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Carry On My Wayward Son

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Masquerading as a man with a reason

My charade is the event of the season

And if I claim to be a wise man, it surely means that I don't know

On a stormy sea of moving emotion

Tossed about I'm like a ship on the ocean


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

Chaos, the city had collapsed into pure chaos. Rune Knights and fellow Guild Mages loyal to the crown were fighting for their lives inside the streets of Crocus while a loud horn resounded from further inside the city.

"The wall has fallen!"

A masculine voice belonging to one of those guards alerted the defenders fighting within the city. Meanwhile near one of the embassy buildings an obsidian-haired trickster was clearly occupied searching for something, or rather someone. "Fia! Lia!"

Yet the girl found her call to reach only deaf ears and to make the matter worse a loud cry came from nearby. Near one of the barricades, a group of cloaked figures tore through the reinforced barricade as if it was butter, leading to one of the Rune Knights stationed behind it to rapidly dart over to the invading Grimoire Heart soldier. Blade clashed against blade while a nearby allied mage raised his staff, seemingly pointing it toward the enemy with the intention of casting a spell but before he could finish channeling the needed mana a second mage leapt over the barricade, swinging a pair of dual daggers in his hands. It was a sickening sight to behold, the way the first dagger cleanly hit the side of the mage's neck, while the second sliced into his shoulder, causing the mage to collapse with a pained cry as blood splatters gushed out of the wound.


The Rune Knight locked in combat with the other soldier called out in concern, but the momentary distraction was enough for the soldier to knock the knight off-balance and skewer him onto his blade.

Meanwhile Esperia, who had been standing nearby urgently called to the aides who had been still outside. "Get inside! The mages inside have erected a barrier to keep you safe, I'll deal with those soldiers!"

Brave words, but false bravado as the girl felt her body tremble lightly in fear. "So this is war..." Asmodeus had merely raised a hand toward the approaching soldiers their direction as if to warn her about their approach.

The first one to reach her was the sword-wielding soldier, causing Esperia to pick up the sword of one of the fallen knights, yet lacking the strength and confidence she found her weapon trembling unsteadily.

"I won't let you kill them... I won't let you hurt those innocent people!" Letting out a soft warcry the girl was on the brink of swinging her weapon to meet the clashing blade of the soldier, but instead, she found a flash of black cross her visage, a fist connecting straight against the jaw of the soldier and making him reel sideways.

Although the soldier was quick to recover his footing, it was too late for the mysterious combatant's gloved hand punched straight into the soldier's chest, making the Grimoire Heart soldier let out a final cry when he finally collapsed onto the ground with a heavy thud.

The remaining soldier who had been approaching Esperia stopped briefly in his tracks, seemingly quite surprised by the raw strength of this mysterious butler, but soon he resumed his charge into her direction, letting out a thunderous warcry.

Of course, right about now would have been a perfect time for her to undergo her transformation, but then again... Why would she need to do that already, when she had a savior heading straight toward her?


The girl exclaimed hopefully while the Grimoire Heart soldier lowered his weapon in bewilderment "Fi-who?" Blissfully unaware of the berserker that was behind him. It was only after Fia's arrival that Esperia nodded her head lightly at Sebastian. "Hide yourself Sebastian, I got the feeling we'll need you again soon."

The butler nodded his head lightly, a light formal bow being made in return. "As you wish my master." And with those words he disappeared into a nearby alleyway several meters away from Esperia while the girl turned toward her lover with a smile. "I don't think I'll be able to stay untransformed much longer... it's too dangerous... I'm sorry Fia, please try to help Asmodeus as much as you can~"

WC: 686

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Fenrir sat calm as he felt the cool air gloss over him with a tender caress. He couldn't make out what was happening but there was a certain calm before the storm. Just as he awoke this morning there was a powerful turning in his gut, not only from the few days prior when he met the Legendary Super Saiyan, but he had also felt a sly turning when he had come first to place with his own relfection. Whatever that monster was it reminded him much of himself, but it also didn't at the same time. Whatever it was, it was a monster, not human, that was for certain.

He had now found himself sitting in the yard making preparations for the fight whenever it came. He wanted to be ready, as the Saiyan told him he needed to begin acting like a warrior if he wanted to fulfill his destiny. His righteous glory was on the line and he wanted to prove himself to his masters. Or well, his friends. There needed to be a stark change in his mind set if he wanted to be a Super Saiyan, that was the scary thing. This was his thing his time and his will to win... Damn. When the bomb went off he fell out of his seat and scurried outside. "What on Earth was that?"


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#4Sage † 

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Sage †
Sage was waiting, waiting for the incoming Grimoire Heart members to attack the embassies. Sage was hiding behind a door of a small cabin just near the embassy building. He was ready to face anything, anything at all. Suddenly a wave of memory hits Sage like a truck, it was overtaking him, and this was what he saw in his head:
"Sage heart beats faster than a bullet. Everything around him happened so fast that he couldn't process any info from his surrounding. The 6 years old boy was in fear, the screams of innocent people were the only thing he could hear, he couldn't see anything as the sky was covered by the dark blanket of night, the only thing he could see was bright flames engulfing everything it touches.
Sage's body wouldn't move, even if he wanted to, it seems like his fear overtook him. He wanted to see his mother, to be in her warm loving arms again, but she was nowhere to be seen. As Sage stood there, footsteps could be heard from behind the smokescreen, the pace was slow as if the one who produced it wasn't scared nor did he cared about the flames around him.
The one who produced the sound of the footsteps emerged from the smokescreen, he was big, his chest broad, and his face was hidden behind bandages. Sage looked at him, he didn't know what to do, should he run? should he scream for help? He then remembered what his mother said not long ago, "If a man with a face hidden by bandages appears, don't be scared, just follow what he asks you to do, no matter what.". 
Sage waited, waited for the man with the bandages around his head to give him a command, but instead, the man took Sage with his large hands and carried Sage on his shoulder and walked away from that place. Sage was confused, he wants his mom to be with him, not some random guy. Amidst the chaos around him, Sage tried to get out of the man's hold but simply he couldn't. After a few attempts squirming, the man stopped his walking, he turned his head towards Sage and revealed his eyes to Sage."
Sage's eyes suddenly felt heavy, he started to see visions, he saw a glowing crown, a lady with red hair, and his mother, sitting beside his dead father.
It was as if Sage was looking through someone else's view. Sage didn't know what exactly he should do. But things are getting serious now and he have to be ready to fight, Sage gained his consciousness back and he stood his stand. While waiting for the incoming Grimoire Heart, Sage make sure that there was no sign of innocent citizen that was still in the territory as they might get killed easily by the members of Grimoire Heart. Sage started to see people from many guilds coming to aid the situation, but Sage remained his position and if a bomb or a projectile were coming his way, he will be ready to dash out of there.
WC: 530/3000

#5Fiammetta Barone 

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

Hell itself had broken loose, unfolding before the citizens of the Holy Capital of Crocus, and before the countless brave men and women who were giving their all to defend it! Swords were drawn, blood was spilled, and magic was shot every which direction, a horrific display of chaos, redeemed only by the courage and heroism of those who defied the oncoming terrors of Grimoire Heart.

