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Bumping Into Strangers [Joan|Social]

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#1Vyrst Walken 

Bumping Into Strangers [Joan|Social] Empty Sat Mar 03, 2018 9:53 pm

Vyrst Walken
It was an uncharacteristically normal day with there being no weird abnormalities to speak of. The sky was filled with few clouds and there was no signs of inclimate weather. Given that it was such a normal and nice day, Vyrst felt it would be a great opportunity to just go wandering around the massive flea market that made up the majority of this city. He didn’t have much cash on him, but the sorts of things sold at flea markets weren’t very expensive in the first place. The outfit that he was wearing was not very stand outish, as he had on a simple long sleeved black shirt and some dark blue form fitting pants.

He didn’t have any specific thing he was looking for today, besides something to keep him interested for awhile. Whether this was haggling with people over small amounts of money or just trying to find someone to talk to, it didn’t really matter to him. He just wanted to see some people enjoying life and following their own desires as they come about. Vyrst moved through the crowd in a confidant stride, often accidentally bumping into people in the tightly packed streets. He didn’t mind that it made some people angry with him, but it was their own fault for running into him.

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#2Bianca Fleur † 

Bumping Into Strangers [Joan|Social] Empty Sat Mar 03, 2018 11:02 pm

Bianca Fleur †
Joan was feeling uncharacteristically hungry on this particularly boring day. Dressed in her usual attire, the vampyress stepped outside of her inn in search for food. Normally she would hunt after dark, but she didn’t feel like staring at four walls for hours to wait for nighttime. She couldn’t sleep either -- the hunger kept her awake.

Humans were so stupid to think that they were safe from vampyres during the day, because apparently sunlight was supposed to keep them inside, when in reality, for vampyres like Joan - the day walkers - sunlight didn’t do anything that it didn’t also do to a human. She had never encountered another vampyre who was weak to sunlight either, so she wondered where that story came from. It was a good way for them to lay low, however, and catch their prey by surprise.

For some reason, Joan ended up in the flea market. It was boring elsewhere, to be quite honest now. She didn’t see many people in the streets, or even near her inn. They were probably still getting over the whole war news, staying in to be safe because the new king was unpredictable. Because he was well...new.

Her head began to throb from hearing the pulses of the humans around her. This was honestly the worst place to find prey, but she was also dying to turn this day from a boring one into an exciting one.

#3Vyrst Walken 

Bumping Into Strangers [Joan|Social] Empty Sat Mar 03, 2018 11:22 pm

Vyrst Walken

Vyrst continued to walk through the crowd, looking for something interesting to do. After having walked for a bit, he stopped and looked at a shop selling some super sketchy looking cards. It seemed to be some sort of knock off of a collectable card game for kids. Vyrst didn’t linger at this location for too long, as the merchandise at the shop were almost guaranteed to be trash tier knock off brands of things he was not even interested in. Having continued to make his way through the crowd, Vyrst thought about what sorts of things he might be searching for at this flea market. Since he had not come there for any specific, he prefered to find something that could stimulate conversation or interactions with others, so as to keep himself entertained.

The thought of an otherwordly being of immense power being within the crowd never crossed his mind, not that he had much knowledge of what a vampyre was anyways. All he had in mind was entertainment, and so he continued to make his way through the crowd, occasionally bumping into people who didn’t move out of his way as he was walking. The combination of bumping into people and his bright red hair was likely to make him stick out among the crowd somewhat, but he didn’t think much of it. Doing something like that might even get him into an interesting situation, who knows?

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#4Bianca Fleur † 

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Bianca Fleur †
None of the goods being sold at the flea market caught the vampyress’ attention. However, her head had stopped throbbing too much and she pretended as if she was checking out the shops while walking at a slow pace. Her attention was all over the place; the number of potential blood bags in here was kind of overwhelming. She usually avoided crowded places like this because it was hard to focus on anything with all the heartbeats and voices that sounded like a million people were simultaneously whispering into her ears. The heartbeats gave her some kind of excitement, though.

