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Carry On My Wayward Son

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Fenrir was in shock as he watched the woman go down, there was a look of shock and disbelief on his face as he rubbed his eyes. He couldn't believe it! She was just a person, another person, she didn't seem all that bad by appearance but he could have been wrong. It seemed she was... Confused? There was a moment when he wanted to help her but he had to veer back for a moment to get out of his Lycan form. It was hurting him, maybe he was draining himself.  Too much or else he was trying to show off a bit too much. He cracked his knuckles and looked up at the sky. It was over, or at least the first conflict was meaning he might get those 'dates', he had hoped it would be tasty but there was nothing she had told him special about date but if it was like that kiss he was more than ready!

Speaking of the date, he had looked up what a 'date' was. It was like a plum or something... Or maybe it was like a juicy fat plum. Who knew what it was! He couldn't wait to find out later on. He rubbed his stomach in anticipation before the twins would arrive. He greeted them both with a raised hand but before he could do so much as speak he felt himself grow weak.

He didn't know what to say about the strong opponent they were speaking on. He wasn't sure if he could fight him right now at this point in his life. He didn't even know if he could master the legend. He took a step forward and fell to his knees as he held his chest, the transformation had taken a toll on his body, he was in it longer than he thought. As he rested on his knees he took a heavy breath and looked up at his master... "Master.. I don't know if I can keep running my legs feel heavy for some reason... I can't... I can't... I can't see." he looked down at his hands, his head was swimming his body was sore and he could barely breath. There was something in the air he couldn't do it.... This was scary. He tried to hold his chest and looked around the battle field, something was getting to him. He could feel himself slipping, but there was something much more serious at play. He could feel his back tingling and his arms throbbing.

His back was tingling madly, it was a bit of a shock, but he couldn't tell why. His head hurt a bit but he couldn't tell why, why him? Why now? There was a flash in his mind. He saw someone in his mind's eye. There was someone or something stuck on his mind. There was something at work, someone holding him down. His breath was heavy, he needed to get things together. If only he understood his current circumstance. He looked back at the twins and extended a hand to mare and Aura, "T-tell me more about..." he hunched over and held his stomach, regardless of what people were telling him.

Fenrir rubbed his eyes and tried his best to get things together. There was nothing wrong with him, or well there was nothing going on with him. Maybe he was going insane, all of the blood on his lips, it was all too much. There must have been more going on with him, who knew? He didn't it was all a blur in his mind at this point. No one was going help him, he was all alone. Someone, anyone, help him. There was a splitting headache and an even more deafening ringing in his ears.

Things were going fuzzy, why now? Who was doing this to him? It couldn't have been the mage, it must have been his own mind playing tricks on him... This was awful, he needed some help. Any help. The twins could help him? Would they help him? There was so much pressure in his chest now... Anyone... Please..


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#27Sage † 

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Sage †
Sage was glad that the vampire was defeated, the binding spell vanished, Sage sighed as a sign of relief. He wanted to thank Sebastian, but being in a large group and knowing no one there, Sage was quite shy. Then the demon lord came to him and asked him if he could check the defenders inside the embassies and tell them that things are settled. "Sure," Sage replied, he couldn't be more silent to the group, he felt something was off between him and the group, maybe it was because he was too young compared to them? Sage shook it off his mind and faced the embassy walking slowly towards it.

Then something stopped Sage, the man who was a lycan before turned into a human. Sage noticed the transformation and as a bookworm, he thanked the universe that he could see a real lycan and its transformation. Sage focused on his task but then something caught him, it was the lycan man, he did not know why but there was something, something that caught his attention. He observed the man properly, sored skin, heavy breathing, and other bad symptoms. Then it happened, Sage could tell that the man was in severe pain and looking around, he knew that only he could help him. 

Sage rushed towards the lycan man, he expected him to cooperate with him as best as possible, "Lay down," Sage told the man, he wanted to do this quick. Sage waved his hand and silky grass grew beneath the man's body making a comfortable place for him to be in. If the man resisted Sage, Sage would simply push him down the ground easily as the man was weak. The grass grew along with some ginger plant on the side near Sage, he then faced one of a random soldier from the rune knights, "Get me some clean water, NOW." Sage said with intimidation in his eyes, when he is serious, he will be serious.

As he waited for the man to take clean water for him, Sage unrooted the ginger plant and he ripped the ginger which is the root part from the rest of the plant, throwing the rest of the plant at the side with gentleness, he still cares about plants, they are like brothers and sisters to him. The soldier came to Sage hurriedly and gave him a glass of drinkable water. Sage took it without saying thanks as he don't want to lose any more time.

Sage placed his left hand at the bottom of the man's head and lifted his head. Sage then placed the glass in the man's mouth. "Drink." his cold words commanded the man. Sage lifted the glass, letting water to flow into the man's throat, Sage was careful not to let any of the blood on the man's lips to enter his mouth. The glass was then at least half empty as Sage will force half of the water inside the glass down the man's throat.

