeus' influence? Or maybe she truly was a pervert at heart? Who was she kidding, obviously everyone who met her would likely be able to provide the same unbiased answer.

#15Fiammetta Barone 

Distractions [Private:Esperia] Empty Tue Mar 13, 2018 2:08 am

Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

Although Esperia's slippery escape had succeeded without much trouble at all, Fia wasn't about to let that slow her furious attack! In a movement she'd performed many other times in the past - albeit under different circumstances - the Barone girl grew her arm out and delivered a sturdy spank to her lover. Who, surprisingly, did not dodge the ability, and took the hit to her cheek, her little yelp and the feel Fia copped putting a satisfied smile on the Barone girl's face.

However, it soon became clear Esperia had resolved to take the hit from the start. The tricky little minx suddenly spoke up as she darted toward Fia, who was on guard for a frontal assault, but received none. Instead, Esperia sidestepped quickly, returning the slap on her behind along with some sensual whispers that had Fia's temperature gradually rising.

To think, Esperia would consider exposing them to the audience! Although they'd come close to it in the past, Fia wasn't exactly ready for the idea of being an unwilling exhibitionist! Of course, on a bit more thought, she wasn't at all surprised Esperia had brought it up. Doing lewd things in public was exactly the kind of mischief this pervert would enjoy, wasn't it?

"Y'know Princess, as excitin' as that sounds, I think I'd prefer that illusion up and runnin'." Fia said with a slight smirk as she turned to her lover. "I'm proud of us an' everythin', but I don' want 'em seein' the things I only get to see. Or hear the things I only get ta' hear." Fia stepped forward, tilting her head and grinning widely. If Esperia was going to go to verbal teasing, two could play at that game!

"Y'know... Things like yer face when I hit the right spot, or the sounds ya make when ya start feelin' real good. That shit's just fer me."


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

Fia's remark certainly hit a clean homerun there. Although she was on the verge of pouting when Fia voiced her preference for keeping the illusion up, the sudden smirk on her lover's lips as she approached her with some verbal teasing of her own was quickly coaxing yet another blush from the girl. Yet this blush was even more intense than the previous one, her cheeks flushing up into a scarlet hue as she tried to speak, but instead, the words she stammered out were an illegible mess, no doubt the courtesy of her building excitement.

But in the end no words were needed for what would follow, a sudden tap of her feet caused a large flower to blossom beneath the pair, its petals rising upwards and the last thing the spectators would notice was the obsidian-haired trickster wrapping her arms around Fia's neck, pulling her in for a kiss while clearly surrendering to the teasing duel. Of course, the remaining time of the duel was no doubt spend with Fia being able to enjoy just those looks on her face and those adorable little sounds that only she could hear, and when the duel finally ended the petals of the flower shrunk back in the ground, the girl panting softly while her cheeks remained flushed with a blush of embarrassment.

"I'll be claiming a rematch later..." the girl mumbled with a sheepish grin on her lips, clearly having enjoyed the little distraction of their shenanigans.

#17Fiammetta Barone 

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

Although Fia had been quite proud of her well-thought-out strike, she hadn't expected to be so incredibly decisive. But there Esperia was, her face redder than a tomato after Fia's cool response, barely managing to get out a word thanks to her clearly flustered state. Her scarlet hue and stunned state was beyond what Fia had expected, and almost a little concerning!

"Y-You alright, Princess?"

No sooner after Fia has spoken those words, Esperia suddenly summoned a giant flower from underneath them, its petals ensnaring and hiding the two girls within as Esperia threw her arms around Fiammetta. As their lips pressed together in their passionate embrace, it became clear Esperia was surrendering herself completely to Fia, not just in the sense that she'd lost the match, but also in the sense that Fiammetta would soon have her way with the Eisenberg, and indulged in the pleasures that were hers and hers alone. When this duel of theirs finally ended, the flower shrunk back to the ground, Fia left panting softly while her lover bathed in afterglow. Yet another exciting experience for them had occurred on that day, and it seemed Esperia was eager to try it again sometime, in the form of a rematch.

"Yer on Princess, challenge me anytime~" Fia teased with a half-grin, rolling ever to give her a peck on the cheek. An exciting duel had taken place, and to think, their day was only just getting started!


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

"Hehe you better prepare yourself~ I might claim that rematch when you least expect it." Feeling the soft kiss on her cheek only helped to invigorate the girl, a sheepish little smile lingering on her lips as the duel seemed to end, and soon Esperia had decided on their next course of action, a hand slipping around Fia's own as she gently guided her out of the arena and toward their next destination. This one, in particular, she had decided beforehand already: The Artisan's building. In the end while clinging to Fia's arm she explained her intentions.