The collision of her shoulder with someone else’s brought her out of her reverie. The other shoulder belonged to a man who was as tall as herself, with bright red hair, the shade that was easy to spot in a crowd. Joan stopped walking as she was able to bring her focus to this person. He didn’t look like he was paying attention to where he was walking and Joan acted on impulse, reaching for his shoulder to turn him around so that he was facing her when she spoke. “I need to go to the bathroom. Do you know the way?”

#5Vyrst Walken 

Bumping Into Strangers [Joan|Social] Empty Sun Mar 04, 2018 12:23 am

Vyrst Walken
After having bumped into many people as he made his way through the crowds, Vyrst realized that one person he had bumped had actually decided to speak with him rather than just curse at him or throw him an annoyed look. To his surprise, he saw that the person he had bumped into was a woman at the same height as him. He had always seen himself as a somewhat tall person, so running into a woman who stood at the same height as him was surprising. This physical feature of hers didn’t intimidate him really, and in fact, it made him more interested in what she had to say.

The only problem with this sudden interest is what she asked him after she had turned him around to face her. The question about a bathroom baffled him, and his face contorted a bit to display that fact. With an eyebrow raised he looked at the woman and said, “Uhhh, I have no clue where a bathroom is, but lady, don’t you think that's a pretty weird thing to say to some stranger you just bumped into?” Now that Vyrst had gotten himself into this situation, he might as well make the most of it and keep it somewhat interesting, though he had no idea where this sort of situation was going to take him, given that odd circumstances.

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#6Bianca Fleur † 

Bumping Into Strangers [Joan|Social] Empty Sun Mar 04, 2018 1:15 am

Bianca Fleur †
The people around them simply brushed past, some spitting curses at them for standing in the way while others just kept walking. Joan was quite amused by the stranger’s expression and what he said. To be completely honest, she didn’t expect this kind of response, but it made her want to get to know him even more. “Forgive me for my lack of social skills. I said the first thing I could think of to start a conversation, although this isn’t a very convenient place to talk.” The vampryess searched the vicinity for a more private spot all the while keeping an eye on the male.

Joan wasn’t used to convincing her victims to willingly offer her blood, since she only did this when she was interested in them or planned to turn them. Plus, she still needed to learn the special ability of her bloodline, which was going to take a lot of time, since she wasn’t pure. This would have gone much easier if she already possessed the power to compel others. However, this could be the starting point in her learning process, and she planned to take it slow with this one.

Lightly squeezing his shoulder, Joan gave the man a small smile. “Walk with me.”

#7Vyrst Walken 

Bumping Into Strangers [Joan|Social] Empty Sun Mar 04, 2018 9:52 am

Vyrst Walken
Vyrst was at a loss until the woman explained her odd way of starting up a conversation. From what she was telling him, she was at least interested in continuing the discussion, but he couldn’t help but think that something weird was going to happen if he followed her, especially given her emphasis on the word “talk”. Not that Vyrst was worried about the danger involved in following a stranger to an an unknown place, but the thought of following this woman at least interested him. Given that he had been looking for something fun to do, this sort of situation was perfect for alleviating his desire for human interaction.

No longer acting baffled, Vyrst gave a smile in response to her request for him to walk with her and said, “I don’t know where you want to go, but sure, lead the way.” Assuming that she continued to walk, Vyrst followed close beside her as she made her way to whatever destination she desired. He was pretty curious about what she was planning to do when they made it to somewhere more private, but the thoughts of this being a pretty large and popular city alleviated any of his concerns about this being a violent encounter.

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#8Bianca Fleur † 

Bumping Into Strangers [Joan|Social] Empty Tue Mar 06, 2018 2:24 am

Bianca Fleur †
The smile on Joan’s face grew just a bit wider when the stranger agreed to accompany her. She released her hold on his shoulder and began to walk. First of all, they needed to get out of this damn place because there was an unbearable ringing in her ears again. It seemed she had used a large amount of energy focusing on convincing the man that the disturbances were blocked out momentarily. It took just a few seconds after they started walking for her to realise how awkward it was, the way she randomly picked someone out of a crowd for company. Sometimes hunger drove her to do the weirdest things.