Sage then used his magic in reverse, half of the ginger was turned into powder and Sage mixed the powder with another half of the water inside the glass. "Now this won't taste good but it will help with your head pain." Sage know that it won't fully help with his head pain, but he knew that gingers are very effective on neurological problems. Sage did the same thing again, but now with the water mixed with gingers, he drove the water-mixed-with-ginger inside the glass down the man's throat, forcing him to drink but did it gently this time.

Whether he needed to do it a lot of time or not, Sage will make sure that the man finished the drink. When the man did finish it, Sage will place the glass next to the man gently and rose up gently. He had settled on an issue and now to the next. Sage left the group but he kept the soft grass sustained, maybe he did care about the man deep inside, but he has no time to care about people he barely knew, he regretted doing it the last time he helped a random people, his heart left broken to pieces. 

Sage marched towards the embassy, with someone in his mind, someone dear to him who Sage lost. A tear crippled down his cheek, he said to himself, 'Be strong, be majestic, and fall in love no more.'. Sage opened the door of the embassy, he already wiped his tear using his hand so that nobody could see that he cried. Sage walked to the defenders of the embassy who was inside it that things were reaching its end, but with a tone of no emotion and a voice so soft that Sage might need to get closer to them first. "The war is reaching its end.". That was all he said to all of the defenders inside the embassy, he said it to all of them, one by one, floor by floor. When Sage reached the rooftop, he said the same thing to the defenders there. 

He then went into an edge of the rooftop where no one could see him. He grabbed his hand on the edge and fell into his knees. He didn't know why, but he couldn't stop thinking of that special someone, he remembered the sweet times they had together and the time when that someone confessed to him. His eyes were then filled with tears, happy memories made him cry, he felt pathetic and dumb. His tears flowing down his cheek and onto his chin, then dropping onto the floor of the rooftop. He didn't make a sound tho, he doesn't want anyone to know that he, Sage, cried at the rooftop, alone. Then it hit him, he was alone, will he be alone forever? Maybe, he doesn't know how to even meet with people. 

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

The Titan girl peered down with an immensely satisfied look as the Grimoire Heart was easily dispatched by Sebastian. Truthfully, Fiammetta had expected the fight to be that easy with the demon butler. She'd witnessed first hand his incredible strength, and as far as she knew, a simple Grimoire Heart Assassin couldn't hold a candle to the strength and speed of the demonic servant. And certainly, neither could any of the grunts still trying to storm the embassy, falling helplessly to the blades of the rallied Rune Knights. Their blood was running hot, and it seemed nothing could slow their attack, which only became even more furious with the elite now dealt with. Fia had a half a mind to pick up said elite and hurl it toward the enemy as a show of force, but it seemed Sebastian had already picked up the woman and carried off somewhere. Fiammetta was unsure what Asmodeus wanted with the assassin, and preferred not to know in all honesty. That demon had schemes, and Fia wanted nothing to do with them.

So, she shifted her focus back to the waves of invaders, watching with pride and a berserker's thrill as they held their own against the oncoming threats, crushing wave after wave with pure force. Fia let out another one of her rallying roars, the Titanic yell filling the streets with the undeniable vigor and pride of Fiore's proud defenders. She reached down, picking up more rubble to hurl towards her foes, receiving cheers and attentive gazes as many soldiers awaited her game-winning pitch. Rearing her fistful of debris back, Fia delivered it, whipping her arm round and slamming her foot down as she unleashed another hailstorm upon the incoming Grimoire Heart. They were wiser to it this time, and didn't receive as much damage as the last thanks to some defensive moves on their part. However, the Rune Knights below Fia were only more invigorated by the action, regardless of effectiveness.

She was just about to let out another one of her triumphant roars when Fia's massive ears picked up something from below. Specifically, a certain demon lord trying to converse with her on the state of the Grimoire Heart offensive. Fia stepped back a bit, remaining at the center of the defensive line as she looked down at Asmodeus to deliver her evaluation, the Titan's voice low and thunderous, more like a beast than a human.


She was still not quite used to speaking in her Titan form, the more animalistic qualities of the transformation made it designed for pure destruction more than tactics. But, although Fiammetta was not quite used to the altered physiology of her Titan form, her speech patterns weren't much simpler than normal, so she'd been able to hopefully convey things well enough to the demon lord. The Grimoire Heart ranks were indeed thinning, as it seemed to become more and more clear that their assault on the embassies was a lost cause. Even if they could break past the reinforcements of the defensive line, they'd have to take down the Titan girl at the centre of it too. And although Fiammetta was admittedly not as strong as she looked in that form, it'd still take more than a few grunts to take her down, especially now that their elite was down.

And yet, in spite of their near certain victory, Fia felt continuously uneasy. Though she knew little about war, even she was having trouble understanding the intention of the dark guild in attacking these embassies, especially with such a lacklustre offensive. Were they just trying to sew chaos, cause destruction to the holy capital? If some kind of hostile takeover was being performed, why damage relations with foreign powers that could so easily take the capital back? And if they were just there for some inexplicably evil or random purpose, then why dedicate elite mages to the attack, who might end up defeated and captured by the defenders?