Among them were all kinds, but perhaps the most numerous were the Rune Knights, Fiore's faithful and stoic protectors. Barricades lay throughout the city, orders shouted and soldiers moved in every moment. Reinforcements rushed to key positions, lost causes felt back, and above all, swords were swung. One couldn't go metres in the chaotic city without passing Rune Knights clashing with Grimoire Hearts, not one of them without a weapon in hand. Though, for some, their weapons were their hands.


A savage and guttural cry preceeded a clumsy yet powerful haymaker, Fiammetta Barone's armored fist slamming right into the nose of an unfortunate Grimoire Heart soldier. It created a satisfying crunch, as blood srayed and the man fell onto his back, well and truly defeated. The fiery lass who'd felled him stumbled back eyes darting about for the next foe. Sweat dripped from every pore, dirt covered her face and hair. Fia had been caught defending one of the earlier barricades, caught in the confusion for so long, she'd lost track of how long she'd been there. All she knew was that there were enemies at every corner, and that she'd lost sight of Esperia somewhere along the way... But before she could continue searching for her lover, a horn resounded from nearby, and not moments lafter, one of Fia's superiors shouted out to all those fighting.

"The enemy is advancing! Fall back and defend the inner barricades! Hostiles are moving on the embassies!"

Fia growled lowly under her breath, teeth grit in frustatration. There was gonna be more 'Grims' - as Fia had dubbed them - pouring in at any moment. And as hot as Fia's blood was right then, she was at least rational enough to know that falling back was the best thing to do right then. Breaking into a run, Fia would move double-time back into the city, toward the embassies apparently under attack. Some were already there to help, it seemed, as she noticed a red-haired boy aiding civilians caught in the area. Her heart was pounding, head was racing, blood was boiling. If this was war, then calling it hell was an understatement.

Following one squad of Rune Knights, one particular weak point became clear as they approached the embassies, with one of the barricades all but demolished! Other Grimoire Heart foot soldiers were already moving in, with Rune Knight reinforcements there to intercept them! With the other Knights focusing on reinforcing the newly made weak-point, Fia rushed in to engage what opponents had already made it through. Immediately, her eyes spotted a pair of slain Knights, their bodies still fresh. Her blood ran hotter than ever, her mind simply unable to find any other response to these horrors that wasn't outrage and fury. With no ability to cope in these circumstances, all Fia could do was find something to take it out on. And fortunately, she found something with which she could do just that.

After glancing around panickedly, Fia's eyes settled on one solitary sight. Her eyes widened with surprise as she noticed Esperia and Sebastian in the midst of battle! The demonic butler had just brutally dispatched one of the attackers, while the other one was headed straight for Esperia! Fiammetta didn't think twice before charging toward him, a low, guttural roar boiling up as she did.

Just as the soldier lowered his weapon, he'd hear that roar approaching, but by the time he turned around it was far too late. An armored fist slammed into the side of his head, stunning the soldier as he staggered along a few feet. Fia rushed right back into him without hesitation, with the man also thrusting towards his own blades. Quick to switch to defence, Fia deflected them to the sides with her guantlets, grabbing onto the man's wrists to deliver a swift headbutt, stunning him even more. With his head spinning like a top, Fia twisted one of arms, pivoting him around and in prime position for Fia to grab the back of his head. She held him down, letting out a furious roar as she sent an uppercut straight into the soldier's exposed face, leaving it a bloody and bruised mess as his body fell limply to the floor.

Staggering away from her pummeled foe, the haggard Fia, already dirtied and scarred by war, turned to what seemed like the last ray of hope in that bleak ordeal. Looking to Esperia with a weary smile that knew things were just getting started, she heard the girl's warning about Asmodeus, lamenting that she could stay untransformed forever.

"Don' worry 'bout it, Princess. I'll help help 'er much as I can... 'Til there ain't anymore fuckin' Grims in these city..."

WC: 853/3000

#6Nastasya Crowe ✝ 

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Nastasya Crowe ✝
Towns, yards, everything was ridiculously messy. People running, moving away from her that it almost become quiet. She was leaning against one building and watching the chaos. She had come here, covered in her invisibility spell, using her scentless spell and using the idea of the vampire power that she had: being soundless. It was already dark and her own eyes were able to see everything perfectly. The knights had gone to another part of the town where the Grimoire Heart minions were as well. She didn't make a sound, no need to breath, not need to blink, no moon to show extra light.

The undead simply looked around, hiding under a tree, next to a yard where a guy was sitting. The one that was scared because of the cannon. He wasn't one of the only ones. There was also a girl screaming loud but they seemed to have their romantic get-together already. Wonderful but so loud, that's when she spotted little Victoire, as they made up their plan, she looked like a lost little pet. Trying to find her owner, walking left and right, she had no idea where Nastasya was. Safe next to the tree, with her back against the wall of the building. It was time to see what she was able to do and what the people around her would do as a few more grimoire heart minions came towards this open spot, the streets had been so nicely empty apart from those three she spotted, was that a knight walking with a child? Some people.

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16 STR
15 Speed
11 END (20% + cuz nighttime)


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

So far it seemed the initial tide of the invasion had been halted, although despite the momentary respite Esperia still felt quite restless, and also understandably was unwilling to remain helpless much longer. "Luxuria..."

A soft whisper escaped the girl's lips as she felt the familiar surge of mana rush over her, cloaking her in a cocoon of darkness when within an instant the Demon Lord emerged from within. A light nod was made toward Fia in acknowledgment while she hummed softly "I wouldn't enjoy a break just yet my dear Fia~ Who knows what type of surprised Grimoire Heart has planned."

A hand gently raised to her cheek as she pondered out loud, wondering what type of foe would approach next. While several minions were rushing toward the embassies, reinforcements in the form of Rune Knights and Allied mages were making their way to engage them. Of course, unlike little Esperia the demon lord was much more refined in the art of warfare and turned toward Fia and whispered under her breath so that only those close to her could hear what would follow.

"Fia, be prepared for anything..."

Of course, she was quick to notice that within the nearby yard a familiar figure, a hand raised at her. "Fenrir~" The Demon Lord's smile remained while she addressed him. "This is no time to linger here, come to the embassies, there is no telling if or when Grimoire Heart will breach our defense again."