Joan took him to a cafe, one that she had been going to daily since she arrived in Baska. This was mainly because she wasn’t familiar with Baska Town, so she went to the first cafe she found to get her daily dose of caffeine. “I’ve just realised how weird this is,” she chuckled. “Meeting a random woman at a flea market who asks you for company. I’m just really bored, though.” The ringing had dissipated at this point since they were already at the entrance of the cafe. She went in first and took a seat at a booth by a large window. “Do you think it’s weird?” she would ask once he took the seat opposite hers.

#9Vyrst Walken 

Bumping Into Strangers [Joan|Social] Empty Tue Mar 06, 2018 4:32 pm

Vyrst Walken
Vyrst proceeded to follow the woman to her desired location. She seemed as though she grew happier when he agreed to her proposition, and seeing people enjoy themselves in turn also made Vyrst happy. This was definitely the sort of situation he was looking for when he decided to wander the flea market. Being invited to some random location after bumping into someone fell under Vyrst’s definition of a new experience, and a new experience was something that he was always apt to take. He didn’t have any specific expectation for where they were going, but he was somewhat surprised when he found that the location was a cafe.

Eating and talking was always a good way to get to know someone though, and Vyrst had a passion for both. After hearing her mention how weird the situation was, Vyrst chuckled as well as he followed her to her chosen table. After sitting down and hearing her ask him a question, he looked at her and said, “I don’t think it’s weird really. We both seemed to have been bored, so why not entertain each other? Encounters like this tend to be more natural than one in a formal setting anyways.” Vyrst took a quick look at the interior of the cafe before turning his attention back on the woman. “Though before we talk any further, I think I should introduce myself. I’m Vyrst.” After having said this he extended his hand out for a handshake and waited for her response.

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#10Bianca Fleur † 

Bumping Into Strangers [Joan|Social] Empty Tue Mar 06, 2018 5:37 pm

Bianca Fleur †
Joan was delighted to hear that her company didn’t think this situation was weird at all. She was actually wondering if he felt uncomfortable around her, because if he was, that would completely ruin the taste. Most of the time she didn’t feed for satisfaction, but to fill her tummy. However at times, she liked to savour her meal. She ordered iced coffee and a red velvet cake for herself when a waitress arrived at their table. Through the huge window next to them, the sun could be seen slowly dipping closer to the horizon. Darkness would soon take over. Soon.

The vampyress laced her fingers on her lap, averting her gaze back to the gentleman. “Vyrst,” she repeated after him, shaking his hand. “My name is Joan.” Although she spoke calmly, a cacophony of whispers in the back of her mind suggested various ways by which she could devour him. It wasn’t time yet, and she was enjoying this conversation, at least for now. “I’m a visitor here, so I don’t really know what’s where. It’s only been two days since I arrived. Are you from around here?”

Their orders arrived in no time and Joan immediately gulped down a portion of her drink. That was what she liked about this cafe. “You can have some if you’d like,” she said, gesturing for him to try the cake that she ordered. “It’s my favorite here and I recommend it to everyone!”

#11Vyrst Walken 

Bumping Into Strangers [Joan|Social] Empty Tue Mar 06, 2018 6:29 pm

Vyrst Walken
It seemed as though it was getting dark. Vyrst noticed this of course, but he thought little of it on account of night life being a bit more fun than that of the day. While he was a big fan of good food, he wasn’t hungry enough to order anything other than a drink. When a waitress came by he ordered a small frappe and continued his introduction. “It’s a pleasure to meet you Joan.” Vyrst kept eye contact as he brought his hand back until it was resting in a more natural position on the table. He listened to her question about him being a local and laughed a bit as his said, “No, I don’t know where I’m from exactly, just that it was a small farming village in the middle of nowhere. All I know is that it’s definitely nowhere near here.”