The Titan growled under her breath, all the thinking making her head hurt. If they had some greater plan, so what? Did that mean that the damage they were causing to the city and its people didn't matter? Sure, the 'ends justifying the means' was a popular sentiment, but perhaps it was just a little too complicated for the Barone girl. In her eyes, Grimoire Heart had messed with her and the ones she'd cared about, they'd dragged her ass into this forsaken war, and for that, she'd boot them all out of town herself.

The Titan let out another ferocious roar, stepping forward and leaping toward the enemy, over her own defensive line. She came down hard cracking the pavement beneath her feet with her massive form, and crushing a couple Grimoire soldiers underneath her. With another mighty and furious roar, she drew the attention of Rune Knights and Grimoire Heart alike, who were starting to realize just exactly what they were looking at. Not just a Titan, not just a magus. A war machine.

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Esperia V. Eisenberg

How disappointing, I guess it wasn't enough... Perhaps I need to figure out a different way to lead him onto the path.

Despite her cruel thoughts, the expression of the Demon Lord didn't betray a single clue of what she had been truly thinking. Instead, a worried expression crossed her visage as she watched Baron collapse, just in time for Sage to display a rather curious talent of his. A hand raised to her chin, a seemingly thoughtful look on her face as he finished the herbal treatment for the Lycan. "I didn't imagine you to be knowledgeable on herbalism Sage, that's a very useful talent to possess." Her compliment was accompanied with a little smile while she watched Sage soon retreat into the embassy while she remained at Baron's side for a while longer, at least till his condition stabilized.

"How are you feeling Fenrir? You better hang in there if you want to earn that date with Shalltear." She mused playfully while pausing for a moment to think about what to say next. A smile returned to her lips while she explained in a caring tone. "Don't worry about the castle, I'm sure they will have plenty of protectors at their side, I believe for now the best course of action for you would be to rest."

However, she still couldn't shake off that earlier thought that there was something odd about the entire war. The minimal amount of civilian casualties, the fact that rather than sending out their army and deploying elite squad they had opted to send out a single elite unit to key locations like the embassy. For some reason, it felt like she was playing a game of chess with someone who was on purpose making foolish movements to set his opponent off-balance and get them to underestimate them when finally they would show their true colors and cause a crushing defeat. This type of strategy couldn't kill the Guild Masters... No, it was evident that there was something much greater happening in the shadows of this war, but what was it?

Only after confirming that Baron was indeed at least recovering the demon lord approached the barricades the titanic Fia was watching and observing how the last of the enemy ranks were thinning nodded her head in approval. Good, the battle was won, and soon she could proceed with her own little scheme. She was confident that Fia, would need some time to have her injuries tended to and at the same time this momentary distraction would give her time to catch up with Sebastian and the others. Right about now the demonic butler must have arrived at the safehouse with his unexpected guest, the unconscious assassin still having a purpose to play in this game of wits and tactics. Nonetheless, with the war nearly at its end, she would have to start preparing her own games. After all, she wouldn't be a true Demon Lord if she didn't have her own share of schemes and a hidden agenda to pursue...

The twins looked into her direction, seemingly waiting for further instructions upon which she stated with a softer tone. "Return to Sebastian, I will have further instructions for the two of you later." A little nod came from the two as they made their way back toward the street Sebastian had disappeared at, leaving the Demon Lord alone with only the Lycan, the Titanic Fia and the mysterious person who had arrived late at the 'party'. Nonetheless, it appeared things were ending soon.

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Soon his eyes shot open, dead and hollow. There was nothing in his eyes, not a spark nor a shine. He couldn’t feel anything, he heard nothing. He stood up with a scowl on his face, the pain was gone he couldn’t feel any thing, not a touch nor a feel. He couldn’t even hear anyone call his name. His head didn’t hurt, his chest was un tight now, he didn’t know what was happening but he felt alive. His eyes were golden, gold and uncaring of his surroundings. Could this have been his Lycan form taking over? No such thing happened when he transformed. His eyes remained golden and focused ahead of him.

When the boy came to help him he shoved him aside with little to no concern for where he landed. Fenrir’s mind was fixated on what was far beyond. He walked on and on with no purpose in mind. What was he feeling? He couldn’t tell, there was nothing more than emptiness in his eyes. He was angry, that was there, but that was it. Nothing here, nothing there, this war was pointless. How could anyone do this, how could anyone keep fighting. He needed to go, he needed to go anywhere but here. His skin was riddled with goose bumps, his eyes were pulsating and his lips were drying. There was nothing in his mind anymore he felt like a monster, he felt primal. Who did he eat? What did he eat? He had slain a man, one Heart, he bit him and tore the flesh from bone. Delicious flesh. His stomach was growling, it wasn’t agreeing with him, he didn’t like it, it hurt. Why hurt? No more hurt. Please, someone stop it.