A soft sigh followed as she extended a hand to make him follow her, while within the shadows of the nearby alley a pair of red eyes glinted amidst the shadows, her earlier orders being carefully followed as he was sure to remain within range should she need him. Of course, with how eager she seemed Asmodeus had started to try to pull the man along, unaware pulling him away from the direction a hidden threat lurked, and who was now having a Demon Lord's back at her.

Esperia has transformed into Asmodeus, the Demon Lord of Lust!


Strength: 1
Speed: 22
Intelligence: 14 (10% discount to spells)
Endurance 21+10 (buff) 31


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“Better find Esperia, but first...” With the grit of his teeth, and focus in mind the Lycan transformation would begin. Dark fur growing around his body, clothes stretching and tearing around his increasingly bulky frame. His tail grew and coiled itself around his waist before he would finish. This was it, what he had been trained for. His mouth would elongate into a snouth and his teeth sharpened immensely, soon he was more wolf than man as he stood in the yard ready.

When he was finished he was at full capacity in his Lycan form. It was a bit much but he didn’t want to take any chances. He licked his maw and raised his nose to the air, there was too much happening for him to smell her out. He’d have to cut a path to her then, and just in time for him to test his new abilities came a Grimoire Heart knight clad in armor clasping a sword.

He stared down the newly transformed Fenrir. sadly there would be not time for him to make a brash decision. Fenrir charged pouncing on him and avoiding the slashing blade. he lowered his jaws and clamped them around the sword wielder’s neck yanking away violently as he tore flesh apart. The Lycan raised his head and swallowed his meal accordingly before going back for more, it tasted wonderful, he was already slipping into animal instinct.

With that he sat up on all fours and heard his name called, he saw the demon lord greeting him with an all too familiar smile. He wagged his tail from side to side excitedly and ran to his friend with a warm toothy grin. His tongue would lawl out of his mouth as he nodded and followed her, large form pulled easily away from the battlefield.

Fenrir has evolved into Warwick
Lycan Stats
Str 72 (seated's might)
Speed 64
End 54

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The sound of a zipper stringing along the surface of a suit was probably inaudible to most... The sound of two gloves being pulled tightly across the hands of a heroic individual. Heroic being... Something up to interpretation. A small smile crossed the lips of a shadowy figure looming many feet above a smoking building. From beind the veil, his shape became evident, as a muscular superman, something to gaze upon. The smashing of steel on steel, halted when the presence was noticed first by the grimoire heart attackers, then the rune knights themselves froze.

The smoke cleared to reveal a pretty frail looking bald man in a super-suit.

He lifted a hand upward to say hello.
Though he went pretty silent; the awkwardness beginning to set in rather quicker than he'd hoped."Uh, hey."

He spoke out to the expecting crowd on the battlefield. A few laughs escaped both sides, as well as an insult here and there. It was probably one of his more embarrassing moments, though Kee was use to these. They stared at him, and he allowed the verbal attacks to commence before everything went back to a serious atmosphere-- their faces pinching back into those unruly, aggravated glances between both sides. Swords started flying once more. The warring of the mercenary army and the rune knights was right back into place.

Kee stood in his spot, a small sigh escaping his breath. His face washing over, as he stretched an arm. He trained rigorously for the respect he never really got, this was further elaborated by their responses. Shit I mean-- at least he was here risking his neck? Could be a little more grateful. But that's life for you. He was gifted, however, and he very well knew it. Raising his tired eyes over the battlefield. He'd put all that training to rapid use. Time to get flashy. The bald hero, pulled his arm back-- so as to swing like a boxer... Don't blink.

In a blur, the baldy was gone from his spot, out of no where it had seemed. Though, no one had even looked back at him, the chances of being expected were slim to a none. Wham! Kee's fist collided with a body, before darting feet away to another opposition which hadn't registered the plume of gale winds whooshing by them. No time flat, and bodies that had been in mid gauge of sword swings went sailing many feet towards the stars, some came down, the carnage of the ashen war-grounds made other disappear from sight completely. A yellow and garnet wind swept the enemies clean like a broom of sorts. Such a sight was practically unheard of, no... It was definitely unheard of. Faster than the dust and sand in his wake- the superhero outfitted warrior paved untraceable pathways around rune knights. Nimbly dodging their weapons and eradicating their GH-aligned attackers like some kind of tide pod you'd use on a dirty piece of clothing. His feats, that were being occupied, something of mystery and bewilderment.

Still unseen, at least, he should have been. He was moving too fast for the typical human to register clearly. Kee would dart around a building, and stop before a child, the kid was crying. Shit. These kinds of things were the knight's bane. He scratched his shiny head. Before speaking up. "You should probably run along now, pretty violent here. No? Okay." He responded quickly, in reactant of the volume behind his new responsibility becoming ever louder.

Kids are... Weird.

Word count: 600

#10Sage † 

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Sage †
Behind the doors of a building near the embassy, Sage stood there, he didnt care what people will say about him, he being a coward or anything else. He was waiting, waiting for the right opponent to come to the battlefield. Watching all those grimoire Heart knights doesnt give Sage a hint of when their elite will come, but Sage stood there, behind the door, and being very patient about it. Sage then saw a lycan transforming and attacked several grimoire heart’s soldiers. Then he could see a demon, a nature demon and she is a friend to the lycan. Sage was confused for a moment, a lycan and a demon fighting the grimoire heart’s soldiers? Well that is actually a good thing to Sage. Suddenly the grimoire heart soldiers starts to kick down doors of the buildings beside the one which sage is hiding in. ”it seems like i have no other choice.”, Sage clench his fist and a long rapier formed, the rapier was made of light, Sage hid beside the doorway, waiting for the soldiers to kick it down and at that time, Sage will attack them with his Rapier.

The soldiers footsteps are getting nearer and nearer, then one of them kicked down the door. Sage thrusted one of them in the chest, the other soldiers was shocked, but Sage’s element of surprise disappeared just like that, the other grim soldiers attacked Sage. As if Sage was dancing, he played with his rapier and slayed grim soldiers. After that, few bodies of grim soldiers are left dead on the ground. Sage then thought to himself, ’I have exposed myself, I guess I’ll help the lycan and the demon.’. Sage walked slowly towards the place where the lycan and the demon were standing on, he fought some soldiers with his rapier on the way there too.

When Sage arrived near the lycan and the demon, he bowed and intoduced himself to them, ”my name is Sage, im a seated’s rune knight, ill be helping you to fight the grim soldiers, and watch out for the elite one.” Sage said to the lycan and the demon, he trust them and when he ended his sentence, he glance around awaiting for the arrival of the elite. If there are projectiles heading towards him, he will be using one of his defense spells to protect them from the projectiles, it is if the shield is big enough of course.

