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Hot in here [Quest | Hatsuharu]

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#1Akira Shimada 

Hot in here [Quest | Hatsuharu]  Empty on Wed Jan 17, 2018 8:23 am

Akira Shimada
Just as the Rune Knight duo was leaving the blacksmith's workshop, Akira was met with an unfamiliar urge to mend the damage she believed her imprudence had caused. In fact, not just intent, she even had an idea to attempt this mission. In a snap decision, she reached out for Tsuru's arm and grasped onto it firmly. 'Wait, hang on a sec.' she announced, before letting go and purposefully striding back into the shop.

Upon suddenly storming back in, she definitely earned the attention of the two men. She gulped down her hesitance and her gaze flicked between the head smith and his broken assistant. 'Now, my partner is no advanced healer or anything, but he's also not relying on the usual elemental magic... I say what's the harm in letting him try to fix you up, from what I've seen of it, broken bones really shouldn't prove to be much of a task...' she said, her voice shaking just a little, she wasn't used to passion engulfing her, but it just felt wrong to tear him down, when he'd found it in him to put aside their differences and stand up for her.

'Er... Besides, I don't think you're ever going to find someone as interested in fixing you up, purely for your own comfort, he is the kind who doesn't even expect anything in return...' she added, they should have gathered that much from his words before. The assistant shuffled around and then looked up at his superior plaintively. 'Oh fine you big lump... Girlie, call that kid back in, let's see what he can do...' If Akira was the kind to let out a whoop, now would have been the time, but instead she slunk back out to get her partner, hoping he was still waiting outside.



Hot in here [Quest | Hatsuharu]  Empty on Wed Jan 17, 2018 8:51 am

It wasn’t the greatest day for Haru. He not only had to go through a strength exercise the whole day, which was his biggest weakness, but was also bombarded with arguments that shook his confidence on the Rune Knight organization. He decided it would be best to call it a day, have some fine Magnolian food and go rest his sore arms. That was until his partner stopped him and went back into the forge. Haru wasn’t sure what Akira was planning, but he had never seen her so determined before and that was good enough reason to take it seriously and wait.

The tired Page sat near the entrance, waiting for Akira to return from whatever she wanted to do inside. However, he did not expect her to come back and take him inside too. He feared they had to do more hammering and was about to protest. He didn’t care if he lost to his partner anymore. His hands were killing him. But luckily, it wasn’t to do with hammering. Akira had convinced the assistant to allow Haru to attempt healing him. The doubtful teen felt rejuvenated with purpose all of a sudden. He realized this was not just an opportunity to heal someone and rid their pain; of course, that was enough for the good-hearted man. But, this was more than that. If he succeeded, maybe he can prove to them that Rune Knights are not pushovers.

All doubts and insecurities vanished from the young man’s face, and he was full of enthusiasm again. He helped the assistant get up and cheerfully guided him towards the working table. Barras pushed all the equipment on the table to one side, making space for the healer to do his work. Haru placed the assistant’s broken arm on the table gently, and reassured him before beginning the process. “Don’t worry. I know what I’m doing,” he said, patting the man’s shoulder gently. The assistant visibly relaxed, closed his eyes and nodded, giving the green signal.

Haru sighed softly, slammed his palms together and then placed both his hands on the assistant’s broken hand. His magic surged through his hands and he could envision the multiple fractures on his radius and ulna. He was right… This sure is complicated. But that wasn’t going to stop the man. He focused his magic on the broken parts. By increasing the blood density around the broken parts, he first accelerated the clotting process. Next, it was time to skip the collagen process and use the existing bone to cover the cracks; this was no sweat thanks to Haru’s density magic. In less than five minutes, all of the fractures on the assistant’s hands were healed. “Well… The remodelling will take some time. But you should be able to use your hands now. You can test it out by hammering some metal if you would like,” Haru said, grinning and giving everyone in the forge a thumbs-up.


#3Akira Shimada 

Hot in here [Quest | Hatsuharu]  Empty on Wed Jan 17, 2018 9:08 am

Akira Shimada
It was nice when pieces of something broken, fell back into place, to be fixed. It didn't cease to amaze Akira that Tsuru was so easy to please. She'd been unsure about her statements, but if Tsuru agreed to take a jab at it, he must have been pretty confident in his abilities too, she just played a small part in setting things in motion. Finally, the girl used her stubborn intimidation for something good. Nonetheless, she held her breath as he worked with the battered arm, the Shimada chewed on her lower lip, anxiously still just a tad nervous, just as the healer reassured his patient. Akira had just stuck her neck out for him, if he failed now, they'd have a lot more to be embarrassed of, well at least then she'd be right, it would prove the Rune Knights truly does consist of losers... She really didn't want that outcome though.

It took a bit of time, but it didn't amount to an unsuccessful outcome. Tsuru truly was a skilled healer, if they had consulted higher level healers and even those guys hadn't fixed the assistant's injuries, her partner did have something special after all. 'Way to go...' she said softly, as the assistant wiggled his fingers to test the improvement. The sense of achievement that painted Tsuru's face, made him look radiant and it was a little contagious... It sucked out some of Akira's pessimism and a wide smile stretched her lips. Maybe she truly was lucky to be paired with someone like him, despite their obvious differences.