His body didn’t show the pain in his eyes, nor did it show the physical pain he was in. Now he could only walk as he blankly stared at the battle field. He walked on and on, nothing was there, no one was here. No one was around him, everything was irrelevant he felt hungry. Angry, wild. He wanted blood, more blood, but his stomach was full, he couldn’t have it, none for him, it was bad, filthy disgusting blood on his lips, he needed to wash it away, no no no, he wanted more. Have more? Starve himself? Eat again? H needed to feed, there were more he could feed on. He looked behind him at the boy, sage. His right eye narrowed, the left remained open. There was a vicious glare in his eyes. He could get this one, he could feed on him, the Heart almost did so no? It was nature to eat a smaller animal…

Fenrir held his head and forced himself to stare forward again as he began walking again. No, he couldn’t, they were a person, a human being, no food, but they were no different from animals… THey were animals, succulent juicy flesh that his teeth could tear with no opposition. He could go for the throat. Yes, the throat, he could end their pain quickly before he killed them, that way they’re nothing but meat, spoiled flesh, no, no, not spoiled, plump flesh instead. Pure meat was good, he could eat with a clear mind then. He could kill and eat anything he choose, that small boy was nothing more than flesh after all. NO, he couldn’t. He couldn’t do that! That was monstrous! He couldn’t bring himself to do it. He needed to keep moving, leave this place save himself before he made another mistake. He made many mistakes. Murder would not be one, not yet! Sage was lucky, he was human, he was a boy he could not feed on him… Not ever again would he feed on man, it was disgusting, but the flesh.. It was so sweet, he could feel it on his tongue again, so soft, so moist, so gentle on the taste buds he craved more. Fingers had found his mouth as he raked down his jaw, lips being pulled down, the saliva was flowing freely as he imagined the murder again. His eyes rolled up as he imagined killing again. Such a delicious sample, he could just have one taste.

He was on his own at this point he had wandered so far. His hand made a claw, fingers crooked and shaking as he tried his best to keep his composure, he saw a heart and defender fighting one another the blood shed frightened and excited the Lycan inside of Fenrir. Fenrir began to work his jaw stopping just a inch from his mouth as he watched the conflict.

The anticipation to join was getting to him, he wanted more blood, he needed to taste the sweet again! “Give me my sweet.” his claw reached forward as he readied to attack again, but no, it wouldn’t work his other hand took ahold of the shaking one as he pulled himslef back. He needed to ho, he needed to hide. Anywhere but here he told himself, anywhere but here. Soon he’d stop again and stare, there were a pair of people. Not fighters, civilians caught in the cross fire. They were scared, so scared, a woman and child hunkered down together in the midst of the chaos. The little boy, he was dressed like the typical child shorts, a t shirt and sandles. His mother fed him well it seemed, he looked like a fine snack. The woman was gussied up in a sun dress. They were both adequate prey. With great hesistance Fenrir’s instincts guided him to the two as he would only stare at them with hungry, but deadpan eyes as his mouth continued to work slowly down and up, down and up. “You need to go… With me..” he told them just before slapping himself, “No, you must go leave, run to courtyard, safety there with others.” he smiled down at them manically before continuing on. The woman and child looked at eachother and proceeded to do as told as the crazed servant walked on.

This was a panic, his heart began to race now the lifeless ness remained, but soon there would be tinges of shines and glimmers here and there as life returned to them. He looked to the sky ignoring all of the clatter, he had no idea where he was. He only saw people running past him yelling and hollering. He needed to keep moving, keep swimming, get help he needed help lots of help who could help him? Anybody?

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#31Sage † 

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Sage †
Sage wiped away his tears, he was feeling sad and in the same time angry. He looked at his hands and he saw what he could do, he is someone that is gifted with a magic no one could ever have, he has his own destiny, but only he can write it, no one else. His anger and sadness turned into a motivation for him to write his own legacy. From the rooftop, he could see a group of rune knight soldiers being cornered by some grimoire heart soldiers, they are not far away from him so he could easily blast away the grimoire heart soldiers.

The rune knight soldiers were outnumbered, 3 to 4, and from the look of it, if they weren't outnumbered, the rune knights would easily win the fight. Sage hardened one of his palms and concentrated his mana on it, a light orb appeared in his hardened palm and then Sage lifted the orb and threw it with a swing of his arm and a little bit force from his leg stepping forward. Sage directed the light orb to one of the grimoire heart soldiers on the head and it hits, the grimoire heart soldier was then defeated.

So now the rune knight soldiers haven't outnumbered in the corner anymore, now it is 3 to 3, and as Sage expected and predicted, the rune knight soldiers won the battle easily. Due to his accomplishment, Sage felt majestic. He standing on a higher ground and analyzing everything in his view. Sage felt like he might be a queen and play a game of chess is he has his own army. Even tho he might be underestimated with his strength and skills, he believes that his plan and technique is his best trait and it will help him with many situations.

A giant, which is one of the rune knights then said that the grimoire heart's ranks were thinning. Sage had a look at the horizon and sure what the giant said is true, the grimoire heart's ranks were thinning. Sage could hear this only because the giant's voice was quite loud. Then Sage saw the demon lord and her elves. She was saying something to them and by the looks of it, he could see that the demon lord has something up her sleeve. She was planning something, something that not many could know. But it wasn't his job to care what the demon lord plans. He has to think about his first.