WC: 416
T WC: 946/3000


#11Fiammetta Barone 

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

Fia cracked her neck loudly as she readied herself for the next wave of 'Grims' as she'd dubbed them. Her fists were clenched tightly, a thin vapor rising of her arms as she prepared herself. Bringing out the 'big guns' was going to be dangerous for her, especially with how many civilians were still around, so she'd need to be as careful as possible if she wanted to use her magic to its full potential without causing horrific collateral damage.

Esperia, meanwhile, had no such troubles drawing out her greatest strength, Fia watching was she called upon that familiar transformation. "Heh, let 'em bring it on. I got surprises o' my own." Fia growled, eyes scouring the battlefield around them. As Grimoire Heart foot soldiers stormed toward the embassies, Rune Knights met them, the squad Fia had come with already patching up the hole that some had come through. All in all, it was nothing but a pure battle at this point, though glimpses of an advantage on the side of the Knights could be seen...

Asmodeus warned Fia, telling her to be ready for anything, and the young Knight nodded back firmly. "Same to you, Asmo. Don' let Espy get hurt." She commanded, watching as the demon lord suddenly rushed off to grab a man sitting alone in a yard. He looked kind of familiar, but Fia couldn't afford to waste any time dwelling on it. It was one more ally to their side, not much more to think about there. Even if she did notice that same ally turning into a Lycan as her attention shifted elsewhere...

With everyone else occupied, Fia couldn't afford to stand around and get her bearings any longer. She set her sight at a point just behind the defensive line of Rune Knights, a perfect point to defend the embassies from, one right in the heart of the battle. Fia grit her teeth, letting fury flow through her as she began trudging towards it, vapor rising off her body as she marched.

"OI, MOVE!" Fia shouted furiously, earning the attention of some of the Rune Knight foot soldiers around her. They didn't quite know what was happening, but upon seeing her expression, realized it was probably best to do as she said. They cleared the road, and with her space open, Fia finally did what she'd been waiting to do.


With a mighty cry, Fia's body continued to produce vapour, and grow rapidly. Muscle expanded in seconds, her size increasing at an incredible rate, and catching the eyes of many other combatants around her. Soon enough, Fia was looming over the battlefield at almost 8 meters tall, gazes of fear and awe upon her. She wasted no time in this form, letting out another roar as she quickly dropped to one knee, slamming down her fist into a group of Grimoire Heart soldiers as she did! As bodies were crushed under her weight, the Rune Knights continued to rally realizing the Titan was on their side.

Fia pulled her fist up from the ground, revealing a small crater where the Grimoire Hearts had once been. Standing behind the rest of the soldiers, like a massive siege weapon, Fia continued to stay table on one knee, as she used her massive form to look over the battlefield.

She spotted Asmodeus rushing over with the Lycan, a bald guy helping a kid while wearing... Pajamas? Well, if that's what he fought best in. Meanwhile, a red-haired boy joined Asmodeus and the Lycan, seeming to help them along as they neared back toward where Fia was. With everything converging, it seemed things were going smoothly, for now, and Fia let out another mighty, guttural roar to encourage the other fighters further.


Mana: 1150/1250



#12Nastasya Crowe ✝ 

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Nastasya Crowe ✝
It was a very good idea to have used the scentless spell as well as the guy that she had seen in the yard on her right hand had gone up and walked to a girl that had transformed. This was a transforming party, first the girl; changing into a demon lord. How did Nastasya know? She wasn't a hundred percent sure but she had experience with Lucifer thanks to Odin, so that was a guess number one. Next was the lycan, to which made her happy about her scentless spell, she had a bit of experience with lycans thanks to Erebus. Than there was another girl that changed into a too tall being later.

But her invisible red eyes were looking at the last companion of that group; a child. Well he looked very young, he introduced himself loud and clear as a knight and most of all: he was standing next to the demon lord and this meant that his back was on her as well. There was no one else here, the grimoire heart minions that had showed up where already dead and if she wanted to be heard she would groan in annoyance: but she didn't. No need for breathing, no need for blinking, her soundlessness because of her being a vampire. So she pushed herself away from the building, walking towards the group, ignoring the others but not in a way that she wasn't prepared for sudden movement.

The thing was that the young guy named Sage was still finishing his last sentence, in a matter of seconds, 3 to be exact, she reached the four.. people. Two with their back towards her, one looking over buildings and a wolf that kept his eyes on the demon lord. She lifted up her hand to her lips, bit in it and moved it to the boy, when she finally activated the spell, she moved her hand forward, and while the spell formed the 5 centimeter long claws, when she was just 2 centimeters away from his skin, that meant that she would immediately pierce his skin in the nape of his neck as she was moving quickly forward, needing less than a second to do that and her spell growing to the full form 5 centimeters, even going on in the skin.

Mana: 1117/1975

61 INT (30% discount mana)
16 STR
15 Speed
11 END (20% + cuz nighttime)


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

It appeared the merry fellowship was starting to gather. While Asmodeus spotted Fia going on a rampage near one of the barricades, Fenrir had decided to go butchery-doo on one of the approaching Grimoire Heart minions, and that would leave quite a mess, literally... The savage tearing of the man's head off his body caused blood to gush all over the place, only intensified by the bestial feasting of the Lycan that followed. Asmodeus couldn't help but find herself somewhat disgusted by this war. The rubble and debris of the fighting so far had left the streets in ruins, corpses were scattered and blood spilled everywhere, a spectacle that lacked the elegance the Demon Lord loved to act with. Yet her pleasant facade remained while Sage approached them, making the demon smile gently at him as she turned slightly into his direction. "A pleasure to have your aid Sage~"

But meanwhile in the nearby alley Sebastian's eyes narrowed slightly, a hand raised to his chest while he focused his mana, feeling his body rapidly growing both stronger and faster while he gazed upon the battlefield, and it was at that moment he noticed it, the one tiny flaw the invisible assassin had made in her otherwise perfect ambush. Even if she was invisible, scentless and soundless, her feet still disturbed the ground upon which she walked. rubble shifted soundlessly beneath her feet, blood splatted soundlessly against her boots or shoes, and... left footprints. Despite his weathered looks, Sebastian was a powerful and experienced demon, with eyes as sharp as an eagle's, so when he spotted those little details he was certain that something or someone was there... and that being could be a threat to his master.

Considering the angle of the alley he was hiding in, being at the opposite side of where the group was situated at, meaning that he was, in fact, hiding at the direction the invisible predator was moving from, the demon butler decided to act. There was just about twenty meters between himself and the spot his master was at, so it would be an excellent opportunity for him to act. With a sudden lifting of his gloved fist the demon punched into the ground. Within an instant a 3 meters wide wave of dark energy rushed straight at the direction he had seen the disturbance at, the attack knocking both debris and blood splatters alike into the air, all the way up to twenty meters in range, all in the span of a single second. Considering the speed of his spell was almost at 20 meters a second, it was sure to reach the group before his target could reach her prey, and with a tap of his chest, he disappeared into a puff of smoke to finish his ambush.