'You think he's ready to wield the hammer already?' she asked softly, just for her partner's ears... Unable to help herself and still doubting the absolute integrity of the healing process. It was too late to back up anyways, the assistant had leaped at the opportunity already,  'This is great, thank you, both of you... But I'm going to need something to hammer, can one of you get the metal from the furnace?' he asked. So far Akira had been standing around, so she slunk towards the heat, picked up the tongs and pulled out a red hot piece, dropping it suddenly onto the anvil. 'Hot hot hot...' she hissed, letting go of the tongs, so they fell to the ground with a clatter.



Hot in here [Quest | Hatsuharu]  Empty on Wed Jan 17, 2018 3:42 pm

It was the first time Haru saw Akira truly smile. All these days the two had been spending together, and he only had gotten glimpses of her smirk, which was mostly a by-product of her sarcasm or arrogance. But this time, she smiled out of joy. And Haru was glad that it was he who brought upon that smile.

The blacksmith’s assistant seemed ecstatic over his recovery and was ready to swing that hammer. “I’m sure you feel like you can do it. But take it easy. If you overdo it, you will crack the bones again,” Haru warned. Even though the healer was sure that was an unlikely outcome, he thought it would be wise to warn the man; especially because he looked like someone who enjoyed pushing his limits. Haru wondered if that was the reason why he got hurt in the first place.

When the assistant asked for one of them to hold the red-hot metal for him to hammer, Haru stepped forward, but noticed Akira was already on her way. Maybe because it had been a tiring day or maybe she was distracted by something else, Akira decided to hold the tongs with bare hands and completely forgot about the mitts. None of the other three in the room, including Haru, noticed that, until she hissed and dropped the hot metal onto the anvil, which eventually fell off and started rolling around the floor dangerously. Haru wasn’t sure if he had any strength left to heal in case someone got burnt. He figured it would be better to prevent it. Using his Redirect spell, Haru sent the rolling metal blob flying, back into the furnace, making sure it did not graze anyone along its trajectory. He then turned to Akira and blinked. “You should probably wear those mitts behind you before you pull it out again,” he suggested.

The flying ball of hot metal got the blacksmith and his assistant wide-eyed in fear for quite a while, but they eventually got over it and the assistant began hammering. Haru took turns with Akira for holding the hot metal. He realized even with the mitts, the radiation was quite extensive to bear. He started to sweat profusely. Things weren’t getting any better, considering he had to put the metal back into the forge every time it cooled down. Haru wouldn’t ask Akira to take over, not wanting to look weak, but it would be obvious from his occasional sneaky glances towards her that he was at his limit.

Finally, after several hours of hammering and several flattened metal bars ready to be sent to the grindstone, Barras took pity on the bunch and decided to call it a day. “Thank you so much for your assistance today,” he said, smiling at the duo. The assistant echoed the gratitude too, before handing them a rather heavy bag of Jewels. “Thanks a lot for fixing the hand. I thought I would be stumped for weeks,” he said, smiling. Haru gave him his signature grin and thumbs-up before bidding farewell. “I say we are due for a cold shower,” he would say to Akira, as the two dragged themselves towards their hotel.


#5Akira Shimada 

Hot in here [Quest | Hatsuharu]  Empty on Wed Jan 17, 2018 4:19 pm

Akira Shimada
She noticed the fiery red metal whizzing past her and needlessly stepped out of way in shock, staring down at Tsuru 'Wh-' she started but ate up her words before her tongue had the chance to form them. She recalled that if he wanted to hurt her he would have succeeded, he had good control over his redirection, it was probably just safer back in the furnace. She paid heed to his words, the mitts completely slipped from her mind... It wasn't like her to be so easily distracted... But now wasn't the time to dwell on the reasons for it. She turned to find the mitts behind her and slipped them on, waving them in front of Tsuru exaggeratedly, to show him that she had them on.

With the protection of the mitts, it was a lot easier to wield the tongs and pick up the smoldering metal again, keeping the implement clasped around the red-hot piece, she placed it on the anvil and nodded at the assistant. 'Go on, I'm ready.' As expected, when the hammer struck, she had to put a fair bit of energy into holding the piece in place and prevent it from flying away somewhere. 'There you go... Nice and steady.' she muttered to the assistant, helping him temper his effort, and not over-exert his newly fixed bones.

As the process went on, the isotonic contraction caused her arms to cramp, the muscles protested and she wondered if Tsuru could take this pain away with his powers... Maybe she'd find the will to ask him later. When it was evident that Aki didn't have it in her to hold the metal steady anymore, she switched places with her partner, extending the tongs towards him. Following a few more rounds, the paired was thanked for their effort and aid. Tsuru had developed a sort of signature thumbs-up move, which never failed to elicit a soft scoff from Akira, as they collected their reward and made their way out. 'Yes. Shower and then food... I'm starving and my arms feel like lead.' she agreed and whined.


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