Then he saw the lycan man, he could feel something was up with him, no one could hide if they are in pain for so long. But because of what he did before, Sage could care less about him. He remembered someone wise saying that people who don't want to be help can't be helped. Sage observed the lycan man for a few times and then he turned his view away as he realized that he shouldn't give a damn about him anymore. Sage looked at the man wearing a white cape and yellow suit, his head bald and shining. There was nothing interesting about him so Sage look at other parts of the battle.

In the front row of the battle, the rune knights soldiers was winning easily thanks to the help of the group that Sage was with before. Then Sage noticed it, he noticed that the lycan man, some of his body parts was covered in blood, and the battlefield, the dead body of the grimoire heart's soldiers were stained in blood too. This must only mean one thing, the lycan man killed and probably ate too much. Sage was feeling stupid to not realize this at first but now that he knew about this.

'NO.' his inner self-told himself, he then remembered the face of the man who said something to him that might fit in this situation, his hair black, that was what he saw a man with black hair, the one Sage missed a lot until that very moment, he remembered that man saying, "Don't ever give so much of yourselves to someone that you'd end up losing all your pieces or end up hurt." Sage then remembered why that man said this to him, it was because he, Sage, got bullied after he saved that person from being beaten by a teacher. Sage remembered those days, and it was sweet and a little bit bitter.

Sad things or old memories usually made Sage cry but this time he wasn't. he got stronger and tougher, probably colder. Sage had several experiences going through this phase and it usually won't last, it will probably end in just a few hours. But Sage wasn't sure about it, he isn't an expert on emotions and other things like it, he still needs to learn more about it before he could predict and judge his own emotions and others.

Sage then returned to reality, he looked at the battles that were occurring and it was ending. Finally he could go home and train his magic to get stronger, finally, he can head back home and take a shower. Sage head back to the stairs that would bring him back to the ground floor. As Sage stepped down the stairs one by one, he started to sing even tho he doesn't know what it meant.

Sage sang, 

"Rex tramandae majestatis, 
Qui Salvandos salvas gratis,

Salve me, Fons Pietatis,
Salve me, Fons Pietatis."

Sage had never heard of such words but it was on his mind. It seems like a memory he had lost long ago was starting to return to him. He could see someone, his smile perfect and his hair black. He couldn't see his eyes tho. Sage wondered who that person is. He was then confused, is he losing some of his memories or is he gaining some of his memories back as he walked down the stairs.

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

For what had to be the thousandth time in the last month, Fia wondered why she had this power. As she raged on the battlefield, swinging her massive limbs around and crushing Grimoire Hearts under her strength, rallying Rune Knights to their noble cause, a greater chaos existed not in any part of the fighting around her, but within her own mind. She could hardly grasp her own thoughts as she fought, only her instinct and the most basic of understanding guiding her. Crush this, block that, kill them, defend him. Fia felt herself slipping, devolving into some beast of war, and all the while, wondering why on Earth she did it.

What if her father could see her now? What would Baldo Barone think of his eldest daughter? Would he be proud of her fighting spirit, would he approve of the gusto and vigor with which she took on those who threatened her way of life? Or would he admonish her, would he hate the cause she'd taken in supporting the Rune Knights? Would he be disappointed that she'd dedicated herself to them, even if the reasons were for his and her siblings' benefit? Would he question why, why should make herself a pawn of the nobility, why she would even bother defending them? After all, it wasn't like they'd done anything for Fia or her family. If it wasn't for her current arrangement with the Rune Knights, she wouldn't be fighting for them at all... So then why? Why did put so much effort, so much rage into combating the Grimoire Heart?

Why was she given this power? Why did she fight?

Those were to the two questions that she asked herself above all else, and they gave Fiammetta pause. The Titan hesitated is she loomed over the battlefield, standing up a little straighter as her more animalistic features stared down at the fighting below. The Grimoire Heat foot soldiers were being pushed back further and further, they that wasn't blood wasn't still spilled on the side of the Rune Knights. As combat continued, injuries and casualties were inevitable, an unfortunate and inescapable truth of their conflicts. The Titan continued to peer over it all, over all the blood and dirt and debris. Though most of the civilians had been cleared out of the area, blood still fell upon the ground, and Fiammetta had to wonder why. Did anyone really care about the royalty? Did anyone really give a shit if those pigs died, if their opulence and corruption came to an end? Or were they fully aware that this wasn't there cause to fight for, to die for... Did they know that they were spilling their own blood just for the job they'd taken up?

As deep as Fia's thoughts became, the still Titan would soon recieve a rude awakening in the form of a volley of cracking "BANG"s that resounded over the battlefield. The Titan watched in horror as a Grimoire Heart firing squad, armed with rifles and firing mana-bullets in rapid volleys, shot down a number of Rune Knights. Her teeth grit down hard,  her stance lowered and hands balled into fists as she glared down at them. More death, by people who didn't know what they were fighting for, what they were dying for... She knew better than anyone that they all had their own reasons for being there, being in the knights, but that none of them... NONE OF THEM... Wanted to pawns.