The order arrived around this time and Vyrst took a sip of his frappe before obliging Joan’s offer to try the velvet cake. He reached over, grabbed a fork and cut off a piece of the cake to try. After eating and tasting the piece of cake for a few seconds, he swallowed and said, “That’s some pretty good cake. It definitely appeals to my sweet tooth.” With his fork in hand he left his elbow on the table, holding his fork as though he were going to go for more cake and said with a chuckle near the end, “And how about you? Where are you from? I hope it’s a bit more glamorous than my hometown.”

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#12Bianca Fleur † 

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Bianca Fleur †
“Likewise,” said Joan in response to him saying that it was a pleasure meeting her. If he was keen enough, he would probably notice that she didn’t blink as often as he did. “That probably explains why you have such an exotic name,” she chuckled. Taking small sips of her coffee now, the vampyress held his gaze, not breaking eye contact for a moment. She grinned when he mentioned that her cake was good. “Mine as well,” she laughed, licking her upper teeth. Deep in conversation, Joan only realised that nighttime was upon them when the streetlamps outside of the cafe came to life.

Vyrst seemed to be really liking her cake. She wouldn’t mind if he finished it all by himself, to be quite honest. The coffee was enough to keep her tame for the moment. When she was asked about her origin, the sorceress let out a nervous chuckle as she replied. “Oh, I’m actually from the next town, Oak. I just travel a lot, mostly to the opposite side of town, so I’m barely even in my hometown.” She didn’t want to seem like she was bluffing about not being familiar with this town because she was from the neighboring town, even though she normally didn’t care about telling some lies. Right now, she was being honest though. “Do you like to travel too?”

#13Vyrst Walken 

Bumping Into Strangers [Joan|Social] Empty Wed Mar 07, 2018 5:39 pm

Vyrst Walken
Vyrst laughed at the mention of his name being exotic as it was something he had heard a few times before. “The people in my village weren’t known for having the best choice in names.” He was pleasantly surprised to see that she was willing to keep eye contact with him for so long, though he felt it was almost a bit unnerving given how rarely she blinked. After asking her about where she’s from, he noticed that her response included a somewhat shaky laugh as she explained it. Vyrst didn’t think much of it as he listened and took another bite of cake, assuming that she was just a bit embarrassed about living so close but not knowing much about the town.

Having heard the discussion of travel being brought up, Vyrst became a bit more animated that usual, as traveling was a major part of his life. He continued to hold eye contact as he ate a bit more cake before saying, “Traveling is all I do really.” He paused as he ate another bite of cake. ”It’s much more interesting than just staying holed up in some village somewhere. I get to wander around and experience all sorts of interesting things. Exotic foods, exotic experiences, and even more exotic people.” He threw her a playful wink when he mentioned exotic people and continued, “And how about you? Why do you like to travel?.”

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#14Bianca Fleur † 

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Bianca Fleur †
Joan had already finished half of her drink when they were talking about traveling. A smile crept onto her lips when he mentioned that he was a traveler. The more he spoke about himself, the more fascinated she was in him. This ‘conversation’ was also going very well, unlike what she had expected after the awkward meeting back at the flea market. She finished what was left of her coffee and placed the cup on the table. “I wasn’t allowed to leave my house for sixteen years. Unless there was an event or something, you know.” Right after she said this, she realised that she had probably made a mistake.

“So once I decided that I didn’t want to live like that anymore, I left. I went everywhere.” She had finished her coffee, and she didn’t feel like staying here any longer. “I have been traveling ever since. I can’t stay somewhere for too long.” She laughed afterwards then added, “Like right now. Let’s go somewhere else?” She didn’t give him the chance to object. She stood up to pay for her orders as well as his at the counter. Then, she would leave the cafe to go somewhere else.

#15Vyrst Walken 

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Vyrst Walken
Listening to other people talk about their lives was always something interesting to Vyrst, as many people had such amazing stories to share about themselves. It helped to expand his worldview and made him more aware of how almost everyone had some shared experiences of sorts. Given that she was keeping eye contact and seeming to stay interested in what he saying, he assumed that the night was going pretty well. Though we was somewhat taken aback at her sudden explanation about her early life, he listened attentively as she discussed her reasons for traveling.