"Some of the greatest craftsmen in the whole of Fiore gather here, so this is an excellent opportunity for us to look around and figure out our future purchases~" A few nods came from the girl as she explained further. "From weaponry to armor to rare relics~ But the true treasure has yet to be revealed~"

As if on cue they arrived at what seemed to be a clothing store, but once inside they would soon discover it was a very particular clothing store: one that specialized in cosplay outfits. From nurse to shrine maiden and everything in-between. "Hehe~ let's go and pick one outfit for each other? The only rule is that: we'll be wearing it tonight~"

A mischievous wink followed as she couldn't wait to see Fia's reaction.

#19Fiammetta Barone 

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

"Princess, with you, I'm always expectin' it." Fia replied teasingly, knowing very well by now that Esperia can and would strike whenever she wanted. With their duel now well and truly finished, Fia took Esperia's hand as she was lead out of the arena, doubtlessly on the way to their next adventure for the day! They ended up at one of Crocus' more notable locations, the ever-famous artisan's building.

Fia nodded along as Esperia explained things, as the Barone girl began to wonder what it was Esperia had taken them there for. "Ya come her lookin' fer some shiny new guns or somethin'?" Fia would tease lightly, poking just a little bit of fun at her fiance's slightly embarassing hobby. Though, at the mention of a 'true treasure', Fia grew curious - and a little concerned - as she wondered what exactly the lewd little minx might have in mind for her.

And surely enough, only a few steps further and they were at the destination Esperia intended. A clothing store, or more specifically, a costume shop. Cosplay items were as far and wide as the eye can see, and Fia was already starting to see what Esperia's plans might be. A little bit of dress-up did sound like a nice way to 'spice things up', after all. And Esperia's little game for them made things that much more exciting, if a bit worrisome.

"Aight, I'm down." Fia said with a nod of her head. "Just don' make me where it in public or whatever." She sighed, giving her own limitations. With that, she put a hand to her chin, eyes raised as she began pondering.

"Now... What to get ya to wear... Already seen ya in a maid's outfit... Hrrrm..."


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

A sheepish grin lingered on Esperia's lips while she quickly shook her head in response to Fia voicing the concern about wearing it in public. "Nope~ This outfit will be all for me alone to enjoy~" With their terms set she started to bounce around the store, overhearing Fia mentioning something about a maid dress. The thought actually brought a little grin to her lips and a blush upon her cheeks. Thinking back about that date really helped get her both flustered and excited. The type of memory that filled her with a pleasant warmth and joy that helped her feel so precious...

It took at least something between a quarter and a half hour before Esperia had finally made her decision. The choice? Just a peek at the box she had with her said enough. It was the type of outfit law enforcement in a distant land would be wearing, and judging from the skimpy top that gave a nice view of the wielder's cleavage, and the small skirt it was clear that the obsidian-haired trickster had picked it for a reason. Nonetheless, even more interesting was that the size of the outfit was perfect for Fia, something that suggested the girl had memorized her three sizes already through experience!

"hehe~ I fought the law~ and the law won~"

#21Fiammetta Barone 

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

"Just for you, huh? I can get down with that." Fia said with a smirk at the assurance that their costumes would be for strictly private use. Of course, she'd figured as much, but with the lewd schemes of the little minx, it never hurt to be too safe. With that, Fia set off to decide on her own choice of outfit, musing on the time Esepria had worn the maid's costume. While it  had certainly been a pleasurable sight, tied to one of the happiest days of her life, Fia decided it wouldn't be in the spirit of their little game to choose something Esperia had already worn before.

Fia wandered through the store in search of the ideal outfit, constantly pondering as she did. Ultimately, the only guideline Fia had so far was that she figured it ought to be some kind of uniform. The Barone girl kinda had a thing for that. But after looking through the aisles a bit, Fia finally found something that caught her fancy. While Esperia had chosen a police officer's outfit, Fia settled on a different kind of noble profession: A nurse. The box contained a tight white uniform, one that would highlight the lovely curves and bottom of her lover, along with some accentuating boots and fishnet stockings to show off that lithe figure of hers. Plus, a cute little hat for good measure. Truly, a remarkable costume, and Fia was already almost drooling at the thought of Esperia wearing it.

"Hellooooo nurse..."


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

A mischievous glint emerged in Esperia's eyes once she saw the box with the outfit Fia had chosen. It was a rather cute outfit in her opinion, albeit it seemed to highlight her curves and her backside quite... easily, to the point that she doubted that was a mere coincidence. Of course, it did give her ample ideas to figure out on how to tease her fiance, something Fia would realize soon afterward.