Grimoire Heart had plans, the royalty had plans, the demons had plans... So many fucking plans... And they were just pawns? They were just supposed to do what the others wanted? Why? They never wanted this... They didn't deserve this.

They weren't anyone's pawns.


An inhuman roar filled the battle field, a shout full of rage and fury. The wrath of those who were looked down on, who were caught up in the plans of the pigs who deemed their sacrifices necessary, who made their decisions for them. Fia continued roaring at the sky, like she was trying to pick a fight with Illumin himself. Even the Rune Knights themselves stopped at the roar, though the Grimoire Heart weren't so kind. The firing squad raised their weapons at her, the squad leader raising his hand to signal their attack. But before the words could even escape his mouth, Fia charged again, rushing right for the gunmen! Her roar drowned out the order, but rifles of panicked men still unloaded upon her. Bullets pierced into her, but not very far. They were like a thousand hornet stings, painful but ultimately unable to stop her momentum. With a beast like cry, the Titanic girl literally dived at the firing squad, crushing them beneath her! When the sound of gunfire finally stopped, the Titan stood again, set her eyes on the sky, and once more...


Fuck the Grimoire Heart. Fuck the royalty. They wanted pawns? They oughta find someone who actually wanted to deal with their shit, their plans for domination, their grand and confusing ideals. Rune Knights cheered again, rallied forth against the Grimoire Heart, and Fiammetta finally understood why. It was because they wanted to survive. Because wanted to live, because they had people loved, because they had people they wanted to go home to.

And if that sounded like a 'pawn' to anyone, then Fia swore, she would show them just what they were dealing with. Screw whoever's plan invovled, screw the game of chess they were all playing. Fia would break the board, because she didn't care about their reasons. She finally understood. She was there not to wage war as a soldier, but as a warrior. A champion not of some great belief. But of survival. For those who weren't content being 'pawns'.

WC: 967+848+853=2668

Mana: 750/1250




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Esperia V. Eisenberg

It was over, the war was finally starting to reach its conclusion or at least the siege upon the embassies of Crocus did. Despite the fact that Sage had disappeared into the embassies after her request to notify the defenders inside, and Baron had disappeared into the nearby streets it was odd for the Demon Lord to remain. Why did she even care what happened to the civilians, to the people inside the embassy or those who were busy defending them? She didn't know the Rune Knight called Sage, so he was merely a pawn upon the chess board. While she held a fondness for Baron, he was still an unpredictable asset in her plans and she wasn't sure how much time and effort she could put into him. But then the titan of a girl who was having her own struggles ongoing? That was an entirely different story... Fia, feisty Fia. Why was it that the Demon Lord felt a powerful urge to keep her safe? To aid her in the dangerous events that awaited the girl? A hand raised to her cheek as she tried to figure out the source of those thoughts and the warm sensation in her chest when finally she had figured it out.

"Hmm, so it's her fault~" A soft giggle escaped the Demon Lord's lips at the realization she had made: The reason she cared about Fia's wellbeing was that of Esperia. The intense love, affection, and admiration for her lover were affecting even the Demon Lord, and if that was truly the case it could only mean one thing: Esperia had almost become powerful enough to progress into the next phase of her existence as the vessel for the Demon Lord of Lust.

Considering that all the Grimoire Heart rooks had retreated Asmodeus decided it was time to send out the rewards, in the end after the stick came the carrot as the saying went, so after a moment the familiar black cocoon wrapped around her, shrinking her body back into the smaller frame of her human self.

"Fia!" It must had come as a surprise for the Titan that all of a sudden, when the Grimoire Heart members had ceased their assault and their remaining numbers retreated that there was no longer a Demon Lord waiting for Fia, but the fragile obsidian-haired trickster who was clearly looking concerned at the injuries her lover has sustained during the battle so far. Certainly, she might had been mostly unharmed, but the same couldn't be said for Fia who had taken the blunt of the assault of the mook army.

"We need to take you to the medical bay!" The girl's worried voice would hopefully reach her lover, yet it was at the same time Esperia was reunited with Fia that something curious was going on. After having finished the assignment he had been given Sebastian had been rushing back from the hiding place of his master, leaving their unexpected guest in the care of the dark elf twins while he himself darted along the rooftops of Crocus. He had been swiftly jumping from one rooftop to the other, avoiding the rubble and debris of certain streets and sometimes even avoiding the need to make detours just so he could get to his master's side as quickly as possible. However, at the same fleeting moment, he noticed a powerful invisible blast had rendered a huge hole inside a nearby gate, the curious display quickly reminding him of a certain demon he had met a while back.