What surprised him even more though, was how quickly she decided to get up and lead him out of the cafe, not even letting him pay for his own drink. He laughed as well as she mentioned leaving the cafe and said, “Ooh, so assertive. That’s pretty intimidating to some guys you know.” He smirked as he said this of course, implying he wasn’t one of those types of people who cared about such things. They had been at the cafe for a while already and a change of scenery was always a good way to keep new conversations flowing, so Vyrst followed her to the next location, allowing her to decide where they might be heading to next.

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#16Bianca Fleur † 

Bumping Into Strangers [Joan|Social] Empty Wed Mar 07, 2018 10:15 pm

Bianca Fleur †
The vampyress honestly wasn’t sure if Vyrst was going to follow her again, but he seemed to be that bored. She was too, until she started talking to him. She laughed when he mentioned that her behavior would probably intimidate some guys. “And I can tell that you’re not one of those guys,” she said.

Even though Joan didn’t know much about this town, there were a few places that she’d often visit. It wasn’t just for this town, but almost every town she went. One of these places was a bridge. She didn’t have a specific reason for why she liked to visit quiet bridges at odd hours, but it was one of the places she went to brainstorm, or fed the most. Joan was kind of glad by the fact that there weren’t many people in the streets right now. Less distractions.

There was this one bridge that was pretty close to the inn she was staying at. Guess why she was staying at that inn in the first place? This was where Joan was taking Vyrst. For some reason, she wanted to show him this place. Yup, not weird at all. “I like to come to this place late at night, when I can’t sleep or when I’m stressed out. It helps me think. Mostly because it’s quiet, I guess.”

#17Vyrst Walken 

Bumping Into Strangers [Joan|Social] Empty Wed Mar 07, 2018 10:52 pm

Vyrst Walken
Vyrst didn’t have any clue where he was being taken, but that was fine with him. Going with the flow was something he was very familiar with, and this would just be another interesting experience. Hopefully, he thought, this experience would be something unexpected or surprising. He noticed that wherever they were headed didn’t have many people around at all, though he just assumed that wherever they were going was more private than the cafe. After they had traveled for awhile they finally arrived at a bridge.

The bridge seemed like a pretty secluded place since there were no people there, though it wasn’t too far off the main path. Vyrst listened closely as Joan told him about the bridge, all the while looking out over the bridge to see a river reflecting the light of the full moon. After seeing this he said, “It’s a relaxing sight for sure, but why lead me out here now? Am I stressing you out?” He cracked a smile and laughed after placing a bit of emphasis on the last line. As he spoke he leaned out over the bridge a bit to take in the view, placing his elbows on the railing. He was definitely curious about her sudden decision to bring him here, though he assumed it had some deeper meaning than just being where she came to think.

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#18Bianca Fleur † 

Bumping Into Strangers [Joan|Social] Empty Thu Mar 08, 2018 12:26 am

Bianca Fleur †
Joan was leaning on the other side of the bridge when Vyrst asked why she had brought him out here. Staring at the fuzzy reflection of herself in the water, she laughed. “Why would you stress me out?” She didn’t really expect an answer to that. It was kind of obvious that he wasn’t serious about it too because he laughed afterwards, so that’s good. “I just wanted to show you my special place. If you go that way-” she said, turning to the woods that the bridge led to, “-there’s a wood. Nobody really goes there though and I never really figured out why.” That last part was kind of a lie, because she sort of knew that it was probably because of monsters like herself.

The vampyress wasn’t initially planning on taking him into the woods. She had never been there before too, which is quite surprising given how it was a good feeding spot. But she didn’t know whose territory this was. “Are you up for an adventure?” she asked with a laugh, turning to face him. She was taking him place after place, but this time it wasn’t somewhere she had already been to, so she felt quite thrilled about this. Hopefully she wasn’t going to find other vampyres who were going to give her shit for stepping into their territory.