It must have been odd for everyone involved, a sudden wave of darkness rushing to them, and the hidden vampyre who would have been about six meters away from reaching her target, quite close to the spot Fenrir had torn into the corpse of the Grimoire Heart minion from before. Of course, with the blood splatters having hit 'something' before disappearing alongside his wave of darkness possibly causing more cues to be given made it evident someone was there under a cloaking spell, and with his actions just now and the observing of the footprints from before, he had an idea of where she might have been hiding.

With a sudden rush the butler darted forwards as he emerged at his master's side, seemingly with the intention to sweep his leg while he made a low snapping round kick into the spot the disturbances and the blood splatters had ended, and considering that spot would lead to her shin, quite close to her ankle while his foot hooked inwards, it would ensure that if he made contact he would sweep his target off their feet, what surely would cause more disturbances on the ground.

If said action did work, the target would soon find that if he felt a contact, Sebastian would follow up with a tackle in a straight line, intending to force his invisible target onto the ground, planning to pin her down onto the ground as he rose his torso upright in an attempt to straddle her, while his fists lunged into the direction he believed her chest and head were at


The butler's eyes were sharpened into a focused stare, seemingly into Nastasya's direction, making the Demon Lord hum softly as she looked at her butler. "I guess your silence means you're entertaining one of our guests hmm? You might want to reveal yourself my dear, lest Sebastian here ends up punching you into oblivion"

Sebastian revealed himself!

Sebastian's stats:
Strength: 101+20: 121
Speed: 101+20: 121
Endurance: 101

Sebastian Mana: 1200/2000
Spells used:

Spells used by Sebastian:
Esperia's Stats:
Strength: 1
Speed: 22
Intelligence: 14 (10% discount to spells)
Endurance 21+10 (buff) 31


Carry On My Wayward Son Empty Sat Feb 03, 2018 11:56 am

Fenrir scratched behind his ear and yawned. He was probably draining alot of mana like this, but on the bright side the demon lord was holding his hand, how many people got that pleasure he'd never know. Asmo was such a nice lady, she took care of him tons and even told him his name. It didn't get any kinder than that, yet that underlying sense of nervousness that crept into his gut made him weary of her. Not by a sizable means, but only a smidgen of doubt in his mind. That was only natural when acquainted with someone with demon in their name though right?

Licking his teeth again his attention would soon span to the commotion. His attention would garner him to sit like a dog as he awaited orders from Asmo. His tongue lawled out of his mouth yet again and his tail wagged excitedly. He felt like a regular old dog, yet that wasn't excuse enough to turn into a beast, He looked down at the ground realizing that he had lost his manners yet again. The stench of Sebastian filled his nose as he would soon realize that there was more trouble! "Trouble, trouble, trouble!" he barked happily. What on Earth is wrong with him...

Carry On My Wayward Son MJmwSQc
"Hey Guest, wanna train with me? No worries, I'll start soft and get harder as we go."

Carry On My Wayward Son Empty Sun Feb 04, 2018 8:11 am


With all the events transpiring around this great and majestical setting, Kee was somewhere off to the side, still talking to a child. Or rather, listening to it whine- his heart was too, how would you say? Kindred. To leave the kid in the line of danger. Just as he finally sighed and picked the kid up to cradle the boy within one arm, a knight came running from behind, luckily, the rune knight could hear those feet peddling around the ground. A simple 90 degree turn, and the push of a finger sent his charging opposition funneling through the skies.

This made him look up to see a girl, now rising like a giant, not the biggest one he'd heard tale of. However, her form was formidable, he felt the need to fight her only because the thrill of a challenge was null and void to poor Kee. He had long past grown untouchable by your typical mage. Few could contend with brawn the likes of which you might call "otherworldly."

"I should go see what's happening over there. Hmm." The baldy looked at the small bugger crying onto his shoulder, snot probably burning stains into his yellow shoulder sleeve. "This is too weird. What am I gonna do with this situation." Kee's energy drained, he really wanted to be in the battle. However, he knew this kid needed to be taken care of in a crisis such as this.

Kee began to launch into the air- where he would exit the area until he could find people to watch the boy, only to halt when a manly voice called out from beyond a firey building. "Hans! Hans, my boy, where are ye?!" The voice was full, strong, and covered in heavy accent. The warmth of that voice was enough for Kee to piece together he was holding 'Hans.' "P-Papa?!" The blubbering child yelled. Causing Kee to rub his ear. A slight nod of his head, and Kee ran fast enough to cut straight through the building, and bust outside of a window on the opposite end. With the grown man in his other arm. It was done so fast and gracefully, that no one had suffered casualty. Except for a tiny ember at the back of the suit, and some dark stains on his yellow attire. "Oh heavens, me boy is safe!" Said the man with the beard full of ash and smokes. He hugged the kid up tightly, and Kee knew he'd done a feat meant for the hero that he wanted to become. "Okay, time for me to get out of here," he said, triumphantly and eager to escape back into the fray of blades.

"Wait! Ma-ma! Where is my ma-ma!?" the boy said, sparking his burning eyes to cry even more. Kee was in position to jump, when he tilted his head back. The urge to be the hero, coursed yet even further through his veins.

"Aye, sir! Me wife lay sleeping in the building. The stairs burnt to a crisp and I couldn't reach her. Please, if ye could save me wife I'd be eternally grateful to ye." The accent was hard and heavy as the father pleaded to the super-suit wearing caped bald-man. Kee's entire atmosphere changed. He knew what was more important right now, he planned to act on it too.

Carry On My Wayward Son 8816995


In a blur of motion, the hero flew from his set position on the ground, to the highest window on the second story of the building. Inside, the woman was unconscious. Kee picked her up just when a hot wooden log crashed over his back, causing him to drop to one knee, pure strength holding it up so not to end the life of the boy's mother. The Rune Knight for fun felt the fire's burn his back, the damage alone was probably enough to kill a typical man.

In fact, he knew this wasn't good even for his own self, the entire roof was to cave on him sooner than later. It began to fall all around the two now, almost instantly with that thought. Though Kee held her tightly under his torso, protecting her the best that anybody could. Before... Wham!

Pieces of burning house exploded outward, as Kee exited through the ceiling. He came down to the ground, his feet, stomping the ground about ten meters from the father and son, who waited desperately. He sat her on the road, leveling her, so that she was away from harm, but also not left out of sight for her family to pull her out of here and retreat to safer grounds.

"She's breathing. You will need to get out of here quickly if you want to find a hospital in the next town over."

He said, blankly without much steep to his tone. Then, he raised his arms, and took off. His destination? The main area of battle over the trees. Where the titan Fiametta barked 'Oras' and the vampire Nasty engaged with the Rune Knights, and the demon lordess 'Esperia'.