In the end, after paying for the costumes Esperia was quick to guide Fia back toward their next destination, but surprisingly enough it wasn't the hot springs, rather it seemed to be a humble residence in one of Crocus' various districts, and oddly enough the girl had a key to the house!

"This is the house Asmodeus' servants use, but right now there is nobody here for an entire day~ You know what that means, right?"

A playful giggle escaped her lips as she placed the box with Fia's police officer attire onto the nearby table and gently scooped the nurse outfit into her own hands. "Let's put on those outfits!" the girl exclaimed happily, all too eager to see Fia's reaction, and aware that likely once they were done the hot springs would be quite needed...

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

Fia couldn't help but raise an eyebrow at Esperia's choice, grinning with amusement at the outfit her lover had settled on. It was fitting, to say the least, that Fiammetta would soon find herself dressing up in a rather non-standard law enforcement uniform, presumably for the purposes of locking up a certain devious little pervert. Why, the Barone girl was already starting to wonder if the costume came with handcuffs...

Of course, Esperia looked just as mischievous at the sight of the Fia's selected costume, and in the near future it was likely Fiammetta would find out exactly why that was. Once the two had purchased the costumes for uses other than intended, they surprisingly made their way not toward the hot springs as Fia had expected, but instead a humble little residence that she owned the key for!

Fia was only briefly surprised before Esperia explained things. "Yeah, I thinks I got an idea what might be goin' down..." The steamy lass said smugly as they entered the building.

Esperia was quick to urge them to get changed into their respective outfits, Fia unboxing the outfit on a nearby table as she began to notice just how much it accentuated the chest area. Fia couldn't help but chuckle, figuring it a certainly typical choice of the black-haired trickster.

"Y'know... This really ain't anythin' like the standard uniform..."


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

A soft snicker escaped Esperia's lips as she overheard Fia's remark on the uniform, causing her to hum playfully in return. "Well~ I'd say that this type of uniform suits you well! Much better than the typical clothes of a guard."

Yet after her remark it seemed Esperia had disappeared, footsteps and a door opening suggesting she was upstairs to get dressed in the little surprise Fia had selected for her. "Fia~" A playful call came from upstairs, and should Fia follow the source of it a warning would soon follow. "Don't forget to change into your costume!"

And then upon opening the door a rather pleasant surprise would await her. The nurse outfit was indeed much more seductive than anything she seen a nurse wear before, the sinfully short skirt leaving little imagination to the charm her backside held, nor the playful curves she possessed. A playful twirl followed while she raised a hand to her chest, tapping it playfully while her other hand adjusted her cute little hat slightly.

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"Nurse Espy at your service~ I bet Fia is feeling in need of some nursing right now, don't you?"

A playful giggle escaped her lips before she suddenly recalled something. "Y-You didn't take the handcuffs with you, did you?"

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Fiammetta Barone
"Yeah, I can see why ya might think it'd 'suit me'..." Fia mused to her lover as she took the costume into her hands, once again noticing just how much it was going to accentuate her already large bust.

Fia looked back to Esperia to see the girl had disappeared upstairs, calling back out to the Barone girl and almost beckoning her like the seductress she was. Grinning madly, Fia started to follow the source of the voice, only to be reminded she too needed to get changed into her costume

"Oh, right..." She groaned, before following the order. Fia dressed up in her own attire, noting not only the authority and accentuating features of the costume, but also the accessories that came with it. It was a sexy outfit, to say the least, one that was suited to the more well-developed features of the Barone girl, as it clung tightly to her body and made every curve that much more prominent.

Dressed for the occasion, Fia started up the stairs, and upon opening the door, found quite the sight to behold. "W-Woah..." She stuttered, eyes immediately scanning over the attire as she congratulated herself on the excellent choice. On Esperia's lithe body, it was the perfect mix of cute and sensual, highlighting every aspect of her frame and making Fia's heart pound away like a jackhammer. It took significant willpower for the steamy lass to not push her lover down right then and there, especially with Esperia's adorable little comment...

Esperia's little query had Fia grinning deviously, as she slipped a hand to the back of her costume to pull out that same set of handcuffs. They were softer than typical, to avoid being harsh on the skin, but otherwise, functioned exactly as the real thing. Fia playfully twirled the handcuffs around her finger as she addressed the deviant nurse.

"O'course I took 'em with me. How else am I suppose to keep a certain naughty lil' nurse tied up?"

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