“See if you can catch up to me,” she giggled and ran straight into the woods. She would find a spot in the woods to hide from Vyrst. It was going to be hard for the man to find her given how fast she was, and the fact that he couldn’t hear her. That was, if he was completely human of course. So far she hadn’t noticed him doing anything inhuman. That didn’t give her a reason to believe that he could be something else. He could always just be really good at concealing it. But of course if it took too long, she would find him instead.

#19Vyrst Walken 

Bumping Into Strangers [Joan|Social] Empty Thu Mar 08, 2018 6:05 pm

Vyrst Walken
It was good to know that he wasn’t making her feel stressed. He didn’t think he had been doing anything that could cause stress of course, but he had just wanted to confirm it in a somewhat humorous way. It was quite surprising that she was already pointing to a new location right after arriving, but Vyrst didn’t mind. He was content with letting Joan take him around to different locations in the city, as it made him happy to see other people enjoying themselves. While she mentioned to woods to him, Vyrst stopped leaning on the side of the bridge, preparing himself to get moving again in case she was implying that they should go take a walk in the woods.

His prediction was right of course, and as she asked him if he was up for an adventure, he looked her in the eyes and said, “Sure, sounds like fun.” He wasn’t really worried about the dangers of a forest, given how close it was to the town, especially since he felt he could hold his own against most threats he would find out there. But the sudden high speed movement performed by Joan made him aware that he had been in the presence of a being that transcended normal human limits. He was aware that humans could get that strong, but it was the inhumanely quiet way she slipped into the darkness of the forest that made him more alarmed. Regardless of such thoughts, Vyrst thought about how she could have already harmed him at the bridge, so there wasn’t a much of a reason to be worried about following her into the woods. Knowing that he was nowhere near as fast as her, he walked into the forest at a brisk pace in search of her. He had no reason to show off his own prowess of course in the case that she was hostile. It was best to be cautious and reveal nothing about his own capabilities, as miniscule as they might be.

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#20Bianca Fleur † 

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Bianca Fleur †
The fact that Vyrst was still able to keep up with her shit was quite impressive. Fortunately, there was no sign of other vampyres or anything in the woods other than animals that usually resided in woods. Joan kept herself alert for any outside dangers, however. She wasn’t worried that Vyrst was going to harm her. No, she was worried about the others, if they were there anyway. As a side job, she had some things to do if she wanted to appeal to her distant relative for assistance with the whole coma problem that she wouldn’t have found out about if it wasn’t for her Bodak, one of her Phantom guildmates. She knew that she had to give her something in exchange for her help.

Joan watched as Vyrst entered the woods. She could see him from her spot, so she waited until he walked deeper into the woods. She wasn’t planning on staying in the same spot the whole time. The further Vyrst got, the deeper she would go to find a new spot, until she thought it was deep enough. Clearly no one was going to disturb their little game of hide and seek. The vampyress smiled as she watched her new friend.

#21Vyrst Walken 

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Vyrst Walken
As Vyrst traveled through the forest he kept his senses as sharp as possible, listening for any traces of Joan. This was also done to prevent any sorts of unsavory beings from getting the jump on him, though he wasn’t really expecting anything like that. The full moon allowed for him to have a decent view of where he was going, but as he made his way deeper into the forest the foliage above him blocked out more and more of his light. He was sure that he stuck out like a sore thumb in a forest like this, what with his bright red hair and all.

He hadn’t sensed any signs of Joan at this point, and since she was likely to be far stronger than him in every aspect, he felt that attempting to play hide and seek with her was somewhat unfair to him, given his low prowess. He was sure he was being monitored of course, as someone who surpassed him by such a wide margin would be easily able to know his exact position while hiding from his senses. Since he was aiming to please, he went out of his way to act as though he was looking for her inside tree crevices on in the foliage above. He could at least act as though he thought he had a chance at finding her, though he felt like his acting in this situation was a bit sub par.

