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Underwhelming Champion [Quest|Sage]

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#1Sage † 

Underwhelming Champion [Quest|Sage] Empty Sat Jan 27, 2018 2:38 am

Sage †
The warmth of the sun filled the sky with a creamy taste, weird shaped clouds were moving at a very slow pace, birds were chirping saying 'good morning' to the whole world. Sage was standing in front of the quest board, some of the wind that passed through the flyers produced a whistle like sound. Sage just had breakfast, he was filled with energy and was motivated to do some hard quests. There is a section of the quest board which consists of harder quests than the quests Sage used to do. Sage lifted his hand and points out his index finger on some of the quest flyers to read them out properly. Some quests require daily help like preparing a big event, guarding a caravan and some require a specific set of magic to do the quest. After a few minutes reading quests that he found isn't interesting, he found a pink quest flyer. Sage was abnormally attracted to the flyer like it was destiny. He read the content, It says:

"Dear valuable mage out there, my name is Tyler and I need help with a cock narcissistic dirty fighter down here in the boxing arena, please help"

And that was it, the rest of the flyer was filled with a picture of the boxing arena and the address of the arena. As usual, Sage doesn't know the way to the arena and he need help from the public. Thinking back, Sage does depend on people around him and the citizen of the town he is in, lucky for him Magnolia is filled with nice people. Sage started his quest by looking for people on the streets. It was still early in the morning so Sage doesn't expect a lot of people to be present to help him. Sage walked around the block near the quest board and he met with a tall man who is around his 20's, Sage approached the tall man who was wearing a black shirt and a ripped jeans, "excuse me sir but do you know the way to the boxing arena?", Sage asked politely, he doesn't know any other way of communicating except for being polite and mannered. The tall guy didn't answer with words but instead, he pointed his finger to the left of the street. Sage quickly understood what the tall man wanted to point out, he thanked the man with a bow and a smile which made the man smiled too, he said "anytime," and walked off towards the direction he was going to with a chillax kind of manner. Sage was happy to meet that kind of person, sure Sage is a little bit feminine and he always wanted to be under the arms of someone who is caring and love to protect anyone. Sage then focused on the real deal, he faced towards the direction where the man pointed out and started walking there along with the flyer in his hand, what kind of people will he meet there?

WC: 507/2000

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Sage †
After walking past a few blocks, Sage arrived at the boxing arena where he should be meeting with his client. The arena wasn't big as he expected, from the outside, it looks like an oriented restaurant with red curtain partings as the separator of the inside of the arena from its outside. Sage parted the red curtain with his left hand and dodged a little so that he can enter the boxing arena without curtains hitting his face. When Sage entered the arena he found out that people are cheering and cheering for the people inside the ring of the arena where two people are brawling each other without using magic at all except for pure strength. Sage doesn't know if he could be the one standing in there fighting for a tournament, or even a simple match. The man that was fighting both wore a sweatshirt and short pants which revealed some part of their body, their muscles are well developed and it looks like a single blow from them might just knock Sage off his feet. Then Sage could hear someone running, their footsteps echoing through the ground among the cheering of the crowds around him, the running seems like it came from Sage's right so he turned his face right and before he could process what was going on, a man with blue eyes and blonde hair was in front of Sage, his face was lit and he must be around Sage's age. The blonde was wearing a snow cap and he was wearing a yellow-orange shirt which kinda matches his hair. Because the blonde was smiling, Sage smiled too and asked him, "umm, how can I help you Mr.?", because Sage doesn't know what was going on and he wanted to know what was it all about. "You're a mage, right? and are you ready to begin your quest?", Sage then knew what was going on, the boy saw him holding the quest flyer so therefore he must be the client. "Yes I'm ready for the quest, what do you want me to do?" Sage asked him but then he thinks that it is rude to not introduce himself first, "Oh sorry, my name is Sage, Oak Sage." Sage introduced himself and he placed his hand forward, intending to shake the man's hand. "Oh my name is Tyler." he said and smiled, he then continued, "Do you see that guy with a beautiful face?", Tyler pointed to someone wearing a black collared shirt, "Yeah why?", Tyler whispered to Sage's ear, must be something very secret or personal, "He used a dirty trick when I fought him inside the ring, I need you to defeat him for good because he has been using that dirt trick with everyone.", after processing the information, Sage placed his hand under his chin, thinking of what he is going to do, "I'll beat him!", Sage exclaimed even tho he actually know that maybe, just maybe, he couldn't.