It took at least a few more minutes till he reached the district the embassy was at, and noticing that his master, the Demon Lord Asmodeus had reverted back to her human vessel the demonic butler's expression grew more gentle, as was usual when he was around Esperia and with a poweful hop he landed at her side. "Master Esperia, I have returned. However, I bring some worrisome news." While Esperia had been focused on her lover's return to her human-sized version the words of the butler made her turn toward him with a clear look of bewilderment. "It appears that a powerful elite soldier belonging to Grimoire Heart is invading into the direction of the castle. My reason for assuming this is that there is only one person I am aware of who wields such destructive power with its invisible properties. However, I have not spotted the person himself, even if I got an idea who it might be."

More fighting... Was there seriously going to be more fighting after they had just dealt with this terrifying situation? Nonetheless, she lifted her gaze to Fia, for she was ready to follow her lover wherever she might go.

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Fenrir continued to wander the battlefield, his mind and body growing increasingly torn between the two beings in his mind. He could feel the power struggle growing in his gut, good and evil were intertwined inside of him. He wanted to do a mixture of both it seemed, yet for Esperia he would remain calm and not allow himself to grow anymore feral than he already was. That was something wasn’t it? How his perfect mind could be penetrated by thoughts of murder. He was a simple man once, why, he didn’t even understand most thing people told him ha.

He would make innocent mistake after innocent mistake. When he made an innocent mistake, people over looked him, yet when it came to bloodshed he seemed to know more than enough. Was he a hypocrite? Perhaps, maybe he was just stupid. That was a fair assertion either way Fenrir was beginning to feel so much different. He felt good, but afraid of himself. He felt hollow, but full. He felt like a man with nothing to lose in life. Whatever happened before he met Espy was a thing of the past, whatever that was in his dream, the farm, the darkness, the monster, it was all irrelevant now.

Why was it irrelevant? He was a good boy, he did everything right he listened to his master he cleaned up after he was done training yet.. The dream still stuck with him and not just because he saw two beautiful women naked… That was something that perplexed him, maybe it was so because he had been thinking of taking a dip in a hot spring not long before that happened. He could use a dip in a spring now, then again he had only known of such things from brochures and magizines he had found. He had never seen one before but he was certain that they were hot steamy and lovely.

He would probably start off just sitting in it on his own as he let it clean him up, at first jumping at all of the heat before letting loose and submerging himself. How wonderful it’d feel to get himself in one of those things. Maybe he could get himself a nice drum of water he could hang out in for a moment. His body would be more than willing to sit in there for a moment while he warmed up. Outside of the realm of speculation he opened his eyes and had found that he had fell to his knees as news of the war being over rung around the battlefield.

It was over? His golden hues lightened into their original state, “What?” he looked around for answers.

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Sage †
He must focus on his ongoing task. Thinking back he hadn't contributed a lot to the fight even tho he was willing to help, but things were the way they were, he couldn't change that. Sage opened the main door of the embassy and walked back out to the battlefield, he lifted his gaze and what he saw might not let him sleep easily that night. What he saw was blood, everywhere. He couldn't handle it, there was too much violence for him to cooperate with. Then the thing he least wanted to see was that a giant, the woman giant he was with charged onto a group of grimoire heart's knights and that unsettling view made something inside him die.

Sage didn't know exactly what he just felt but it was something very peculiar. He never felt it before but the only thing he knew was that it left him unease. After the giant lady stopped rampaging, Sage could then see all the dead soldiers, he wasn't saying that killing the enemies was wrong but there was something else, maybe in one of it there was an act of murder, but looking at the vast body of dead soldiers, it was impossible to say that someone committed murder, maybe someone did and that's why Sage felt unease, taking a life of someone is wrong when viewing it in the point of nature, except for war of course as war is all about killing.

Sage doesn't make sense even to himself, what was happening to him? Why was he so emotional as he used to be so sceptical and straight-forward, using his mind only. But on that day he was using too much of his emotion, something is wrong, terribly wrong, there must be something wrong with him.

Sage then saw the previously demon lord now just a sweet girl running towards the giant lady and calling out her name and from the look of it, Sage could tell that the sweet girl has an affection on the giant lady. He then saw the demon butler coming towards her and said something to her, Sage could only lip-sync some words but that was enough, what he could tell was that the demon butler said the word 'castle' and 'invade'. That was enough to tell Sage what was going on, he then thought to himself that he might want to go too but then something held him back.

A peculiar breeze brushed through Sage's hair and a strand of his red hair turned blonde all of a sudden. This shocked Sage, he didn't know what happened but the thing that he knew was that he felt a little bit dizzy and he can't think properly. Sage tried to focus and he walked dazedly towards a forest near the embassy. When Sage reached the middle of the forest, he can't focus on what was real anymore, Sage fainted in the middle of the forest, with no one around him except for nature.


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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone


That one last roar, resounding in the minds and hearts of all the Knights who fought for survival, for freedom, for honor... That one last roar was the icing on the cake when it came to driving away the Grimoire Heart. Fia wasn't sure if it was some order from higher up, or plain old cowardice, but the Grimoire Heart ranks seemed to be officially falling back now. Not quite full retreat, and there were still some stragglers there who just didn't want to quit, but it wasn't anything that Fia figured the other Rune Knight's couldn't finish off.