Word count: 1385

#16Sage † 

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Sage †
The demon lord was glad that Sage was able to help, even tho he couldn't help much and the fact that he looked like a kid may put everyone in the battlefield to underestimate him. The lycan however, doesn't seem to react to Sage's presence but he focused on something else, it seems like one of the demon lord's servant, Sebastian was there on the battlefield and is facing someone. The demon lord also said something to someone that Sage couldn't see, then it hits Sage, they are talking to the Grimoire heart's elite, which Sage had predicted that one of them would come. 

With his intuition, he felt like the elite was targeting him, but he couldn't trust his gut feelings sometimes, as it could be very misleading. Sage lifted his arm, a two meter diameter light shield form on Sage's arm and facing the direction where the butler and the demon lord were facing, the shield was big enough to block any projectiles that will be coming towards the group. Sage did that because he wanted to be ready for anything, as the one that he was facing is someone invisible. 

If something would happen, like the enemy revealed themselves and is in close range with Sage, he would cast an instant spell that might change the whole situation, as Sage used his left arm to put up the shield, he readied his right hand to cast another spell, because he knew that at any time, the enemy will pull up a trick, but that is just what Sage had in mind.


#17Fiammetta Barone 

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone


Another ear-rending, guttural, almost animalistic cry filled the battlefield, as Fia continued to serve her role as a beacon for rallying the troops around her. Nothing inspired confidence quite like having 26-foot tall Titan on your side, nor was there anything quite as capable at soiling the pants of their opponents. Even as more Grimoire Heart poured in, there was a noticeable hesitation in the charges of the foot soldiers as they spotted the giant, lumbering beast. And of course, Fia's furious cries didn't hurt either. She was more than just a siege engine or rally point by then. She was nothing short of a war machine.

Thriving and subsisting on her Titanic rage, Fiammetta continued to stay in her knelt position, for the safety of those around her. Thanks to her height, however, she was still in the right range to slam her fists down on any Grimoire Heart that dared to brave their defenses. But that wasn't the only skill in her arsenal, however.

As another wave of Grimoire Heart approached, Fia decided to see just what she could do at this range from her targets. Sure, she was a simple girl who mostly just relied on punching shit as hard as she could, but that didn't mean she didn't have a few bright ideas every now and then. The Titan reached a hand down to some of the nearby rubble left by the fighting. Taking a decent handful, she'd hold it firmly, then as tightly as she could, crushing the wood and stone into smaller pieces with her titanic strength. Perhaps going from punching things to throwing rocks didn't quite classify as a 'bright idea', but damned if it wasn't effective. With her ammunition ready, Fia set her eyes on the incoming Grimoire Heart foot soldiers, and with a mighty pitcher's throw, sent a hellish storm of debris at them. Bits of stone and wood became shrapnel, flying in at great speeds and raining down upon them, resulting in the defeat of more than a few Grimoire Heart lackeys. Fia let out another great cry, one echoed by the cheers of Rune Knights around her as they rushed in to finish off the wave.

Satisfied with how she was fulfilling her role as a massive weapon of war, Fia's eyes once again scanned over the battlefield, aiming to use her high vantage point to spot what she could. There wasn't much else to see, really. At least, not until the Titan noticed a familiar demon butler suddenly make his move. A sudden wave of darkness, of which Fia had seen before from the butler, seemed to be aimed at a long-gone corpse, only for the Demon to suddenly be at Esperia's side, trying to combat some invisible foe. All eyes seemed to be on this would-be assassin, including from the Lycan and the red haired boy. How typical of the Grimoire Heart, resorting to hide-and-seek like the cowards they were, instead of fighting them head on!

...No... That wasn't it at all... Even if Grimoire Heart were cowards, they weren't fools. An unsettling feeling set itself in Fia's stomach, as eyes continued scanning over the field. Assassin's didn't win wars. So why was the only 'elite' here an assassin, and a bad one at that? The hell even was the point in sneaking past their ranks, only to attack a closely grouped trio of mages? Fia may have been no expert in stealth, but that made for a terrible sneak attack, right?

...On the other hand, it'd make for a great distraction.

She hoped to heaven her gut feeling was wrong, and that she was being paranoid. But it didn't hurt to be safe. Looking down toward the trio, now facing the stealthy Grimoire Heart, Fia's massive voice would offer them a few words, just to be as safe as possible.

"ASMO... BE... CAREFUL..."

With what warning she could give delivered by her animalistic and powerful voice, Fia then turned her attention to watching her own ass. For the first time, the Titan stood up, standing at her full 8 meters as she continued looking over the battlefield. If there was something more coming, she was the biggest target for it to try its luck at. So let it try, if it really was there. And if not... Well, their battle was already as good as won.

Mana: 1050/1250



#18Nastasya Crowe ✝ 

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Nastasya Crowe ✝
Right in front of her someone showed up and she stopped walking, how.. but she had no time to look at what could have caused her invisibility, the person was fast but as she noticed the motion to hit her shin, she jumped up and out of the way, not that it would work as she flunged to the ground, juck.. blood in her hair. That must have been it. Her eyes had first lingered on the boy, she wouldn't go down without a fight. Even though the light hurt her body and this defintely didn't feel great either. Rolling away had no use but she looked at the demon lord. Or well her guess for being a demon lord and thus she decided to show herself, it would caught people of guard. "Now now, didn't know you were all so eager to see me." so everyone was now focused on her voice and she let her left hand fall in the little blood drops and let her own spell sneak through the puddle towards the boy. It was her binding spell, she tried to head but the butler that was holding her down, "It's not polite to keep me on the ground you know." But man talking did hurt. She had to be quick now, if her spell worked the boy would be binded, not able to say anything and thus this wouldn't be a problem. She stopped the vicious spell and showed her long wine red hair and her face looking very angry at Sebastian. She moved up her hand to grab a hold of Sebastian, indirectly activiting her spell who started above them, making it rain blood, within the speed of 20 m/s. Once the spell rained down on the top of the boy his unmoving head, it would do the damage she had wanted to do before hand. She couldn't even look herself, she had to hold on.

OOC: I'm sorry for the chaotic post, as some know: I'm ill. This didn't really work well :c


Mana: 815/1975


Carry On My Wayward Son Empty Mon Feb 05, 2018 11:11 am


Esperia V. Eisenberg

With the sudden emergence of the red-haired assassin Asmodeus' lips curved up slightly, clearly pleased by something while she declared with a hint of mischievous playfulness in her tone. "I'm always pleased to see a beautiful lady, even if they are on the other side of a battlefield."