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#22Bianca Fleur † 

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Bianca Fleur †
It was taking some time for Vyrst to look for Joan but that was no surprise. She had a feeling that at some point she would have to stop hiding because it was nigh impossible for him to find her. He had come to a spot in the woods where there was not a lot of moonlight. It was even harder to see in this area, so it was the perfect opportunity for the vampyress. Weaving her way around the trees swiftly, the vampyress would position herself behind him and jerk her head over the left side of his neck. At this moment, a pair of vampyric fangs would pierce through his skin.

Joan wouldn’t want him to struggle in this situation and hoped he knew that it was no use attempting to do so. Her hands had a firm grip on both his arms. She didn’t plan on leaving him dead anyway. Once she was done feeding she would feed him some of her own blood so that he could survive. She liked his company and hopefully they could still be friends after this. This definitely wasn’t something that happened very often. She normally left them dead once she was satisfied.

#23Vyrst Walken 

Bumping Into Strangers [Joan|Social] Empty Thu Mar 08, 2018 11:56 pm

Vyrst Walken
While Vyrst was the type of person to enjoy new experiences, what happened next was not within the realm of his expectations. He had been expecting something interesting to happen, but he didn’t expect this night to be an actual brush with death. One second he was just walking through woods playfully looking for a girl and the next he felt a heavy sensation akin to that of a giant holding down a normal sized human. The only difference here was that the force of a giant was contained within the body of someone of similar size to Vyrst, and that person, or thing rather, had decided that he would be a tasty meal.

Vyrst was aware of who it was that was biting into his neck, but because he teeth digging into the veins on his neck, he wasn’t able to make much of a sound besides gurgling. After a second or so of that he felt he was pointless to try and talk or resist. He felt the blood being drained out of his body, and after a few seconds he felt his vision starting to go black. He just hoped that he would be able to come out of this experience alive and without any permanent harm. He promised to himself that if he did live through the situation, than he would try and find some way to make the experience benefit himself. After that thought went through his mind he fell unconscious.

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#24Bianca Fleur † 

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Bianca Fleur †
Joan was quite pleased that he didn’t struggle or try to fight back. After having her long-awaited meal peacefully, the vampyress licked the blood on her lips and swallowed it. She didn’t know what she wanted to do with him at first because she was sure he would live after this. She left enough blood in his system for him to survive. Even though she marked him as food at first sight, she realised that he was good company afterwards. She would see if he accepted her as a friend when he woke up. In the case that he woke up all freaked out and wanting to kill her or something, she would do him a favor and knock him out so that he wouldn’t wake up forever.

For the time being, she lifted him to bring him back to her inn. Since he was unconscious, she laid him down on the couch and got changed into her normal clothes. Heading into the kitchen, she decided to prepare some water and a meal for him to have when he woke up. He was going to be parched and super hungry. Of course she kept her senses alert while she was doing so to make sure that he couldn’t run off, even though he wouldn’t have the energy to. She had the door locked as well as the windows.

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Vyrst Walken
It was a long time before Vyrst awoke. This wasn’t really a surprise considering that he had been drained of blood to the point of almost being dead. After having awoken with hazy vision and an awful headache, Vyrst attempted to find his bearings and see where he was. The last thing he remembered was being mauled by something of course. He didn’t know what exactly, but he could make a few inferences about the being that did it. She was apparently kind enough to spare him in this situation, though the same couldn't be said of his clothes, which were now plastered with the blood from the messy encounter.

After sitting up a bit on the couch he was laying on, he became more aware of his awful headache, similar to that of a hangover, and that he was currently within the living room of some building. “Fuck…” Vyrst muttered under his breath as he held his head with two hands, trying to dull the throbbing somehow. He also became aware that he was both starving and dehydrated, though that wasn’t a surprise to him based on hard his body had to work to keep him alive. He could hear the sounds of movement in the nearby kitchen, but his throbbing headache left him with little thoughts other than how much he wanted to drink some water right now. His weakened body didn’t allow him to move much of course, so he stayed seated on the couch until he could figure out exactly where he was, though he did have some ideas.

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