Vapor rose off the giant's body as it gradually shrunk down, as though her massive form was evaporating down into its original form. After only a few moments, all that was left where the Titan had once stood was Fiammetta Barone, panting from exertion and pain as she stood in the cloud of her own steam. Her body was relatively uninjured, her Titan form meaning most of the hits were shallow and superficial, but the pain and exhaustion... They didn't go away.

But she was still standing, and so ones she cared about. Esperia - not the demon lord within her - called out, and Fia turned to face with a look of pure relief. "Princess... Yer alright..." Was all she managed, though her lover was able to say much more. She insisted that Fia go to the medical bay, but all the Barone girl could do was shake her head lightly, apologetically. As though it was something physically impossible for her to do.

Then there was another sudden reunion, in the form of the demonic butler Sebastian. He bore news of an apparent attack further in the city, another destructive Grimoire Heart, taking the lives of the Rune Knights just doing their damn job... Fia grit her teeth, fury renewed surging through her blood. Esperia looked to her, seeking guidance it seemed, ready to follow her... But Fia couldn't allow that. This burden, of being a war machine, she'd carry it alone, she wouldn't implicate Esperia in her rage.

"Princess... Leave this to me." She'd assure her, looking to Sebastian as if seeking his help as well in keeping Esperia elsewhere. A selfish and misguided request, perhaps, but she was sure there were places the demon lord's power could be put to better use, places where Fia's titanic fury would only do more harm.

"Don' worry, I'll be safe. I jus' can't stop yet. Cause I'm still standin', and there's still Grims in this fuckin' city..." She growled, as she turned toward the castle, ready to set out to unleash her wrath on its next victim. With one last reassuring look to Esperia, the young lass set out, toward a new and dangerous threat, toward a fresh hell that she would brave...

"And I'll only stop fightin'... When one o' those things stops bein' true."


As the Barone girl rushed along, toward the danger she wished to cease, a pair of feline eyes watched her movements. Soft paws stepped along on rooftops above, as a keen gaze followed her steps, keeping up with her easily in her smaller form. The magus watching over her smiled, glad she was already getting used to the power she wielded. Of course, he also knew, it wouldn't be enough in her coming trials... Oh, how unfortunate, that he'd have to interfere so soon.

"Well... At least this should be a little fun."


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Sweeter than a poptart you know you is not hard, living like a rockstar. He bobbed his head and looked at the ground. This was it wasn’t it? Now he was going to die? But his beloved Mare was still out there, he needed to find him one more time and give him the noodles he deserved. All of his noodles would be slurped up and devoured by the Saiyan. Just thinking about it made Fenrir hungry as he imagined the boy’s soft tender noodles sliding down his throat wrapping his belly in a loving embrace. Just thinking about it made him… Hot.

Aura probably had some pretty good noodles too but he saw hers being more in the way of spicy and fiery on the lips meaning he would have to be extra careful when slurping them. She might have been tough but she’d probably let him eat them. She was something else a wild little firecracker but she could be tamed if he ate her noodles in front of her just right. He was fooled twice before when it came to noodles but now he was wiser when eating them so she couldn’t want to stop him or distract him. \

He never caught a feeling so hard until he had met Esperia’s crew. He felt liek Asmo didn’t want him anymore, he was falling apart like a weakling. He just wanted her to be happy, he wanted to love her so badly but she made it so hard for him to love her properly. He loved Asmo with all of his heart but he knew she was in love with another. Probably that Fia girl he heard about, they did share a lover. That didn’t change his feeling. He still loved the Demon with all of his heart. But every time he thought about her he fell apart like a cheap toy. There was wanting her to be happy and then there was breaking himself down.

The tears began as he continued to fall apart for her, how could she make him fall apart so hard? She was his shawty he thought. He thought he had a chance with her but it became evident there was no chance she’d be his. It felt kind of soulful being her pawn though. He didn’t know if she was using him but he thought he loved her. But she soon told him he just wasn’t enough and told him he wasn’t enough. She fooled him once and it was all his fault, she cut too deep and she already left him scarred. There were so many thoughts going through his brain, now he just wanted to take shots like they were novacaine. How could someone he loved make him fall apart. He got up and walked off the battlefield… maybe one day. He couldn’t let go.

He didn’t know it before but he was surprised when she just left him. He wiped the tears from his eyes. He’d need a strong drink if he wanted to recover. He was covered in scars, he wanted to brush it off but he had to keep going. How could she just be so hurtful? Fell in love with the devil in the form of a woman… How fitting. He wiped his eyes again.

Fenrir rubbed his hands together and put them in the air like he just did not care, after doing so he felt his hands warm up a bit and looked down at them as they radiated white energy. “Mr sun sun, mr golden sun. Kill my enemy.” he cupped his hands together and fell into stance a blue ball of mana forming in his palms. He turned to the elf boy and waited for the perfect opportunity to strike. This was going to be it, he’d finally defeat that evil elf. But before doing so he’d stop mid way and shake his head… not worth it.



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