The fact that the nameless assassin was unwilling to go down without a fight was worthy of praise, but she made a rather fatal error in her calculations. While she might have been pinned down, she still held the means to use a spell in an attempt to bind the young Sage, at least depending on his reactionary skills, but Asmodeus could care any less if the boy got himself bound by a spell, her only goals were a lot different than playing a saint, and if she was honest, she was rather fascinated by this stranger. It was the next spell however that had been a fatal mistake for the assassin. Her decision to cast a spell with its central point being right above Sebastian would have been the one error that ensured everyone would remain unharmed. Why? Because Sebastian had intercepted her six meters away from the group, and with her spell radius being eight by eight it meant that... considering the center point was Sebastian and the assassin, that the spell would reach only four meters into the direction of the group, leaving two meters of safe ground for the group to stay at.

And what about Sebastian? He clearly didn't desire to see his suit get stained by the bloody rain, so the moment he noticed the crimson droplets raining down from above he raised a hand to the air, a surge of mana escaping from his body as a black mirror that due to its dimensions being four by four, would be more than enough to cover both him and the assassin.

"Sebastian, please let our guest enjoy some sleep."

The demon lord's soft voice reached the butler, who nodded his head firmly while meeting the assassin's gaze with his own as she addressed him, likely causing the Fear effect of his being a demon to trigger. "I apologize for the discomfort, but I promise you this will be over soon."

As polite and respectful as ever the old man went for a straight jab at the temple of the female assassin's head, intending to knock her out with one powerful blow. Meanwhile Asmodeus herself had decided to help a bit also, a light wave of her hand causing a small brown seed to be launched toward the spot Sebastian and the assassin were at, and upon reaching them rapidly grown into a large flower petal that would intercept any remaining damage while giving Sebastian a free opportunity to use both his hands should the assassin try to resist.

Sebastian revealed himself!

Sebastian's stats:
Strength: 101+20: 121
Speed: 101+20: 121
Endurance: 101

Sebastian Mana: 800/2000

Speed and Strength boost are sustained

Asmodeus Stats:
Mana: 1505/1550
Strength: 1
Speed: 22
Intelligence: 14 (10% discount to spells)
Endurance 21+10 (buff) 31

Spells used::

OOC Note:
The below quotes explain the reason why Nastasya her AoE wouldn't reach the group:
Sebastian wrote:
It must have been odd for everyone involved, a sudden wave of darkness rushing to them, and the hidden vampyre who would have been about six meters away from reaching her target, quite close to the spot Fenrir had torn into the corpse of the Grimoire Heart minion from before. Of course, with the blood splatters having hit 'something' before disappearing alongside his wave of darkness possibly causing more cues to be given made it evident someone was there under a cloaking spell, and with his actions just now and the observing of the footprints from before, he had an idea of where she might have been hiding.

Nastaya's rain wrote:. She stopped the vicious spell and showed her long wine red hair and her face looking very angry at Sebastian. She moved up her hand to grab a hold of Sebastian, indirectly activiting her spell who started above them,

Considering this your rain, which started above them would reach 4 meters into the direction of the group, and with our distance being six meters...

This post also confirms her looking at Sebastian, leading to an A rank to be affected by Sebastian's Fear perk for a 10% reduction in stats.


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Fenrir watched as the scrap happened, he wouldn't get involved per it seemed that the demon... No the goddess, had everything under control. Instead of getting involved he watched the red head instead. The boy. He didn't know if he liked him all that much or not, he seemed he'd be appetizing though. He Shook his head and neck of blood and proceeded to back away from the fight pacing back and forth with anticipation as he readied in case the bleeding heart would defeat sebastian. Desperately he wanted to fight as well, he could feel his drive for battle growing. He needed to keep calm but all of the action infront of him, the magic made him grow hungry for a good battle. He began to growl lowly, his eye twitching in reaction to the violence.

Not after long he'd begin to stare at the red head again, he could fight them.. Maybe after this war, he'd make him fight him! that would be fun. For now he would hunch over and watch his demon lord do what she could top end the battle. When the woman revealed himself he gasped and covered his eyes. She was pretty scary, then again he'd peak from between his fingers.

Carry On My Wayward Son MJmwSQc
"Hey Guest, wanna train with me? No worries, I'll start soft and get harder as we go."

Carry On My Wayward Son Empty Tue Feb 06, 2018 7:43 am

Kee was in a rush, traveling fast, as the group fought. He slid to a halt, his eyes lazily and dancing from a group of gothic monsters, the exception being the chil there with them, and on the opposing side. A rose of quality, however, decorated in the clothing more appropriate for a killer. The outfit consisted of what you would expect a ninja or something to throw together, but her hair certainly was notable. Long and wine-colored.

The opposing players, and, while Kee couldn't tell if they were good guys necesarilly. Seemed to be winning. Just as Kee was in the fray of the area. A shield was brought up, cloaking Esperia and her gang of warriors. He wasn't sure why, but she certainly looked to be the leader. Interesting. Sage had a weapon drawn, it glowed like the sun. The bald rune knight's irses couldn't stare directly for too long, his vision bounced back to the assassin. Who showed a hesitation when the sword was on her person. Finally, aside from the werewolf that looked like it was more invested in examing violence instead of acting on it, there was cut looking older man, aged but refined as if he trained day and night. Fun. Maybe Kee would ask for his help sometime, the two could have a good battle perhaps.

Kee contonued to watch them talk their smack and engage, he stood from the sidelines, his hands squeezed and ready. But he'd let the big dogs handle this one, after all, Kee was a new Rune Knight, fresh from the acadamy. This was a serious threat, and Esperia and Sebastion seemed more than capable of finishing the job.

#22Sage † 

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Sage †

Activating the shield spell has its own counter, instead of attacking, the enemy bound Sage using his own blood. Then it encounters Sage, blood, he knew only one creature that has blood magic, vampires. After the enemy revealed herself, there was no doubt about it, the enemy is a vampire. Sage's shield was cancelled, and both of his hands were stuck mid-air, he couldn't move, the enemy's binding spell worked. Even tho Sage doesn't have enough strength to break out of the binding spell, Sage was ready, ready to be hit by any form of attacks because during his last training, it would take more than rain of blood to make Sage give up or faint, he was willing to take any damage for the team, because he knew that he can endure it. Plus he had experiences enduring pain from several events.

Luckily for him, the demon lord's butler made a shield and it seemed like the spell of the vampire won't hit them at all. The butler then went to attack the vampire and the demon lord used her nature magic to cast a shield to protect his butler. Even tho she is a demon, she still has some kindness in her heart.


