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Back in the 90's [priv]

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#1Noel Raion 

Back in the 90's [priv] Empty on Sat Feb 10, 2018 3:44 am

Noel Raion


After having miserably failed his attempt at saving the royal family, Noel skipped whatever ceremony would follow up next. After the last few inquisitions by the evil masses that formed a hate against the government, Noel stopped caring. Whenever he did save them, they didn't even make note of his existence. To what extent was he going to sacrifice his life? Was this greater good even worth it? Whatever it was, they should at least acknowledge Noel's existence, and his vital role in saving the town a few times.

So he set off, to the edges of the town. Watching the daily chaos unfold in this great city. He didn't like this town anyway. Too many people felt like they were something that they weren't. The smoke he blew into the direction of Crocus came from his lit cig. At least he had soft grass here, and not to mention peace and quietness. An overwhelming feeling of tranquility washed over his body, and caused him to close his eyes, lay back and snooze off. A yawn followed and led to Noel falling asleep in a thick patch of grass, barely visible outside his black clothing. The sun was shining brightly, and the darkness that overwhelmed his mind stopped protruding his thoughts.


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Am I doing this right?
☬My life.☬

Arisa looked through her book that she had laid down against the glass round table. The setting was outside as the large parasol covered her with shadows and blocked the sun's light. Her golden eyes wandered on the words as her mind on how things can just go up and disappearing. First her sword and now her whole set. It sounded bizarre! Mostly when she wore it all the time besides taking a shower. Did someone go in her hotel room and unlocked the bathroom door to steal it? Quite intriguing all of this was.

Today she wore a pink spaghetti-strapped tank top. The bottom trim had white lace and there was a shooting star on the shirt printed on the right side of her chest. For bottoms she wore a fitting-wavy black skirt with a leather belt that had a butterfly of blue on it. The skirt shaped out her hip nicely as the length went to her knees. For shoes, she wore black flat shoes with thigh-high white tight-socks.

She was listening on some girl to girl talk not so far away. Their voices were getting irritating and so she stood up, took her book and started to walk off. The wind blew her star-shining blonde hair back with her side bangs moving a little. Her wide hips swayed with each step motioning forward and away from the park. She closed her eyes for a split second to enjoy the breeze to soon open her eyes to see a familiar face laying against the grass. 'Huh?' she thought and really looked with piercing eyes. A wide smile formed on her beautiful glossed lips as she approached him. She walked towards the left side and let her knees rested against the grass about three feet away, sitting on her feet. ''Greetings, Noel.~'' she spoke nervously as she rested her hands on her thighs. Her voice never changed, neither have her eyes as she gazes at him sweetly. Her fair colored skin shined alongside her right cheek as the sun made her hair glisten. ''Do you mind if I join you?'' she questioned afterwards.

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#3Noel Raion 

Back in the 90's [priv] Empty on Sat Feb 10, 2018 5:18 pm

Noel Raion


That noise. He recognized it. Not because it was human dialogue, of course that he knew. The words, and the voice that carried it. He rolled over on his stomach, to look the person who spoke to him in the eyes. Being greeted as Noel was rare as well. Arisa? Like his eyes lit up, the childish expression in him turned - and came out.


A smile came over his face and he nodded in excitement, getting up and sitting on his ass immediately after receiving the offer.

'Yes, of course..'

'You've changed'

He then innocently brought his left hand to his face, scratching away at his cheek. Perhaps to hide a blush, whatever this change was -- it turned something inside him, and something outside.

'Mmm, I like this.'

Noel stood up, and dusted off his pants. He walked a little closer to her and offered his hand to her, so she could get up as well.

'Wanna go for a tea? There's a stall a few hundred meters away from here'

The tea there was pretty good, he's been there once. This is usually where Noel hangs out whenever he's in Crocus.

'I've missed you'

Had Arisa chosen to follow, the two would head towards the stall and have a chit chat during the walk.

-- exit (gotta be in Orchidia, sorry) --


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Am I doing this right?
☬My life.☬

She waited for how ever long Noel needed. Secondly, hearing him accept her question and firstly, with surprise, she was greeted by his voice as he spoke her name-- which caused a happy smile from her lips. Next he noted of her chance in appearance. She knew it was him as he never changed ever since the day their breath's smelt like mint. Her recent changes never came from a potion nor made her breath smell like so. He rolled a little and he seemed happy as his mysterious eyes became quite softer than they use to - or at least in her opinion. With that he next got up and offered his hand. Her heart was beating fast, nervously, but it was all in good terms. ''Yes... I apologize, my love... For my appearance changing so much, but I assure this is the last...'' she shyly spoke and looked down at the ground. She was afraid he might be mad, but instead he spoke on how he liked it! ''You-you do?! I'm so happy to hear it.~'' she shot up a little while still sitting and a pleased tone of voice.  

Her head tilted up to look upwards towards his eyes as he asked about getting tea.  ''Of course.~'' she spoke happily with a sweet smile, reaching for his hand and grasping onto it. 'I would never miss a chance to spend time with you...' she heard a random thought in her mind. It came from her heart and it knew what it wanted. They walked together towards a place with tea on this fine day. As they were walking, she leaned her shoulder and head against him while her arm wrapped around his. With a simple squeeze  she felt happy. ''I missed you as well, Noel.~'' she spoke in sweet whispers, enjoying this.

They lead on as they finally got to the location. There were options to sit outside or inside. There were balconies too which were romantic, but not during the day. Her head tilted up as the two tall couple walked among Crocus. ''Shall we sit inside or outside, Noel?~'' she wondered, letting go of his arm to stand up straight postured. Her head tilted to look into his eyes with a genuine smile.

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