WC: 508
T WC: 1015/2000

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Sage †
"But first I need to see what he is made out of, when will his next fight be?" Sage asked Tyler, he wanted to know what he was going to face, set a trick or a counter-attack to his 'dirty trick', plus Sage isn't someone who is good at brawling, so he needs to use his incredible brain instead. "Oh, his fight will be right after this one," Tyler answered Sage, and right after that the referee blew the whistle, the current match is over, and it is going to be the dirty-tricker's turn. Before the match starts, someone stated some names and the winners' names of course. Then when it was the dirty-tricker's turn, the announcer said his name, 'Rodric', Sage had never heard of that name anywhere before so that guy must be somewhat new. The match began, Rodric is somehow small compared to the other brawler, his foe was much bigger than him, about 180 cm tall and the muscle of a rhino, the opponent charges first with a fist but Rodric stood still his eyes closed. Sage thought that Rodric is going to be squashed because he could see the anger in his opponent's eyes, then a thought came to Sage's mind, 'Maybe everyone here is angry at Rodric for some reason,' Then as a blow going to hit Rodric's face, Rodric crouched and dodged the attack, he then punched his opponent and the opponent flew into the air and crashed into the ring, he was defeated as easily as that. But Sage doesn't take his eye of Rodric, he processed every detail of the fight, more specifically, the way the punch and what he does after he punches, Sage noticed that Rodric doesn't move his feet a lot, and from that Sage had a plan, to dodge Rodric's punches and make him move, Sage is sure that technique will make Rodric tired quickly. "I'm ready for the fight, where do I sign up?" Sage said to Tyler who was standing beside him all the time. "Oh yeah, come with me, I'll help you." As more match is going on and Rodric kept winning ever since he touches his foot into the ring, Tyler and Sage was heading towards a counter to register Sage as one of the next fighters, Sage couldn't believe this, he knew that he would get knocked out faster than he would process his thinking, this time, he needs to use both his mind and his speed. After registering, Sage waited in the changing room, he sticks with his current cloth as he didn't dare to wear other people's sweatshirt. Sage did some jumping and stretching, getting ready for the fight. Sage name was then called, he wasn't sure if he could bail, but he needs to, he has to do this for the boxing arena. Sage stepped out of the changing room and into the arena.

WC: 503
T WC: 1518/2000

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Sage †
Sage entered the ring and there he is, his opponent Rodric. Because of Sage's skinny appearance, Rodric smirked, maybe in his head he thought that it would be easy for him to take on Sage. Rodric cracked his knuckles, Sage thought in his mind, that maybe there is one thing Rodric won't expect. Rodric came running at Sage with his clenched fist ready to swing it at Sage. The one thing that Sage was thinking was that Rodric doesn't have the speed to react to Sage's speed. As Rodric's punch was about to hit Sage, Sage moved, making a step right next to Rodric and pushed him to the side which made him instantly fell. The crowd was cheering for Sage, their cheers made Rodric very humiliated indeed. Rodric clenched his gritting teeth, he stood up and ready to make another attempt at landing one of his blows on Sage. But then like before, Sage dodged his punched and made him fall face flat on the ground, the crowd was laughing at Rodric, which wasn't actually good for Rodric's mental health, but then Sage think he deserves a bit of humiliation for using a dirty trick on most of the fighter in the boxing arena. Rodric is now even angrier, his eyes were filled with a devil's hate, Sage could fill it. Rodric then jumped and wanted to kick Sage's head, which wasn't actually allowed in a boxing arena, but Sage couldn't care less, he moves aside by only one step and pushed Rodric mid-air onto the ground, which hurts quite a lot. Sage wasn't hurt at all nor he was tired, but Rodric was panting, the hot air he was exhaling explains it and his cloth was drenched in sweat, it was like Rodric was having a hot fever. Then something Sage didn't expect, Rodric stood up and charged at Sage with a fist that was covered with veins, it does look scary as seeming like a grim reaper is about to take Sage's life, but Rodric was too slow for Sage because Sage simply move from Rodric's direction and gave him a punch, it was Sage's first punch ever, Sage doesn't really know what happened but the only thing that he knows is that Rodric has been knocked out flat on the floor. After defeating Rodric, who was the grand champion of the ring, Sage received some money for defeating Rodric and he also gets a champion's belt, but Sage knows that he doesn't deserve the belt, so he gave the belt to the previous champion of the ring. Sage got off the arena and met with his client Tyler, Tyler gave Sage a water bottle but actually Sage doesn't need it but he accepted it anyway. Tyler congratulated Sage and thanked Sage for getting rid of Rodric from the Arena, he also said that he would love to see Sage back on the arena.


WC: 508
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