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Bumping Into Strangers [Joan|Social]

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#26Bianca Fleur † 

Bumping Into Strangers [Joan|Social] - Page 2 Empty Thu Mar 15, 2018 2:36 am

Bianca Fleur †
Joan shuffled around the kitchen, gathering ingredients and putting them together neatly. Her hair was pulling up in a messy bun with stray strands flying literally everywhere, but she couldn’t be bothered by them. Focused on making something delicious, the vampyress was preparing to make it up to the poor human for sucking his blood. She was always good at cooking, ever since she was a human. Her ears perked up upon hearing some movement in the living room. She hoped Vyrst wasn’t awake already. She hadn’t even started! Tiptoeing out of the kitchen to check, the vampyress was relieved to find that she heard something else.

Once she was back in the kitchen, she began cooking immediately, throwing in the right proportions of the ingredients and tasting the broth to make sure it tasted right. She accidentally made a little too much for a single person, so after she was done, she separated the excess into a small bowl. She then prepared another bowl for Vyrst, arranging it so it look nice and neat since she had the time for it. Then she would eat from the small bowl while reading a magazine. She hoped Vyrst woke up soon, otherwise his bowl was going to go cold. It was at that moment that she heard some noises again. This time, he was actually awake. She brought the bowl she prepared for him as well as tall bottle of water and placed it on the table in front of the couch.

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“You must be really hungry and thirsty now,” she said with a small smile. She was prepared to calm him down if he was going to start panicking. “Here, I made this for you. Let me know if you need anything else. Also, you can leave when you feel better. I’ll take care of you for now. Please don’t be afraid.” Joan spoke slowly and softly because she knew that it would be hard for his brain to register what she was saying. She sat on a chair with her legs folded in. She wasn’t lying when she said she would take care of him until he felt better and could leave.

[ EXIT ]

#27Vyrst Walken 

Bumping Into Strangers [Joan|Social] - Page 2 Empty Sun May 06, 2018 2:29 pm

Vyrst Walken
For some reason Vyrsts experience while sitting on the couch felt like an eternity. Perhaps the act of getting a large amount of his blood sucked out had left him in a state where he could not properly comprehend what was going on. Given that he was still having trouble moving, all he could really do is wait around and take in his surroundings. It seemed as though he had been brought to some nicely furnished room and left there to wake up. The smell of food drifted towards Vyrst, allowing for him to find out that someone was cooking him a meal.

He assumed it was his new vampire friend of course, given that she still left him alive. This assumption was proven correct when she came out of the kitchen holding a delicious looking bowl of ramen. After she spoke to him, Vyrst wasn't really capable of responding correctly, so he just kind of nodded his head and began to eat, trying to make the best of an interesting situation. He wasn't mad at her for drinking his blood of course, as this was just her following her own desires, and seeing people follow their own desires was something that Vyrst enjoyed greatly. After finishing his meal and lingering around for a few more hours, Vyrst found the energy to say goodbye and leave for a new adventure.


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