#23Fiammetta Barone 

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

Nothing came as Fia looked over the battlefield from her grand viewpoint. The only Grimoire Heart coming in was more foot soldiers, more cannon fodder to be taken down by the invigorated Rune Knights with the war machine of Fiammetta at their backs. The looming Titan let out a mixture between a growl and sigh as she continued to play lookout. This damn war was making her paranoid. Of course, an assassin didn't have to mean an incoming ambush at all. Simply attacking and killing members from within the ranks of your opponent, no matter how weak they were, was sure to sow chaos, panic and confusion through your foes

Yet, fortunately, it didn't quite seem like such an effect was to be feared with the would-be assassin they currently faced. Fia peered down again at the trio fighting the Grimoire Heart, or rather, at Asmodeus and Sebastian, who were combating the redheaded beauty, and the other two who seemed to be hanging in the back and watching, to avoid getting in Sebastian's way. A fair enough idea, though, simply waiting behind Sebastian didn't seem the wisest choice, given that it became evident the assassin was making them her targets.

Although the demonic butler was already swiftly dispatching the assassin, Fia wasn't about to take the chance of some last ditch effort to take out the Lycan or kid. She'd stamp her foot hard, a couple meters behind them, to get their attention, and be in a decent position to take any hits for them if need be. She made certain to be out of the range of the blood rain, but close enough to take those hits if she needed to. Of course, in case the spectators were confused, she did offer Baron and Sage a couple words just in case the vampire made any desperate attempts to strike one of them down.


Mana: 950/1250



#24Nastasya Crowe ✝ 

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Nastasya Crowe ✝
Why didn't it.. headache.. she turned to look at the boy and the binding had worked but the blood rain had not reached him, why had she not been able to direct it in the right direction was beyond her as she had aimed for the boy all along. Idiots that introduced themselves on the battle field as a Rune Knight. She noticed another guy and turned her red orbs back on the butler on top of her as she tried to kick herself away from this guy but she heard the demon lord, which was still an assumption, and looked at the butler, which gave her the shivers, "Get off! I am not interested." She tried to kick up her legs but that was rather difficult if someone was pinning you down.

She frowned as the butler spoke and before she knew it, she felt an exploding pain in the left side of her face. Not only did that hurt it made her neauseous and her grip on the world was a lot more unsteady as her eyes rolled backwards and she lost her concious by protecting her body or so her mind thought. Bullshit her berserker side, thought but it all didn't matter anymore as her body went limp.

Exit. Ko.


Carry On My Wayward Son Empty Wed Feb 07, 2018 2:42 pm


Esperia V. Eisenberg

The punch that collided with the assassin's head was likely bad enough to make most people cringe at the thought of the pain it would bring. However, at the same time, it seemed that Sebastian's punch had the desired effect. After confirming that she had lost consciousness and that the bloody rain subdued the demonic butler finally rose up and after stepping aside from the motionless body of the Grimoire Heart Elite bowed politely toward Asmodeus. "It has been done Master Asmodeus."

The Demon Lord seemed pleased with the end result, clapping her hands lightly in approval while she addressed the man with a smile lingering on her lips. "Excellent work Sebastian, if you could please  carry her to 'safety' so that we can deal with her later, that would be appreciated." The butler nodded his head lightly in confirmation of the order while he stated calmly. "As you wish Master." An arm scooped around the unconscious assassin's body as he pulled her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes and started to carry her off. It appeared that was done, and fortunately for the group with the defeat of the Grimoire Heart assassin the siege was starting to break up.

The Rune Knights who were being aided by Fia had started to gain a solid stand against the waves of invaders, their numbers slowly thinning: Victory was close! Even the defenders could feel it, the end of the war was approaching and it invigorated them. "We almost have won!" One of the soldiers exclaimed out loud, earning a cheer from his companions while he watched the Titan of a girl tried to alert the group of the threat that the vampire had once been.

However, Asmodeus's gaze shifted around the battlefield before turning toward Sage as she inquired with a smile. "Sage~ Could you be a dear and check upon the people inside the embassies? While there were some mages setting up a barrier inside it will likely reassure them to know that the battle is reaching its end." She was confident that would at least lift their spirits and make them feel a bit more at ease, not to mention it would make her look a bit more like a good girl in the eyes of the defenders! Yet there was also another matter to discuss, one she soon addressed by lightly patting the Lycan's shoulder. "What's the matter Fenrir? I thought you were prepared for war? Don't let an assassin frighten you, never surrender to fear and despair, even if you were to stand before death itself. Then again, if not for your little shenanigan with the Grimoire Heart mooks earlier Sebastian might have had some difficulties tracking down that assassin."

Asmodeus hummed in approval, gesturing toward the blood while briefly looking into the direction of Kee when finally she approached the titanic version of her vessel's lover and raised her hands to her lips to shout at her. "FIA! How is it looking up there?! Are their ranks thinning?!"

It would make sense of the invasion to end soon, in the end their elite warrior had been bested and Sebastian was taking her to a certain location, the motives of the Demon Lord known to none but herself while at the same time she was idly wondering how long it would take before the last of the mooks were bested. She was confident that with their elite warrior dealt with, and the morale of the defenders raised that it was only a matter of time before the force of Grimoire Heart would break, granting them the opportunity to banish the invaders from the city. However, amidst the chaos, Asmodeus couldn't help but wonder. With such an intense army at their disposal, and enough might to kill the Guild Leaders... Why in the world would Grimoire Heart send only one assassin? It didn't make any sense... If she was their leader she would have sent a unit of such elite warriors to each objective they had in mind while using the legions of mooks as a means to distract the defenders. No, something felt off about this. Despite the fact they were winning, it clearly was starting to look like they didn't know everything that was going on with the war. Perhaps, and this was merely just a guess at this point... But perhaps they were being blindsided by their opponent, who was giving them this victory in exchange for his true objective.

It reminded her of the Demon Lords conflict, the time where her army fought into a stalemate with the forces of the Church and they were betrayed from within by an ambitious demon. Back then she had been naive enough to be blindsided, but not this time.

"Fenrir my dear~ I think it's time for me to tell you something." The Demon Lord approached the Lycan and leaned closer to whisper softly into his ear. "The time for you to become a Saiyajin approaches." As if on cue rushed footsteps came from a nearby street as a pair of dark skinned elves waved at Fenrir and Asmodeus. "Master Asmodeus! We found him!"

Just on time~ The Demon Lord's lips curved into a smile as the twins approached and turned to Fenrir. "Fenrir... A really powerful and dangerous man is attacking the defenders at the castle! It will be impossible to go there normally but with our magic we can help you reach it. This is your chance to become a hero! To obtain the power of a Saiyajin by defeating this man."

Of course he needed a bit more convincing most likely, so Asmodeus tried to gently embrace the man from behind, leaning her head onto his shoulder while whispering temptingly into his ear. "I'm sure you'll do fine Fenrir~ And if you fight your hardest you'd make me veeeery happy, and Shalltear might even get impressed~" Yes, the Demon Lord was trying to coax Fenrir into accepting the challenge that awaited him at the castle.

WC: 1000+686= 1686/3000

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